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NORDESEL Concepts and Details of Our Nordic RETURN Movement (and Our Northmen Renewal)

Curious about Northmen (Norsemen, Vikings)? Want to know what the Ancient Nordics were really like? Or, wondering about Our modern Nordic Movement?

Yes, the Northmen Renewal (and Nordic Return) is here (through Us)! But, where did this Northern Europe Heritage come from? And what is Nordic Christianity?

Then look no further! Get the Articles on Our NORTHMEN RENEWAL, below! To access them, just click on the appropriate subject heading in colored capital leters, below, and you will be transfered to an in-depth Article about that NORTHMEN Renewal topic.

(NOTE: these are a bit more detailed, and aimed at a higher educational level, than the more simple Introductory Literture of Our Viking Quick Facts Sheets, futher below.)

1. NORDIC REGENERATION -- The Mystery of the Sun Stone: Discovery on how NORTHMEN Navigated Points to a Way Back to God (so follow the other Nordics in their Renewal to Faith in God--make your own personal RETURN) This is the core of Nordic Christianity ***


2. NORDIC ENGIFTMENT -- The NORTHMEN OUTPOURING provides Pentecostal Power (of the Holy Ghost) for your RETURN (the Charismatic Gifts for today): be sure to get yours! (This is the source of the Northmen Renewal!) ***


3. NORDIC COUNSEL -- Find God's Will and follow HIS Ways in your daily life (the Wisdom of the 10 Commandments and their related Scriptures): the Northern Europe Heritage produces the Foundation of Northmen Law (and the Rules and Regulations of Our Realm) ***


4. REVIVAL COURSE -- The 6 simple, basic steps to setting your life afire for God (Revival Chapel--and connections to other works about Faith) Simple explainations of Nordic Christianity concepts ***


5. NORDIC ANTIQUITIES -- History of RETURNS or Revivals among Ancient NORTHMEN (Vikings back to GahTSK or Goths, back to Assyrians, back to the Northern Kingdom of Israel): the surprizing Hebrew Oigins of the Nordics (and Biblical sources of Northern Europe Heritage) ***


6. MEDIAVEL HERITAGE -- The Nordic Christianity of the Ancient NORTHMEN produced Mediavel Europe and its resulting Northern Europe Heritage (including the basic doctrines or teachings of Nordic Christianity--Our Realm's Faith): and, hence, the main Cultural, Philosophical, and Social Forces that formed Western Civilization ***


7. NORTHMEN ROOTS -- the Nordic RETURN Movement Yesterday (where Our NORTHMEN RENEWAL came from and how Our Realm formed): the 3 main Moves of God of this past century form the NORDESEL of this new millenium! ***


8. MODERN NORTHMEN -- the Nordic RETURN (and Viking Revival) today (the organization and goals of Our contemporary NORTHMEN Renewal): God's Call for a RETURN of all the Nordic Peoples (and Northern Nations) back to HIM! (The basics of the Nordic Return Movement) ***


9. FUTURE NORTHMEN -- the Nordic Return Movement tomorrow: the rise of the Futre Nordic Astaria (the coming Interstellar NORTHMEN Realm or KoReY): the Biblical Prophecies for the rise of the Astarian Nation ***


10. NORTHMEN RULER -- the Leader of the Nordesel's biograhical data (and personal testimonial): the story behind the story of how the NORDESEL came to be (links to other Realm biographies) ***


11. VARANGIAN (KoReY) UNITY -- the atmosphere of toleration, mutual respect, and co-operation of the Mediavel (Christian) Russian Vikings or Northmen is brought forth for Our Future Realm to bring a Unity of the Faithful among Jews, Christians, and Moslems [transfer to KoReY Pages] ***


12. VARANGIAN PLEDGE -- The Mediavel Oath of Fealty and Loyalty to Our Realm (for those wishing to join us): remember, obeying the Noahic Rules of Fellowship (and 10 Commandments) is required ***



Viking Quick Facts Sheets

Like things quick, simple, and esay? Just want a short summary--not tons of facts and historical details? Then try Our Viking Quick Facts Sheets for the simple, easy, basic info on the NORTHMEN Movement. Look them up in Our Viking Introductory Literature Section or use the Link, below (Text and graphics versions.):

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About the NORDESEL

Simple Overview of the NORDESEL Realm

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Please, before you try to burn up our E Mail connection, consult the NORDESEL FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), especially the extended, in-depth, detailed one, in the Our NORTHMEN Intermediate Articles Section! (Text and graphics version.)

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