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Answers to Frequent Questions About US

Greetings, in HIS Mighty and Merciful Name! We are glad that you are curious about us. So are a lot of other people. And, we often get asked the same questions, over and over! Therefore, let us put forth, here, some of the more common ones, to save yourself some effort in asking us again. May your understanding of US be truly Enlightening!

And may you give some seriously consideration to what we tell you in the following answers.


The word APPIRU (prounouced app-ah-roo) is actually Ancient Egyptian and literally means Hebrew Egyptians. This is also tied in with the fact that We claim Descent from Abraham by Ishmael, whose mother, Hagar, was Egyptian. So, is Egyptian Arabic enough for you? We think it is, so we consider Ourselves Arabic.


Unfortunatley, there is no easy answer to this. Some Islamic groups see being Muslim as one thing. Some another. However, if this is really a burning issue with you, then we suggest that you see Our whole Article on this topic.
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(And CONVERT them to the dictates of Western, Gentile Churchianity?)

WOW! Unfortunately, church history is full of persecutions and forced conversion of Arabs (and Muslims) to Gentile Christianity. And, in the process to strip them of any Arabic Heritage or Eastern Culture. This is a very sad thing! And we have no intention of doing so! Rather, we celibrate and enjoy the Divine Culture of Abraham that has worked its way into Arabic and Islamic Culture.

Thus, the APPIRU tend to look upon themselves as more EASTERN than Western!

Consequently, those who are fully Arabic (or Muslim) among us are more than welcome to keep up their Islamic Heritage. And, in fact, we have incorperated many Ishmaelite (and Arabic) concepts into the development of Our own Divine Abrahamic Culture (and into the rise of the Futuristic KRY). Moreover, while we are Congregational (and believe in gatherings for Believers), we are not of the Church, yet nor are we of the Mosque. Rather, we are firmly planted in the GAP between (Galatians 2:7-9), serving as a bridge between Church and Mosque (and Synagogue). For, We are out to Call all Hebrew Peoples (Jews, Christians, and Muslims), anyone Descended from Abraham (by bloodline or by adoption), back to God! For, the Call of God to RETURN, is to whosoever will!

For more on Our Arabic Culture get LIBRARY - East Tower (Click Here):

4. Hebrews? Synagogues? ARE YOU GUYS JEWISH, THEN?

(A new Jewish sect?)

Unfortunately, that seems to be an endless debate! So, let's review some of the points for consideration.

As Descendants of Abraham, through Keturah (Genesis 25:1-6 and I Chronicles 1:32-33), the GahTSK or Vikings are certainly a Hebrew Peoples. But, whether we are fully Jewish or not depends on your definition of what a Jew is (Romans 2:28-29). However, there is no question in our minds that the Radical Anti-Semites (or RAS) view us as Jews! But, many Synagogues, using the strict definition of the Talmud, hold that we are not, for we do not keep our lineage by our mothers nor are grandmothers (who traditionally need to be registered Jewesses). Rather, we follow the patrilineal descent line, found in Scripture. Moreover, as We hold that Y'Shua (Jesus) was the Messiah (or Isa al-Massih), the Talmudists insist that we can't be Jewish, because we are Christian (and that is somehow suppose to be mutually exclusive). And, in a similiar manner, many mullahs insist that we cannot be Islamic, because we are Christian! Therefore, We simply maintain that we are HEBREW and refer to ourselves as APPIRU (or Egyptian Christian Hebrews), emphasizing our focus upon the Messiah (Isse or Jesus). Furthermore, as to the Y'HuDiM, like ALL the Descendants of Abraham, we are definately PRAISERS-OF-GOD, so in that sense of the term, we are, indeed, Jewish! So, go figure for yourself!!! And, for more info on this topic, consider the Article on EMUSPATEL, below:

To get IS EMUSPATEL JEWISH Article (Click Here):

In additon, We follow in the Ancient Teachings of the Sons of Zadok or Saducees (in their early days), where they opposed the Talmud and insisted that only the Tanach (Old Testament) could be regarded as Torah or Law (Holy Scripture)--like an early Jewish Sect. But, Our inclusions of teachings from the Brit Chadashah (New Testament) causes many Jews (especially the Talmudists) to say that we cannot be Jewish (as we are Christian). However, We like the Mediavel blending of the Judeo-Christian Heritage, such as we find common in the early days of the Vikings (where the Arabs were accepted, too)! Consequently, though the Koran or Q'uron is not considered equal to the Bible, it is occasionally quoted from to get Cultural information.


(And Jew haters, like all those Islamic Fundamentalist on TV?)

NO! Rather, we are very Philo-Semitic (Zechariah 8:23 and Romans 11:16-25). And, if you trace our lineage, you'll find that the GahTSK or Northern Goths, who became the Vikings and Varangians, were Messianic (or a kind of Jewish-Christian). So, as a Northern Hebrew Peoples, Descendants of our fore-father, Abraham (Romans 4:12-18 and I John 2:9-11) we tend to be strong supporters of Jews. And we are very appreciative of the Jewish Roots of our Faith! (For, indeed, both Judaism and Christianity preceded Islam--and contributed greatly to its Cultural Foundations!) Furthermore, we consider ourselves part of the current ShuVaH or RETURN of the Israelites back to God (along with ALL the Tribes of Abraham's Descendants--including Ishmaelites). So, how could we be anti-Semitic?


(Afterall, aren't you guys New Age?)

Absolutely not! (But, then, unfortunatelyy, all Cults claim that they aren't.) So, first of all, our doctrines come straight out of those that are very standard among the Judeo-Christian and Arabic Heritage (as we covered above). Secondly, in our view, totalitarian mind control or brainwashing is of of the Devil (II Corinthians 4:1-7), and among our People there is a certainly plenty of freedom (II Corinthians 3:17). Thirdly, while we have done (and will do) Outreaches and Campaigns to bring people from the Occult and Pagan Magic users back to God, our Idoliclastic Policy ought to more than convince you that New Age magic has no place among us. However, as we are Pentecostal or Charismatic, and believe in the modern supernatural Manifestions of God's Power and Presence (ie miracles), some continue to insist that we are New Age. (And, if you are interested in this raging controversy, see our teachings under the Article on Engiftment.)
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(Oh, no! Here we go!) Seriously, what else could you expect? For, while some of the modern churches tend to be of, by, and for women, Synagogues (and Mosques) tend to be of, by, and for MEN. And, historically, the Judeo-Christian and Arabic Culture has always been very Patri-focal and MALE DOMINATED. In addition, the GahTSK or Vikings were notorious for their capture, purchase, and trading of women as slaves. And their culture was very Patri-focal and male dominated, as well. So, given these centuries of background, how could you expect Our Realm (which is into Reviving these Old World Ways) to be anything else? Therefore, if you are into liberation (and can't stand Real Men), then we strongly suggest that you go elsewhere, for you aren't going to be happy here. For our men, are men (and our women seem to like that).


Unfortunately, the only experience many Arabs (and Muslims) have of Believers or Christians are of Westerners who feel that women should be forgiven of every indescretion (and that wives should be open to being romanced, if they want to). Now, while the Western world may be consumed with Adultery, the APPIRU feel and teach as most Arabs (or Muslims), that Adultery (or wife defilement) is a MAJOR sin! Moreover, even though many modern churches have wandered from this Scriptural Standard, it is still upheld by some. And especially so among us.


No! (What craziness!) For there are certainly better ways (and more profitable, too) to make money. For, with the World's modern attitude, all you have to do is say the word RELIGION and people run from you. So, if you think a Cultural Religious Society is just a front for ripping people off monetarily, you need to go see your shrink! (Your own avarice is beginning to get to you.) And, consider the warning of the Scriptures (I Timothy 6:10)! Personally, I don't see how people can even think this. The Works of God here should be more than obvious, if you'll just open your eyes and LOOK.


(You must be out to establish a Dictatorship - through Revolution!)

OH, Boy! There certainly have been a lot of fanatic Islamic Fundamentalists on the News later. However, we are NOT them! In the first place, the APPIRU is a Cultural Religious Organization (a Spiritual Realm) and has little interest in current politics or ruling parties. And, while we do look forward to the Day when we shall become an Empire out among the Stars, we emphasize that this is a FUTURE Realm (and not one to be brought in overnight, nor by violent political revolutions). In the second place, Our Throne is a Spiritual Monarchy, on the Traditional, Mediavel model not the modern autocratic dictatorship model. (Is the Pope a dictator? Of course not! But, he claims to sit on Peter's Throne!) And thirdly, since we Believe that Our Realm (or Promised land) is out among the Stars, we have little interest in overthrowing or replacing established govenments here on Planet Earth, which are soon to perish anyway. (Though, we certainly DO encourage Our Members to be active political participants in their own Country and to be the salt and light that keeps their govenment functioning morally and ethically.)


No! We are just as sane as the guy next door. The problem lies in the natural fact that one man's religion is another man's nuttiness. And, while our Realm is certainly new, unique, different, and perhaps a bit eccentric, it is all very logical and rationally put together. So, if you dare to exercize a bit of brain power and study our foundations and teachings, you will find Our World to be quite scholarly. But, then that requires some work (and thinking). It is just easier to dismiss us as nuts! But, as any sane person knows, you can't make a good rational judgement until ALL the facts are in. So, if you won't bother to look at the facts, your mind must not be working too well, either. So, perhaps the pot is calling the kettle black?

So, dust off those comb webs in your brain. And take a serious look at what we are saying. Rather than just refusing to look at the TRUE facts.


Joining the ShuVaH or RETURN is difficult for some people. So, to help you out, we have put together something of a short Article that will help you get your life on fire for God. And, in so doing, it will give you a deeper appreciation and understanding of your own Ishmaelite and Arabic Roots and Heritage! So, follow us back to God!
To get Our GREAT REDEEMER'S APPEARANCE Article (Click Here): [Great Redeemer's Appearance]


Well, don't give up. We have just put forth some of the common questions here. Our Introductory Literature is designed to answer more of the higher level questions. Things that you may wish to take some time to think about.

So, don't stop here! You have only just begun to explore Our Realm. There is a lot more within! So, keep on looking. For, you are not going to find it, unless you seek it!

Instead, turn to the documents, in Our Introductory Litertaure series (which is housed, here, with the APPIRU).


OR, to just get a short summary about Us:

Get Our About APPIRU Article (Click Here):

But, whatever you choose, keep seeking in Our Realm and growing in the Knowledge about us, and God, and the RETURN.

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