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KoReY U.F.O. Literature - Salvation of Extraterrestials?

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Do UFO Beings Have an Inner Man Needing Redemption?

If you examine all the records and the numerous extensive reports, it seems fairly clear that some kind of E.T. or Extraterrestial is visiting our planet.

No doubt, that simple statement of the observable scientific facts is going to upset a lot of people. For, we of Earth, have our own ideas of what the Universe should be like. And that we are at the center of it all! Thus, to find that there may be other people out there, considerably up-stages us. (Yeah, who do we think we are, anyway?)

Even worse, for those of us as Believers or church goers, this news is not only going to be shocking, but it is going to challenge a lot of contemporary theology! For, all too many Religious Teachers hold that Man was only Created on Earth. (And all that UFO nonsense is just a bunch of demonology!) Confronting the scientific reality of True E.T.s is really going to crack that Paradigm!

And, to help Believers cope with that new, startling revelation, we have set about to do some Articles here, that should help those of Faith sort through all of this. And come to some new found understanding of the GREATNESS of Our God! In an earlier Article, we have searched the Scriptues to see where these UFO Beings or Space People may have come from. And the Biblical records do indicated, that some of them may have originally come from Earth, long, long ago! (See Our Article on SPACE ALIEN ORIGINS for more details on this line of Scriptural Teaching!)

In addition, we have just finished a new Article, examining the greater issue of where true E.T.s or Extraterrestials may have come from in God's Scheme of things. And, by closely studying the Creation Accounts, we have found that there seems to have been a Dual Creation--a Creation by God of Mankind here on Earth, and a similar Creation by God of other humanoids or space people out there in the Universe. (See Our Article on PARALLEL CREATION for more details on this line of Scriptural Teaching.)

But, now, for this Article, let us turn our attention to a more pressing issue: DO THE UFO BEINGS HAVE A SOUL?

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One of the concepts that we discussed in the last Article, was that when God made the Universe, it was UNIFORMLY MADE in all directions. That is, astronomers can tell us that from one side of the Universe we can see, to the other side, all the elements and chemical compounds that we have here on Earth are out there, too. And that they all obey the same physical laws of Nature that are operating here on Earth, as well. Thus, Creation was done UNIVERSALLY UNIFORM. (Not lumpy or with special creations in its various corners or exceptional spots.)

Okay, so what does this mean? To put it in more layman terms, as God made Mankind here on Earth, so too did HE make them out there in the starry-heavens. What! But, they are so weird--and look so different? Well, only on the surface. And, besides, we have some pretty weird looking (and acting) people down here, among humans, too! Not to mention, the diversity that we have with the 3 differing Races! Not every Earthling looks identical. We are all individuals.

That is part of the glory and majesty of God's Creation--the allowance for variation (and individuality)!

THEREFORE, if the space aliens or humanoids are made like us, then they also MUST have an inner man, a HEART, or a spirit being--a soul.

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Now, some may argue that when God made Man, the same day, HE also made soulish animals or NePhiSh. These were creatures that could think--sentient beings. And who could communicate with Man. (Even as your dog, man's best friend, can think and interact in communication with you: letting you know when he is hungry, needs to go out, or alerts you to strangers around, etc.)

Consequently, some may try to assert that UFO Beings or E.T.s. are of this category: merely NePhiSh Creatures akind to mere animals.

Unfortunately, as Earth history shows, various people have tried to say the same thing of the different Races. And even today, White Supremacist insist that Blacks and Asians are inferior beings, not fit for association with Whites. (And need we mention the Nazi sentiments, that Jews are sub-humans, and can be treated even worse than animals?)

However, for the True Believer, who seraches the Scriptures, we find that God does not approve of that attitude! Rather, HE has made of ONE BLOOD, all the Peoples of the Earth! And, they are ALL welcome in HIS Kingdom.

CONSEQUENTLY, UFO Beings or E.T.s must have a soul, too--even as we, as Believers, do!

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Now, the Bible teachers us that THROUGH THE ONE MAN (Adam) ALL HAVE SINNED. That by one man's disobedience to God, not only has SIN or evil entered into the lives of all Mankind, but that SIN and corruption entered into the whole Universe. Thus, in Mankind's Fall, the whole Universe Fell.

This is also scientifically observable. For, as astronomers note, from one side of the known Universe to the other, entropy is at work. The Universe is running down--and dying. SIN was UNIVERSALLY FELT in all of Creation!

CONSEQUENTLY, the SOULS of UFO Beings and E.T.s must be in a sinful, unregenarated state. The Fall of Mankind here on Earth has also affected them, out there, at the ends of the Universe!

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Now, there are some liberal theologians that insist that ALL Peole have been redeemed by Christ's sacrifce on the Cross. And while this would be a good concept, as a cure, to deal with SIN, the Bible does not support this view! Why?

Because, when God made Mankind, HE also gave him FREE WILL! That is, Man could CHOOSE to serve God or not. God did not make Mankind to be a brainless robot. Rather, HE gave him the abilities to think for himself. (Even though God is surely not please with how some people have chosen to think!)

CONSEQUENTLY, the INDIVIDUAL person (both human and E.T.) MUST CHOOSE for themselves. The Gospel of God's cure for Sin being the sacrifice of HIS Son, shedding HIS Blood upon the Cross, must be presented to each and every individual. And each and every individual MUST choose to accept or reject that atonment or payment for Sins.

It is God's Plan!

[Interstellar Fleet]


One of the biggest questions debated by UFOlogist is the issue of intent. What is their purpose in visiting our world? Are they up to no good? Or, are they just laughing at us as curious freaks in the Universe?

Well, like the settlers who came to America, no doubt, the E.T. are driven by a variety of motives. Some good, perhaps some bad. (After all, they are just like us humans--with greed, passions, lusts, and ambition!)

However, whatever they may think has brought them to our world, the spiritual reality is quite different! FOR GOD HAS BROUGHT THEM HERE FOR THEM TO GET SAVED!!!

Since we have been so neglegent in getting out there, to them, to deliver the Gospel to them, God has brought them here, for us to witness to, and to tell the Plan of salvation to, so that they might receive the forgivenss of sins, as well--and become regenerated beings, like us, as human Belivers!

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For this is the Word of God, that we are to go and tell all Nations! And to HIM it does not matter if the people are Earthlings or if they are E.T.s. For, all People need to be told the Good News of the Gospel. And be given the chance to CHOOSE to serve God or not!

And is this not what is written:


So, why are we, as Belivers, not doing what our Lord and Master told us to do? (Isn't that the proper Redemption Philosophy?) Then...

Get Out there!


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However, whatever you do, don't stop here. There is more to learn, and to grow into in the Spirit World--and become a good Citizen of Our Realm!

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Yes, there is coming a massive Revival all across the Stars!

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Well, Our KoReY Introductory Literature is just for you! It gives you the details on what Our New World out among the Stars will be like (and why it will form that way). To get Our Articles on Astaria, use the link below:
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