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The Maqdih's Appearance!

The Reformation of the Great Redeemer is Here!

Oiyes...Oiyes...the Great Redeemer and Maqdih has come!!! May HIS Mighty and Merciful Name be exaulted! What? Are you mad? How can the Great Redeemer of the Arabic Peoples be here? And, in America? How can that be modern Islam? Are the Muslims invoved in this? For a better understanding, let us look at some brief lessons of history.


Unfortunately, with the passage of time, things tend to get burried and forgotten under all the dust--and with the shifting of the sands. So, the diligent must get use to digging. And uncovering what the past really was.

While there is a lot of debate and differences, one thing that the Islamic Q'uoran, the Jewish Tanach, and the Christian Bible all agree on is that Ishmael was Abraham's first born son by Hagar, the Egyptian slavegirl (Genesis 16:1-16 and I Chronicles 1:28-31). And, here is where the Family Feud began, for Hagar bore Ishamel (and thus all the Ishmaelites or Arabic Peoples--Muslims), while Sarah bore Isaac (and all the Jews), and Keturah bore several sons (which became the Nordic Peoples and Christians). And, they have been squabbling in sibling rivalry ever since! [Ishmaelite Flag]


Moreover, while there is a lot of Family bickering over what the Name of God really is--the Jews, Christians, and Muslims all agree that there is only One True God. And, this concept, they all got from Abraham, the Hebrew (Genesis 14:13). Consequently, all 3 Branches of the Hebrew Faith or Hebrew Peoples (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) of Abraham maintain this common belief even today. Which makes them very distinct and different from the Pagans and Idolators, who believe in many gods and spirits (polytheism).


The record of the Holy Scriptures show that Our fore-fathers or ancestors (in Abraham) held to the practice of animal sacrifice. This was apparently begun by Abel (Genesis 4:3-7), continued by Noah (Genesis 8:20-22), upheld by Abraham (Genesis 15:9), and eventually codified into an elaborate system by Moses. So, why don't any of the Hebrew Peoples (Jews, Christians, Muslims) practice animal sacrifice today? What happened?


The Holy Scriptures teach us that, in the beginning, God created Man as an immortal, supernatural being, and, in a manner, something like God Himself (Genesis 1:26-27). But, as the Woman said: "The Serpant (the Devil) beguiled (tricked) me, and I did eat!" (Genesis 3:13). Consequently, Man died spiritually and lost his immortality, becoming a mere Natural, mortal human. For it is written: "For since by a man (Adam) came death (mortallity)...For as in Adam all (now) die..." (I Corinthians 15:21-22). Thus, through Adam, the Power of Sin has a hold on Man, dragging him down to degredation and destruction. Can't we do anything about this? Is there no cure or remedy?


Unfortunately, too many people ignore this inherited spiritual sickness. (They seem to think that they will just get better--not realizing that the poison of Sin will continue to tear them down, until they are dead.) Still others try to cover up their destructive disease--thus many religions have been formed in the world, to make people look good. However, it says: "But, we are ALL as an unclean thing; All our righteousness is as filthy rags!" (Isaiah 64:6). Or, even worse: "There is a Way (religion) that seems right to a man, but the end (results) thereof are the way to death!" (Proverbs 16:25) And, such has been the Path of Pagans, and those who pursue Idolatry! [Fig Tree Shield]


God demands justice and payment for our Sins! So, someone or something has to make atonement--make the payment for Sin. Moreover, from Holy Scripture, we also know that only BLOOD is able to make a temporary atonement or cleansing from Sin (Leviticus 17:11 and Hebrews 9:22), for this was the Faith and understanding of Abel (Genesis 4:3-7), and the Faith that was practiced by Abraham and his descendants (Genesis 15:9-10). And, because of this temporary treatment, the Jews obtained God's favor. And, HE chose them for a special mission of HIS--the coming of the Messiah or Christ (and HIS permenant sacrifice).


In the Days of the Ancient Roman, the Jewish Messiah or Christ appeared! And, John the Baptizer had this to say of the HIM: "Behold, the Lamb of God, which takes away (pays for) the Sins of the World!" (John 1:29) Thus, the Messiah or Christ was designated by God to be the Passover Lamb for the Hebrew Peoples--ALL of God's People. And, HIS suffering became the Passover Blood that made a PERMENANT Atonement or payment of the Sins of those who will believe on HIM. Thus, none of the Hebrew Peoples who believe in the Christ need to make animal sacrifices (as Abraham did) any more! (Their Great Redeemer has come!)

For, Isse or Isa al-Massih (the Great Redeemer) is recorded as saying of HIMSELF: "I am the Way (to God), the Truth, and the (eternal) Life! No man can come to the Father, but by ME!" (John 14:6) And, of HIM, it is written: "But God commends (demonstrates) HIS Love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Messiah died (on the Tree of Life or Cross) for us (paying our sins)...For...we were reconcilled (restored--healed) to God by the death of HIS Son..." (Romans 5:8, 10). For the Holy Scriptures teach us: "But, as many as receive HIM (Christ), to them gives HE power to become the Sons-of-God (immortals); Even to them who Believe on HIS Name (Savior)!" (John 1:12)

And, this is the Great Redeemer that the Abrabic Peoples or Muslims have waited for so long! How come? Well, as history progressed, and Islam spread (and encountered rivalries with Jews and Christians), the Hebrew Unity (and Abrahamic origins) became obscured in the sands of time. And Jesus or Isse as the Great Redeemer or Maqdih became forgotten (or even deliberately hidden), so that the spiritual concepts of the al-Massih or The Christ have been greatly mis-understood by the Ishmaelites (Muslims and Arabs) the world over. Now, in the modern age of information and the rise of education (and the Intelligensia or Educated Class) in the Arabic and Muslim countries, it is time that this ignorance come to an end. And the Arabic Peoples see their Great Redeemer for who HE is!

Let them now RETURN to God as HIS Children, through Abraham! [Holy Fruit Shield]


All right, let me spare you all of the heavy theology (though a more detailed article will follow this, if you are curious). For becoming God's child is basically real simple. Just repeat the following Covenant Prayer out loud (so God will know that you agree to it, personally):

Father God, I confess to YOU that I am a sinner and have done wrongs in YOUR Sight.

But, I plead with YOU to forgive me of my sins, because of YOUR Son, Isse (Our Great Redeemer), who died on the Tree of Life (or Cross), shedding HIS Blood to pay for my sins--as my death by proxy.

I now renouce HaSatan (the Devil), his followers, and all of their wicked ways and command them, in Name of Isa al-Massih (Jesus the Christ), to be gone from my life!

Instead, Heavenly Father, send YOUR precious Ru'ach HaKodesh (the Holy Ghost) into my heart and life--to lead me and guide me in following the Ways that are pleasing to YOU.

Yes, that is all there is to it! If you have said this Covenant Prayer, then you are now reborn. Or as some say, saved. You have become a Child of God!!! [Literature Shield]


No, this is not the end, it is just a beginning. Like any new born babe, you have a lot of growing and learning to do! And, to find out a lot more about your New Parent--GOD. For you are not just chosen, like a servant or slave. You have become part of HIS Family! You are not just a friend of God. Now you are HIS Family. So, turn to the next lesson, and take you next step in Spiritual Growth.
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Yes, sometimes people like to know more about things, before they get too involved. So, if you are one of those thinkers, and are more studious, then you will probably want to read our more detailed Articles on this Regeneration or Spiritual Rebirth.
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