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Charismatic Theology for Understanding Gifts and the Outpouring

Are you having trouble grasping the ideas of the Charismatic Theology of Pentecostalism: the Gifts and the Outpouring (or Baptism of the Holy Ghost? Well, then, this Directory may be just what you are looking for! It it will help you find other Articles on Engiftment or the Outpouring in other parts of Our Web Site. Some of these are bound to have some of the answers you seek! Just read down the list and see what appeals to you (and your Peoples or Culture--for some concepts come through more clearly is some Cultural settings):

1. VIKING GIFTS: a quick and simple form of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost aimed at Vikings (and those of Viking Heritage).

2. NORDIC ENGIFTMENT: a review of of some of the details concerning the Nordic Outpouring for Northmen (and how to get it today).

3. THE SIGN OF GIFTS: the recent explosion of Charismatic Gifts is a Sign from God of the ShuVaH and the Nordic Return.

4. THE PROPHET'S ENGIFTMENT Looking over Jewish History shows that Men-of-God were given miraculous powers or signs (and the same holds true, today).

5. POWERS OF ARABIC HOLYMEN Down through Ababic History, from the Patriarchs onward, the One True God has engifted HIS Messengers with miraculous powers (and this Engiftment is avialable today).

6. MIRACULOUS POWERS OF GOD After the Spiritual Rebirth, one can obtain the Outpouring of God's Spirit, that will produce miraculous Gifts in the True Believer's life.

7. MIGHTIER THAN ALIEN ESP the common scenario of Aliens visiting Earth with strange ESP Powers is nullifed by the Charismatic Gifts of Earth (for the Gifts are more powerful).

8. ENGIFTMENT a more detailed account of God's Spirit and the Charismatic Gifts that HE imparts to HIS Followers--the Charismatic Theology of Engiftment and basics of Pentecostalism (Revival Literature).

9. EMPOWER!!! a simple, straight forward account of God's Spirit and the Gifts that HE imparts to HIS Followers (Revival Course).

Well, don't just sit there! Get up! And get to seeking the Outpouring, today! Your Charismatic Gift is just waiting for you.

Intercultural Charismatic Theology of Pentecostalism

God's Holy Ghost does not belong to one People or Nation. It is for ALL the Believers, wherever they may be in the world. And, as you can see (above), we have many good Articles about the Outpouring or Baptism of the Holy Ghost, with its Gifts or Engiftment. Some Articles work well with one group of people (and their Culture), and some with others. So, look them over well to find the one that is just right for you (and your Cultural background)!


Use of Revival Literature Articles (or other Literature from this Site) are RESTRICTED. If you would like to use it in your Home Study or to hand it out in your witnessing, be sure to contact us BEFORE you do so. Authorization may be given for you to use it. But, it must not be assumed that it is free and clear for you to use in any way you chose. Note the copyright message, below.


The 3 Main Goals of ZDK are to 1-spread the Message of Salvation or Good news of the Cross (as the First Part of the Full Gospel) to the whole world, 2-promote the Pentecostal and Charismatic Gifts and Engiftment of Believers (as the Second Part of the Full Gospel), and 3-encourage Holiness and submission to God's Will as clearly expressed in HIS Laws (the 10 Commandments). Consequently, this Page is very important to us, as it is aimed at helping us attain Our First Goal!

So, what are your goals in coming to Our Web Site?

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Please, before you try to burn up our E-Mail connection, consult Our Revival Chapel Literature, which gives more details on these Revival Topics. And should, therefore, answer most of the common questions you might have. Look them up in the ZDK Seminary, or use the handy link, below:

OR, if you happen to be gifted or studious, you can look up more information about us on your own. We have a wealth materials on file in Our ZDK Library (under construction). So, find Our Information and Media Center or, use the handy link, below:

To get the ZDK LIBRARY (click here): [ZDK Library]

On the other hand, if you really do need HELP and want to contact us, reach us by one of the normal means, below:

Revival Chapel
ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Phone: (509) 493-1674

And, E-Mail us at: zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark subject box REVIVAL CHAPEL!)

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Would you even just think about contributing, something, to Our Cause? Then, please consult Our Page on Giving: ZDK DONATIONS PAGE.
[Literature Shield] CURIOUS ABOUT THE SPIRITUAL REALITIES OF GIVING? Well, yes, we do live in a supernatural world. And the blessing that come from giving are no accident! To better understand this amazing process, consult Our Article on the MYSTERIES OF GIVING.

And may God bless your fruits for your kindness in helping us!

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