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Mystery of the Sun Stone

Viking Navigation Technique Points Way to Nordic Regeneration

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Northmen (or Vikings) may have been solved. Many have always wondered how the Norsemen were able to navigate the Northern Seas. Not yet having the magnetic compass, when the fog and overcast skies would come (and they often come in this sea region), how did the Northmen find their way?

Well, modern science may have the answer. One of the ancient Viking sagas has a phrase that when the fog rolled in, the captain looked to the stone for the sun. What! Well, now geologists have found on Iceland piles of a particular kind of stone known as coredite. This stone acts as something of a polarizing lens. Or, in layman's terms, it only allows the direct, straight line rays of light to pass through it. However, clouds and fog produce a lot of difuse light, with the rays of light bent or bouncing off in many directions. Thus, if the coredite is held in the fog or under overcast skies, it will appear dark (as it does not allow diffuse light to pass through). But, if you happen to point it directly at the sun, even in fog, it allows the direct rays of the sun to pass through, so that it will light up then!

Consequently, all the Northmen had to do was to move this stone around in the fog and when it lit up, they knew that it was pointing directly at the sun. And, from there, they could figure their way. So, the issue of Viking Navigation seems solved!

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Now, the Norsemen Gospel or "Good News" is that in a similiar way, God is our Spiritual Sun. He gives us LIGHT so that we can find our way through the clouds and fog of life. And, without HIS guidance, we tend to lose our way, and flounder. The storms of life roll in and we are blown way off course (and with the clouds and fog of emotions, can't find our way)--and wonder how we got there!

Consequently, we need a Sun Stone (Northmen Salvation), that will point the DIRECT WAY to God, so that we can keep in touch with HIM. And find our way through the fog of life. Not to mention, being able to navigate those nasty storms--and still come out reasonably close to where we wanted to be.

However, before we can do that, we need some background. Why is there so much fog in life? And how come those nasty storms of life swoop down on us with such vigor? Well, to answer these, let's take a quick look at that Norseman Gospel of Nordic Chrisitianity. (Then, we will more skilled in using the Son Stone that God gives to the Northern Peoples for Nordic Regeneration.)

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Foundation of Nordic Christianity: Beginnings of Norsemen Gospel

The Norseman Gospel was based on the teachings of the Ancient Nordic Christianity, which, in turn, had its foundation further back, in the Holy Scriptures or Bible. So, how did it get started? In the beginning, when God created Man, God designed Man to be something like (or somewhat similiar) to Himself. The Words of God declare to us: Therefore, as we see, God originally designed Man to be in a manner like HIM, to be god-like (as an Angelic or Supernatural Creature). This orginal spiritual state we refer to as a glorfied (or illuminated) being, though the Scriptures tend to call them Sons-of-God (or Angels). Thus, it was God's original intention for Man to be in intimate contact, communion, and close fellowship with HIM, even sharing in some of HIS powers and priviliges as god-like or angelic beings (i.e. being glorified or illuminated with lots of light)! We were to be HIS Sons or children!

WOW! What happened! I mean Man is so mortal, physical, or carnal today (and full of darkness). Whatever become of his god-likeness? Was there some dreadful disaster?

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MAN's POWER OF CHOICE - The Right to Err

Nordic Christianity teaches that in order to be something like God, God did NOT create Man to be a mere robot. Instead, God gave Man Free Will or the ability to choose to serve God or Not. The Scriptures plainly put this choice always before us, for it is written: Thus, by Nordic Christianity, Man is not locked in to a pre-programmed course of action. Rather, He has some real decisions to make on his own! So, for better or worse, we can choose our own path in life (though we may have to face the results or consequences of those choices--i.e. fog or storms). We are allowed by God to make up our own mind.

Unfortunately, Adam (the first Man) did not make a good choice. As the Scriptures of Norse Gospel relate that dim and early history to us, Eve (the first woman) chose NOT to obey God and she ate of the fruit that God had forbidden them to eat of. Worse yet, she even got Adam to disobey God and eat of the forbidden fruit with her! Then, because of their rebellion against God's Law (the Command not to eat of the forbidden fruit), they were punished by being exiled or cast out of Heaven (away from God), and lost their communion and fellowship with Him. Worse yet, they then became mere mortals and lost their god-likeness (and its associated supernatural powers--and illumination). What a tragedy! This early event is refered to as The Fall of Man and it is greatly detailed in the Holy Scriptures (Genesis 3:1-24).

Thus, while Man was designed to be god-like, by a bad choice (disobeying God) he lost his immortality (as a Son-of-God) and became a mere mortal human being! WHAT A CRASH AND BURN! Consequently, a lot of fog now obscures man's vision (and choices). And, he becomes susceptible to many of life's storms and disasters! The orginal light has gone out of his life.

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OUR PROBLEM NOW - Need for Northmen Salvation

But, the biggest tragedy of all this, according to Nordic Christianity, is that since all of Mankind is descended from this first Man, Adam, we all have inherited Adam's Sin. We are under the influence of the ill effects of Man's first disobedience to God (as a massive kind of drug flash back caused by the forbidden fruit). It is in our genes! We inherit it! And this is what is refered to as Orginal Sin for it is the bad effects of Man's (Adam's) first or orginal Sin. And whether we like to admit it or not, we all, as humans, are afflicted by it. Listen to what God's Word says about it: It is like some kind of tragic genetic defect that we inherit from our parents, fore-fathers, and from Adam, himself. We ALL have the nasty, natural tendancy to to evil or wrong! (To get lost in that fog!)

This is terrible! Truly we need to be cured or delivered! Yes, there is a big need for Northmen Salvation or Rescue.

But the worst is yet to come! For the Scriptures warn us that:

Thus the results of our own Sin (the harvest of the evil that we have sown in life) is DEATH. And this is not just physical death (like we now experience as mortal beings because of our humanness). Rather, it is also a Spiritual Death--the death of the remnants of our supernatural selves, or SOUL (inner man), that are left over from our god-like design. Thus, we will all come to our mortal end and die. And our soul will suffer a Spiritual Death, too, because of our Sin (it will be cast into Hell or the place of supernatural torment and torture). Thus, the unregenerated face an eternity of agony in their after-life (when their soul or spirit man will be forced out of its egg, our dead bodies). Consider well the Warning of God: Thus, the Sin you inherited (not to mention the evil things that it may have caused you to do in your life) will cause you to die a supernatural death in the torments of Hell!

This is awful! Is there no escape? Isn't there anything that we can do? What about this Northmen Salvation?

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FUTILE ATTEMPTS OF SOME - Error of Worldly Religions

Down through the eons, Man has come up with all kinds of Ways to deal with Sin. But, almost all of these have turned out to be scams: duping people into false hopes in order to exploit them (or get something out of them). This is how many of the World's great cults or false religions got started. And, unfortunately, they all seem to rely on the same mistaken method (only applied in different ways) and that is to just do these few good things (or avoid these few bad things) and you will be all right in your After-life. (In other words, you can simply work your way into Heaven!) However, the Words of God sternly warn us: Do not be deceived! Sin will not just go away. It cannot just be ignored or explained away. (There is no way you can be good enough!) For God will see it! And HE WILL remember it!

So, while most of the World's Religions claim to show you a Way to God or a short-cut to Paradise in Heaven (for a good After-life), you had better consider what God says about the matter. Give ear to what is written:

So, don't try to RETURN to Him by just being good or moral! He will not take you as long as you are tainted by Sin. And, if you die with this Sin in your life, He will not take your soul to Heaven!

For, while many try to hide their Sin or cover up their evil deeds by a few moral displays (or even deny that they do anything wrong), the Bible plainly declares:

So, we can't just cover it up, for He knows that we have done great evil! And, just punishment will be meted out. The wicked will pay for their Sins by their punishment in Hell!

Hey, there must be a way out! Didn't anyone ever find anything that ever worked against Sin? What does Nordic Christianity say?

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Luckily, God so loved Man that he took pity on him. And, in due time, He called Moses to regather the Tribes of Israel in Egypt and institute (or start) an new method for the TEMPORARY Treatment of Sin. This method was atonement or blood sacrifice for sins, where a special animal was to die as our proxy (or instead of us) in order to make annual payments on our debt of Sin. For the Word of God declares: Thus, every year the High Priest (descendants of Moses) was to make a blood sacrifice of a special animal (The Lamb of God) to make payment for the Sins of the People of Israel that year. But, it soon became apparent that this was too temporary of a treatment: that Man was so Sinful (and under its evil influence so much) that he could not even keep up or maintain the sacrifices needed to make the payments on his debt of Sin. And, if he couldn't make the payments, then God had to foreclose! And for their Sins (or disobedience to God), Israel was divorced, like a wicked woman, by God and given over to conquest (and ravishment) by her enemies--and dispersed among the Gentile Nations. A sad ending, to a hopeful start!

Oh, come on! There must be a way! Isn't there anything that can work more permenantly against the effects of Sin? What about this Northmen Salvation?

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THE NEW TESTAMENT CURE - Nordic Regeneration

Luckily, Nordic Christianity holds that God had a Plan, for it is written in the Holy Scriptures:

Now this is the Norsemen Gospel or GOOD NEWS, but what does it mean? Its message is really simple. Just listen, carefully.

God sent His Son (or a part of Him), refered to as Y'Shua (Hebrew), Isse or Isa (Arabic), and Jesus (English): to be the promised Messiah or Christ, by a miraculous birth through a virgin. (See Matthew 1:18-25 for the details.)

Now wait a minute! Why a virgin? Why couldn't He have been born like all other men?

Because, if He had been born naturally, from a mortal father, then He would have inherited Adam's Orginal Sin, too (just like all the rest of us). But, by being born miraculously through a virgin, He didn't inherit any Sin and thus was Sinless (and worthy of being sacrificed).

Okay. But why a Christ? What is that?

A Christ is a Priest-King or Chief of all High-Priests (one who is in charge of all the High Priests, down through time) especially in making atonements, or sacrifices for Sins.

Well, then, what kind of atonement did HE make?

Consider the Words of the Scriptures:

In other words, Jesus played the role of the sacrificial lamb, and shed His own blood on the Cross, to pay for our Sins (permenantly)! For this is what the Bible teaches: He was our proxy: He died in our place, paying for our Sins! For that was His job as Christ, to offer up a worthy sacrifice to God to atone for ALL of our Sins! Consider the Words of God:

Now, isn't that GOOD NEWS? The Cross can pay for our sins!

Wow! No wonder some people get so excited about it!

Yes! And it is exciting! As the Christ, Jesus is our mediator to reconcile (or bring back together) God and Man, so that we can be in spiritual communion and fellowship, again, as God had orginally intended (See I Timothy 2:5). Thus, Christ's miraculous work on the Cross allows us to RETURN to God and begin transforming or CONVERTING into god-like beings or angels, as He had originally designed us to be. Jesus can help us RETURN to God, when nothing else will! Through Him, we can REGENERATE or be CONVERTED back into supernatual creatures!

This is what the Nordic Regeneration is all about!

[Word of God Shield]


Now, what are you going to do with this Norsemen Gospel (or GOOD NEWS)? Consider the directions of the Scriptures (for you have a choice):

Okay, but how do I receive Him? And what does that mean?

To receive Jesus means to accept His Salvation or forgivness of your Sins (which He obtained on the Cross). And the way of doing it is described in the Scriptures:

[Praying HANDS Shield] Okay, but how do I do that? What does that mean I should do?

The easiest way is to simply repeat the following prayer. It forms a kind of Mediavel contract or covenant between you and God, concerning the work of His Son, so that the Cross will pay for your Sins. And, you need to say it out loud, so that God will know that you really do agree to it:

[Holy Scripture Shield]


If you have agreed with that prayer and have said it aloud, then you are now SAVED (i.e. Northmen Salvation: spiritually conceived as a new child of God, hence regenerating or undergoing CONVERSION of your own personal soul into an illuminated, spiritual being)! For the Bible tells us: So your Sins (even Adam's Orginal Sin) are paid for by the Blood Jesus shed on the Cross as the LAMB OF GOD (or worthy sacrifice), if you have called on God (as we did in that prayer).

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Getting SAVED or giving your heart to Christ (for conversion to an angel-like being) is no small decision. Not only is it very important to your own future (and After-life), but it is also very important to others of the Faith. It is not the sort of thing that you should hide or keep concealed. Rather, you need to tell someone else about it, especially other Believers. For they can help you grow even more, Spiritually (for we are to help one another). So, if you really did pray that prayer to become Saved, then let us know. Don't delay! Share this your GOOD NEWS with us!


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