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ASTARIA - Northmen Intermediate Articles (ZDK Membership)

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Source of Mediavel Homage and Oath of Fealty

(Covenant Membership with Our Society and Futuristic World.)

In the Days of Feudal Europe, it was common for the individual to come before his new ruler (or lord) and do homage or bow (or kneel) while he made a pledge before God of loyalty and service to his Master (fealty). So, where did this practice come from? And, is it of any value?

[Scandia Faith Flag]


Back in the Dark Ages (about 500 to 800), the Goths or Gahtsk (Northern Peoples of God) overran most of Northern Europe. Then, in the mid-to-late 600s, Ivar Vidfadmi arose as the High-King of the Northern Nations (or Nordic Peoples). And, according to legend, he united all of these Northmen (Vikings) into one United Realm of Scandia. Moreover, he then went on to conquer most of Northern Europe.

Furthermore, it is held that in order to sort out the Pagans and Idolators (rebellious) from the God-fearing (or at least submissive) new peoples, he demanded of his subjects an oath of fealty or feelings of loyalty (and where they were sworn to be against Idolatry).

[Varangian (Christian Russian Viking) Flag]


Later on (late 800s and early 900s), the Eastern (Christian) Vikings moved into and settled most of Russia under Rurrik and his descendants. And, in so doing, it is reported that they continued Ivar's policy of requiring a pledge from their new subjects, to be sure that they could root out the Pagans and Idolators from their lands. However, they encountered something of another problem. As their lands expanded, they came into contact with a great number of Jews and Muslims. And, while these people were unwilling to swear loyalty to the Cross, they were willing to pledge to worship only the ONE TRUE GOD (monotheism), and were more than willing to oppose Idolatry (and Paganism). Thus, it has been suggested that Ivar's oath may have been modified at this time to accommodate them. But, whether modified or not, the Varangians had a Pledge of Fealty that worked out a compromise between Jews, Christians, and Muslims, so that they lived together in relative PEACE. (No minor miracle, considering the centuries of strife between these brothers in the Faith of Abraham--found abundantly in the history of Western Europe!)

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Thus, as Feudal Europe began to emerge in the 800s, they also seem to have adopted Ivar's policy of requiring an Oath or Pledge of Homage. (Though they, of course, seem to have modified it to fit their own culture and circumstances.) And, some semblance of this practice is still held, all the way down to modern times, in some Kingdoms of Europe and Scandinavia. Thus, it has been a long standing custom of the Judeo-Christian Heritage, from this Mediavel Era!

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Looking back in history, upon the long line of this tradition, we find that it probably had Scriptural Roots, for King David separated his conquered subjects into two groups--idolators from non-idolators (II Samuel 8:2). Consequently, this seems a good, Godly practice for us to keep up in Our Realm (and Mediavel Society), too! So, the Varangian Pledge, as we have it recorded below, is required of all who wish to join Our Realm (or enter its Programs). Look it over and be sure that it is an Oath that you can keep (before you try to enter Our World).

[Holy Scriptures Shield]


(Before God...)

(And these witnesses...)

I do solemnly Pledge that:

BUT THE ONE TRUE GOD (of Abraham); and...



Unfortunately, liars can say anything that they want to. However, if they are caught breaking this Oath in Our Realm, they can be duly punished by Our Authorites, and according to Our Laws! So, who can take the Oath, in good conscience, TRUTHFULLY--and not fear punishment in Our World?

[Abrahamic Faith Shield] Well, obviously, any Beleiver in the ONE TRUE GOD can! This would include Jews, Christians, and Muslims (or at least those of bona fide Sects or Denominations of these Faiths).

Consequently, they are more than welcome in Our Realm. For, we see ourselves as ALL of the Children of Abraham by Faith (i.e. monotheists). And, thus, brothers, that belong to God's Family. (Aren't you?)

[Information Age (Sun) Shield] However, it is also possible for Doubters, Honest Skeptics, Agnostics, or even Atheists to take and uphold this Oath. For, all that is required of their Beliefs is that they do NOT worship any other God--but the ONE TRUE GOD (Monotheism). So, if they simply don't worship anything at all, they have not broken the Oath. (Moreover, Our Realm would extend them tolerance, in the hopes that in Time, they might come to see the LIGHT and commit their lives to serving Christ--but on a voluntary basis, not by cumpulsion or requirement of Our Law.)

[WARNING Shield] But, specifically excluded by the Oath are Pagans (those committed to some Religion not of the Judeo-Christian or Muslim Faith) or Idolators (those who worship idols or images).

Also excluded are users of the Dark Arts, Serious Magyck, and Occult Science Practicioners (as these are specifically excluded by the Faith in the One True God by the Holy Scriptures)--and are held to be gross Idolatry, here. So, go somewhere else, it that is you! You will not be welcomed among us.

[Realm Herald Shield] Perhaps less clear are Christian Cults. However, those who claim to be "Christian" MUST uphold the 5 Fundamental Beliefs of the Faith (that are presented in Our Mediavel Heritage Article), or they will be excluded from membership, as well! So, if you think that you are of a Christian church, be sure that they are upholding historical, Christian teachings (or you will be excluded)!


[Realm Security (Flaming Sword) Shield] Equally excluded are LAWBREAKERS. Not necessarily criminals in your world (as Our Laws are different), but certainly Gangsters, Terrorists, Seditionists, and Rebels--those who have no intention of Obeying Our Laws, nor respecting Our Authorities. Consequently, Our Security Services People will do their best to root and weed out such undesireables, to prevent them from becoming a pain and problem to all the rest of us.

On the other hand, if you are being persecuted, because you have followed God's Law (as we present it in Our Law Library), then if you have broken Man's Law to keep God's Law, it will be a whole different story. (So, be sure to detail and explain any infractions that you may have.)

[Holy Scriptures Shield] Also, especially EXCLUDED here are those of IMMORALITY, who have no regard for the Noahic Rules of Fellowship, which are the Foundation of Divine morality and ethics--and the Customs and Laws for ALL the Descendants of Abraham (be they Jews, Christians, or Muslim)! And, hence, also the basic norms for all of Western Civilization! If you are unclear about this Foundation of morality, then look it up in Our Web Site, or use the handy link below:

To get NOAHIC RULES OF FELLOWSHIP (Click Here)! (NOTE: *** PG ***)

[Divine LAW Shield] Moreover, in case you think that you can get around Our Laws, or get away with immorality and unethical behavior among us, GUESS AGAIN! Take a good look at Our Laws, which we WILL diligently enforce. (They are based on the 10 Commandments, and their related Scriptures--God's Divine LAW.)

So, if the Pledge DOES excludes you, perhaps you had better go somewhere else! For, you are just going to have more troubles, trying to fit in, here (when you obviously don't belong).

On the other hand, if you can take the Pledge, then seriously consider becoming one of us. JOIN OUR NEW WAVE!!!

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Then, WELCOME ABORAD! To apply for Membership:

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