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Viking Prophecies of Coming Space Worlds

Mankind has wondered for centuries! But, is the Future for Man to know? Well, those who follow God are given a peak at what HE is about to do! This is so we can be more in line with HIS Will (and help HIM work it out in Our Days). Therefore, get to know the Viking Prophecies in the Bible of God's Future Events, from us. (And submit to HIS Will to accomplish them.)

Without question, Planet Earth will diminish and dwindle away. The Holy Scriptures plainly declare it (Isaiah 24:4-5 and 19-20 and 51:6). And, today, our scientists are even telling us that the environment of the Earth is wearing out! Soon, there will be an Eco-Disaster where the Planet can no longer support Mankind!

[Abrahamic Faith (Stars) Shield] THE FUTURE OF GOD'S PEOPLE:
But, those who follow God, will be led to take up residence on other Planets, out among the Stars, fulfilling God's Promise to Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the Stars--because they were going to settle there (Genesis 22:17, Deuteronomy 1:10, Exodus 32:13). So, come with us, migrate into Space, and be one of Abraham's Star-Colonist Descendants!

[KoReY Futuristic Shield] THE FUTURE OF OUR REALM:
In this process, the RETURN of Israel (and the Viking Revival) will continue on out among the Stars (Deuteronomy 30:4 and Nehemiah 1:9), with the Full Gospel to be spread thoughout the starry-heavens (Ephesians 1:10 and 3:20, Colossians 1:20-21 and 1:23). There will then arise the Kingdom or Empire of the Saints (Daniel 7:27), the Holy Israel of the Stars (Revelations 12:1)--Our ASTARIAN NATION. Then, Our Religious Society or Spiritual Realm (KoReY or K.R.Y.) will become a recognized government and an Interstellar Empire, according to God's Promise.

[Divine Enlightment (Book) Shield] THE FUTURE OF YOUR OWN ROLE: heed God's Call--Our Great Commission:

Go ye [you] into all the World [G2889 Kosmos or Universe], and preach the [Full] Gospel to every living creature! (Mark 16:15)

So, come along with us (and walk in God's Ways) to build this Future Holy Interstellar Empire of Israel. (Don't let you, or your descendants, get left out!) ... CONTACT US TODAY!!!

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For more Bible Prophecies om Mankind's coming interstellar activities, see KoReY's INTERSTELLAR SCRIPTURES

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Do you feel God moving in your life, right now, so that you are ready to make your own personal RETURN to HIM? Don't hold back! Join the rest of us Northmen who are making that move today. To make that RETURN, just get Our Revival Course and it will show you how.

To get Our REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Realm Revival Course]

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Then, come on! Find out more. To help explain everything, we have housed a variety of extended and detailed articles in Our KoReY Section of Our Web Site. It will tell you all about Astaria (Estella or Esther's Land) and Our Future Viking Realm out among the Stars--the Northmen Interstellar World. You can look up the Articles there or use the handy link, below:

To get Our KoReY and ASTARIAN Articles (Click Here): [KoReY - ASTARIA (Future Viking Realm)]

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Now, don't stop here. There is a lot more of Our Viking Realm to explore and discover. So, find out how we got started. And the personality behind bringing all of this Realm together. To get Our Founder's Viking Biography, use the handy link, below:
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