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3 a.m., June 21

3 a.m., June 21

Jenny, Patty , Sally, Jacqueline, and Rose


Comfortable on the East or West Coast, on the European continent or in Mexico, Baby Boomer Sally is Waucoma's owner. She sets the tone for this values-led business and is much loved in the community. Sally's "intuitive" method of hiring has created a sisterhood of mutually-supportive, outrageous ladies.

Sally will try anything that looks fun, but she has settled in on running, hiking, tele-skiing, and biking--having completed three Cycle Oregon rides, and now, in her 50th year, has taken up surfing.

Mom to two promising young women, Sally has nested in Hood River over 25 years. She's the kind of person who puts the "quality" in the "quality of life" around here.

Halloween at Waucoma
Jenny, Rose, and Randy


Rose is Waucoma's Operations Manager and resident sportswoman.

Rose knows how to live--she eats up life. And, as with her life, her reading never gets stuck in a rut. From sci-fi to How The Irish Saved Civilization you can't predict what titles will make it to Rose's nightstand.

Rose is another avid cyclist, and her latest passion is tennis which she enjoys playing a couple of times a week.




Patty was born and raised in the Seattle area and moved to Hood River in 1983.

She loves to read (a Waucoma must!) and belongs to one of Hood River's longest running book clubs (it is in its 16th year). Another of her favorite activities is gardening.

She currently lives in Hood River with her husband and has two children--a son and a daughter who are both in college.

Jacqueline and Janine

Jacqueline and Janine


Waucoma's resident whale and dolphin guardian made her way from Cape Cod to Oregon via the University of Colorado (as an English major). Besides working at Waucoma, Jacqueline manages Hood River's 6th Street Bistro (a favorite eatery for both locals and tourists) and designed a successful "Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle" program for the restaurant. Jacqueline maintains balance with frequent mini-vacations with good friends. A Scrabble and snowboarding enthusiast, Jacqueline (note: not "Jackie") has a smile for everyone and a fun-loving attitude.


Not a staff member but Charley is VP of the corporation and creator of the pottery sold at Waucoma.

He is also a consummate athlete. Whether it is surfing, windsurfing, biking, sailing, skiing, or whatever, Charley either does it or has done it.

He and Sally are parents of Rainy and Willow, who are now off schooling and working in Colorado.


Darlene grew up in Redding, California and developed Oregon roots at the University of Oregon. She hikes, bikes, rafts, gardens, and avoids housework.

Darlene has two children who spark her interest in books for and about children and teens. She also enjoys history and travel books.


Jared was born in Eugene, attended Colorado College and majored in Religious Studies , and has spent most of the last three years doing environmental education with kids in California, Utah and now Mosier. "I love working at Waucoma because of the great conversations I get to have with customers. His all-time favorite book is The Dharma Bums


Sasha Decker was born and raised in the Hood River area, and has returned to Hood River after completing her B.A. in Classical Philology at the University of Dallas. She has loved books and Waucoma Bookstore since she was three years old, and thinks working with them is the best job ever!

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