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New Arrivals from Hachette Publishing Group

Blink by Malcom Galdwell ($15.99 ISBN 9780316010665)

In this bestselling book, Malcom Gladwell draws on cutting-edge neuroscience and pyschology to explain the differences between good and bad decision-making. Making a good decision, he explains, depends less on how much information we process than on our ability to focus on a few particular details. Through this psychological explanation, Galdwell show how we can all become better decision makers in our own everyday lives.

Atherton: The House of Power by Patrick Carman ($16.99, 9780316166706)

In this brand-new fatasy adventure by bestselling author Patrick Carman, a young boy named Edgar is on a mission, looking for a treasure lost in the faded memory of his past. As he searches throught the three worlds, he discovers a looming catastrophe - and realizes that the wrold of Atherton is not what he thought it was, but something far more dangerous.

Eat, Drink, and Weigh Less: A Flexible and Delicious Way to Shrink your Waist Without Going Hungry by Mollie Katzen and Walter Willett, M.D. ($14.95 ISBN 9781401308929)

This new program, created by the author of the Moosewood Cookbook and the head of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard, reveals a way to lose wight and keep it off - while still eating a wide variety of delicious foods. This program is friendly to meat eaters and vegetarians alike, and will help you to achieve lifelong wight loss and good health.

The Power of Simple Prayer: How to Talk with God about Everything by Joyce Meyer ($22.99, ISBN 9780446531962)

We often approach prayer as simply a means to an end - how can God meet my needs? But calling God to your aid is only the first step, says Joyce Meyer in this candid exploration of the different types of prayer and how they can stregthn your spiritual life. Joyce discusses how easy prayer is and how important it is for building a richer, more intereactive relationship with God and staying strong in your own life.

The Diet Code: Eat Bread, Drink Wine, Lose Weight by Stephen Lanzalotta ($14.99, ISBN 9780446696906)

This book, written by master baker Stephen Lanzalotta, reveals how you can use balanced proportions of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to maximize nutrition and wight loss. By applying the Golden Ratio, learn to combine the natural foods you like best - bread, wine, cheese, even dessert - in ways that will promote weight loss and healthy living.

After Jackie: Pride, Prejudice, and Baseball's Forgotten Heroes by Cal Fussman ($24.94, ISBN 9781933060187)

This book traces the legacy of Jackie Robinson and his importance to the history of baseball and America itself. Author Cal Fussman investigates Robinson's influence in sports, politics, and the civil rights movement through the voices of men and women who came after him and were affected by his powerful legacy, including such diverse contributors as Walter Cronkite, James Earl Jones, and Spike Lee.

Ain't Nobody a Stranger to Me by Ann Grifalconi ($16.99, ISBN 9780786818570)

In this beautifully illustrated picture book, a grandfather passes lessons of love and friendship on to his granddaughter. This remarkable account of one family's experiences on the Underground Railroad is at once timeless and timely, weaving tales from the past and hopes for the future.

It's kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini ($8.99, ISBN 9780786851973)

In this young-adult novel about obsession and psychiatric illness, ambitious teenager Craig Gilner is determined to succeed in life - or kill himself trying. After the pressures of his impossibly high standards cause Draig nearly to commit suicide, he checks into a mental hospital, where he meets a group of other mentally disturbed people and finally is able to confront the sources of his own crippling anxiety.

In the Break by Jack Lopez ($7.99, ISBN 9780316067089)

Juan's best friend Jamie has a violent fight with his stepfather. When Jamie decides he'd better leave town until things settle down, Juan and Jamie's sister Amber accompany him, and the three teens head south to Mexico, finding romance, tragedy, and the perfect wave along the way. This young-adult novel perfectly conveys the sense of connection between the surfer and the surf.

The Girls by Lori Lansens ($13.99, ISBN 9780316066341)

This triumphant novel celbrates the experience of being a sister by portraying a unique pair of sister: Rose and Ruby, destined to live inseparably but blessed with distinct sensibilities that enrich and complicate their shared experiences. Readers who encounter the girls will find it hard to resist falling under their spell. (Jacqueline recommends)

Lies at the Altar: The Truth About Great Marriages by Dr. Robin L. Smith ($14.95, ISBN 9781401308971)

In this #1 bestseller, finally here in paperback, Dr. Robin Smith outlines the top ten lies told - and believed - about marriage relationships, and the top ten truths which couples must understand in order to counteract them. She combines a healthy dose of realism - 'the person at the altar will be the person at the breakfast table' - with an optimistic outlook for couples seeking to understand one another and relate in a more personal, loving way.

Total Sudoku by Michael Mepham ($10.99, ISBN 1993405287)

Sudoku, the hot new puzzle from Japan, has caught on and become extremely popular in the U.S. These numerical brainteasers work rather like crossword puzzles with numbers and require no math.. and are simply addictive! This collection contains 200 all-new puzzles in easy, medium, hard, and fiendish levels, including 10 circular sudoku and 10 extremely difficult 16X16 puzzles for the particularly obsessed sudoku fan.

Half-Moon Investigations by Eorin Colfer ($7.99, ISBN 9780786849604)

In this new children's novel by the bestselling author of the Artemis Fowl series, young Fletcher Moon, who has a great nose for sniffing out mysteries, has just graduated as the youngest certified detective in the world. But when Fletcher finds himself framed for a serious crime and up against the town's most notorious crime family, the Sharkeys, he will find his talent and tenacity tested as he races to solve the case before he himself is falsely convicted!

Wish You Well by David Baldacci ($12.99, ISBN 9780446699488)

In this moving, inspiring novel, precocious twelve-year-old Louisa Mae Cardinal lives in New York City in 1940. When tragedy strikes, Lou and her younger brother Oz must go with their invalid mother to live on their great-grandmother's farm in the Virginia mountains. Here, in a new landscape, Lou comes of age and experiences adventures tragic, comic, and audacious.

Today I Will Fly! by Mo Willems ($8.99, ISBN 9781423102953)

In this easy-reader book for kids ages 4-8, Mo Willems takes young readers on another charming adventure with Gerald the Elephant and Piggie the Pig. Carefree Piggie and serious Gerald complement each other when Piggie decides she wants to fly and Geral keeps telling her that she can't...or can she?

Together on Top of the World: The Remarkable Story of the First Couple to Climb the Fabled Seven Summits by Phil and Susan Ershler with Robin Simoons ($24.94, ISBN 978446579056)

This book is both an adventure story about climbing and a love story about a couple who learned to trust each other and to put their lives into each other's hands. In spite of the odds - Phil suffered from health problems and Susan was a corporate executive who had never climbed at age 36 - Phil and Susan determined to reach the Seven Summites together. This book tells their inspiring true story.

Heart of a Champion by Carl Deuker ($&.99, ISBN 9780316067263)

This young adult novel by Seattle author Carl Deuker depicts the powerful friendship between Jimmy Winter, a talented young baseball player, and Seth Barham, just as devoted a baseball fanatic but not nearly as great a player. Their friendship seems like it should last forever, but when Seth experiences an unthinkable loss, he's forced to find his own personal strength - on and off the field.

My Friend is Sad by Mo Willems ($8.99, ISBN 9781423102977)

This picture book by Caldecott Honor-winning author Mo Willems features Gerald the Elephant and Piggie the Pig, two best friends with very different personalities. Piggie is cheerful; Gerald is feeling sad, and Piggie wants to cheer him up. What is the best way to cheer up a sad friend? Piggie is about to find out!

Funfolio: Junior Edition ($14.99, ISBN 9780316012034)

This spin-off book from the popular game Cranium features all sorts of fun and amazing things you can do! There are games, sticker, places to put your pictures, doodles, and drawing, cool activites you can learn to do, and all sorts of other fun activites to help you discover and celebrate you!

The Gulps by Rosemary Wells ($16.99, ISBN 9780316014601)

The Gulp family loves junk food, and lots of it! When they head off on their family vacation, they make sure to pack supersized everything. But when the family RV stops and refuses to drive any further with such large people inside, the family learns the importance of healthy eating and hard work - and has some good old-fashioned fun along the way! This colorful, fun-to-read picture book sends an important message to kids.

New Titles from Harper Collins

The Seventeen Traditions by Ralph Nader ($19.95, ISBN 9780061238277)

In this extraordinary book, political and social activist Ralph Nader looks back to the earliest days of his own life, to his serene and enriching childhood in bucolic Winsted, Connecticut. From listening to learning, from patriotism to argument, from work to simple enjoyment, Nader revisits seventeen key traditions he absorbed from his parents, his siblings, and the people in his community, drawing from them inspiring lessons for today's society about nature, community, and growing to adulthood.

Mavericks of the Sky: The First Daring Pilots of the U.S. Air Mail by Barry Rosenberg and Cathering Macaulay ($14.95, ISBN 9780060529595)

This book recounts the first three years of the U.S. Air Mail Service, whose pilots - nicknamed "the Suicide Club" - returned from World War I looking to continue their obsession with flying at a time when planes were still very much a devolping technology. This unique tale of adventure, heroism, and suspense brings to life the exploits of these fearless and colorful pioneers who flew against the odds, relying on their wits and instincts to keep themselves alive.

Physik by Angie Sage ($17.99, ISBN 9780060577377)

In this third book in the exciting fantastical sage of Septimus Heap, Silas accidentally releases the ghost of Queen Etheldredda, who's beed dead for 500 years and is still up to no good. The Queen's nefarious plot to give herself everlasting life draws in Septimus, Jenna, and of course, all the other wacky, wonderful characters who made the previous books Magyk and Flyte so memorable!

Women of the Way: Discovering 2,500 Years of Buddhist Wisdom by Sallie Tisdale ($14.95, ISBN 9780061146596)

This groundbreaking work traces women Buddhist masters and teachers across continents and centuries, drawing upon historical, cultural, and Buddhist records to bring to life these narratives of ancestral Buddhist women. The book not only highlights the contributions of women to the Buddhist faith, but also displays the wisdom and enlightenment of Buddhist teachings. The author, Sallie Tisdale, is currently training as a priest in Portland.

Inkspell by Cornelia Funke, ($9.99, ISBN 9780439554015)

In this exciting sequel to the beloved children's novel Inkheart, Dustfinger - one of the characters who was 'read-to-life' in Inkheart - becomes so desperate to return to his own story that he finds a crooked storyteller to read him back in. Before long, Meggie and Dustfinger's apprentice Farid find themselves caught inside the book again... and this time, the story is threatening to end tragically.

Titanic: The Ship of Dreams ($18.99, ISBN 9780439899956)

This fascinating book for kids of all ages allows readers to experience life as a passenger on the titanic through the journal of a young boy and loads of incredible novelty features including pop-ups, pull tabs, slide mechanisms, fold-out maps, and booklets. The book also includes many photos from 1912, as well as current photos of the titanic wreckage.

The Jesus Papers: Exposing the Greastest Cover-Up in History by Michael Baigent ($15.95, ISBN 9780061146602)

In this fascinating and controversial book, Michael Baigent further expounds upon the theory he introduced in his bestselling book Holy Blood, Holy Grail: that Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene married and founded a holy bloodline. Now, Baigent draws upon two additional decades of research to present new evidence for his theory, which was one of the sources for Dan Brown's bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code.

The Madonnas of Leningrad by Debra Dean ($13.95, ISBN 9780060825317)

In this gripping novel, elderly Marina recalls vividly her youth in war-torn Leningrad during the fall of 1941, when the German army's approach signaled the beginning of a long, torturous siege on the city. Marina, a tour guide at the Hermitage Museum, joined other staff members in removing the museum's priceless masterpieces for safekeeping as the Luftwaffe's bombs pounded the proud, stricken city.

The Girl from Charnelle by K. L. Cook ($14.95, ISBN 9780060829667)

In the year and a half since Laura Tate's mother boarded a bus and mysteriously disappeared from the town of Charnelle, Texas, she has cared for her father and three brothers and maintained a sense of outward calm. But her balance is upset and the repercussions of her family's struggles are revealed when a chance encounter with a married man leads Laura into a complicated relationship for which she is unprepared. As Kennedy battles Nixon for the White House, Laura must navigate complex emotional terrain and choose whether she, too, will flee Charnelle.

Sir Thursday by Garth Nix ($6.99, ISBN 9780439436571)

In this fourth installment of the exciting children's series The Keys of the Kingdom, Arthur and Leaf are set on heading home after their adventure on the Border Sea. But only Leaf can make it through the Front Door - Arthur is blocked because someone has assumed his identity and is taking over his life. Before he can take action, he is drafted by the strange Sir Thursday and forced to join the Glorious Army of the Architect, leaving Leaf to try to Banish Arthur's double on earth. Is this a war that Arthur can win...or is his only hope to escape it?

Dirty Blonde by Lisa Scottoline ($7.99, ISBN 9780060742911)

The New York Times bestseller returns in paperback! How much trouble can one lady judge get intp - on her first week on the job? A lot! A woman with a secret sex life and a tendency to tell too much truth from the bench, Cate ends up with one cop out to murder her and another one trying to keep her alive. A fun aiplane/beach/summer read! (Darlene recommends)

You Suck: A Love Story by Christopher Moore ($21.95, ISBN 9780060590291)

In this huorous, wacky novel by bestselling author Christopher Moore, Thomas C. Flood wakes up after a fantastic night with his girlfriend, Jody, only to discover that she's a vampire.. and surprise! Now he's one too. Tommy and Jody are in love, though, and they vow to work through their rather, well, abnormal matter how complicated things get. You know, sometimes being undead really sucks. (Rose recommends)

The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick ($22.99, ISBN 9780439813785)

Combinging elements of picture book, graphic novel, and film, as well as more traditional text-based storytelling, this children's book is boldy innovative, but with a story the reader will care about. Hugo is a young orphan boy left to fend for himself in a Paris train station. He winds the station's clocks by day and dreams by night. The story combines mystery, drama, and art to convey an exciting and touching story. (Darlene recommends)

Where God Was Born by Burce Feiler ($14.95, ISBN 9780060574895)

Continuing the gripping journey he began with Walking the Bible, Bruce Feiler travels 10,000 miles through the heart of the Middle East - from the Garden of Eden to the rivers of Babylon - uncovering the little-known origins of Western religion. Combining the excitement of an advernture story and the insight of spiritual exploration, this book offers a rare, universal vision of God that can inspire people of different faiths into a shared dialogue of hope.

Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan ($5.99, ISBN 043912042X)

In this Hood River County Reads Young Adult pick for spring 2007, young Esperanza's world on her family's ranch in Mexico is shattered by sudden tragedy, and she is forced to flee with her Mama to California, where they settle in a camp for Mexican farm workers. Esperanza isn't ready for the hard labor, finacial struggles brought on by the Great Depression, and lack of acceptance she now faces. But she must find a way to rise above her difficult circumstances - because Mama's life and her own depend on it.

Survival of the Sickest: A Medical Maverick Discovers Why We Need Disease by Dr. Sharon Moalem with Jonathan Prince ($25.95, ISBN 9780060889654)

Joining the ranks of modern mythbusters, Dr. Moalem challenges us fundamentally to change the way we think about our bodies, our health, and our relationship to just about every other living thing on earth, from plants and animals to insects and bacteria. She reveals how many of the conditions that are diseases today actually gave our ancestors a leg up in the survival sweepstakes, showing how our genetic inheritance reflects the conditions - and diseases - of our own distant ancestors, and offers a new way of thinking about modern medicine that can help all of us live longer, healthier lives.

The Secret Lives of Men and Women: A PostSecret Book compiled by Frank Warren ($21.95, ISBN 9780061198757)

Compiler Frank Warren is back with an irresistible addition to his bestselling PostSecrets series. This all-new full-color collection icludes postcards bearing the explosive secret confessions and captivating revelations of men and women everywhere. Created using photographs, collages, illustrations, and more, the handmade cards offer a compelling dialogue on some of today's most provocative topics - from marriage and infidelity to office politics - daring us to consider how well we really know our friends, family, even ourselves.

Dwelling Places by Vinita Hampton Wright ($13.95, ISBN 9780060859541)

Mack and Jodie have no idea how much their lives and those of their teenage children are going to change when they dicide to give up farming, leaving all the family members searching for answers. This powerful, ultimately uplifting story of family life, told through the unforgettable voices of each family member, portrays the powerful bonds of familial love and the importance of home.

Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer by James L. Swanson ($15.95, ISBN 9780060518509)

The murder of Abraham Lincoln set off the greatest manhunt in American history. The assassin led military men and detectives on a 12-day chase through cities and countryside, while the nation watched in horror and sadness. This trhilling tale of murder, intrigue, and betrayal also happens to be entirely true: it's history as you've never read it before.

The Pursuit of Happyness by Chris Garnder with Quincy Troupe ($14.95, ISBN 9780060744781)

This true story of one man's triumphant pursuit of his dreams will fascinate and inspire you. Chris Gardner, abandoned by his own father, vowed to himself that he'd be a committed father figure to his children. He kept that vow - even when circumstances left him and his toddler son homeless on the streets of San Francisco - and continued to pursue his dream of becoming a successful stockbroker. Now a broker and the founder of a multimillion-dollar brokerage firm, Gardner tells his own incredible and inspiring story of claiming the American Dream.

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