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As you may recall from history, the Vikings were great explorers and adventurers. Having developed out of the earlier Goths, these Norsemen traveled and migrated all over. As the Visigoths or Western Goths, they ransacked the Western Roman Empire and penetrated as far as North Africa. And, as the Ostrogoths or Eastern Goths they moved into the Balkans and then settled in Italy (attempting to reform the early Roman Church). Moreover, the less well known Yugogoths or Southern Goths migrated Eastward and settled along the Silk Road to China, where they eventually founded the Jewish State of Kazaria.

However, most interesting of them all, were the Norigoths or as we say GahTSK (literally the Ancient Northern Peoples of God). During the so called Dark Ages, these Peoples came to dominate all of Scandanavia and the Baltic Region, as well as much of the rest of Northern Europe (especially in the Vidfadmi Era). But, as time passed, they split into two groups. The more holy descendants, went Eastward, into Russia, where they became the Varangians. And from there, they went farther Eastward to China (and legends even hold that they showed up in Japan, among the Ainu). The less holy and more Pagan descendants went into Western Europe, as the Vikings, and from there arrived in the New World of America.

So, their track record for exploration, adventuring, and migration is well established. They were a Peoples on the move. And, always in search of greener pastures (or treasures around the next bend of the river). Moreover, the stories and legends of their exploits are still remembered today.

However, among all their achievements and discoveries from their travels, the most important one is almost forgotten! Or, simply ignored by the modern sophisticates who scoff and say it could not be done. But then, accounts of other Viking exploits, which were held impossible, have, in fact, turned out to be true! (Witness the old Viking legends that they had discovered America, which we now know to be fact from archaeology.) So, just because it seems incredible, does not mean that it did not happen, for the Vikings accomplished many unbelievable things!

So, what are we talking about here? (You may ask.) Well, it is such a great discovery, that if it is true, then it is more than amazing. It is a fact that we all need to know about! And, I am speaking here of the obscure legend that the Vikings actually discovered a Route to Heaven! Now, at first glance, that may seem totally unbelievable, but let us examine the facts that we can gather, to see if there is any solid basis to this legend.

Perhaps one of the major mysteries of the Norsemen is their orginal name of Goths. The word Goth comes from a more primative term of GuDT, which means God. Thus, the Goths (or pre-Vikings) were the Northern Peoples of God (which is why we call them GahTSK). Now, if their name comes from God, is it possible that they had some knowleedge of HIM? I'd say that was obvious! And, if they knew about God and HIS Realm in Heaven, is it really too much to think that they might have known how to get to Heaven to be with HIM? Again, I do not think it is. Rather, it seems entirely possible that they could have had some such kind of knowlegde!

What! Surely this is not so? (You may ask.) But, not only do I think so, but the evidence seems to pile up that it was so. How so? Well, as the legend goes, when the Vikings were pouring in over the ancient Roman Empire, and as Rome was built on a systems of roads, the story holds that the Vikings discovered a so called ROMAN's ROAD TO HEAVEN. Now, is this possible?

Well, to decide, we are going to have to look at the evidence. And, as we are dealing here with a matter of Faith, we need to turn to the Holy Scriptures, to see if anything like this is possible. And, most amazingly, we find that something along this line is found in the Book of Romans. So, let us examine this mysterious legend of the Roman Road to Heaven.


As we dig through the Book of Romans, we find this passage:
For ALL (Mankind) has sinned (errored) and fallen short of the Glory God (intended). (Romans 3:23).
For while God had Created Man perfect, Man fell into error and sinned, and we ALL, as humans, stumble into doing wrong in God's eyes, even as it is written:
For there is NOT a (fully) just Man upon the earth, that does good (only), and sins not! (Ecclesiastes 7:20).
So, like it or not, we have all sinned and fallen from the design that God intended for us.

So, what do we do about it? Unfortunatley, most people think that the best way to deal with sin in their life is to either ignore it or just cover it up so that others can't see it. But, listen to what God has to say on this subject:

He that (merely) covers his sin, shall NOT prosper; But, he who confesses (acknowledges) them (to God) and forsakes (turns from) them shall have mercy (from God). (Proverbs 28:13).
And it further says:
Humble yourself in the sight of God (acknowledge your error), and HE will lift you up! (James 4:10).
And, it also tells us:
The Lord is nigh (near) unto those who are of a broken heart (prideless); And SAVES (takes to Heaven) such as be of a contrite (humble) spirit. (Psalms 34:18).

So, don't let pride and conceit destroy you. Admit your error to God. And, you will be taking your first step on the Roman's Road to Heaven.

For the wages (deserved result) of sin (error) is Death (in Hell); But, the (free) gift of God is eternal life (in Heaven), through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23).
For, if we continue in our sin, we will earn to oursleves eternal punishment in Hell for our afterlife. But, if we turn to God (though the Cross), then we can have eternal life with HIM in Heaven for our afterlife. It is that simple!

For, it is written:

For God so loved the world (Mankind), that HE gave (sacrificed on the Cross) HIS only begotten SON, that whosoever BELIEVES in Him should not perish (in Hell), but have everlasting life (in Heaven, with God)! (John 3:16).
For this is the Good News or Gospel, that Christ died on the Cross, shedding His own Blood to pay for our sins, as it is written:
But God commends (shows) His Love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners (in error), Christ died (on the Cross) for us (to pay for our sins)! (Romans 5:8)
Surely, this is a great gift!

Thus, as it also says:

And, (just) as Moses lifted up the (brazen) serpent (on a pole) in the Wilderness (see Numbers 21:4-9), so must the Son of Man (Christ) be lifted up (on the Cross); That whosoever BELIEVES in Him should not perish (in Hell), but have everlasting life (in Heaven). (John 3:14-15).
So, if you BELIEVE in Jesus and look to (or think on) the Cross, He will cure you of the demonic snake bit of sin, so that you will be able to enter Heaven in your afterlife. Surely, this is no small matter!


The next step on the Roman's Road to Heaven tells us that we need to Profess or make public confession of our Belief in the Cross of Christ. For, it is written:
For what says it (the Holy Scriptues)? The Word (of Faith) is nigh (near) you, even in your mouth, and in your heart; And, that is the Word of Faith, which we preach (teach)! For, if you confess (profess) with your mouth, that Jesus is your Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, then you shall be saved (taken to Heaven). For with the heart, Man believes unto righteousness (good deeds); And, with the mouth, confession (profession) is made unto salvation (regeneration and going to Heaven)! (Romans 10:8-10).

Thus, as the Roman's road shows, you need to:

  1. ADMIT your sin or error
  2. BELIEVE on the sacrifice of the Cross
  3. CONFESS your Faith in Christ
If you do this, then you can go to Heaven in your afterlife! (Now, isn't that worth it all!)


Now, according to the historical record, there seems no question that many of the Goths or GahTSK did just that. They knew of this Roman's Road to Heaven. And many travelled it! And, not only them, but most of their Descendants, too! For, the Vikings and the Scandanavians (or Northmen), have a long and rich heritage of belief in God. And, they are now in Heaven, looking down upon us, and hoping that the rest of their Descendants will now also travel that Roman's Road to Heaven and come to them, up there, in the afterlife.

So, how about you?


Now, when God made Man, HE gave him FREE WILL, or the ability to choose to serve God or not, even as it is written:
...Choose ye (you) this day, whom ye shall serve... (Joshua 24:15).
So, like your Viking ancestors, you can choose to take the Roman's Road to Heaven, or you can choose the path of the wicked world around you (to Hell). It is your choice! What! Well, of course I'll choose Heaven! (Who would want to go to Hell!) But, how do I do that? How do I choose to follow God to Heaven?

Actually it is very simple. Just say the following prayer out loud (so God will know that you agree to it). It forms a kind of Covenant or Mediavel Social Contract between you and God. You are to serve HIM and HE is to take you to Heaven in your afterlife. So, just repeat this, aloud:

If you have just said that above prayer, your are now on your way to Heaven. (Or, as some say: SAVED or others: BORN AGAIN.) And, this is a really an important occassion! One worth celebrating. So, contact us, that we can rejoice with you!

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Well, this may all sound good, but I'm still not convinced. Call it skepticism, or what have you, I'm just not sure that this is for me! How can you be so sure? (You may say.)

Okay, perhaps you need a little time to think things over. Or, maybe you just need some more facts, to understand what all the real issues are. So, take the time and read through some of our other materials. Then, once you have all the facts, perhaps you can make a better decision.

To help you understand this process of the Roman's Road, we have written a more detailed article on the whole Regeneration Concept. This is filed away with the rest of Our basic teachings.

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And, while you are making up your mind, perhaps you would like to know more about us. Afterall, it does help to have all the basic facts when you are trying to make up you mind. So, if you are curious, then look over the rest of what we have to say.

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