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[Viking Ship Shield]


DIVINE GUIDANCE from Norse Piloting and Viking Navigation

The Vikings present many mysteries and puzzles to the modern western mind! Among these is the question of just how did they navigate?

For in these Ancient and Mediavel Days, the magnetic compass was unknown. And most mariners simply relied on following the coast and landscape, until they reached their destination. Or, if some of the real old salts needed to cross the seas, they would use some kind of dead reconing, by the Sun or stars, to tell where North and South were (approximately) and to steer their ships accordingly. For, even from the Ancient Days of the Bible, this has been reasonably well known, and followed, even as it is written:

And God said: Let there be lights [stars] in the firmament [foundation] of the Heavens to divide the day from the night; And let them be for signs [directions], and for seasons [planting & harvest], and for days and years [calendar]. (Genesis 1:14)

[Abrahamic Faith (Stars) Shield]LATITUDE:
Moreover, even with this crude Norse piloting, general latitude could be determined by stretching out the arm, and measuring how many fingers (or hands) high that the Sun was above the horizon at noon (or the Moon, or North Star at night). And, by this simple method, the Vikings were able to stay on a Latitude course that would take them from Norway to Iceland and then on to Greenland. Simple but sweet!

Furthermore, even though the magnetic compass was unknown, basic direction could be found from a kind of Sun dial, where the compass rose was cut into a wooden plate, with a tall stick at its center. And by this, the direction you were sailing could be determined by rotating the plate until the shadow at noon fell on the NORTH pointer, and thus your sailing direction was which ever way that your ship was then pointed from there. So is it surprising that dozens of these compass rose plates have been found in Viking archaeological digs? Yeah, navigating by the K.I.S.S. method (keep it simple, stupid).

Now, as crafty as all these Northmen sailing methods are, they cause one simple, though very MAJOR problem. For, these techniques were good for fair weather sailing. But, what do you do, when foul weather rolls in?

[Fig Tree (Prosperity) Shield]

NAVIGATING IN THE FOG - Lost in the North Atlantic:

Yes, as useful as these methods are, they require reasonably clear weather, so that you can tell where the Sun or stars are. But, when you come to the North Atlantic, you find days and days, and weeks and weeks, filled with thick clouds and overcast skys (blocking a view of the Sun and stars)--not to mention the frequent fog that was so thick, you could not see the bow of the ship from its stern! So, without the sky, and without a magnetic compass, how did the Vikings tell where they were going? (Or, did they just have some mystical 6th sense about direction?)

[Historical Literture (Scroll) Shield] Well, for centuries, this riddle has puzzled modern western minds. But, enough searching of Old Norse myths has led to an amazing discovery. Many of the ancient legends and sagas speak of mariners SIGHTING BY THE STONE? And, thus finding their direction. Now, what stone could they be refering to? Well, on Iceland, one can find a peculiar kind of double refracting cordierite, known as Icelandic feldspar crystal. And ones of its amazing properties is that it responds to polarized light! OKAY, in lyman's terms, point the stone to a direct source of light, and the light will pass through, making the stone glow! But, went the stone is aimed at indirect or reflected light, the unpolarized light is reflected, and the stone remains dark. Thus, by holding this stone between thumb and pointer finger and holding it out at arms length, one could determine the position of the Sun, as it would light up, when directly pointed at the light source. So, the sun's position could be found by this stone, even in foul or foggy weather, and for this reason, legend refers to it as the SUN STONE.

[WARNING Shield]

DIVINE GUIDANCE - Modern application:

Now, what is the modern application for us, here? How can this help you find your way in life? Well, other riddles have been solved, here, so perhaps we should look more closely at this one, also!

Now, some New Age mystics claim that by using stones or crystals, you can get Divine Guidance as to what to do in your life. However, this crude foretune-telling is not that recommended! (It tends to be riddle with bad advise.)

Other Jewish mystics try to claim that the Urim and Thummin of the Bible were simply 2 crystals, that would light up for yes or no, and that this is how God communicates with Mankind? But, a closer examination of the Scriptures shows this to be in GRAVE ERROR. (And the Urim and Thummim were something quite different!)

So, are you walking the foggy line of error in your daily life, and losing your direction in the stormy and cloudy skies that come your way?

[Divine Enlightenment (Book) Shield]

GOD'S WORD - God's Guidance:

Well, when all else fails, follow the words of modern advise: READ THE BOOK OF INSTRUCTIONS!

And consider its words, well, for it is written:

...that from a child, you have know of the Holy scriptures, which are able to make you wise--even unto Salvation through Faith, which is in Christ Jesus (Y'Shua). For ALL SCRIPTURE is given by the inspiration of God, and is profitable [useful] for doctrine [teachings], for reproof [debate], for correction, and for instruction in righteousness; ... (2 Timothy 3:15-16)

So, are you guided by the Light of God's Book, or are you still stumbling in the fog of wickedness in the world?

[Viking Ship Shield]


Well, are you in error? Do you deserve to be punished? Unfortunately, the Holy Scriptures makes this very clear, that:
For all have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God [perfection HE intended]! (Romans 3:23)

Thus, all humans are trapped in sin, and by it, to slavery to serving the Devil! So, whether you like it or not, you are bound in spiritual chains, and being carried off to PUNISHMENT in that Great Future Fire of HELL!

However, there is a remedy (if you are willing to take it), for it is also written:

...without the shedding of blood, there is no remission [cure] for sin. (Hebrews 9:22)

Thus, with an appropriate animal blood sacrifice, there could be an atonement for sin. (And this is what the Jews did with the Temple for centuries.) But, that was only temporary--and required an annual sacrifice.

Consequently, someone had to die, and shed their blood, to atone or pay for YOUR sins--to make a PERMENANT ATONEMENT! Now, who would do that? (And what would you have to give them?)

[Holy Scriptures Shield] Well, you don't have to! For, God took care of it, even as it is written:

But God commends [demonstrates] HIS Love, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died [on the Cross] for us! (Romans 5:8)

And to grasp the whole program that HE intended in doing that, consider:

For God so Loved the World [Mankind], that HE gave [sacrificed] HIS only begotton Son [Y'shua or Jesus], that whosoever Believers in HIM should not perish [in Hell's Fire], but have everlasting Life [in Heaven, with God]! (John 3:16)

Now, this is the Gospel or Good News: that Christ died on the Cross to pay for YOUR sins--PERMENANTLY. Yes, HE shed his own precious blood, dying in YOUR place--as your own death, by proxy! Thus, through Belief in HIM, you are saved from the coming Great Future Fire of HELL! But, only if you will turn to HIM!

[Information Age (Sun) Shield]

IT'S YOUR CHOICE (Don't blow it!)

Now, when God made Man, HE gave him FREE WILL, or the ability to choose to serve God or not, even as it is written:
...Choose ye [you] this day, whom ye shall serve... (Joshua 24:15).
So, like your Viking ancestors, the GahTSK, you can choose to follow God (and accept HIS blood atonement on the Cross), or you can choose the path of the wicked world around you (and go on to Hell). It is your choice!

OKAY! How do I choose to follow God?

Actually it is very simple. Just say the following prayer out loud (so God will know that you agree to it). It forms a kind of Covenant or Mediavel Social Contract between you and God. You are to serve HIM and HE is to take you to Heaven in your afterlife. So, just repeat this, aloud:

[Scandia Faith (Cross) Flag]


If you have just said that above prayer, you are now SAVED FROM HELL, that Great Future Fire! (Or, as some say: BORN AGAIN.) Now, this is a really an important occassion! One worth celebrating. For you are now part of the Ancient Norsemen Faith--and the modern Northmen Religion. So, contact us, that we can rejoice with you!

E-Mail us at: zdkf@gorge.net - (Mark subject box SUN STONE!)

Or use the normal routes, below:

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So, don't stay out there. Come on in! Get involved in our Fellowship. (Don't be lonely any more!)

[REVIVAL FIRE Shield] In fact, why don't you come on in and take Our Revival Course? It will help you follow the other Vikings in their Renewal to God. And, it gives you all the basic steps and information that you need to bring about the Revival of God in your life.

For more info on the REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Realm Revival Course]

[NORDESEL Unity Flag]


Well, this may all sound good, but I'm still not convinced. (You may say?) Call it skepticism, or what have you, I'm just not sure that this is for me! How can you be so sure? (You may ask.)

Okay, perhaps you need a little time to think things over. Or, maybe you just need some more facts, to understand what all the real issues are. So, take the time and read through some of our other materials. Then, once you have all the facts, perhaps you can make a better decision.

To help you understand this process of the SUN STONE, we have written a more detailed article on the whole Regeneration Concept. This is filed away with the rest of Our Northmen basic teachings.

For more info on the Way to Heaven (Click Here): [Northmen Regeneration]

[Viking Ship Shield] And, while you are making up your mind, perhaps you would like to know more about us. After all, it does help to have all the basic facts when you are trying to make up you mind. So, if you are curious, then look over the rest of what we have to say. Let the VIKING REVIVAL win you over to God's side!

For more general info on Our VIKINGS (Click Here): [Viking Revival Home Page]


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