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Nova Trauma Therapy

Dealing with the Emotional Shock of the Nova Catastrophe

In the KoReY Literature, we have dealt with the rising likelihood that our Sun will go Nova, and soon. Thus, the KoReY Interstellar Colonization Program is being set up to proceed with a formal evacuation of the Planet Earth, to get as many people safely off the Planet as we can. And the KoReY Space Ark is being brought into place to help preserve and transplant plant and animal life from Earth. So, the hardware and technology programs are moving. (See previous articles.)

However, in this article we need to turn our attentions to the more human side of things. And give serious consideration to the emotional shock that such an event will bring. Moreover, we should take some forethought as to what we might need to do to lessen the impact on the ordinary, every day person. Not only for planning and implimentation of these programs, but in the clean up and aftermath that is also bound to come, as well.

DEATH SHOCK - Normal Grieving

Whenever there is a death of a relative or close loved one, people tend to go into shock. The emotional empact of it can be almost incapacitating, and it my last for several days, several months, or even several years. And, the closer you are to the person who died, the greater will be the impact of this shock.

Even worse, the more people who die around you, the worse this normal phenomena tends to be. One death is often hard enough to grieve over. Multiple deaths are tragic! And survivors of the Death Camps in Nazi Germany, where countless scores of people were gassed, are still experiencing recovery problems a whole generation later.

Consequently, what will the dimensions of this phenomena be in the coming Nova--when millions, if not billions, of people will perish?

DISASTER SHOCK - Survivor's Trauma!!!

Mental health professionals have long noted that suvivors of disasters go through a special kind of emotional trauma. Not only are they in shock and dis-belief that the disaster actually happened, but they are also usually hit with depressive thoughts--and questions of why I survived and my buddy (or family) didn't! Moreover, flashbacks of the tramatic event can continue to plague them (and their families) for years after the event (perhaps even to an incapacitating level).

Which raises a very nasty question: will we suceed in saving a lot of Mankind, only to see them struck down (or reduced to caveman levels) by the effects of the Nova Trauma?

Consequently, this is no small issue. For, what is all the effort about, if we only come to saving a human population that cannot function, in a civilized manner, for centuries later? This disturbing storm cloud on the horizon definately requires some preparedness!

E.L.E. TRAUMA - Shock of Extinction Level Events

One of ZDK's means of coping with things, is to turn to the Word of God (ie the Bible) to see if there is any wisdom or guidance that might be found there. So, were there any E.L.E. in the Holy Scriptures? Well, yes, there are two notable ones that Mankind (and the Faithful) have come through, in history.

If we go back several centuries, to the Land of Ancient Egypt, we find record of a near Extinction Level Event for all of Mankind. This was the Great Famine of Egypt. Yet, here, we found that the Creator was campassionate enough upon Mankind that HE sent a warning to Pharoah (in a dream) about what was soon to transpire. And, thus, Joseph was set in charge of things to prepare for the Great Disaster. Without that warning (and Joseph's wisdom to heed it and prepare for it) this event could have slipped into an E.L.E for most of Mankind! Consequently, much of the trauma of the event was avoided, due to the advanced preparedness for it.

In contrast to this, if we go back a few thousand years, we come to the Great Flood! This Extinction Level Event was very dramatic! Most likely, it seems to have been associated with the Great Comet that struck the Earth, letting loose all that water, and drowning all the dinosaurs--and most of Mankind. Yet, once again, we find that the Creator was compassionate enough upon Mankind to send a warning. And no doubt, Noah told all of his friends and relatives about what was soon to transpire. But, the level of sin and degredation was so great that the people continued to wallow in their filth--rather than prepare for a deliverance. And, while in Egypt, Joseph was given the full weight of the government (and Pharaoh) to get ready for the disaster, Noah appears to have been given no such aid, and had to do it all on his own. (In fact, more than likely, the degenerates harassed and sabatoged Noah's work--and perhaps their government tried to even ban it!) Consequently, Noah was only able to save his own household--and a few animals (and the dinosaurs drowned).

And, what was the emotional price paid here? Well, quite clearly, Noah lost most of his relatives and friends. No doubt, he could even hear their screams for help once the waters came! But, by then, it was too late to do anything to save them. Consequently, it is quite likely that Noah suffered a lot not only from massive grief (at all the deaths) but also from survivor's guilt. Moreover, we see that he even attempted to drown his own sorrows in drink--with disasterous results! So, is there any doubt that he needed professional attention to help him cope with the emotional backlash of this tramatic event?

Is this what Mankind is headed for?


Quite clearly from these two events, the impact of government action or inaction is dramatically clear. Joseph was able to divert the Disaster and Egypt even rose in power during what might have been its total elimination. Noah's government collapsed in corruption and was destroyed in the Disaster, never to be heard from again.

So, what has been the government attitude to Our Work?

Unfortunately, the past track record is rather alarming! Not only does the government not heed the warning about a potential Nova, but the evidence seems to indicate an active campaign to wipe out the research that is to provide our interstellar transportation systems. Consequently, every day the Joseph scenario slips farther away from us, and the Noah Disaster looms ever larger.

Therefore, it has become the view of the ZDK staff that the government cannot be counted on to help us. So, we are just going to have to help ourselves, and do what we can to save our own Families! Perhaps in Networking together, we can pool enough resources to get done what we need to do to save ourselves. (And perhaps a few others?)

So, what do we need to do?


Unfortunately, at this time, the exact date of the Sun's erruption into a Nova cannot be predicted, scientifically! Moreover, the timing situation is in grave danger of rapid acceleration, do to the side-effects of advanced nuclear testings (ie D'Stridium events). So, while we do not know its exact timing, we know that it is SOON, and that every day brings us closer to it!

So, what are we saying here? Is it going to be 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 years? Hopefully, around 100! But, with testing, we may find that the Nova is set off in next year's Sun cycle, with its standard erruptions continuing to expand into...

Which brings up another issue. Some Stars go straight into Super-Novas and explode! (If our sun were to do this, it would wipe out the whole solar system in a matter of minutes.) Others swell and slowly expand into super-giants, sometimes taking many years to do so. Now, what will it be, here? Well, at this point, we do not know. We can hope for a sweller, but we had better be prepared for a boomer!


While it might be nice to have a whole battery of psychiatrist trained to deal with this up coming trauma epidemic, the practical realities are that few such professions will be available to help our people. Consequently, we see falling back to a more time honored process and using more clergy and chaplin like officials to help us deal with the emotional tide that this event is sure to unleash. Consequently, we would encourage our medical personnel to seek both a medical degree or certification and a theological major (or minor) or religious certification of some kind.

Without question, we are going to need it!

Moreover, if you are at all interested in helping in this area, even if you do not have any kind of formal medical training, please let us know. We are going to need all the staff here that we can get. (And, if necessary, we will give you on the job training!)

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