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The Baptism of the Holy Ghosts gives E.T. Powers!

If you are curious (and open minded), and have read a lot about UFOs, VISITORS, and SPACE ALIENS (and E.T. Abductions), as I have, then you are probably use to seeing various forms of ESP being used by them (especially telepathy). Moreover, you should know that ESP outburts (or strangeness?) often occur after a Close Encounter (and sometimes, before)--indicating they have some kind of supernational Alien ESP skills or E.T. Powers. Consequently, most people who get interested in UFOs also get drawn into ESP, magyck, dark arts, and the Occult Sciences--often in just simply an attempt to try to understand what is going on here (with this strange phenomena).

Thus, as I grew up, got into science and astronomy, became fascinated by the UFO controversy, I also developed a very Occultish, Dark Arts view of the world (as many UFO Fans do). I thought I had found the Natural, Scientific facts behind the way the world worked! And, indeed, this is the perspective presented by today's New Age Movement.

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However, once I "discovered" that there really was a God (a Supreme Supernatural Being), and became a Starson (Child of God), and started Regenerating (becoming a Supernatural Being myself or Child of God--see Our previous Article on UFO GOSPEL for more details on this), the LIGHT began to dawn on me that God has Supernatural Powers far beyond these crude forms of ESP, held to be used by E.T. (and popular in the New Age Movement). After all, if HE really was God, then HE should have the Power to work miracles, shouldn't HE?

So, what about HIS followers?

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Well, shortly after giving my heart to Christ (getting saved--as we detailed in the above Article on REGENERATION), we were invited to an evening service at Chi Alpha House (Assembly of God Campus Ministry) by some of the Jesus Freaks we had met on the college campus. We arrived early to see what was going on and then as they were getting ready, one of the ladies in the band there, came over to me and said, prophesying: "You know, God has just shown me that you are going to get the Baptism of the Holy Ghost soon."

(Yeah, the what???) "What is that?" I asked.

"Well, it is hard to explain, so we will have to sit down and study about it for the next couple of weeks and then you'll be ready to get it." Or, so it was thought . . .

Then, as the meeting began, and we were all singing praises to God, I felt something like hot honey (because it was warm and sweet) being poured all over my body. And, as this had begun, those around me broke into Singing in the Spirit (Singing in Tongues). But, most amazingly, I found my own mouth open and this most melodious singing coming out of it--and in a language that I had no idea what it was saying. (Now, if you have ever listen to the old bullfrog, here, sing, the fact that I was carrying a most melodious tune was a miracle in itself!)

Consequently, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that I had just been Baptized in the Holy Ghost!

But, what was that?

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Well, this is a hot one! Theologians have debated this for centuries. And the modern churches split all over the place on this. Some shouting this. Others that. But, what is it? (And why is it so controversial?)

Well, John the Baptizer very clearly said:

"I (John) indeed baptize you in water to repentance, but HE that comes after me is mightier than I--whose shoes I am not (even) worthy to bear; And HE shall BAPTIZE YOU WITH THE HOLY GHOST, and and with fire (spiritual energy)!" (John 3:10)

Consequently, being Baptized in the Holy Ghost was a common expectation held by most of Jesus' followers in HIS Days. And Christ had this instruction to say about it:

"And, behold, I send the Promise-Of-the-Father upon you! Tarry you in the City of Jerusalem, until you are ENDUED (Engifted) WITH POWER (spiritual energy) FROM ON HIGH!" (Luke 24:49)

Thus, quite clearly there had been a Promise or Prophecy that there would be the Outpouring of some kind of spiritual power upon Christ's followers.

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This Promise had been given centuries earlier, that the Messiah would usher in a new era when Believers would be given miraculous powers by God' Spirit. Formerly, only Prophets or Holy Men would be given the Spirit of God to work wonders. But now, all of HIS Followers would have access to the Holy Ghost (because of Christ's permenant, Blood scacrifice upon the Cross, for our Sins)!

This is recorded in:

"And it shall come to pass afterward, that I (God) will Pour Out MY Spirit upon all flesh; And your sons and daughters shall prophesy (give divine utterances), your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions! And also upon (your) servants and (your) handmaidens, in those Days, will I Pour Out My Spirit!" (Joel 2:28-29)

Moreover, Christ, HIMSELF, expounded upon this Teaching, saying:

"And these Signs shall follow (be among) those that Believe! In MY Name (Jesus) shall they cast out devils (demons); They shall speak with new (or unknown) Tongues; They shall take up (master) serpents (beasts); And if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover!" (Mark 16:17-18)

So, is it any wonder that I say that God can and will give HIS followers spiritual powers (called GIFTS), that are far beyond the crude ESP of Sci-Fi!

However, these are only for Believers (John 7:38-39), so you need to be sure that you are saved or regenerated (see Our previous Article on THE GOSPEL for Space Alien buffs), FIRST!

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While there are a variety of means and methods, one that you can pursue right now is PRAYER. Yes, we can pray together right now, and see if God will not fill you to over-flowing. Join with us and say the following prayer out loud (so that God will know that you agree with it).
Father God, I claim YOUR Promise to me, according to Luke 11:9-13, which says that if we ask of you the Holy Ghost that you will freely give it to us--and not give us something else as a sibstitute that is bad for us.

I profess that I believe in YOUR Son, Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross, shedding HIS Blood to pay for my sins--as my death by proxy (and I thank you for Him).

I now renouce the Devil, his followers, their magyck powers, and all of their wicked ways--and command them, in Jesus' Name, to be gone from my life!

Instead, Heavenly Father, send YOUR precious Holy Ghost into my heart and life--to lead me and guide me in following the Ways that are pleasing to YOU.

And especially, I pray that you will Pour Out of YOUR Spirit upon me and give me the Baptism of the Holy Ghost--and Manifest some of YOUR Gifts in my Life, that I might use them to help others.

Now, that is a start. Perhaps you will get the Outpouring NOW? Then, again, it may come later. Perhaps you will need to pray again? (And, again?) Many do. And, it also helps to listen to some Spirit-filled music while you are praying for the Baptism of the Holy Ghost (I Samuel 10:5-6). In fact, in the old fashioned Tarrying Meetings, they would pray for awhile and then sing inspirational songs for awhile, on into the night, untill the Spirit of God would fall on them (Luke 24:49). Perhaps that is what you will need to do, too? Well, people are individuals. And how one gets the Outpouring is often different from the other. The important thing is that you try. And, that you keep trying untill you get it.

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One of the ways to get the GIFTS is to pray for them. Thus, prayer or communicating with God (usually making requests of HIM) is one ways to get miracles in your life! Consequently, prayer can also be good for other things. Isn't it about time that you understood more about prayer? Yes!!! So, follow the link, below:

To get PRAYER!!! (click here): [Prayer Course]

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So, you would like some more information on the Baptism of the Holy Ghost? Well, we do have more details about it, in a variety of places. So, we put together a Directory of Engiftment Articles that we have here, in Our Web Site. You can find it in Our Revival Chapel, or follow the links below, if you want to know more:
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Well, don't stop here! Get the next Article in this series on the Cultural Values that Extraterrestial Anthropology seems to show the Space Alien Peoples hold. And what a challenge to Our traditional Judeo-Christian morals and ethics! So, consider the issues in this sure to be growing controversy. You can find it, here, in Our KUFOL Directory, or follow the links below, if you want to know more:
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Well, ZDK.I has been well known for its Media work. Yet, Our Article on the scientific and techological aspects of how Alien like ESP pehenomena can be produced is quite an eye opener for most people! So, get the Article and read it for yourself. (Don't let them fool you. This kind of Mind Control stuff CAN be produced!)
To get MEDIA SECURITY ALERT (Click Here): [UFO Mind Control Techniques]

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Well, Our KoReY Introductory Literature is just for you! It gives you the details on what Our New World out among the Stars will be like (and why it will form that way). To get Our Articles on Astaria, use the link below:
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