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Actuarial Defense

Uncovering Hidden RAS Harassment

By now, if you have read Our preivous Articles (as you should have), you are aware that there is quite a bit of RAS (Radical Anti-Semitic) activity going on out there!

However, you have only seen the tip of the iceberg! The old Nazis lived in a world of brute strenght and only occasional subterfuge. Consequently, though somewhat hard to find and uncover, the Nazi Programs could be brought to light and exposed. But, the modern RAS live in a world of high tech and clandestined activities. And, by using new skills and new technologies, they have operated nearly invisibly for decades. BUT, NOLOGER!

As aggression is usually first to develop new technologies, they have led the way into a world of secrecy. But, then defensive technologies arise to combat the offensive capabilities of the common aggressors. And, so it is, with RAS Programs. By piecing together their means and modes of operations, we have come up with several bottle necks in their programs--strategic places in their underground mazes, where the heads of these rats can be found to be peaking out! And, if you can see them, then they are sitting ducks to be trapped.

Now, how does this work?


If you have read the Article on the Relocation Program, then you should remember that the Youth Legions were used to secretly harass the Nazi targeted individuals. And, while most of this was just regular vandalism, the gross experiments in the asylumns began to reveal medical ways of silently debilitating people (and thus getting rid of them). And, as time passed, the Youth Legions began to make more and more use of this medical technologies to make their victims sick, as well as vandalize them.

But, that was then. What is it like now? Well, medical technology has progressed a lot! Consequently, there are MORE options and means of making people sick, with a low risk of detection. High tech poisonings, if you will. Moreover, in America we have had this idea hammered into our heads that poisonings just don't happen! Not, in modern America (supposedly)! However, if you bother to dig into history, you will find the history of Europe riddled with acts of poisonings, all the way back to the Roman Empire. So, if it has been a good and effective, time honored tactic there, why should we think that it won't be done in America? (You are right! It will be done here, though as secretly as possible.)

In addition, militarilly, Bio-Chemical Warfare was in a primative state in World War II (and Hitler was afraid to use much of it, because of his own personal experience of being gassed on the battlefield in World War I). However, military science has advanced considerably! And, while most people's attentions have been focused on nukes, the rise of high tech CBW (Chemical-Biological Warfare) has been almost unnoticed. However, CBW is far easier to manufacture in you home lab and consequently is much more cost effective (and cheaper to use--a good draw for would be terrorists). Moreover, most Law Enforcement Departmments have no training in this field, so if it is used, the odds are good that it will not be detected. (Sounds almost like the perfect crime, just waiting to happen, doesn't it?)

Well, then, is it any wonder that the modern Youth Legions are using it so effectively? Or, at least they were. Now, if they are smart, they will stop--or they are going to get caught. How?

Well, publishing full details is probably not the best strategy. For, that might give them a chance to work up a counter strategy. So, what are we doing in this Article, then? Well, for one thing, pointing out things that you can do at your own Congregation to defend your own flock from RAS activities. And, at the same time, to recruit you into a defensive network, where you can help us protect other flocks. For, frankly the time is either to organize to protect your people, or see them done away with by the secret RAS Campaign. For, it is HERE!


Frankly, the best defense you can now do is to follow the example of the U.S. government. In order to defend the Nation from clandestined CBW, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) was created. But collecting and keeping accurate figures and statistics on who gets sick, where, they can keep track of plagues, tell where (and how) they are spreading, and often what the source of the disease was. Thus, if certain illnesses start to spread rapidly in some area, beyond what Nature would do, then the government knows that some kind of CBW attack is in progress. Correspondingly, if the source is known, it can confirm that attack (and provide a target for counter-offensive).

Now, that may be a little much for your Congregation to undertake, but there is a very practical lesson in this. Like the government, you need to appoint someone in your Congregation to keep accurate health records of your members (and their relatives). Now, what good will this do? Well, you can compare your own records with those of actuaries, who specialize in figuring out what common rates of certain diseases are. Then, if you find out that disease X is at level y, when it should be at z, then you know you have a potential RAS activity--and it should receive a follow-up investigation. Thus, the trail of the RAS should now be revealed by the numbers or statistics of what they are doing. This is simply good stewardship and good management of your flock!


Top of your list of records to keep are those of every death that happens to any member of your flock! And it is a good idea to even keep track of their relatives, if they will allow it, for the RAS follow genealogy. And, even if someone is not a current member, they still may be the target of a RAS attack, in their attempt to exterminate any and everyone that they can of the Hebrew Heritage. So, make your records as incluse as you can. (Besides, bigger numbers make better statistics.) In addition to just the numbers of deaths, you need to make a bit of an inquiry into the nature of the death. Specific medical diagnosis helps, for it may show some diseses as too common and killing too many of your flock! However, the subtly of the RAS may allow them to kill someone and have it appear medically as something else.

For example, one of the best clandestined murders is to lace a person's steering wheel or car door handle with a combination of DMSO and some poison. Then, the person gets in their car, making contact with the poison. There the DMSO takes it through their skin, just as if they have had a leathal injection. But, it takes awhile. Thus, the unsuspecting victim will usually start driving and then when the poison hits them, it will look like a car accident. Or, perhaps like a heartattack. So, keep your eyes open and poke around the death site a bit, if you can. And ask any witnesses for any specific details that they can think of (like unusual smells, indicating a chemical presence).

And, speaking of smells, be on the lookout for places where chemicals can easily be slipped. One of the most common is aftershave. The pores in the face (especially after a shave) and hands make ready access ports to the body. And a good splash of aftershave to the face can deliver a lethal dose of some chemicals--while others may take time to build up. So, look for the colone or aftershave of the victim. And, consequently, don't handle or touch anything of the victim, yourself (use gloves).

Moreover, be cautious about any drug related deaths. RAS like to kill people and make it seem drug related. For, the embarassment of most congregational members dying related to drugs will stop most further investigations. So, don't assume that the person was just a secret or closet drug addict. This can be a cleaver ploy to cover up a real murder!

Now, wait a minute! Isn't this the role of the Police? Well, yes. But, Our experience has shown two disturbing things. One, most police are simply overworked and too busy to closely follow up things that they ought to! And, second, Police are a favored occupation for the RAS (and there they will look the other way as their other RAS buddies operated unimpeded). Thus, either way, the burden falls on you to protect your own flock!


The RAS know that deaths can be quite controversial (and possibly spark an investigation). So, they usually do not use an outright killing very often. Rather, the plan seems to be to just neutralize the victim. Thus, disabling them or debilitating them may be good enough in their book. Consequently, you need to keep statistics and information on any member of your flock (or their relatives) who becomes disabled or handicapped.

Why should this be so? Well, let me get technical. It is easy for the Youth Legions to engineer a stroke, by simple sneaking into a person's house and lacing their food with excessive sodium. Then, the person's blood pressure will shoot up (without them knowing why and the doctor will just assume that they are eating too much salt) and a stroke is the common result. And while some strokes can kill, most leave the victim disabled and unable to function well. Thus neutralizing them and taking them out of the picture in the RAS book. For, in any case, they usually won't be able to function mcuh to oppose whatever else the RAS is doing in your community.

A similar routine is possible with blood sugar. The Youth Legions can lace the victims food with powdered sugar, sending them to the hospital with high blood sugar levels (and which, if undetected, can lead to a whole host of other disabling diseases). Or, the food may be laced with an insulin stimulator, so that the person goes into a diabetic coma (and the doctor will assume that they didn't eat enough or took too much insulin).

So, be sure to investigate the disability of any of your flock. And keep accurate records of what you find! And, be on the alert for any distrubing patterns. For, you many, indeed, find things that you do not like!


Less clear, but potential more valuable, are medical records. For, sometimes, God will protect members of your flock from a potentially deadly or disabling situation. Thus, the RAS may chemically attack them, but they may survive it--and apparently unscratched. A narrow escape! But, if you find things like this occuring frequently, then you need to check out to see if the RAS are responsible for these attacks! (And thank God that your people were spared.)

Another detail fo medical records to watch is who of your flock (or relatives) ends up mentally ill (or carted off to an asylum). If you have read the Porphyria Scam, then you should be aware that the RAS are out there, using this to get rid of their opponets. Moreover, it was a standard ploy in Nazi Germany to get rid of dissidents by declaring them mentally ill. Furthermore, as this is often embarassing to the victim (or their family), the RAs may get away with it just because no one wants to talk about it! So, get track of mental health records, too!

And, unfortunatley, here is where drugs can come in all too much! Like the RAS murders using overdoses of drugs as a cover, someone may be smitten with a mental illness, which was in fact drug induced by the RAS. But, on the surface, it just looks like the person lost their marbles, when in fact, the Youth Legions slipped them something that sent them way out into the clouds! So, carefully check out the details of such cases.


Seemingly, accidents can happen to anyone. However, insurance companies employ armies of mathematicians known as actuaries for the purpose of keeping statistics on how common some accidemts are. And, these you can make use of by keeping records of accidents that your flock (or their relatives) have. For, if you are finding that your flock is having an unsually high accident rate, compared to the noraml statistics, then you had better start looking around (for the RAS may be lurking in the shadows).

And while you may think this a bit paranoid, bear in mind that we have found a particular RAS operative whose mode of operation is vehicular homicides. In other words, he tries to kill people by deliberately crashing into their cars! (And, blaming it on just chance car accidents!) So, keep a record of accidents. And poke around a bit to get the basic details of each on. (And, don't be surprized at what may turn up!)


Now, America is a very mobile society, these days. And people are moving all over the country to follow the jobs. So, if people tend to leave to find work elsewhere, that is no immediate tragedy. However, if you note that more people of your flock (or other's neighboring flocks) are leaving your communuity, and that new members are NOT moving in, then you need to take a look around. Now, some areas may be bad economic areas that people naturally leave. But, if the rest of the community seems prosperous, and only your members can't seem to find adaquate work or income in the area, then you really need to check it out further to see if a RAS Relocation Policy is at work! (See the former Article on Ethnic Cleansing.) For, this is a prime situation for a class action law suit!


Now, don't just keep figures! While that is better than nothing, you really need to take the time now and then to go over what you have collected. Sometimes patterns are not clear right away, but after you have looked at enough numbers or compared the facts in a number of cases, it may suddenly become obvious. So, be sure to read over your records, every now and then. And, what do you do then? Well, best is to figure a strategy that you yourself can do to combat what is going on. Or, if it is more serious, be sure to contact your local Police. (Some may actually help you, though the odds are that they won't.) Or, if you really get some good solid statistics, don't ignore the U.S. Justice Department. while they may like to foucs on bigger issues, occassionally they will act in some extreme case (or refer you to those in the goverment who will). And, don't forget OSD! We love to collect data and retain real stories (and solid facts), so don't ignore us with what you may find! (And, how you came across it.)


And this brings up a good point. The more numbers you can collect, the better become the statistics. Consequently, if you share your numbers with others and they are added together, and even more accurate picture will occur. So, we very much encourage you to regularly send us your data. And to gather with us at Our conferences to share what you have with the rest of us. As well as keep current with what we have found out. We can only protect each other if we help one another. So, make OSD part of your Congregational defensive plan!


Obviously, the RAS don't like you knowing what they are up to. (And, they were just getting use to having such a great time--invisibly!) So, they are going to try to talk you out of doing all this! Either that or poke fun at how paranoid you are and try to belittle your peole for even thinking it). But, the laugh will be coming out of the other side of their face, when you come up with the data that puts them (and all of their friends) away--for good! Or, they get hit with a multi-million dollar law suit that takes every penny that they robbed away from them! Consequently, even just openly discussing this with your congregation may put enough fear into them to make them leave your flock alone and go else where. (And, if they are smart, they will!)

So, come and join us in this Holy Crusade!

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