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As you should have gathered from reading Our other articles, Our Realm holds to the Full Gospel--that The Gospel or GOOD NEWS about Jesus Christ's sacrifice upon the Cross actually has two parts to it. For, the Scriptures say: So, let use examin these two parts, to get a better understanding of what all is involved here.

The first part concerns REGENERATION (Salvation or Conversion: becoming a Son-of-God or angel-like spirit being) by accepting Christ's payment upon the Cross for your Sins. This we covered in the last Article. (If you have not read it, you should or the following Article isn't going to make much sense to you.) Now, such information is covered many churches (particularly the Evangelical ones, that Preach the Gospel). But they usually do not take it to the full extent that God wants (or that we have presented herein). For the second part or last half of the Gospel is frequently omitted (if not purposefully ignored).

The second part or the Full Gospel concerns the activities of God's Holy Ghost. And, unless you understand the Truths about this, you will fail to grasp the POWER of the Our RETURN! It will remain a mystery to you. And, while some modern churches will teach you about basic Salvation, almost none of them will teach you about the Supernatural Powers or GIFTS that Christ has for Believers. And worse yet, the influential Religious Establishment will try to stop anyone from giving that knowledge to you. (They think that it should be forbidden and that it should be kept from you.) However, we (and God) feel otherwise! So, we are going to tell you about it.

Wow! This is really curious! Tell me more!

Well, that is why we have taken the time to write this Article. Because it is an important enough issue that you should have the full facts on it. And not be kept in ignorance about it (or denied access to it). You should know full well about it (and make up your own mind). And, needless to say, it is very controversial. So, while the odds are good that you have heard it spoken against, it is time to hear the other side of the story. For, before you make up your mind, you need to know the facts (and listen to what the other side has to say about it). So, slow down. And take the time to seriously consider what we say here.

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To understand this issue better, you really need to know something about the composition of God, Himself. God, while He is the ONE True God, is also made up of three parts. These parts are: the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Ghost (See Matthew 28: 19). This Three-in-Oneness of God is commonly refered to as the Trinity. And it is found mentioned throughout the Scriptures, the most prominent one being: And while most churches will talk about God, the Father, and some will talk about God, the Son (or Jesus), very few will say much of anything at all about God, the Holy Ghost.


Because the Holy Ghost has a very special work to do for us, as Believers. And in the Scriptures, He is referred to as the Holy Spirit, Spirit of God, or Spirit of Christ (among others). His orginal Name is RuWahKh or Ru'ach (pronounced Roo-WauKK) which means a blast of air (breath) or a mighty wind. In recent times, the modern churches refer to Him as as the Holy Spirit, but we (and the Scriptures) refer to Him as the Holy Ghost. Why? Because a ghost is a spirit that has a manifestation here, in our material world, whereas a spirit usually does not! Hence our proper use of His Name, for He does Manifest Himself among Believers! (And we do not want to limit HIM by using a Name that might restrict HIM.)

Now it is HIS relationship with the Believer that will bring about your Spiritual Birth as a Son-of-God or angel-like being (or being BORN AGAIN). How does this work?

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Prior to the Day of Pentecost, found in the 2nd Chapter of Acts, the Holy Ghost was only WITH or UPON Believers in God. But, after that Day, He can now be IN or intimate with Believers. Jesus, Himself, described this new relationship this way: And HE went on to describe it by saying: Furthermore, He went on to say: Thus, the Holy Ghost now wants to come into Believers, those who accept Jesus' sacrifice and open their hearts up to Him (See Revelations 3:20) and thereby making them Living Temples for God to dwell in (See I Corinthians 6:19).

This INDWELLING of the Holy Ghost is a major change in the relationship of Believers with God. He is now much more intimate with them. This new intimacy was brought about by the Cross, for the shedding of Jesus' Blood cleanses the Believer of his Sins so that he becomes pure enough for the Spirit of God to enter and live within him. (This intimacy was not possible before the Cross, for Man was too Sinful for the Holy Ghost to bear and thus He would balk or resist entering him.) Therefore, it is a major part of the Gospel that should not be forgotten or ignored!


Because this change brings about another BIG change! One is the result of the other, so they go hand in hand, for one grows out of the other. For, such is the Promise of the Father.

[Revival Flame Outpouring]


Now, while some assume that the Holy Ghost just sits there, dormant (like a still-birth), the truth of the matter is that He can be very active (like a baby in the womb--bouncing around). In fact, the Scriptures tell us that He can flow through a Believer, using you as a kind of Spiritual Doorway into this World! This was what Jesus was talking about when He said: Moreover, it is written: Thus, the Holy Ghost wants to flow through you like a River in a mighty, Supernatural Outpouring! He does not want to just sit down, shut up, and be quiet within you. (That would be prison for Him.) Rather, He wants to get up, get active, and get you to go along with Him!

What an honor it is to be a chosen vessel for this Holy Flow! It is something to be cherished and certainly not resisted! For, God has promised it.

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Now, just exactly what is this PROMISE that was refered to above? What was Jesus talking about? The Apostle Peter sums it up this way: Thus, the PROMISE OF THE FATHER is not for some limp Holy Spirit that will just sit quietly in your heart (like some kind of bound and gagged inmate)! Rather, it is for an ACTIVE, moving and working, Holy Ghost that wants to fill you up Spiritually to the brim (or being Spirit-fillled), and to overflowing--so that He can touch other lives around you. And thus, Manifesting the Power of HIS Presence from the Indwelling to affect the World around you.

So, don't expect a passive spectator. He wants to direct! He wants to lead! (And you need to follow.) Let HIM be active as HE wants! HE wants to work through you, and Manifest HIS Power and Presence!

But, how do I get Him to do that?

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Just as the Believer can be baptized with water, in the baptism of John, so too can they be Baptized in the Holy Ghost (and receive the Outpouring of the God's Spirit into their lives). John the Baptist described it this way:

In fact, the Baptism of the Holy Ghost is not an option for Believers. Rather God desires it for all who come to know of Jesus and want to establish that intimate relationship with Him that His sacrifice was to bring. So, don't hang back. Come and receive all that God has for you. Don't just get half of the Gospel! Get the Full Gospel! And get the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

How do I do that? How can I get Jesus to Baptize me with His Holy Spirit? What does it take?

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Actually, the Scriptures give several different methods by which you can get the Baptism of the Holy Ghost from Jesus. So, look over the list, and see what might be for you. (Then, keep trying, by all the methods, if need be, until you get it!) Seriously consider them:
  1. The most common way seems to be by the LAYING ON OF HANDS from another Spirit-filled Believer, especially one who has been ordained to impart the Holy Ghost to others. (For more details, see Acts 8:14-18 and 19:6, Romans 1:11, and I Timothy 4:14.)
  2. The next most common way seems to be by being in the Presence of other Spirit-filled Believers while they are WORSHIPPING God, as a kind of over-flow onto you. (See Numbers 11:24-29, I Samuel 10:9-13, II Samuel 23:2, II Kings 3:15, and Acts 2:1-4 and 4:29-31.)
  3. Then, another fairly common way has been by obtaining it along with the process of WATER BAPTISM (by adult immersion), as did Jesus, along with many others down through history, which has fueled the Baptist Movement (See Matthew 3:13-17 and Acts 2:38.)
  4. Less common, others appear to be able to get it by listening to a specially ANOINTED PREACHER, as they did from the Apostle Peter. See Acts 10:42-46.)
  5. And while group or congregational activities seem to be the more common ways to get it, it is also possible for individuals to seek and receive it (sometimes all alone), for, a few appear to be able to get it from their own intense, personal PRAYER life and communion with God, as did some of the founders of a few of the Pentecostal denominations of today. (See Luke 11:9-13.)
  6. Even more rare, a few special individuals seem to be able to get the Baptism of the Holy Ghost by having the special, Holy ANOINTING OIL put or poured upon them. (See Exodus 28:41 and I Samuel 16:11-13.)
  7. Finally, (and perhaps rarest of all) it appears that some special individuals may get it from the BREATH OF GOD or by being blown on by a specially anointed Priest of God. (See John 20:22.)
So, if you are truely seeking the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (as you should be, if you are a sincere Believer), then you should go down this list and try out all of the methods until you obtain it. Usually, it is much easier than it sounds. For God is VERY willing to enter the Believer, who has been cleansed by the Blood of Jesus. And He is often much more desirous of giving out the Baptism of the Holy Ghost than most church members are willing to receive it. So, don't hold back! Seek to be pleasing to God! Let your spiritual sails be filled with God's Supernatural Wind!

But, what if I have trouble getting the Holy Spirit Baptism? It isn't always that easy, is it? Are there any difficulties?

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Despite the enthusiasm and ease with which God wants to pour out of His Spirit into you, there are obstacles that arise to hold up the process. And, these barriers seem to pop up often enough that they may be called common. Yet, they are not the normal experience, as most find the Baptism in the Holy Ghost easy to get. But, if you happen to be of that minority that discovers it has some blockage to getting the Baptism, it is very usefull to know what some of the more common problems are.

Naturally, there is often timidity or fear on the part of the Believer. The Baptism is a new and strange experience, to many. And some become too inhibited to really give it a fair try. But, it is nothing to be afraid of! In fact, most of the mystics down through history have refered to it as the Spiritual ECSTACY. Others have called it JOY UNSPEAKABLE (I Peter 1:8), for it often feels so good! And the burst of emotions that it tends to release have always been described as pleasurable by those who have experienced it. So, don't hang back. Open up to this enjoyable experience.

Yet, even more troubling, sometimes the Holy Spirit has a reluctance to become intitimately involved with a particular believer because of some unconfessed Sin in the Believer's life. All too often, we become socially skilled at covering up our Sins in the presence of other people. But, God sees what we really do. And sometimes, He is none too happy with it. So, if you are experiencing lots of difficulty in obtaining the Holy Ghost Baptism, you should search your life for Sin, for this may be inhibiting the Spirit of God from pouring out into you. Spend some time studying the Bible and searching out what you may be doing wrong. (Or, if you need to, seek out some Godly counseling.) Seek Holiness and proper Sanctification!

However, nothing seems to be as troubling to God, and nothing seems to hold up the Baptism of the Holy Ghost as much as is experienced by Believers who have gone to a Church that condemns or speaks against the Works or Manifestations of the Holy Ghost. Such churches vex the Holy Ghost so much that He is reluctant to get involved with anyone who is a member there. And many find that it will be years before they can coax the Holy Ghost into Baptizing them, even after they have left such a church. (It would have been better for them to be a non-believer or Backslidden than to have stayed in such a church and allowed such people to dry up the Spirit from off of them. It is an injury that will take the Spirit of God a long time to get over. You will just have to be patient and wait, and prove that you are not going to hurt Him again.)

So, take great care in how you treat the Holy Ghost!

Despite the fact that we like to think of God as our puppet, who will do everything for us that we ask, we have to face the reality that HIS Will is sovereign. There is nothing that can change it, at times. And, sometimes, it would seem that HE just plants HIS feet and will not budge, just to prove who really is the boss. Unfortunately, it seems that some Seekers do find themsleves falling into this category. For, sometimes, HE just will not give it! It is HIS choice to bestow it or not. So, learn to live with it as best you can.

Wow! But, how do I know if I have the Baptism of the Holy Ghost or not? How can you tell?

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There are a variety of indicators that a person has received the Outpouring or what is also called the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. And you may experience more than one, yourself. So, let us review the more common ones (so you'll have an idea of what to expect):
  1. Perhaps one of the most common ones is the giving of Divine Utterances or refered to as Prophesies in the Scriptures (Numbers 11:24-29). And of these, there are various kinds:
  2. Another big, common one is the Power to Convert, for those who have been Baptized in the Holy Ghost often become ardent and zealous witnesses for Christ! So, a record of converting numerous souls to the Cross is a very good indicator. (See Acts 1:8, 4:13, 4:29-31.)
  3. Another fairly common one is the quickening or animation, which causes one to seem more alive and active. (See John 6:63 and I Corinthians 15:45). This usually also produces a release of strong emotions for God, giving you a zealousness for the things of God and the spiritual power to do monumental things for Him. (See Acts 1:8 and Titus 2:14.)
  4. However, all too often the overly reserved Religious Establishment sees this as over emotionalism, if not Fanaticism or even as Freaks (or weirdos). So, just ignore their lack of understanding!

    Moreover, as people are often HEALED in such a QUICKENING experience. who cares what the critics say! If it makes you alive in a healthy way, what can realy be said against it?

  5. Another fairly common one is being drunk in the Spirit, for as the Baptism of the Holy Ghost sharpens your spiritual perceptions it can also dull or disorient your normal or natural five senses so that you may seem a bit disorientated or intoxicated. (See Isaiah 29:9-10, Jeremiah 23:9, and Acts 2:13-16.)
  6. Yet another one, that you see sometimes, is being slain in the Spirit or falling down as if unconcious or dead. (See Acts 9:4 and Revelations 1:7.)
  7. Still yet another, that is rather rare, is the halo or SheKiNaH, the visible glow or glory of the Presence of God's Spirit. (See Exodus 34:29-30, 33-35 and Acts 2:3-4 & 6:15.)
  8. Finally, but perhaps the most common of them all, are the working of repeated miracles or the Manifestation of a GIFT, especially the so called Sign Gifts (below).

But, what, now, is a GIFT?

[NORDESEL Outpouring Shield]


The Powerful Presence in a Believer's life, resulting from the Outpouring, usually produces a variety of Spiritual powers or Supernatural Manifestations that we refer to as GIFTS.

Jesus describes them this way:

And so it has been, that down through Bible Times and on down through Church History, wherever Believers in God have been, you will find these miraculous Signs or GIFTS occurring.

Other lists of GIFTS are given in the Scriptures. (See Romans 12:4-8 or I Corinthians 12:7-11, 28-31 or Ephesians 4:7-12 or I Peter 4:9-11.) In fact, God declares in His Word that:

So, God wants you to know about them. And if you try to count them up, you will find dozens of GIFTS mentioned throughout the Scriptures. And while no one person receives them all, surely God has at least one (or perhaps two or three) for you. So, seek and pursue the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, that there might be Manifestations of Spiritural Powers in your life, to help you (and others of the Faith) succeed.

Also, realize that the GIFTS don't come as we want or wish. Rather they come as God Wills. (See I Corinthians 12:11-12.) So, don't get your heart set on geting a certain GIFT. But, be willing to take (and make good use of) whatever GIFT God may chose to bestow upon you.

Moreover, keep in mind that these Spiritual Powers or Supernatural GIFTS are not as magic or witchcraft (to be used for YOUR own personal benefit or selfish wants). Rather, they are for ministering or helping the needs of others, particularly other Believers who are also part of Christ's mystical, Supernatural Body, even as you are suppose to be. (See Matthew 23:11-12 and I Corinthians 12:7.)

So, be sure to use your GIFT to help others with.

Furthermore, these GIFTS are our EARNEST or foretaste of our Future (See II Corinthians 1:22 & 5:5.), when we shall become Sons-of-God in Heaven and have god-like powers as if we were Angels (See John 10:34-35). So, do not quench the Spirit of God (See I Thessalonians 5:19-20.) and don't despise prophesy or Divine Utterances (See I Corinthians 14:39.) and don't forbid others to Speak in Tongues. However, let everything be done descently and in order so that confusion does not reign. (See I Corinthians 14:27-33, 40.)


Now you have the Full Gospel! You don't just have half of the Good News about Jesus' sacrifice upon the Cross. You have all of the Good News about the Works and Activities of the Holy Ghost of God that can now also be yours through the Cross. And what Good News this is! Not only can we RETURN to becoming Sons-of-God, as HE orginally intended us to be (through the process of Regeneration or Conversion), but we can have a foretaste or limited measure of the Supernatural Powers that we will enjoy as Angelic Beings with God in our After-life. Surely, this is no small deal!

But, now the ball is in your court. It is up to you. You can seek the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, or you can let it slide by. However, if you pass it up, you will be missing one of the most important experiences of your whole life. (In fact, your whole eternity will depend on your decision!) So, do not take it lightly.

Instead, come and fellowship with us. Learn more about Engiftment and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. And, the more you know of it, the easier it will be. So, don't hang back. Come and get involved with us, today!

Seek the Outpouring! (And, use it, when you get it.)

And we will help you. For, we are here to help you obtain your Engiftment. (And, to help you find a proper place or spot in the BODY to use it.)

To E Mail us: zdkf@gorge.net

Or, get in touch with us by the more conventional routes, given below:

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When Jesus walked the earth doing miracles, the dead Religious Establishment of HIS Day tried to accuse HIM of working miracles by use of demons or evil spirits. At this, HE sternly warned them that the Blasphemy (or Speaking Evil of) the Holy Ghost was the only unforgivable sin (Matthew 12:24-32). Consequently, it becomes very important that we clearly understand what HE meant!

Now, if we read that account carefully, we find that Jesus said:

Thus, we see that Jesus had two meanings here. And we clearly need to understand both.

FIRST, in the world to come, we know that all the wicked and unsaved will come to stand before God's Throne for Judgement on the Great Day of Judgement (Revelations 20:11-15). At that time, the Apostle Paul writes that our conscience (which is the Holy Ghost) will testify to God concerning both one's good deeds and one's bad deeds (Romans 2:14-16; also John 12:48). At that time, the foolish will speak evil of the Holy Ghost (or call HIM a liar)--which will cause them to be condemned and thrown into the Lake of Fire, where they will burn in flames for eternity (and from which there is no forgiveness nor rescue). It will be final and unforgivable!

SECOND, in this world, as we study Jesus Ministry, we find a very signiicant change here. Before the Religious Establishment accused HIM of using the Devil's powers to make miracles, HE use to teach openly, walk among the cities and civilization, and heal everyone. After that accusation, HE became withdrawn, took to hills and countryside, taught only in parables (so only HIS disciples could fully understand HIS Teachings), and began to require more of people for them to get healed. Truly, there was a price to pay in this world for so falsely accusing HIM! And, so it will be today, for those who speak against the Gifts and Works of the Holy Ghost! Beware!

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