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Scandinavian Antiquities Reveals Northmen Origins

THE MYSTERY OF HISTORY: where did the Vikings come from? Carefully following their trail back through Scandinavian Antiquities, we come to believe that the Northmen Origins were of Abraham's Descendants!

For, according to the Bible, Abraham had three wives: Sarah (of which came the Jews), Hagar (or which came the Arabs), and Keturah. Now Keturah had many sons, which Abraham sent away into the East (Gen 25:1-6), and they migrated North to around Ninevah in Assyria. Then, when the Israelites were carried away captive by the Assyrians, the Descendants of Keturah bought them as slaves and mingled with them. From there, they migrated farther Northward, into Eastern Europe and then Scandinavia, where they formed the GahTSK or Goths (the Northern Peoples of God), which eventually became our Vikings.

[Nordic Peoples (Evergreen) Shield] This belief in Ancient Migrations for a Northward Israelite trek we refer to as Nordanity*. And, by it, Scandinavians are essential Hebrew Peoples--Abraham's Descendants!

Thus, as Hebrews, and Northern Peoples of God (Goths), these Nordic Nations were very receptive to Moves of God. The Apostles and early Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Missionaries made ready converts among them in the first century. Then, in the 600s, during the Scandia Era and the Reign of Ivar Vidfadmi another Great Revival swept their lands. Later, in around 1000, the Catholics brought in yet another Renewal. Next, was the Lutheran Revival of the 1500s. So, about every 500 years, these Peoples have had a Great Renewal to God. And, now that it is around 2000, it is time for another Great RETURN to God!

And, that is what we are all about, even as it is written:

[Holy Scriptures Shield] Therefore, behold, the days come, says the Lord, that it shall no more be said: the Lord Lives that brought up the Children of Israel out of the Land of Egypt; BUT, the Lord Lives who brought up the Children [Descendants] of Israel from the LAND OF THE NORTH [Northmen-Vikings], and from all the lands where HE had driven them! (Jeremiah 16:14-15)
So, come with us. And join the Viking Revival for Our Times! Don't get left out of this fabulous Move of God.

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Find your place among the Northern Nations as they RETURN to God!

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Well, don't give up. We have just put forth some of the real simple answers here. Our Northmen Intermediate Articles are designed to answer more of the higher level questions. (And in greater detail.) Things that you may wish to take some time to think about.

Take a look at the amazing historical facts of the Scandia Era and the Reign of Ivar Vidfadmi. And follow the trail of the Hebrew Peoples from the Northern Kingdom of Israel through Scandinavian Ancient History to their settlement in the Northern Lands--thus showing the Northmen Origins, clearly! Moreover, get a better understanding of this concept of Nordanity!

Now, we have housed this more detailed Historical Literature in the Northmen Intermediate Articles Section of Our Web Site. Look them up there, or use the shortcut, below.

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Now, don't stop here! You have only just begun to explore Our Viking Realm. There is a lot more within! So, keep on looking. For, you are not going to find it, unless you seek it!

Instead, turn to the next document, in Our Viking Introductory Literature series (which we have stored here, with Our Viking Quick Facts Sheets). It deals with Our Mediavel Heritage and the impact of the Judeo-Christian Faith and Culture upon the Scandinavian World:

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Don't delay. Get it and read it now.

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