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Living a Godly Life-Style

While a rip-roaring and brightly blazing fire is great for campouts, any good outdoorsman knows that the safest place to have a fire is in a firepit or to at least ring it with containment stones. Otherwise, you run the risk of a forest fire! In a similiar way, the Revival Fire that you should now have in your life needs some boundaries, needs some limits--and needs containment. Otherwise, the Power of God that you now have in your life will be for your self-destruction, rather than for your edification (being built up). So, you really need to know about those boundaries.

WHAT IS HOLINESS (Sanctification)?

Basically, Holiness is Godliness or living a Godly Life-Style. For it is written: "Be ye (you) Holy, for I (God) am HOLY!" (Leviticus 11:44-45). Thus, God expects us (HIS new adopted children) to become Holy or Godly, like HIM. We need to take on and work into our personalities and character some of the nature and attributes of God (II Peter 1:4). So, how do we do that?

It is hard to talk about Holiness, without also dealing with Sanctification. For Santification is the process by which we become Holy! Part of Sanctification is supplied by God--the Atonement on that Cross that makes us righteous, the Engiftment of the Holy Ghost which gives us power, answers to Prayer, etc. But, the other part of Sanctification is supplied by us--what we do (or don't do). Thus, in understanding how to sanctificy ourselves, we will also grasp Holiness.

WHY DO WE NEED HOLINESS (Backsliding - Apostacy)?

Unfortunately, there is a powerful and popular school of theology out there that says we don't need Sanctification or Holiness. That, once we are Saved, we can do anything we want, for the Blood on the Cross will cover it. (Or, as some say: Once Saved, Always Saved!)

However, the Scriptures plainly tell us that we need to FOLLOW ON TO KNOW THE LORD! (Hosea 6:3; Matthew 4:19) And that our Walk with the Lord is a GROWTH, that we need to farm, foster, or encourage (Matthew 13:3-23; Mark 4:28). If we do not do this, then we remain as babes in Christ (Hebrews 5:12-14; I Peter 2:1-3)--immature children of God, or as some say, carnal Christians (I Corinthians 3:1-3). So, let us get on with our growth. Let us mature in the Faith!

Unfortunately, there are all too many who do not listen to this important teaching. Consequently, they wander away from God, and get themselves in all kinds of trouble! This wandering out of God's Way (or refusing to grow) is called Backsliding (Jer 5:6, 8:5-7; Hosea 11:7). Even more dangerous, Backsliding can become so bad that a person loses their Faith and is nolonger Saved--Apostate (Matthew 24:10; II Thessalonians 2:3). And it can reach a point where the person cannot be saved again nor renewed to the Faith (Hebrews 6:4-8)! So, beware! If you forsake God, HE will forsake you (II Chronicles 15:2; Jeremiah 2:19). So, follow on CLOSELY to know the Lord better.


The pursuit of Holiness is not so much a time of day nor day of the week (for we are to strive to be God-like always). Rather, it is to seek out the Divine Culture that is God's and which has manifested itself in various places and Time Periods or Eras. Obviously, there is the Time of the Ancient Kingdom of Israel, which is abundantly recorded in the Holy Scriptures. And, for us, as Nordics or Northmen, there is the Time of the Ancient Goths or Gahtsk, who strongly embraced the Judeo-Christian Heritage, especially in the reign of Ivar Vidfadmi. Moreover, this early Nordic and Viking Culture gave rise to the Mediavel World of Northern Europe, where the Faith was foremost in Daily Life, and the later Reformation. These Time Periods are all good to explore and adapt their customs and ways, for they are based on God's Divine Culture--which will lead you into more Godliness.

In contrast to this, we, as Believers are called to separate ourselves from the Ways (customs and values) of the wicked world all around us (II Corinthians 6:14-18; Hebrews 7:25-26). We are sternly warned not to participate in the Practices of the Pagans (Ezra 10:11), and their False Religions, which is idolatry (I Corinthains 10:14). And we need to be careful and cautious about what we do with the heathen and non-believing, for they will tend to run towards the ways of wickedness (I Peter 4:1-4). And, these often join together to produce Cultures and sub-cultures that will drag you away from the things of God. And, down through Time, you will find Epochs and Eras when wickedness was thus exaulted! So, be ye (you) separate from them!


Unfortunately, the wicked of the world try to get us to think that only holy men or ministers need to be Holy. (The rest of us can raise as much Cain as we may want?) However, God's Word clearly teaches us that because of the Indwelling now, each Believer has become the Temple of the Living God (I Corinthians 6:19-20). Consequently, in a sense, ALL Believers are now Holy Men or Priests (I Peter 2:9-12; Revelations 1:5-6, 5:10). Therefore, the Command of God to be Holy is for ALL of HIS Believers! And, this is especially so, if you have gotten the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. For, HE will want to flow through you to minister to others of the Body. So, be sure that you tend to your own Sanctification.


Well, in times past, the Holiness Movement swept the US at around the turn of the Century (late 1800s). This was incorperated into much of the early Pentecostal Movement of the beginning of this century (early 1900s). However, in recent days, the teaching of Holiness and Sanctification has all but disappeared.

In its early days, the Holiness Movement taught people to know and to follow God's Laws, as they are found in the Holy Scriptures. For, this is what Sanctification is all about--following God and obeying HIS Commands. However, Legalism or modern Phariseeism also arose and tried to replace the teaching of the Scriptural Laws with more modern morals and ethics (Matthew 15:3-9; Colossians 2:20-23). And this brought about the decline of the Holiness Movement.

Consequently, in Our Times, about the only place that you are going to hear about Holiness (and obeying God's Laws) is among us. For, this is one of the NORDESEL's (and ZDK's) 3 primary Doctrines: 1) the Blood Atonement of the Cross, 2) the Gifts of the Holy Ghost, and 3) Holiness (or obeying God's Laws).


The obvious answer is simply by doing what God said--obeying HIS Laws as HE clearly and plainly wrote them to us.

Now, some out there are going to ask, how can that be, for the Law was done away with? Unfortunately, this is a misunderstanding of what God said in the Scriptures. For, it was the LAW of Temple Sacrifice that was done away with by Christ's permenant atonement on the Cross (Hebrews 9:28). Thus, we are nolonger under the LAW for Salvation (or Old Covenant), for the LAW can Save no one (Romans 8:2-4, 10:4-11). Only the Blood of Christ on the Cross can do that.

However, we are STILL under the LAW of God for Holiness and Sanctification, even as it is written: "If you love Me (Jesus), KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS!" (John 14:15 also 15:10). For, the Commandments are still in force, even as it is also written: Heaven and earth may pass away; BUT MY WORDS (Teachings, Principles, LAW) SHALL NOT PASS AWAY! (Mark 13:31) For we find that Jesus upheld every one of the 10 Commandments, either by direct teaching or by example (Matthew 5:17-19). Consequently, so should we!

Now, how are you going to do that, unless you know what they are? So, obviously, you have got some more study that you need to do! But, before we get into that, let us stop for a moment and pray together. So, just read the following Prayer out loud and agree with me for it.

Our Precious Heavenly Father, we thank YOU for YOUR goodness to us!

We also thank YOU for YOUR Son Jesus, who died on the Cross for me, to pay for all my sins and wrongdoings.

And we thank YOU for the Holy Ghost, who lives in us by Faith, and for HIS giving us the Power to live a Godly and Holy life.

We pray now, that YOU will help us study and understand YOUR HOLY Scriptures.

Teach us YOUR Ways!

And help us walk in them!

We pray for all these things in the Name of YOUR Son, Jesus. Amen! (So, let it be.)

Now, it is time to get to work! Don't just sit there. We have more growth to farm. And things to learn and do. So, get at it.

[Law Shield]


Well, this is the end of the Revival Course. But, it is not the end of your Spiritual Growth. Hopefully, you will go on and read and study our other lessons, so that you will mature and become the Godly person that God wants you to be. So, let us turn and take a quick look at those 10 Commandments.

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Ah, do we have a good Artisan here? Perhaps those interested in the Fine Arts or Culture? Or, are you just wondering and would like to know what else you may learn about the Divine Culture and its various Heritages and Time Periods that will help make us more Holy? Well, we do have more details about it, so follow the links below, if you really want to know more:

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