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[Viking Ship Shield]


The Rebirth Among the Northern Nations

In days long ago, the Vikings or Northmen came storming out of those obscure, little Countries of the North (where it was too cold for any sensible, Mediterranean European to live). And they seemed driven by a POWER and a FORCE that catapulted them into dominance over most Europe, especially in the early Middle Ages (or so called Dark Ages). Yet, even today, these conquests of the Goths (or Northern Peoples of God) are still often remembered and recorded in the history books of Western Civilization. And, their emergence into the Vikings or Northmen, as well as their founding of the Mediavel World, is becoming better known in our days. So, without question, then, these Nordic Peoples have had a very dramatic impact on the Heritage of our own Modern World. (This is the modern world's Scandinavian Heritge!)

However, rather than running off into the dozens of detailed accounts of Viking activities, the point of this work is to rather ask the philosophical question: What gave them this driving power? What force propelled them to dominance? (And, even more to the point, can we get this power back, again, today?)

[Scandia Faith (Cross) Shield] Therefore, to ponder this questions, we must dig about a bit in the dim and dark history of the pre-Vikings. Here we are speaking of the Goths (or as we say, GahTSK). Now, the name of this People is very interesting and telling. Goth comes from the word GuDT, which means God. Thus, these people were boldly proclaiming themselves to be the Northern Peoples of God. And, as we poke about in the few scraps of records that can be found on them, the indications are that they lived up to their name. That they were, indeed, Peoples of the Judeo-Christian Faith.

[Holy Scriptures Shield] And, at this point, there are those who would say that we have found their secret. That the force that raised them to dominance was the Hand of God. The POWER that caused them to dominate Northern Europe came from on High! For, it is written:

Righteousness [or good deeds] exalts [builds up] a Nation; But Sin [evil deeds] is a reproach [or downfall] of any Peoples! (Proverbs 14:34)
Now, this short Passage of the Holy Scriptures serves as an explanation or summary of ALL history! Or, perhaps more pointedly, the Bible also say:
For that Nation [Peoples] or Kindgom [Country] that will not serve God shall perish! Yes, those Nations shall be utterly laid waste! (Isaiah 60:12).

Therefore, we do, indeed, beleive that the POWER of the dominance of the Gahtsk or Northmen Peoples of God is in OUR hands, too, now. And, if we will turn to God and His Ways (as they did), then the Vikings or Northmen WILL rise to power (and world influence), once more! But, if we (the Northern Nations) turn further away from God, then what little we may have today will also come to vanish. It is God's Law! And the records of history show that it holds true, over and over again. It is a fact that connot be ignored. And a foundation of the Scandinavian Religion!

[Information age (Sun) Shield] Now, what hold's true for Nations, also holds true for individuals. If the individual person turns to God and walks in His Ways, then he will come to prosper and rise in power (and success). But, turn from God and take up evil, and you will eventually come to disaster (and perish). Really, it is that simple! So, is it any wonder that we are trying to call people back to God? I mean, you are really missing it, if you aren't coming to God! For that is what the VIKING REVIVAL (and Nordic RETURN) is all about--individual Northmen making their way back to God. This is Northmen Reconciliation to God.

Okay, so how do I do that? (You may ask.) [Scandia Flag]

VIKING RENAISSANCE: Spiritual Rebirth Of Northmen:

Philosophers have, of course, debated this issue for centuries! Even in the Time of the Messiah or Christ on Earth, this was a hot issue. The learned Pharisee Scholar Nicodemus came to Jesus (or Y'Shua, in Hebrew) and discussed this topic with HIM. And, the Truths that came to be known from that discussion are startling!

For it is written, in the Holy Scriptures:

Jesus [or Y'Shua] answered him [Nicodemus] and said: Truly, truly, I say unto you: Except a man be BORN AGAIN, he cannot see the Kingdom of God [or Heaven]! (John 3:3).
Now, unfortunately, most men think that they will simply get into Heaven by their own good deeds. But, to this attitude, the Messiah or Christ had this to say:
...I AM the Way [to Heaven], the Truth, and the [eternal] Life; No man can come unto the Father [God], but by ME! (John 14:6)
Thus, there is no other Way into Heaven for your afterlife, than through this process of being Born Again by Jesus. Make no mistake about it!

So, then, what is this being born again? And why is it the Foundation of the Judeo-Christian Faith of the Vikings? (You may ask.) [Spiritual Enlightenment (Book) Shield]


The spiritual condition of man has long been a debated issue, down through the centuries. And, this issue greatly puzzled Nicodemus, for he did not readily understand it. For, it is written:
[Then] Nicodemus said to HIM: How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his motther's womb, and be born once more [as in reincarnation]? (John 3:4)
This folly greatly disturbed Jesus! HE had attempted to make it well known for centuries in HIS Holy Scriptures. But, men just seemed to have trouble understanding it. So, HE told it very plainly to Nicodemus:
Truly, Truly, I say unto you: Except a man be born of water [or flesh, the physical man] and of the Spirit [or inner man, the supernatural man], he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God [or get to Heaven]! For, that which is born of the flesh, is flesh [material]; And that which is born of the Spirit, is spiritual [metaphysical]! So, marvel [puzzle] not that I say unto you: YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN! (John 3:5-7)
So, unless you have undergone the Renaissance (or Rebirth) of your spirit, or had your inner man born again (or Regenerated), then you will NOT get into Heaven at your death!

Then, how do I get my spirit reborn? What is rebirth? (You may ask.) [NORDESEL Shield]

SCANDINAVIAN RELIGION - The Animating Indwelling:

As the Messiah or Christ was trying to explain to Nicodemus about this concept, just as the child in the womb becomes alive and animated by the Qiy or Chai (life-force), the inner child (within the shell of your body or mobile womb) must also receive an animating power to bring it to life. Then, what is this Spirit or supernatural force like?

Fortunately, the Apostle John details this even better later on, so that it will be clear for us. For, he records these words of Christ:

And I will pray the Father [God], and HE shall send you another Comforter [Spirit-Helper], that HE may abide [dwell inside] with you forever! Even The Spirit of Truth [God's Spirit]. Whom the World cannot receive, because they see HIM not, neither do they [even try to] know HIM; But, you know HIM, for HE dwells with [among] you, AND SHALL BE IN YOU! (John 14:16-17)
Or, perhaps even more to the point:
...If a man love ME, he will keep MY Words [Commandments]; And MY Father will Love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode [dwelling] within him!" (John 14:23)
Thus, the animation or rebirth of your inner man or spirit is the result of the residence of God's Spirit within your heart. And, it is very important, for without it, you will not get into Heaven in your afterlife! You must be born again to reach Heaven!

Okay, so how do I get reborn?

[Word of God Shield]

NORTHMEN RECONCILIATION - Dealing with God's Rejection:

Before God's Spirit can enter you, you will have to face and handle God's rejection. Say, What! Yes, you heard right. God has rejected you, just as HE has done to all of Mankind. For, it is written:
But your iniquites have separated you and your God; And your sins have caused HIM to hide HIS Face fom you, so that HE will not even hear you! (Isaiah 59:2)
Thus, your sins (even the tiniest, little evil that you may have ever only thought) has caused God to reject you. And, as long as HE has rejected you, HIS Spirit will not even come near you. And, if it will not even approach you, then HE will not get inside you to bring about your rebirth or spiritual renaissance! So, you are stuck, without!

But, does it have to stay this way? Well, when people quarrel, they are often brought back together by a third party or arbitrator. This mediator tries to get both sides to move toward each other. And, this eventually brings a common agreement and a restored relationship--RECONCILIATION.

So, is there any way that I can restore my relationship with God? And be reconciled to HIM? [Nordic Peoples Shield]


The Holy Scriptures further tell us that:
...without the shedding of blood, there is no remission [cure for sin]. (Hebrews 9:22)
And, this is why the Old Testiment is so full of animal sacrifices, so that the blood of an appropriate animal would temporarily cleanse the individuals of Sin. Well, then, why are there no more animal sacrifices?

Once again, the Apostle John clarifies this for us. He recorded that:

The next day, John [the Baptist] saw Jesus coming unto him; And, he said: BEHOLD THE LAMB OF GOD, THAT TAKES AWAY THE SIN OF THE WORLD! (John 1:29)
Thus, the Messiah or Christ, was to play the role of a sacrifical animal, to make atonement (or payment) for sins. And, this is why HE was sacrificed on the Cross, to shed HIS Blood to pay for our wrong deeds!

And, this is exactly what the Apostle John wrote:

For God so Loved the World [Mankind], that HE gave [sacrificed] HIS Only Begotten Son [Y'Shua or Jesus], that whosoever believes in HIM should not perish [in Hell], but have everlasting life [in Heaven]! (John 3:16)
Now isn't that Great! This is, indeed, GOOD NEWS, (which is why it is called the Gospel)! All you have to do is believe in Christ, and you will be reborn, spiritually.

Okay, how do I believe in HIM? [Women Issues (Heart) Shield]


To simply know about Christ or the Messiah is not enough. For, head knowledge is not enough. You need heart knowledge or experience--feeling. For it is written:
Well, you believe [know] that there is One God? You do well, but the devils also believe [know] and tremble [over Hell]! (James 2:19)
Thus, the demons, who oppose God, know full well about HIM. But, rather than obeying HIM, they rebel. They know of God, but they do not put their knowledge into action--in their heart (by feeling the LOVE of God). So, their belief does them no good!

So, head knowledge is not enough. Facts alone are meaningless. You need to get it down into your heart, where you will put it into action. Where you can feel it--experience it! For it is written:

For as the body without its spirit is dead, so Faith without works is dead, also! (James 2:16)
Thus, if you truely believe in God, then you will put into action what you know (feel) in your heart. And, if you truly believe in Christ, you will put your head knowledge into action, and receive HIM into your heart (feelings, emotions, life).

For this is the focus of the Renaissance or Rebirth. You MUST get Christ's Spirit into your heart! For, it is written:

But as many as RECEIVED Him [into their hearts], to them gave HE Power to become the sons-of-God [angels], even to those who Believe on HIS Name! (John 1:12)
So, if you believe in God enough to put your head knowledge into action, and receive Him into your heart (where you can feel HIM), then HIS Spirit will move inside of you and you will be reborn. And, shortly, you will go to Heaven in your afterlife, and be like an angel (with HIM).

Okay, so how do I go about receivig HIM? [God's Law Shield]

SCANDINAVIAN RELIGION - The Reconciling Covenant:

As you should know by now, you need to be reconciled with God, so that you can have your relationship with HIM restored. And, the way to do this is to make a Covenant, a kind of Mediavel Social Contract, with God. You will agree to RETURN to Him (and walk in HIS Ways). And HE will agree to cause your rebirth (and eventually take you to Heaven when you die).

How do you do this? It is simple! Just say the following prayer, out loud (so that God will know that you agree to it):

[NORDESEL Unity Flag]


If you have just said that prayer, then you are now reborn! (Or as some say: SAVED or others: BORN AGAIN!) You have received the Viking Renaissance or Spiritual Rebirth. This is, indeed, a very imporant occassion. So, don't keep it to yourself! Tell others about it!

And, if nothing else, CONTACT US and let us know. For just as we have helped you with this Article, so, too, can we help you with a lot of other things in the Faith. But, only if you ask. So, don't be shy. And don't hold back. Come on in and get in touch with us. There are lots of other people out there, just dying to hear from you! So, don't delay. Do it today!

To E-Mail your Good News to us (Click Here): [E-Mail Input]

Or, use the more conventional routes to us, listed below, to tell us about the Good News of your Renaissance (or rebirth):

Shaddox Space Society
P.O. Box 44
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Phone: (509) 493-1674

[Viking Ship Shield]


Well, yes, some people need to think things over carefully before they make up their mind. So, if you need a little more time, go ahead: toss the ideas around for a few days. You'll find that they add up the same way every time!

But, in the meantime, continue to consider other facts. We have loads of documents, with important information, that can help you make up your mind. After all, if you are a careful thinker, then you need to know ALL the facts, before making up your mind. So, be sure to look up and read our other articles!

Most importantly, be sure to consider Our Article on Viking Regeneration (listed under Our Viking Introductory Literature). It presents basically the same concept (as here), but it does so more simply, so it is easier to see and grasp!


[Revival Chapel Shield]


Well, some people are heavy thinkers. They don't like to make up their mind in a hurry. Rather, they want to look at all the facts. And consider all the sides and possiblities. So, if this is you, we have just the thing for you!

Our Revival Chapel has lots of information on spiritual issues. Most of it is rather straight forward and easy to understand, so that the common man can grasp it (though some may be a bit more heavy theology). So, why don't you take a look at the Articles there! We have plenty on this concept of Rebirth or Regeneration!

To get Our Revival Chapel REGENERATION Articles (Click Here): [Regeneration Articles]


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