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KoReY U.F.O. Literature - Abductions Self Help (PG-13)

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Dealing With the Aftermath of FAKED UFO Abductions!

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS FOUR: Guidelines for Cutting Through the Deception of MILAB Experiences.

The concept of Space Alien Abductions has been popularized (and romanticized) by the media of T.V. and Movies, so that most people have a vague idea of what they are supposedly all about. But, is that common image accurate?

Perhaps not! By all the tons of scientific evidence we can gather, it seems clear that various E.T.s have been visiting our world through their UFO craft for years, perhaps centuries. And, in that process, have apparently examined, upon occassion, various human subjects aboard their spacecraft (most likly for some kind of medical data for their survey records on our species).

However, the data is also mounting that various governments out there, have been monitoring this E.T. activity--in this past generation. And are extensively engaged in various DARK PROJECTS in an attempt to reverse engineer and replicate as much of the E.T. technology as they can.

Consequently, the scientific evidence is also now emerging that some Earth Power out there has copied E.T. technology well enough, that they are now producing UFO like craft--and even staging Alien Abductions to further their own ends (such as medical research on humans, and various clandestined activites--including torture for information and influence)!!! So, as shocking and as ghastly (and incredible or unbelievable) as this may seem, many respected authorities are now coming forward with claims of such MILAB activities: Dr. Helmet Lemmer of the Austrian Space Agency, Dr. Steven Greer of CSETI, and Katerina Wilson noted UFOlogiest to name a few. (And, to this we, at ZDK.I, would add our own story!)

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Clandestined, Fascist MILAB Activites Covered Up!!!

While there are various opinions on exactly who and why this is occuring, most of the authorities on it come to the same general conclusion--a common consensus: SOME KIND OF FACSIST, TOTALITARIAN ORGANIZATION IS INVOLED HERE! Yes, that nasty old Fascism, with its Axis Powers Alliance appears actively involved with MILAB Experiences.

How did this come about? The historical record seems clear, that ABWEHR (the Nazi Intelligence Network) had stealth copters (in the classic flying saucer configuration with rotating lift disc, acting as a helicopter rotar, round about a roundish cockpit--giving the craft that distincitive disc shape) way back in World War II (to transport its operatives and secret agents around the world, unnoticed). And, as a result, the International UFO Conspiracy was developed after the War to keep this secret. For more details on this, and what appears to have happened to that technology after the War, see Our other Article KOLOB'S E.T. INVASION?.

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NEW AXIS POWERS NETWORK - Emergence of Old RAS Programs!!!

While the debate on this topic is only getting started, it also now seems reasonably clear to us that there is a New Axis Powers Network. One that is clearly using E.T. technologies (developed from reverse engineering and other various DARK PROJECTS), in an attempt to bring about its goal of world totalitarian domination--yes, the old fashioned Fascism!

So, what has all this to do with the current rage of Alien Abductions? Well, if you bother to open your history books, you will find that the RAS (Radical Anti-Semitics) had a definate clandestined program, which they put into operation in Hitler's Germany. This was centered on Ethnic Cleansing and the erradication of anything of Hebrew origin (Jews and Jewish sympathizers--including church goers). Moreover, a lot of this involved secret operations, with many night-time activities, and other subtle routines, so that they would not be readily noticed. And under such programs, many were kidnapped or abducted--and disappeared into the dark of night, with the Gestopo, never to be heard from again.

Now, this surely is now going on again today! Or, is it? Well, before you make up your mind, perhaps you had better look over exactly what Radical Anti-Semitics did through Fascism, and how it seems to be occuring today, again. For more details on this, and what appears to have happened to those Old Gestopo approaches in support of Fascism, see Our other Articles at Our OFFICE OF SOCIAL DEFENSES.

Therefore, this seems to be EXACTLY what is going on with the MILAB Experience or the Para-Miliatry Abductions! (Though, perhaps, with a few new twists.) Let us take a closer look at the data, below!

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SORTING OUT WHAT HAPPENED - Especially if it involved you!

Will the REAL E.T. Abduction please stand up! Unfortunately, it is not that easy. On the one hand, the scientific evidence does suggest that there are true E.T. out there and that it is highly likely that they have had some contact with humans, including taking them aboard their spacecraft and perhaps even examining. On the other hand, there is clearly a clandestined Axis Powers group (Fascism) out there, that is also faking E.T. Abductions, to further their own clandestined research, and Radical Anti-Semitc Programs.

So, how do you tell which one you have been involved with?

Well, consider the following points. And, while one or two alone do not necessarily PROVE that you have had a Para-Military Abduction, rather than a true E.T. Abduction, if you find many correlations with what you experienced (or all of them), then you need to face the facts, that it is highly likely that you were deliberately deceived into a Para-Military Abduction. And, rather, than a True E.T. Abduction, went through a nasty MILAB Experience! So, read them over, carefully!

[Divine Enlightenment (BooK) Shield] 1-ALTERATED STATE OF REALITY:
The scientific evidence very firmly shows that UFOs are real and thus part of our world's reality or dimensions. So, if you experience a UFO, though it may be a bit shocking or frightening, it is a real experience. Moreover, if you are fully conscious and aware of it, and then either see Aliens (or even get invited aboard their spacecraft), the odds are very good that you have had a real and bonafide C.E. 4 or what is commonly referred to as a Space Alien Abduction.

On the other hand, if you experienced a definate sense of alteration of the normal world and seem to be in something of a dreamland like state, then the odds are good that you are NOT perceiving things accurately (nor as they really are), but are under some kind of Mind Control Technique, that is altering reality and trying to tell you something is happening that is not quite so. In other words, whoever is doing the Abduction is deliberately deceiving you! Thus, the Para-Miliatry Abduction seems to be most likley what what you went through. (For, the true E.T. appear to have no real motive to deceive you--if they don't want you to know anything, they either just stay away or totally knock you out so that you are completely unconscious--like we do to animals in the zoo or wilds to examine them.) MILABs, though, have a vested interest in making you think that what has happened, did not really happen!

[Holy Scriptures Shield] 2-THE HYPNOSIS CONTROVERSY:
Well, this is sure to set off a hot debate, but we might as well face the facts and deal with the varying opinions! For we are now there.

Many of the more dramatic Space Alien Abductions were supposedly DISCOVERED under hypnotic regression. And, while many UFOlogists will defend this technique to the death, let me calmly point out that not all UFO Groups use nor accept evidence obtained under hypnosis! (In fact, as a strong case in point over this, most Courts of Law will NOT accept hypnotic evidence as fact, mainly because the hypnotist has too much control over the reality of the subject, and the subject is too easily influence, even by subtle things, such as tone of voice! Rather, such evidence is often religated to JUNK SCIENCE, despite the value attached to it by many Abductions Groups.) So, scientifically, if you are standing on hypnotic evidence to prove that you have had a Space Alien Abduction, you are standing on shaking, scientific ground. And there is more!

[Word of God Shield] [Now, while we have opened this can of worms, lets follow this criticism just a bit further--and perhaps off on a tangent. For, this same technique is used by people who claim to have found past lives buried in their minds. So, if you accept hypnosis for Alien Abductions, then theologically, you have to leave yourself open to accepting reincarnation, as well. Even more so, people who claim to talk to spirits of the dead, often use hypnotic states to achieve this. So, you will also have to accept spiritism and necromacy! Now, obvioulsy, these activities are very specifically BANNED in the Holy Scriptures as Occult and of the Devil (Deuteronomy 18:9-12). Consequently, we, of the Judeo-Christian Heritage, view such claims for hypnotism with more than skepticism--as they are very religiously offensive!]

Returning to a more scientific vein, we also need to keep in mind that hypnosis definately alters reality! For, as best as we can figure, this Fascist Para-Military has perfected a technique (probably from reverse engineering of downed E.T. spacecraft) of some kind of Mind Control. Best scientific guess is that this is somehow associated with ELF transmissions (or media subliminals?). As this seems to be the wavelength that the human brain functions on. Thus, it is appears scientifically SOUND that some kind of beam or electonic bolt of ELF could be directed at the targetted person, placing them in an alterted sense of being--a hypnotic like trance--that would further allow the Para-Miliatry team to command the Abductee about what was happening to them--hence ALTERED STATE OF REALITY!

And this technique is all too real! (For more details on this, and the development of a variety or Mind Control and subliminal media devices, see Our Article on MEDIA SECURITY ALERT!) Whereas, straight hypnosis is very questionable.

Moreover, all this same line, hypnosis tends to respond to hypnosis! What? Well, when so called hypnotic regression is used to supposedly relive the Abduction, this hypnosic state only reaches into the mind of the victim to that area of the brain that was first stimulated by this ELF beam. Hence, the reality recalled under hypnosis is only what was planted there! The altered reality that the Para-Military already put into the persons brain, by previous electronic means. Thus, covering their tracks, TWICE. (Once when they made the person forget the experience--by hypnosis. And then, fogging the memory with alterted states of reality, so that they don't remember things exactly as they really occured.)

Now, this does not mean that you are lying or that you are just hallucinating about being abducted. Rather, you, most likely, have had a real experience. It is just that you have been cleverly deceived, and what you think you can recall through hypnosis, is not exactly the way things went!

Even worse, most hypnotists are totally unaware of this scientific process. And thus, are often as deceived as the Abductee,over just exactly what really happened. They think they have found the answer, only to be the patsy that finds the decoy!

Truly, this whole body of hypnotic evidence for Space Alien abductions needs to be re-examined in this light. And we are likely to find that all too many of them have been FAKED Para-Military Abductions, instead! The MILAB Experience is much more prevalent than anyone suspects. (Which is exactly why they are doing it that way--to keep their operations secret as long as they can!)

[Women's Issues (Heart) Shield] 3-THE TRUTH OF MEDICAL EXAMINS???
Well, having set off one massive debate, over hypnotism, we also need to face another scientific fact. E.T. Medical Technologies!

ZDK.I work in populsion systems, which appear to be what the E.T. Spacecraft are using, also lends itself to Medical Applications. However, these are not what the typical person expects of modern medicine. And, rather than blowing everyone's mind over all these details, let me just summarize by saying that if an E.T. has the technologies to build a propulsion system to carry their craft to our world across interstellar distances--THEN THEIR MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY SHOULD BE ON A COMPARABLE LEVEL!!! Consequently, what we should see in the so called Alien Medical Exams is something more akin to the medical technology displayed on Star Trek.

Thus, E.T. with Trans-Dimensional propulsion systems, should also be able to use this dimensional engineering to conduct medical examins and even perform operations with it!

Consequently, medical examins using needles, sharp instruments, making cuts or scoops in the skin, and causing breaking sounds, or allowing the victim to experience PAIN is totally off base! For TDPT Medical Technology ought to be way beyond this. Rather, these kinds of examins look all too modern (or perhaps only a step or two away from our own current medical operations and procedures)!

As a result, any claimed Alien Abduction, where these more common medical elements are present, are most likely not true E.T. Abductions, but are rather covered up MILAB experiences! (Now, while there appear to be a variety of E.T. out there, and at a variety of technology levels, then, we have to concede that some C.C. 4s with these medical elements may be true E.T. Abductions. But, it is highly unlikely!)

[Fig Tree (Prosperity) Shield] 4-NEW NAZI MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS???
Now, as we mentioned earlier, Hitler's Germany did a lot of medical experimentation on humans (mainly Jews). These were subsequently outlawed by International Law with the Nuremburg Laws at the end of the War. But, are they going on now--under the UFO cover-up?

So, what did these entail? There are 3 lines of research:

FIRST, the mainline of Nazi experimentation on humans was in the area of immunity. The Nazis were intensely interested in what improved and debilitated a person's immune system. For instances, diabetes often results in slow healing--and victims often succumbs to other diseases. Thus, it seems that their line of research was aimed at clandestined CBW (Chemical-Biological Weapons) that would secretly debilitate a person (such as give them diabetes), and then they would die laer on, apparently from other natural causes. (Thus, an assassination that would appear as a natural death.)

So, do we see anything like this with MILAB Experiences? Unfortunately, we do! Various people have reported very adverse conditions shortly after their encounter with a UFO! Some have written it off as merely radiation posioning. However, if E.T.s are really using TDPT Technologies, then the radiation levels ought to be low--unless their reactor is not tuned properly or is mal-functioning. So, is something more going on? Well, in recent years, many UFO have been spotted with comtrails or vapor trails behind them, as if spraying something. Is this some kind of slow poison that will eventually debilitate the rest of us but allow the Fascist Super Race to bloom? Yes, there are some real nasty issues here!

And what of AIDS? The common propaganda is that it is the GAY Plague. But, heterosexuals get it, too! (And the Fascists are always fond of attacking the Gay Community--and especially saying Jewish men are gay, when they are not!) Even worse, it appears to be a racists plague, for the populations that are going to be most adversely affected by it are the BLACKS, closely followed by the Asians. Now, if this is not a White Supremacy or RAS clandestined operations, it sure seems to mysteriously aid their cause tremendously! Is it mere luck? Or, was it engineered? (What about Dulce, Ceder City, and Dugway???)

Consequently, if you experience a dramatic change in your health, shortly after your Alien Abduction (either up or down), then it is likely that you have experienced a MILAB Abduction, and have been a human guinea pig for their experiments. (Hey, the E.T. don't need to experiment on humans! They have their own lab rats!)

[Nordic Peoples (Evergreen) Shield] 5-THE NEW NORDIC TYPE???
SECONDLY, another major line of Nazi human experiments focused on genetics and producing the Super Race or Aryan Type. And, most coincidently, this seems to match the common Nordic Type E.T. that is so commonly associated with UFO beings! Is there a connection? Probably!

And even more puzzling, while Jews were the main target of Gestopo activites (abductions and medical experiments), the records tend to show that those of the Nordic Type (fair skinned and fair haired) are the MOST LIKELY TO BE HAVE ALIEN ABDUCTIONS! (Almost a complete reverse of the old Nazi routine?) Why should this be so?

Well, in the first place, if Jews were being abducted and experimented on again, the Jewish Defense League would be jumping all over the place. (And the Mosad would probably be digging to get to the bottom of this--if not bumping off those that were responsible for attacking the Jews, again.) Thus, by Abducting mainly Nordics for the MILAB experiments, the Fascists Powers have been able to keep their operations secret much longer. It seems to all be part of their cover-up scheme!

And, in the second place, if we do have an engineered plague on our hands, then the Fascists need some way to innoculate their own people. Otherwise, there own Super Race population is likely to die of AIDS, too! So, is this what the MILAB Experience is mainly about, boosting the immunity of the Nordics to withstand the AIDS epidemic? (Does this mean that Kolob has an AIDS vacCine? RUMORS of this continue to circulate, while people die of AIDS like flies!)

Therefore, if you, yourself, are a Nordic Person (fair haired and fair skinned), then the odds are all too good that you really had a MILAB Experience, not a true E.T. Abduction!

[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] 6-STERILITY EXPERIMENTS:
THIRDLY, another big line of Nazi medical experiments was VERY NASTY! They sought ways to sterilize the undesired elements of their population--wyas that would block the inferiors from reproducing! Which, in turn, would allow the Aryans or Nordic Types to out produce them and eventually take over the whole population with this Facism Super Race.

For instance, they liked to give men blood pressure medicine that would keep them too flat to effect an impregnation!

Moreover, the so called Abortion Pill was perfected in Europe many years ago! And even more interesting, this medicine is subtle enough to be slipped to an unsuspecting mother. Which raises the issues of are all those mis-carriages out there really natural or have a lot of them been engineered?

[And if we want to carry this line out further, we find that the Fascists of Kolob in their Deseret Dominion tend to multuply like rabbits, with an average of half-a-dozen children per mother. And most of their mothers stay home with their children, increasing their multiplication! While the populations around them have one or two per mother, at best. And most of them are under such economic hardships that the mother has to work outside the home just to make ends meet--thus limiting their reproduction further. And, need we bring up the issue of multiple wives? So, is it any wonder they are taking over around here]

Now, for more details on these sublte Ethnic Cleansing and racial medical attacks, see Our Article on ACCUTARIAL DEFENSE in Our OSD Section! As well as Our own PRO-POPULATION POLICY!

[Realm Herald (Fellowship) Shield] 7-SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS???
Now, what do the E.T. think of all this genetics and breeding stuff? Well, from what we have seen of them, apparently most E.T. DO NOT HAVE GENITALIAL (sex organs)! Thus, it seems likely that they were either produced by cloning or invitro (test tube baby) processes. And, as a result, have probably have absolutely NO DESIRE to copulate with humans! (And are probably intensely revolted to have us even suggest such nonsense!)

But, one of the big themes of the supposed Alien Abductions is sexual or reproductive related activities! Consequently, if this element is in your Abduction experience, it is highly likely that you really had a MILAB experience, instead!

For, unfortunatgely, this sounds all too much like typical inmate or P.O.W.s experiences. Here, since the victim is confined or controlled anyway, the boys are just going to have a little fun with you. And who would notice? Or, believe it if a prisoner complained? So, who would believe a crazed witness attempting to assert that they were gang raped by Aliens??? Thus, the Para-Military boys have a perfect opportunity--and a good alibi! Therefore, if sex seems a part of your Alien Abduction, it is quite likely that you were really gang raped by the Fascists and their Para-Military!

Now, is this only for women? NO! While the Fascists are found of Gay bashing, we need to remember that they also follow the old Roman attitude. That is the father-raper is not a dirty gay, but is rather a real macho man! A super being? But, the effeminate (or rape victim) is a dirty dog that needs to be run out of town. Consequently, the Nazi Party was full of father-rapers (or gay aggressors). And dare we recall how they use to go around and stick a triangle badge with an H on it upon Jewish men, who were then targets for gay rape (and the police would do nothing about it).

Consequently, if sex is part of your Alien encounter, then most likely you are being decieved to cover up the Para-Military gang rape.

[Electronic Bolt (E-Mail) Shield] 8-EXOTIC TORTURE:
Do you happen to recall a lot of PAIN in your C.E. 4? Or, seem to have flashbacks of some kind of bizarre torturous experience? Well, in observing the E.T. Foo Fighters (balls of light), we can conclude that their intelligence gather abilities is far beyond ours! (No doubt, they can surf the Net and listen to our phones, and broadcasts, with great skill!) As a result, their need to torture people for info is about nil! However, torture is a standard RAS operating proceedure for Fascism! And while most people have some idea of the brutal beatings that our military boys got as P.O.W.s (that broke them and brainwashed them into compliance) few are aware of the modern, electronic means of torture, that can do the same thing, and reduce even the strongest warrior into a quivering bowl of jelly in a matter of minutes! Consequently, if you recall or sense anything like this, your Alien Abduction experience is most likely a Para-Military Abduction!

[Celestial Nobles (Star-Lords) Shield] 9-INFORMATION AND INORDINATE INFLUENCE:
The E.T. seem to prefer just sitting back at a distance and watching our world unfold. And they appear to have little interest in altering or molding whatever is going on down here. However, the Fascists and their Axis Powers Alliance is committed to obtaining world totalitarian domination. (Such as Kolob's Dominion of Deseret!) Consequently, any added influence that they can wring out of anyone is a plus in their eyes.

Thus, if you have had what you think is an Alien Abduction, stop for a moment and ask yourself if you have access to any sensitive or significant information? Or, do you have contact and association with those that do? If either of these is the case, then a red flag ought to go up! For, rather than E.T. routine inquisitiveness, you were most likely Abducted (and probably tortured) by the Para-Military to further their goals of terrorism and totalitarian take-over!

[Fruitful Vine (Harvest) Shield] 10-WEALTH AND ASSETS - The Pillaging and Plundering Syndrome:
True E.T. appear to be totally unconcerned with our money or our economic activities (science and environment seem to get their attention more). However, if you look back at the RAS Programs in Hitler's Germany, you find that the money and assets of the Wealthy Jews were seized (often clandestinely--but sometimes openly) and used to finance the rise of the Nazi Party! So, should it be surprizing that the Fascist Para-Military are using their clandestined skills to rake in the money of those so called GENTILES (non-Fascists) around them?

Land scams and inheritance robbery are at an all time crime wave out in Western America! And need we bring up the Howard Hughes Will Scam? (For more details on this UFO Crime Wave, and who appears to be behind it, see Our Article on Kolob's SECRET SERVICE!)

Consequently, if you think you had an Alien Abduction, but have a fair amount of wealth (or access to significant assets--inheritance?), then guess again. For you are most likely the target of a Para-Military Abduction (as they will to manipulate you and use it to sweep your finances into their coffers).

[Realm News (announcements) Shield]


The mounting scientific evidence tends to show that many of these popularly called Alien Abductions have actually been some kind of weird and bizarre Para-Military Abductions. (Using the E.T. as a cover for sinister Fascist and clandestined activities!)

Thus, if you think that you have had an Alien Abduction, look over the above check list. If you don't have any of these elements in what you experienced, then it seems likely that you did have a bonafide Alien Abduction experience. However, if many of these elements (or all of them) are present in your experience, then most likely you have really had a Para-Military Abduction (and they have used the E.T. theme to cover up what they really did to you)!

In closing, let me give you this strong word of advice: DON'T DO ANYTHING THAT ANY SPACE ALIEN TELLS YOU TO DO! True E.T. do not need to command you around nor run your life! However, the Para-Military are likely to be using this as a trick, to get you to do things for them. (Perhaps, even espionage! Or, giving your wealth away to them?)

[KoReY (Futuristic) Shield]


Now, for more information on SELF HELP on how to deal with an Abduction Experience (whether of Space Aliens or a MILAB Abduction), see Our Article on SPACE ALIEN ABDUCTIONS!

Or, for more details on who seems to be behind all of this Fascist clandestined UFO activity, see Our Article on Kolob's SECRET SERVICE!

Also, if you are curious about us at KoReY (and Our Future World of Astaria out in Space), see Our Articles at FUTURE SPACE REALM!

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