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The Apparent Overlaps Between His Free Energies and Our work in D'Stridium and D'Stronics

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in Serbia. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1884 and then began to turn out a hail storm of inventions, mostly in the electical field (perhaps the most famous of which is the Tesla coil). Unfortunately, his career was rather stormy and controversial, too. Consequently, the Scientific Communuity tends to shy away from him (as well as us).

Now, in my own scientific education, I was made aware of his pioneering work in electricity, but we rather glossed over learning much about what he did (the Scientific Community being somewhat biased against him). And, as a result, much of his work was unknown to me. But, as we began to publish Articles on the Net concerning my work in D'Stridium, we began to get notes, here and there, that some of what we were talking about also sounded close to some of what Nikola had done. Consequently, we made something of a short literature search, just to see what there may be in common. The results of that are posted, below.

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The bulk of Tesla's work centered on electricity. He invented AC current and the generators needed to produce it (as well as the motors to run on it). His pioneering work in wireless was over-shadowed by the more flamboyant Marconi, who took the bows for what basically Nikola had come up with! But, the passion of his life seems to have been electo-static energy or basically harnessing the Earth as a giant battery to produce a whole bag of electical tricks.

Consequently, the bulk of his work has nothing to do with D'Stridium, which is a nuclear process, not a chemical nor electrical one. However, some D'Stridium processes are accessed and manipulated by electricity in what we have come to call D'Stronics. So, if there is any cross-over, it would be in this area of nuclear access or the opening of the Trans-Dimensional Doorway via the use of electicity to allow the Trans-Dimensional Particle Flow to operate in our own world or dimension. And, here, we do find some interesting parallels!

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Nikola was the first to coin the phrase Zero-Point Energies, when attempting to explain, mathematically, his electro-static successes. And, he went on to claim that he could, indeed, get electricity out of a vacuum. As a result, many of his later followers try to make a case for so called Free-Energies. And, a variety of apparatuses have been concocted to harness the Earth as a giant battery. Well, these may be fine and good for parlor tricks, however, their widespread use could be disastrous. For, you have to keep in mind, that though there is a lot of static electricity floating around on the Earth, our Planet is only a FINITE battery! If everyone starts using it, it will be rapidly depleted--and the more who tap into it, the less power that each will be able to draw out of it! Moreover, the ecological dangers of drawing too much electricity out of the Earth should not be over-looked. For, electricity is needed by Nature to run some of her envirnomental programs! Thus ecological diaster is down the road for extensive use of such systems!

D'Stridium, on the other hand, is an INFINITE power source, limited only by the confines of the Universe, itself. (And, if we run down the whole Universe, well, folks, it is over then, anyway!) The problem here is that D'Stridium is NOT an electical process but is nuclear. So, while cheap electro-static generators may be built by a few to save on their electrical bills, D'Stridium reactors are NOT available to the Public! (And, for obvious reasons!) However, it should be more than possible to build some secure, commercial sites, where the reactors could generate the energy, and then pump it out over the normal transmission routes. Or, certainly, ships, or spacecraft, might be built using such a reactor (in a controlled, security environment) allowing very rapid (Interstellar) travel. But, home D'Stridium reactors seem out of the question and would require a trust of the Public way beyond what we would recommend! (However, perhaps, eventually, a few, notable individuals might be licensed to have their own astricar or family space van, with a D'Stridium reactor powering it?)

Moreover, as we discussed in an earlier Article, Zero-Point Energy misses the whole point of Trans-Dimensional Particle Flow! Why settle for a cheap few volts, from an Earth battery (which only draws on the surface of our dimension or Zero-Point), when you can produce mega-volts or even giga-volts from a Trans-Dimensional Reactor, which draws on the whole sub-strata of the Universe and Infinity (and which is also more portable and will allow you to travel farther, faster--that is, deep into space)?

Consequently, we would caution the widespread use of such Tesla Free-Energies devices and advocate the controlled and regulated adoption of D'stridium reactors, instead!

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Now, Nikola was well known for being something of a showman and he liked to clown around with the things of electricity. One of the things that he began to play with early was the phenomena of Ball-Lightening or Fire Balls. And, over the years, there is record of his considerable work with these strange luminaries. But, just how far did he get with them?

Well, despite its controversies, the UFO record shows that we have had the strange appearance of the so called Foo Fighers during World War II, which were strange balls of light that tended to follow the warring planes around (both Allied and Axis aircraft were tailed). So, was this a secret Tesla Project? Or, did Marconi steal yet another invention of Nikola's (and run off to South America with it, as some UFO buffs suggest)? Or, was it really RANI Intelligence Craft, spying on our war activities? Will we ever know?

However, of particular note here is just how far did Tesla get with these Fire-Balls? He seems to have come up with lots of devices for Fire-Ball production! But, despite this, he does not ever seem to have built a spherical containment vessel for one--as would be needed in a D'Stridium reactor, to deal with the Trans-Dimensional Particle Flow. (Yet, such a design does strangely fits the so called Roswell reactor to a "T"!). Rather, all of his apparatus seems to have only been electrical in nature. So, while he may have come up to the Doorway on this one, he does not appear to have opened it, nor gone through it to access the other side.

Thus, it seems that his particle beam weapon is probably just an extended application of his Fire-Balls studies. Consequently, he is likely to have been able to shoot a ball of lightening at a target, rather like hiting it with an intensified EMP burst to knock out the enemy craft's electrical system--and cause it to crash. (See the particle beam discussion, below.)

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Van de Graaff Generator

While he did not invent it, Nikola became fascinated by this marvel, and watched its development grow into a nuclear particle accelerator. But, his interest in it seems to have been mainly electical. For, he improved it, by replacing the mechanical belt with an air shaft (like a florescent light--which he also happen to experiment on extensively), so that it considerably increased its ELECTRICAL power outputs. However, in proposing some D'Stridium devices of our own, we have (in some cases) also modified this machine to greatly increase its NUCLEAR power outputs even more--and produce some startling D'Stridium effects with it at these higher level. (Consequently, anyone experimenting with a Van de Graaff generator ought to be watched, and watched carefully, to see just what they are up to!) So, did Nikola use this machine to obtain D'Stronic results? Well...

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WARDENCLYFFE - the Tesla Tower

When we opened one of the books on Nikola, and saw the pictures of Wardenclyffe, we nearly fell out of our chair! For, in the early 1900s, Nikola has taken with the idea of the Van de Graaff generator and set to work building a colossal sized one! The original plans apparently called one similiar to the Eiffel Tower, then scaled down to 300 feet, and finally about 50 feet with a 100 foot well below it. His pulic announcemnt was to build a super-wireless station (that could also transmit electircal power, anywhere). However, with the well shaft and the side tunnels (and use of liquified gases?), this Tower bears an incredibly startling resemblance to our own proposed Dazer Tower, that would use D'Stridium technologies (and the Trans-Dimensional Particle Flow to generate tremendously destructive bursts). So, did he uncover the mysteries of D'Stridium and its Trans-Dimensional Particle Flow? (Or, was something else at work, here?) Well, we may never know, for the Tower was never completed, and then the Government seized it in World War I and blew it up, out of fear that it might be used by the Germans!

So, where did he get this idea?

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ALIEN CONTACT - The Martians of the West (RANI?)

Now, even more startling are the events that immediately preceded Wardenclyffe! In the late 1890s, Nikola was mysteriously invited to come out West to Colorado and there to conduct some of his electrical experiments. Then, the discovery of the century occured! TESLA CLAIMED THAT HE WAS CONTACTED BY MARTIANS!!!

Now, when we had originally intended to review his work, it was with a scientific perspective and we were going to publish it in the Institute Library (as scientifically significant literture). However, this startling twist of fate changes the whole tone of Tesla's life! For, as you may have noted from our other Articles in KUFOL, we had traced the RANI (Resident Alien Nation) to making its appearance in Western American in the history of our late 1800s! Consequently, by sheer logicstics, Tesla and the RANI were in the same area at the same time! But, did they have contact? Well, Tesla claims that he talked with some kind of Martians! And, his sudden trip back to set to work on Wardenclyffe (and its startling D'Stridium design) makes it look like the RANI either gave him the plans for it or at least inspired its design! So, was Nikola a willing accomplice? Or, had they only led him on, with what they told him was only a super-electro-static station (and then intended to convert it to a Dazer Tower, later--to establish control over the Earth)? Wow! And the questions ony get worse, from here on out!

Even more startling, a variety of UFO groups have latched on to this and claimed that Tesla was the First Contact! And that his discoveries were only given to him by Aliens (through telepathy) to make Earth a better world for us all! Consequently, today, Telsa has quite a cult following. (And, thus, the Scientific Community tends to lock him in the closet as one of those dirty skeletons that they don't want to have to deal with!) Some of these cults even going so far as to assert that he was their leader into the Occult and Psychic Sciences studies. However, when one such group did appear to discuss such para-normal phenomena with him, his earlier Christian (Greek Orthodox) upbring got the better of him--and he promptly threw them out! (So, much for being a master of the Occult World!)

However, his scientific achievements begger description! And, even more so, there seems to be running here something of a thin trail of D'Stridium potentials. (And with the RANI, once again, strangely associated with what is happening--or blocked--concerning D'Stridium Technologies!)

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As the years passsed (and Wardenclyffe was destroyed), Telsa not only made many other inventions, but he also announced the discovery of particles travelling at 50 times the speed of light! Unfortunatley, not only did this come at a time when Einstein's Theories were bearing fruit and becoming popular (along with his associated concept that travel faster than light was IMPOSSIBLE), but it also came on the heals of being labeled as the MAD SCIENTIST over the Martian contact matter! Consequently, no one really paid any attention to this claim of Nikola's.

However, if you looked at our D'Stridium G.U.T., then you will note our own assertion of tracking what appear to be hyper-light particle shock waves, giving an indicated speed of around 64 times the spead of light. Thus, Tesla's discovery may be validated by our work! For while there is a bit of a discrepency in numbers, if he was estimating (or rounding off) then our 64 is certainly within the ballpark of his 50. The question is, did he really know what he was seeing? That they were Trans-Dimensional Particles, or did he just have something that would give him an estimate of their speed? The record is strangely silent. But, surely, if he would have discovered dimensionality, as he so publically announced everything else, he would have laid claim to this, too. But, there is no record of such an announcement (that we found). So, as with Zero-Point Energy, he seems to have come to the dimensional doorway--but did not open it, nor step through.

Or, did he?

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In the late 30s, and some time after his Hyper-Light Particles annoncement, Tesla announced that he had come up with a particle beam weapon that could fry airplanes and shield whole countries! However, at this time, the Media only laughed at the MAD SCIENTIST! Martians? Hyper-Light? And now death rays? This guy has surely lost all of his marbles!

However, not everyone was laughing. There are indications that the Germans and Fascists were certainly poking around his things, just to see what he had really come up with. And once he died, and in the middle of the war, the FBI seized his things and went through his papers, just to see what he had really come up with. (And, reportedly, to keep them from falling into Communist hands, as Yugoslavia, his homeland (including Serbia) was taken over by Russia, then.) And, most mysteriously, those papers are still sealed up from the Public, today! (Though, some of them, apparently made their way to Utah!)

So, the big issue is did the particle beam weapon use Dazer Technology, with its Trans-Dimensional Particle Flow (and G.U.T. manipulation to produce a variety of radiations) OR was it just a more advanced form of Tesla's earlier electro-static station (shooting his funny Fire-Balls)? Believe it or not, we may have some answers to that.

If you have gone through our KUFOL materials, you surely noted the mysterious Area 63... (with its Utah no-fly zone). Consequently, we speculated at that time that someone was attempting to build a Dazer Tower there. (RANI?) However, in the light of this Tesla work, it now seems more likely that the govenment took Nikola's particle beam weapon, built a kind of Wardenclyffe type tower somewhere out there in the Utah desert, and if the Roswell Incident is any indiction, have been using it to shoot down Alien Spacecraft (protecting Kolob bases and their RANI facilities?) For, before the crash of the Roswell craft, witnesses said that there was some kind of electrical or lightening storm. This would be more likely from a Tesla Tower than from a Dazer, for the former would be using bolts of lightening (perhaps ball-lightening), whereas the later ought not to even be visible, if it is operating correctly (all you should notice is people dropping dead all over or things mysterious exploding--or perhaps the bright flash of a fusion blast at its target, etc.). Moreover, if it were a true Dazer Tower operating in Utah , then we should be seeing effects of it all over our solar system and on beyond Pluto! But, the Area 63... Tower seems to only have a range of around 500 to 1,000 miles--which is more in line with a Tesla electo-static Tower. Mystery solved? (Or, did it just deepen?)

However, while this may seem to solve some of the puzzles, it does not clear the issue. For, by Tesla's design at Wardenclyffe, it would not be hard to convert that Tesla Tower to a Dazer Tower. And, then we may really have problems--with someone (the Kolob?) trying to use it for world domination. (Either that or mis-handingly the conversion and blowing up all of Utah with them!) Moreover, we now have the issue of how are the E.T.s and ALIENS going to react to being shot down, if the government is indeed the one running that Tesla Tower? (Or, do the RANI have control of the Tower, not the US government? And, that would raise the issue of Kolob realtions with Other Aliens?) Furthermore, how are they going to even approach us, (for contact and to make PEACE) if they are always going to be shot down, every time that they get near us? Yes, the storm is just beginning, here!

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While it is to be held that American capitalism is the best system in the world, today, we have to face the sad facts that it also, occassionally, has some very serious defects! And, here and there, its big business turns into BIG CRIME!

Now, by character, Nikola appears to have been a good Christian gentleman, with high morals and ethics (and aristocratic air). Consequently, he tended to trust people far more than they deserved. And, while stealing seems to have been beyond his own thought patterns, there were others around him who were far less moral! Consequently, as the historical and court records show, both Marconi and General Electric (as well as some others), pirated Tesla's various inventions. And while they made economic killings on them, they didn't pay him a cent (or perhaps only a paltry sum here or there).

So, we look on this record with interest! For, in the Cold Fusion debacle, the end results were that G.E. was awarded the government contract for continued research--not the ZDK Institute! And, since that time, no significant discovery or advancement in that area has come along or been announced (almost as if they took it and sat on it--like a monopoly). Or, perhaps have abandoned its pursuit?

Even more interesting, G.E. seems to continue to produce a night-lite bulb that we offered to them for a just compensation. But, no such funds have shown up, to date--despite numerous letters to the company to pay up! So, just what kind of business are they running over there?

Perhaps when Congress gets around to conducting hearings on the Patent and Copyright Laws that are suppose to protect Intellectual Properties (and Inventors), they need to also investigate the standard business opperating activities of G.E.? OR, perhaps even a class action law suit is in order, here, to make them pay back all the other people that may have been robbed by G.E. in these questionable business practices of their's? For, sooner of later thievry will catch up with you (and God will make you pay--and pay big time).

Moreover, despite Nikola's abundance of significant discoveries and inventions, he was often penniless and on the verge of bankruptcy! Which raises the questions, just what was the RANI involvement with him? Did they try to get him to help them? Or, were they just out to block his work? (And an economic hardship was the easiest way to do that.) Yes, we need to investiage this MORE!

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F.B.I. Interference

Nikola abandoned the tyranny of his home country to come to America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! Yet, despite his abundant contributions to American Society (and certainly to its technological superiority), the witless criticism of his competitors raised the ire and allegiance of the government towards him. (Similiar to our case?) In World War I, they used his many world-wide contracts (and especially those with Germany) as an excuse to seize Wardenclyffe, and blow up his research tower, under the claims that it might be used by German subversives (as he worked with German companies)!

Then, in World War II, the F.B.I. accused many of his associates of being un-American and continued to harssess them and him. Finally, when he died, his files and work were seized by the Bureau, and some of his work (such as the particle beam weapon) they have kept locked up (and apparently without compensation to his Estate or heirs).

Now, for sure, the hard task of administering justice and catching criminals is a noble task--worthy of honor. But, is this justice? Where were the law enforcement agents while Tesla was being robbed blind! (Looking the other way?) And where were they in my own case? TURNING A DEAF EAR AND THROWING ME TO THE WOLVES!!! Now, one or two isolated cases might be an oops we made a mistake routine. But, what about John Delorian? (Yeah, the guy that was going to make all those good cars!) And what about Martin Luther King? Shall I go on?

Or, in short, it now appears that the FBI (under Kolob control?) has now become an agent for some kind of Fascist Police State or Totalitarian Society (especially here, out West), rather than preserving our traditions of Freedom and Liberty in America! And seems to concern itself more with harassing descent, law-abiding citizens (and their creativity), rather than catching real criminals. (Hey, criminals--whats that??? Oh, you mean my golf buddies!!!) So, rather than protecting us from those who are really un-American, they have become un-American themselves so that Americans need protection from them. Consequently, when Congress does get around to those hearings, they also need to investigate the Bureau, so that the American sacred componets of checks and balances can be restored here--and this rebellious and rogue agency brought back under proper government regulation where it belongs (instead of trying to run the govenment as some kind of invisible crime network--or Police State or neo-Pratorian Guard).

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Despite the substantial rumors that Tesla was involved is some kind of wild experiment in World War II, where he electrically teleported a whole ship from a dock in Philadephia out to sea, we were unable to locate any facts concerning this. Did he or didn't he? Well, perhaps only the government really knows. (But, then do they really know anything--or are they just scared of what they might know?)

Some cold facts on this experiment would be good for resolving the D'Stridium issue. For, considering Nikola's expertiese in static-electricty, it is more than possible that he found some way to levitate a whole ship and move in electrically out of dock. But, if he actually warped the ship out of dock (passing through the fabric of our dimensions), that would require the use of extensive amounts of gravity--which might be possible if he had managed to grasp the Trans-Dimensional Flow and used it. And, if he did, then we have warp capabilty already, supported now by more advances in Theory concerning D'Stridium (so that is applications can be put to ready use).

But, then, how would Kolob (and their RANI) respond, if they knew that we (of Earth) were now warp capable?

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Despite some very tantalizing prospects, the hard facts seem to show that Nikola did not breach the Trans-Dimensional Doorway (or if he did, he did not realize what was happening). For most of his work could easily be attributed to advances or tricks in electro-static phenomena, rather than actual nuclear processes, such as would be involved with D'Stridium. Yet, it seems amazing that he came so close, and did not go all the way. But, then, theoretically, perhaps he did not realize that there were more steps that he could take? Perhaps he needed the D'Stridium Theory to show him that there was MORE?

However, this is not the end. For, there is still a lot more data on Tesla and his work out there. (Some of it still classified!) And as others dig through it, who knows what they may find? We will just have to wait and see. But, for the momenent, there NOT any readily apparent D'stridium applications used by Nikola.

For more on Tesla's work, see our Article on his work in ZERO POINT ENERGIES and our Article on the apparent association of Nikola with Tunguska in GRAVITY AND ANTI-GRAVITY.

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