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Waucoma Bookstore
212 Oak Street
Hood River, Oregon 97031
Phone: (541) 386-5353
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About Waucoma ...

To the native peoples of the Columbia Gorge, the word Waucoma means "place of the cottonwood tree", and refers to the confluence of the Hood and Columbia Rivers. Prior to the damming of the Columbia, this spot served as an important gathering and trading place for the area's native inhabitants.

Today, Waucoma Bookstore serves the Columbia Gorge community as a central gathering place for interesting people and engaging thought. Here you'll find national bestsellers and unheralded treasures for your reading pleasure.

Personal service is our strength. Staff recommendations, whether oral or via the special table of employee favorites, are frequent, informed, and unique. Books not in our inventory are easily special-ordered.

Through meeting us on the Internet, we hope that you will stop and see us when you come to windsurf on the mightly Columbia, climb Mt. Hood, or bike through the Hood River Valley.

As we are in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, we specialize in Pacific Northwest books and related materials such as maps and greeting cards.

We will be updating this page regularly and hope that you will stop by and browse us periodically. We've marked the trail through the site for you, and if you feel like you've strayed too far from the store, just click on the tree to find your way back.

Any comments, ideas, favorite book titles and your reviews of same can be sent to our e-mail address. Twice a year we send out a newsletter, sections of which you may find on other pages in our Web site. If you would like to receive a copy of the entire newsletter via electronic or regular mail, send your request to our e-mail address.

Waucoma Bookstore. Serving the Columbia Gorge since 1976.


212 Oak Street
Hood River, OR 97031 USA
Phone: (541)386-5353
Fax: (541)386-6736
Open Monday-Friday, 10:00-6:00; Saturday, 10:00-6:00;
Memorial Day Weekend-Labor Day Weekend: Sunday,





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