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Ordained Membership Order (Celestial Citizenship)

God has set forth HIS Laws in the Holy Scriptures for ALL Mankind to know--and obey (Proverbs 14:34 and Isaiah 60:12)!


This issue of the 5th Commandment was covered previously. See at: LAW-5.D, above.
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ZDK Membership (Celestial Citizenship) or Divine Union with the Spiritual Commonwealth of the Lord's Body (Holy Israel)--and thus to become a member of Our FAMILY--is a sacred task, much like adoption or marriage. For it is not enough to just be in the Realm (or to be born on Our soil, for the Nation), rather one must commit themselves to Our Realm and serving the Holy Body. Consequently, there are steps in this process or initiation (and resultant levels of Membership). For, when the Spirt of the Lord Moves, Calling out People to join HIS Body, usually a mixed multitude or a mingled peoples responds from among all the Peoples of Creation. And these need to be divided up into groups and sorted out by classification, to be ruled wisely. (Exodus 12:38; Numbers 11:4; Nehemiah 13:3; Jeremiah 24:20, 50:37; Ezekeil 30:3-5; Matthew 13:18-23, 47-48).

New Members and New Converts (or Immigrants to Our Nation) are to be taught and then tested to prove their worthiness to be Members, at each level for the Realm (and for Celestial Citizens for the Nation)--this as a kind of Bar Mitzvah or Catechism (Citizenship Class). (Pslams 1:2, 5; Proverbs 14:34; Matthew 13:52; Luke 2:42-47; John 2:22; II Timothy 2:15) NOTE: birth alone does NOT confir citizenship (in the Nation)--only status as a National (for the Nation). Thus, ALL seeking Full Celestial Citizenship must take and pass the Citizenship Course (in one form or another).

Each Congregation of Our Realm is to keep an accurate record of all of its Members, classifying them according to the above levels--and indicating their level of attendance and participation. (Luke 10:20, 15:7, 10; Revelations 13:8, 17:8, 20:12, 15, 21:27) Moreover, a list of those who become Covenanted members is to be forwarded to Our Realm's National Headquarters (Census).

becoming a full Covenanted Member (or full Celestial Citizen) confers upon the individual certain powers, priviliges, and rights to special treatment (Acts 21:39).

For entrance into Membership, ALL Members, regardless of their classification or level, are to know and be maintaining the minimum standards for fellowship, set down centuries ago for Jews (reportedly since the Days of Noah) and upheld for Christians at the Great Council of Jerusalem. These basically are: a) NO Idolatry, b) NO eating of blood, c) NO sexual perversions--see Mosaic Taboos, below (Acts 15:19-21, 28-29, 21:25). Moreover, as Holy People, ALL members are expected to know and observe the 10 Commandments or face punishment and/or excommunication (1 Corinthians 5:9-13; II Thessalonians 3:6-7).

ALL Members (especially, Celestial Citizens) enter into covenant or Mediavel Social Contract with God and Our Throne to be loyal, faithful, and obedient members of Our Realm--and to the Laws of God (Exodus 19:5-8; Deuteronomy 5:1-3, 27-33, 26:16-19; I Kings 9:4-9, 11:38; II Kings 11:17, 23:3; II Chronicles 23:11, 34:29-33).


Our Realm operates under the Mediavel Philosophy, established from the Holy Scriptures, that God owns all the Land (of Our Nation) and Rules over Our Realm--giving it to whosoever HE Wills (Exodus 19:5; Leviticus 25:23; Deuteronomy 32:8; Psalms 24:1, 74:17, 89:11, 95:4-5; Acts 17:26), including all that is on the Land, as well (Deuteronomy 32:6; I Chronicles 29:14; Pslams 24:1, 50:10; Ezkiel 18:4; Haggai 2:8; Matthew 6:33; Romans 14:8).

God owns all the Land of Our Realm and its Dominion, and all that it produces (PSALMS 24:1, 50:10-12, 89:11; Haggai 2:8; 1 Corinthians 10:26) ! However, it is redistributed out to HIS People, in Mediavel fashion, as follows:
a-one third by apportionment or allotment of Tribal Lands to private individuals, as in Shiloh--by loterry (Joshua 14:1-5);
b-one third by purchase (from stellar land grants) by companies, collectitives, or individuals of wealth and money;
c-one third belongs directly to the Throne and its government (though much of this is passed on out to Nobles who support the Throne, by sub-infeudation and the granting of feifdoms);
d-as these divisions are approximate, individual tracts may be obtained by personal purchase of a portion of any of the above OR of foreign Lands, beyond Our Realm or Dominion (Genesis 49:31-32; Jeremiah 32:9-15),
e-in general, land may be inherited (but royal lands or fiefs are not, niether are offices--and inheritance of titles is limited). See, also LAW-8.C.5 INHERITANCE.
f-by emminent domain or the purchase of private lands, at a fair price, for government use (II Samuel 24:18-24),
e) by forfeiture or confiscation, see below.
CONSEQUENTLY, owning land in Our Realm is not a Right, but is a privilige conferred on those that God (and Our Realm) deems worhty.

Or the right of the individual citizen (see above) to hold and maintain ownership of Land, as it may have come to him via the Lands Rights, above, is based on meeting some Scriptural conditions (Isaiah 1:19-20):

.G GOVERNMENT (Organization):

The government or organization of Our Membership--Our Body or Realm (Nation)--is based on the Mediavel Philosophy that there is a social contract or covenant between God, Our Realm, and HIS People. Thus is formed a kind of Cyclical Chain of Command. On one side, the links go up from Family to Congregation to the Throne and finally to God, where the collective will of the people organizes to do God's works (as well as present petitions and request to HIM). On the other side, the links go down, from God to Throne to Nobles to Members where the authorities of God express HIS Will and call for obedience to HIS Laws. (I Kings 12:3-16) And, while we do follow the Scriptural Monarchial pattern, we are NOT to be a totalitarian dictatorship, where the People are reduced to slaves or robots! Rather, the Ruler as the concerned and caring father figure is to be Our model.


Now, whatever you do, don't stop here. There is more to learn, and to grow into the Spiritual Realm--and become a good Citizen of Our World!

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