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The Ten Commandments - Summary of God's Will (Law)

God's Will is expressed in HIS Law (Viking Law)--know, uphold, and obey them (Ex 20:1-17 and Deu 5:6-21 also Matthew 5:17-19):
  1. THOU (you) SHALL LOVE THE LORD THY (your) GOD! First-Greatest Commandment (Deu 6:4-5 and Mat 22:36-38); Love Neighbor (Lev 19:18 and Mat 22:39-40); and (Mat 7:12).

  2. THOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME! Idolatry is a MAJOR Sin (Deu 7:2-5, Acts 15:20-21, I Co 10:14)!

  3. THOU SHALL NOT TAKE THE NAME OF THE LORD THY GOD IN VAIN! Don't use God's Name(s) in cussing! (Jam 1:26)

  4. REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY, TO KEEP IT HOLY! Gather at the Congregation on Holy Days (Heb 10:25)!

  5. HONOR (obey) THY FATHER (and thy mother)! Keep family order (Col 3:19-25)! Obey the authorities over you (Ro 13:1-7, Heb 13:17, and I Peter 2:13-17)!

  6. THOU SHALL NOT MURDER! Respect God's Image (Gen 9:6)! Protect others (Ex 21:22-36, Deu 22:8)! Preserve the needy (Deu 15:7-11 and Pr 19:17)!

  7. THOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY! Keep marriage Holy (Pr 5:18-19 and Heb 13:4)! Avoid perversions!

  8. THOU SHALL NOT STEAL! Don't rob others! Earn your living honestly (Eph 4:28 and II Th 3:7-12). And don't steal from God (Lev 27:30 and II Co 9:6-7).

  9. THOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS! No perjury (Zec 5:1-4)! Neither lie (Lev 19:11)! Nor spread gossip and slander (Lev 19:16, Ps 64:2-8, I Ti 5:13).

  10. THOU SHALL NOT COVET! Avoid materialism (Mat 6:19-33)! Don't scheme (James 1:14-15)!

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These Ten Commandments are the main RULES AND REGULATIONS OF OUR REALM (and the Heritage of Our Scandinavian Morals and Ethics)!

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STILL CURIOUS? DIDN'T GET ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ON VIKING LAW (God's expressed Will) ANSWERED? Then, come on! Find out more. To help explain everything about the Ten Commandments better (and other Viking matters), we have housed a variety of extended and detailed articles in Our NORTHMEN Intermediate Articles in the Northmen Section of Our Site. Find out further information there on Scandinavian Morals and Ethis as well as the Northmen Decalogue (Ten Commandments). Check them out there, or use the shortcut, below.

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Now, don't stop here. There is a lot more of Our Realm to explore and discover. So, turn to the next item in this Viking Quick Facts series on Our Antiquities, the Records of Viking Revivals.

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