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The Scriptural Record of God's Covenants

A Judeo-Christian Theology of the Paschal Atonement

The concepts of Covenants have long been around among Bible Scholars and Theologians are not strangers to the Scriptural concepts of God's Covenants. However, the everyday Believer tends to find their details a bit much and a block to their popularity (or common knowledge)! So, let us take a quick and somewhat simple look, here, on this important doctrine, that it might be more readily understood by Our People out there. (And how it applies to ZDK.)

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Definition of Holy Covenant

In a general sense, a covenant is a compact, league, or confederacy between two people. However, rather than being just a regular agreement or contract, which are normally limited by a set time period (or until the death of one of the parties), covenants are perpetual or will at least continue for several generations (see also, Dispensations). Thus, Holy Covenants are those binding Promises by God to a certain individual, and their heirs or Descendants. Yet, these Promises are with conditions, that must be met, to keep the Covenant in force (for God to do HIS part in keeping the Promise). Consequently, visible reminders or memorials are often part of a such a Holy Covenant, to remind both Parties of their duties and obligations.

Now, who are the heirs? Well, we Believe that the ZDK Realm is the heir to many Biblical Covenants, which we want to participate in (and keep the conditions, thereof), to reap the blessing from their Promises. And, we want Our members to be aware of them, and do what is needed to keep those conditions! So, what are these promises?

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So, who did God make binding Promises to? And what were those Promises (and the Blessings)? Or, even more importantly, what are their conditions, so that we will be able to keep and obtain the results of those Promises? For, if we do not keep Our Part, how can we expect God to keep HIS end of the bargain?

So, what are these Holy Coveants?

[Fig Tree (Prosperity) Shield] 1. ADAMAIC COVENANT:
With the Fall of Man, God began the Adamaic Coveant, that HE would temporarily cover or pay for Man's sins by the shedding of blood, thus requiring the use animal sacrifice in their religious ceremonies. This was begun when God killed animals to clothe Adam and Eve with animal skins (Genesis 3:21)--which served as the visible reminder of the Covenant. Moreover, this was the reason why God had respect unto Able's sacrifce, whereas Cain tried to cheat HIM with offerings of only the crops of the fields (Genesis 4:3-4). Consequently, this served as a foundation to most of what was required in the Old Testament. However, as we now have a PERMENANT Sacrifce for Sins, and have entered into the New Testament, we need nolonger particiapte in animal sacrifce--nor the Adamaic Covenant.

[Information Age (Sun) Shield] 2. THE NOHIC COVENANT
After the Great Flood, God instituted a covenant with Noah, and his Descendants (Genesis 9:8-17). This was a Promise to not destroy the Earth (or World) again by a Flood (with the rainbow being a visible reminder of the Coveant). However, to keep the Covenant, certain conditions were required--simple rules that those who want to remain in Fellowship and continue to gather with God's People must observe. (For more details, see Our Article on the Noahic Rules of Fellowship!) Thus, as We do not want Our world destroyed, We want to participate in that Holy Covenant--and keep its conditions in Our Realm!

[Abrahamic Faith Shield] 3. THE ABRAHAMIC COVENANT or Interstellar Covenant
God Called Abraham and gave him the Great Promise (Genesis 12:1-3)--and to ALL of his Descendants, that they would be as numerous as the Stars (Genesis 15:1-6), for they would go there and settle them! The condition was that they would pursue God in FAITH and leave their own Country, and their Parent's home, and migrate to where God would put them (and here, the visible reminder was the Stars). Correspondingly, as We are part of the Interstellar Movement (and Migration of the Faithful of Abraham), We want to particiapte in this Covenant (to receive the Lands in Space that God has reserved for us). And have set up the KoReY Interstellar Colonization Program.

[KoReY Interstellar Colony Shield] 4. THE CANAAN COVENANT or Holy Land Covenant
Following Abraham's Coveant by Faith (above), there came a second covenant, which was the Coveant for the the Promised Land in Canaan (Genesis 17:1-14). The visible reminder of this Promise was circumcision. However, as Our Promised Land is out among the Stars (and not in Canaan), We nolonger need to particiapte in this covenant.

[Divine LAW Shield] 5. THE MOSAIC COVENANT or Holy Law Covenant
As God's People, the Descendants of Abraham (Jews, Ishmaelites, etc.), slid away from HIM (falling into Idolatry, which placed them in bondge in Egypt), God sent Moses to deliver them--and to keep them Holy and Sancitified (Leviticus 19:2), he gave them God's Divine LAW, which also had some Dispensational Provisions for remaining in the Holy Land in Canaan (that is: circumcision and the eating of only kosher foods--as well as the animal sacrifices of the Adamaic Covenant). Now, as We are nolonger bound to Canaan (but have Our Holy Land out among the Stars), we do not need to particiapte in circumcision, nor in abstaining from eating non-kosher foods. However, as We want the Blessing of Israel, promised to those who obey the Divine LAW, We need to keep the God's LAW for Holiness and Sancitification (especially the 10 Commandments)! (For more details, see Our Divine LAW Library!)

[Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Shield] 6. THE DAVIDIC COVENANT or Messiah's Covenant
With the coming of King David, God had found HIMSELF a man after HIS own heart to rule Israel. Consequently, HE Promised David that not only would one of his seed or Descendants always rule Israel, but that the long awaited Messiah would come through his lineage! Now, as We are a Messianic Realm, We want to participate in this Covenant, to gain the blessings of the Messiah--and thus keep a visible reminder (King) of Our invisible ruler (Christ) as a memorial to the House of David (Jeremiah 23:3-6, Ezekiel 37:21-22, 24 and Zechariah 6:14), and of the Future Return of the Messiah in the Second Coming, where HE will reign over Us and all the Earth (Jeremiah 17:12 and Zechariah 14:9) Thus, Our Realm tends to be more of a Mediavel Monarchy (reflecting the continued Kingship of the Davidic Line), rather than a modern democratic organization of the People's Rights and Powers (Deuteronomy 17:14-20, 33:5 and 1 Samuel 8:11-20).

[ZDK Menorah Shield] 7. THE ZDK COVENANT or Priesthood (Aaronic) Covenant
With the coming of the first Passover, and the Exodus from Egypt, Moses first set aside the First-Born to be ministers and priests for God (Exodus 22:29-31 and Nehemiah 10:36). Then, the Levites were later appointed as substitutes for the First-Born (Numbers 3:12-13 and 8:15-17. Next, from among the Levites, Aaron and his sons or Descendants were appointed as the Chief Priests (Exodus 29:29-35 and Psalms 115:12). Then, still later, because of their Faithfullness to God (and their preserving and teaching the Holy Scriptures) the House of ZaDoK or ZDK (Righteous-one) of the Lineage of Aaron was appointed to be the Head over all the other Priests (Isaiah 22:20-23, 49:5-6 and Ezekiel 44:15-31), and to Rule Israel in Messiah's absence and by God's Laws (which then developed into the Ancient Aristocratic Party of the Saducees). Now, as We are of this Levitical House (and of the Lineage of ZaDoK), We certainly want to participate in this Coveant! But, rather than having a Levitical monopoly on the Priesthood (and requiring that our Priests and Ministers be of that blood-line), We will just give them preference--so that others can be substituted in for those who wish not to be so drafted, even as they substititued for the first-born, in the beginning. (For more details, see Our Article on Holy House!)

[Scandia Faith Shield] 8. THE CRUCIFIXION COVENANT or Covenant of the Cross
Throughout Old Testament Times, the requirements of the Adamaic Covenant were in effect--and animals were sacrificed annually to temporarily atone for the sins of the People of God (the Descendants of Abraham). But, with the coming of New Testament Times (and the start of the Dispensation of Gentile Grace), God sent HIS only begotten Son, Y'shua or Jesus, born of a virgin, to be the worthy PERMENANT sacrifice for Sins, and the shedding of HIS Holy Blood upon the Cross (as the sacrifical Passover Lamb) now atones or pays for the sins of ALL (Hebrews and Gentiles) who would Believe in HIM! This is the Gospel or Good News about Christ (John 3:16-21)! And, as We are, indeed, a Christian Realm, and Believe in Y'shua as the Messiah (or Jesus as the Christ), We want to participate in this Covenant, especially. Moreover, with the current change in Dispensations, this Covenant has been somewhat modified to fit the rising Messianic Kingdom! (Consequently, more details are given on it, below.)

Now, as you should note, the main Scriptures concerning these Covenant concepts have been listed above. However, other Scriptures can also be found in support of this Teaching, if you care to look. (Follow the links we have given, above, for more on them.)

Furthermore, as the Crucifixion Covenant is the primary one for Us, and Our Realm, let us take a closer look at its components and requirements.

[KoReY Tri-Unity Shield]


HOLY COVENANT COMPONETS: The Ritual of Entering the Promises

Holy Covenants are not just common ordinary contracts or agreements. Rather, they are a very serious spiritual acts! Consequently, they should not be made lightly! For, not only do they have conditions to ensure that each Party keeps its side of the agreements, but the manner of entering into a Holy Covenant is through a very potent religious ritual. And, if performed adaquately, God's Power will then be Present, to help keep the Covenant. Thus, there are some components to the Meshianite Crucifixion Covenant that we need to be sure that we understand.
The Holy Scriptures record: THAT IF YOU CONFESS WITH YOUR MOUTH, THAT JESUS IS YOUR LORD, and believe in your heart that God raised HIM from the dead, THEN YOU SHALL BE SAVED! For, with the heart Man believes unto righteousness; And with the mouth, confession (oath) is made unto Salvation. (Romans 10:9-10) Thus, most modern Evangelical Churches stress the importance of a salvation experience, where the individual makes a public profession (or oath) of Belief in Christ's work on the Cross (as do We).

[Spiritual Engiftment Flame Shield] 2. THE PRACTICE OF SPIRITUAL GIFTS:
The Holy Scriptures say: THESE SIGNS SHALL FOLLOW (or be among) THEM THAT BELIEVE: IN MY (Christ's) NAME shall they cast out devils; They shall speak with new tongues (languages); They shall take up (master) serpents (beasts); And if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover! (Mark 16:17-18) Thus, most modern Pentecostal (and Charismatic) Churches encourgage there members to not just get the Indwelling (with the Oath of Salvation), but to go on and become Spirit-filled, and receive the Outpouring of God's Holy Ghost! (lest they backslide and lose the Presence of God) And, so do We!

[Fig Tree (Prosperity) Shield] 3. WALKING THE WAYS OF GOD:
The Holy Scriptures warn us: BEHOLD, I SET BEFORE YOU THIS DAY A BLESSING AND A CURSE: A Blessing if you obey the Commandments of the Lord your God--those which I have commanded you this day; And a Curse if you will not obey the Commandments of the Lord your God, but turn aside out of the Way, which I command you to go in this day... (Deuteronomy 11:26-28)! Thus, most Churches of the Holiness Movement will demand that you live a sanctifed life, following the 10 Commandments--and their related Scriptures (lest they deny God by their actions and become Apostate, losing their Salvation). And, so do We.

And, these We participate in (as did Our Fore-Fathers), to make Our Salvation sure! And ensure that Our Flock does, indeed, eventually attain Heaven (to be with God) in their After-life! For, down through history, these have been promoted by the main churches of the day, to to attain that goal.

[Realm News (Announcements) Shield]


However, with the current change in Dispensation, We have been led to modify this slightly, to ensure the IMMEDIATE Salvation (attainment of Heaven) of Our Members, directly upon their death. For, those of the Messianic Kingdom Dispensation will now go immediately to Heaven upon their death and then participate in the First Resurrection (and its accompanying Shiloh). Whereas, others, who shirk from the Dispensation, or backslide from Membership in the Meshianite Realm, will have to wait until the Second Resurrection (and Judgement Day) to enter Heaven, and will thus miss Shiloh and their rewards there!

Consequrntly, these changes indicate:

Most importantly, God is doing so many wonderful things (and has done so much down through history), that it becomes important to have Classes, where new members (or recent converts) can learn about God and HIS Ways (and the Holy Scriptures)--that their Faith might be CONFIRMED (2 Timothy 2:15). And, indeed, Confirmation Classes (or Bar Mitzvah) have been required by most Churches and Hebrew Congregations down through history (especially for those seeking Membership). And so it is in Our Realm, to enable Our Members to take up the Divine Culture of God, and to shed the ways of the wicked world. Moroever, with the rising Information Age (and the leisure of robotics), there will be more that needs to be learned--as well as more unoccuppied time to spend your attentions on God and the study of HIM.

Then, once these Confirmation Classes have been completed, to hold an initiation, where the new members:

For Holy Covenants are begun with oaths or vows (as above, in the Oath of Salvation). Here Our New members enter with their mothers on one side (saying their good-byes), take the Oath or Vows, do the walk (below) and then join their fathers on the other side--symbolic of their leaving of childhood (under their mothers) and now coming under their Fathers (and the Men of the Community) as adults!
[Realm Security Shield] B. WALK BETWEEN THE PIECES:
In Covenants under the Adamaic Provisions, an animal had to be sacrified, with its body severed into six pieces: head and tail, right shoulder and left shoulder, with left hind-quarter and right hind-quarter. Those entering the vow or oath with each other would then do a double walk together, going from head (Heaven) to tail (earth), then between left shoulder and left hing-quarter (sin) to over to between right shoulder and right hind-quarter (righteousness), then back to the head (Heaven). This route was obviously a symbol of Mankind's journey from Fall to Redemption--and suprizingly enough, made the sign of the Cross (which the Jews have been strangely silent about). However, as we nolonger sacrifce animals, we do this walk symbolically. (Genesis 15:7-18 and Jeremiah 38:14)

[Fruitful Vine Shield] C. PARTAKE OF THE COVEANT MEAL:
In ancient times, the animal sacrifce was cooked and then eaten at a big celebration meal or feast (Genesis 26:30, 31:54 and 2 Samuel 3:20) following the walk. But, for Us, this initiation is ritualistically solidified or sealed with the eating of a morsel of salt together. For salt was held as an agent of preservation, that would keep the Oath binding (Numbers 18:19, 2 Chronicles 13:5, and Matthew 5:13). And, the salt sometime substitited as a meal--with the feast occuring at a later date. And so it is with us! (See Passover Meal, below.)

[Information Age (Sun) Shield]

PASSOVER Meal (Holy Communion)

The Meshianite Holy Covenant Feast

In Old Testement Days (even up until now), Jews have partaken of the Passover Meal as a kind of Holy Covenant Feast. For, even the Apostle Paul asserted that: BEHOLD (you know that) ISRAEL AFTER THE FLESH (physically)--AREN'T THEY THAT EAT OF THE SACRIFCES (Passover) PARTAKERS OF THE ALTAR (Atonement--and Salvation)! (1 Corinthians 10:18) Consequently, it has been a Hebrew Teaching for centuries, that if a person did nothing else to enter the Covenant, if they ate of the Holy Meal (Passover) then they were enfranchised to recieve all the blessings of God's Covenant--including Salvation or the return of their soul back to Heaven with God in their After-life (which was what the Apostle Paul was refering to here). Now, this teaching was extremely important for indigents or those incapable of grasping all the theological points to be studied in Confirimation! Moreover, it ensured that one's children were to be Saved, too! (See, Household Salvation, below.)

Unfortunately, in the Gentile Grace Era, this important theologicial teaching was obscured in the mysteries of the Eucharist. And Passover has all but been forgotten by the modern churches. (For, indeed, many do not know that Passover and the Lord's Supper are one and the same thing!) However, with the entering of the Dispensation of the Messianic Kingdom, Passover is returning. And with its ancient, sacred Power--to act as a symbolic initiation into the Holy Covenant for those who partake of it (similiar to the Oath of Salvation, so commonly used by many Gentile churches)!

[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield]

Household Salvation

While some churches go to the extreme that only those who have uttered an oath of salvation can go to Heaven to be with God in their After-life, this concept throws many Believing parents into grave worries! For rebellious teenagers often refuse to make such a public declaration (and adults, continuing in this rebellion, often are hardened against saying anything, too). However, the Holy Scriptures declare: ...SIRS, WHAT MUST I DO TO BE SAVED? AND THEY SAID: BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, AND YOU SHALL BE SAVED--YOU AND YOUR WHOLE HOUSEHOLD! (Acts 16:30-31) Thus, God has Promised (Covenanted) to save Our children--our whole household. For, even the Apostle Paul writes: FOR THE UNBELIEVING HUSBAND IS SANCTIFIED BY THE (Believing) WIFE; AND THE UNBELIEVING WIFE IS SANCTIFIED BY THE (Believing) HUSBAND; ELSE WERE YOUR CHILDREN UNCLEAN--BUT NOW THEY ARE HOLY (too)! (1 Corinthians 7:14) Consequently, the worry about Our children is needless. God has Promised (Covenanted) to Save them. And as long as we are keep our part of the bargain, HE will keep HIS!

Therefore, it is very important that we keep the Passover Meal (as well as the Holy Sabbath or Shabbot Service), that Our children (and other Household members) may be enfranchised into the Holy Covenant with God, symbolically, through it! (Without having to utter the Salvation Oath.)

[KoReY Interstellar Flag]


Thus, as a result of the record of Holy Covenants in the Scriptures, We, in Our Realm, want to particiapte in many of them, to obtain the blessings that God Promised through them. (Don't you?)

And to especially require Covenanted Membership among Our People for Membership in Our Congregations, that they might partake of ALL the appropriate Covenants--and receive ALL that God has to offer!

So, come! And enter into Covenanted Membership with us!

[Realm Herald Shield]

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