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KoReY F.A.Q.s

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions of Us

Spaced Out over us? Well, ride the wave! So, are many others. KoReY or K.R.Y. is such a new and unique concept that many people have trouble understanding it.

Consequently, we are often flooded with a variety of repeating questions. So, check out what we've been asked, below, and see if your burning question was answered before. (And, in the meantime, get to know us better! Cruise Our Web Site.)

[ZDK Institue Shield]


(Hey, only Nuts can come up with wild stuff like this!)

Foul! (My grandma, what a critical spirit you have?) Granted, many of the KoReY Concepts are hard to understand, and perhaps a bit mindboggling. Moreover, they may appear rather radical and revolutionary--and quite a change from the typical view of things that is currently being beaten into people's heads by the Establishment. Consequently, the Powers that Be seem to consider us something of a threat. One, that, rather than dealing logically and rationally with the reasonable and well founded arguements We present, they simply shout us down with mudslinging, and character assasination (calling us crazy, etc.). However, let us remember that the ESTABLISHMENT of his Day forced Galileo to recant his scientific discoveries. And, let us continue to remind them that a few generations later they had to eat crow over it, as what he said became proven beyond doubt! (And are still being forced to eat crow over it, today!) So, while things at KoReY (and the ZDK Institute) may be cutting edge and at the limits of science, we need to keep in mind that science is science and the facts will establish themselves for all to plainly see. Therefore, as Time passes, you will find that more and more of what we have written here will be bore out by what, in fact, comes to pass. So, don't be quick to criticize or condemn. For you may find yourself having to eat a LOT of crow. (Matthew 7:1-2)

Consequently, we strongly suggest that you read the Articles in the ZDK Institute Library, before making a hasty judgement on this! Look up the Articles there in Our Directory, or use the handy link, below:

To get more on ZDK INSTITUTE LIBRARY (Click Here)!

[Astrilanz Galatic Shield]


(Truthfully, who on Earth would ever think up this far out stuff!)

Oh come now! (Do be serious!) We are all obviously normal humans from Earth. (At least at this point.) Moreover, the philosophy and basic concepts of KoReY come from the Traditional Judeo-Christian Culture and Hebrew Heritage, which are very much unique to Earth! Why would Space Aliens ever use that Earth Heritage?

Rather, it would seems much more likely that they support Paganism, Idolatry, and forms of Magyck or Dark Arts? Yes, and there they would have a vested interest in promoting that, to help take over Our Culture, and transform it in their own image! (And, perhaps, even attempt to suppress the knowledge of the God of the Earthlings! For, HE. and HIS Teachings, might just challenge some of their views on things.)

However, as time progresses, and we succeed in exploring and colonizing the Stars, the odds are good that we will run into some Space Aliens out there somewhere. And, if they should choose to join US, and follow Our Teachings, why not?

For more on the Cultural Sources from which KoReY sprang, consider Our Article on K.R.Y. Heritage Worlds (where the impact of the Earth orientated Judeo-Christian Culture is more than seen--not ET or Space Alien influnces)!

To get more on KoReY HERITAGE WORLDS (Click Here):

[KUFOL Shield]


(Aren't you guys interfering with our history--prime directive?)

NO! (We only wish that we could hop in our flying saucer and go home!) But, we are from here (and stuck here), like the rest of you. However, we are convinced that our time remaining on Earth is limited. And, that the next, obvious step of Mankind is UP--and out into Space! Read Our Articles, and you will see that this is all very logical and rational.

On the other hand, if you are interested in Space Alien issues, then check out Our Future Thinking Section (for as we continue to expand and explore in Space, contact is bound to happen, sooner or later--if it hasn't already occured):

To get KUFOL Articles (Click Here)!

[NORDIC Peoples Shield]


(Don't you concentrate on Northern Europeans who are WHITE!)

Absolutely not! While our emphasis is on Semitic Or Hebrew Peoples (who are largely white), especially the Nordics (of the Northern Kingdom of Israel) who settled in white Europe, it is clear from Scripture that those of other races and ethnic groups will be ingathered or RETURNED, too. For, this is what we read (Acts 10:34-35 and 17:26)! So, while Our Calling may center on the Northern Peoples (especially for the NORDESEL), we expect (and are very open to) those of other or non-white ancestory. For, as the good old song says: Red, Yellow, Black, or White (or green-skinned Martian), they are precious in HIS sight! (And Our's, too!) So if you are non-white, don't hang back. Come on in!

(But, if you are looking for a white supremacy or racist group, please go elsewhere.)

To get more on The NORDESEL (Click Here)!

[Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Shield]


(Out to convert Jews and rip them away from their Culture?)

NO! As a collection of Hebrew Peoples, Descendants of our Fore-Father, Abraham (Romans 4:12-18 and I John 2:9-11) we tend to be strong supporters of Jews. And we are very appreciative of the Jewish Roots of our Faith! Furthermore, we consider ourselves part of the current ShuVaH or RETURN of the Israelites (ALL the Hebrew Peoples) back to God. So, how could we be anti-Semitic?

For more information on our Hebrew Heritage, consider the Articles in Our EMUSPATEL Section. Look them up there or use the handy link below:

To get more on EMUSPATEL (Click Here)!

[ZDK Menorah Shield]

6. ARE YOU JEWISH, THEN? (A new Jewish sect?)

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this, one. For, there are so many different definitions of what a Jew is. (And, even those who claim to be Jews can't agree on a common definition of what that is!) So, if this really is a burning issue for you, then we suggest that you consult Our Emuspatel Outreach Program, dealing with the Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Issues, and read Our Article on IS EMUSPATEL JEWISH? to make up your own mind.
To get IS EMUSPATEL JEWISH (Click Here)!

[Appir (Hebrew-Egyptian) Shield]


(WHAT! How can you even consider fellowship with Muslims?)

Well, old hatreds and animosities die hard! However, rather than centering on the old conflicts and warfare between Jews, Christians, and Muslims, we like to focus on the Crusader States, where ALL 3 brothers in the Faith (from Abraham) learned to live and get along with each other in PEACE! Moreover, in the Varangian (Eastern Russian and "Christian" Viking) atmosphere of openness and tolerance, we call upon ALL the Faithful, whether they be descendants of Keturah (Nordic, Viking Christians), descendants of Sarah (Jews), or descendants of Hagar (Ishmaelites or Arabs - Muslims), for we are ALL Descendants of Abraham (by blood or adoption) for them to UNITE with us in this Holy and Sacred Cause of bringing a post-modern RETURN to God among the Tribes of Abraham's Descendants or TAD. (And a restoration of God's Divine Culture in Our Days).

(Not to mention, working together, in mutual co-operation on joint projects to get Our People off of this doomed Planet!)

Now, if you are interested in Ishmaelites and Arab Culture, then check out Our Appiru Site.

To get APPIRU (Ishmaelite Return) (Click Here)!

[Information Age (Sun) Shield]


(After all, you aren't a very traditional church!)


In the first place, our doctrines center on the traditional teachings of the Holy Scriptures (such as the Trinity, the Virgin Birth, the Bible as God's Word, etc.), which are completely incompatible with the book of Mormon or Mormon doctrines! (For more details on this, see Our basic teachings under the Article on MEDIAVEL FOUNDATIONS.)

And, in the second place, we are very vigorous in keeping Cultists or Lodge members (or any others who may have hidden agendas) out of Our Leadership (I John 4:1-6). And, for us, Mormons are definately Cultists, for they believe in polytheism--that there can be more than one God (for their members are suppose to become gods one day)!

Furthermore, in the third place, we definately do not want to be tainted by God's Curse on the Mormons, for their promoting another Gospel (Galatians 1:6-12 and Revelations 22:18-19)!

However, there seems to be something of a witch-hunt going on in our area for Secret Mormons, and all kinds of people are being accused of all kinds of things (most of which are not true). Meanwhile, the real Secret LDS or polygamists (and subversives) run amuck, unrestrainted! It is bizarre.

[Spiritual Engiftment Flame Shield]


(Aren't you guys New Age - into that pseudo-science stuff?)

Absolutely not! (But, then, unfortunatelyy, all Cults claim that they aren't one.)

So, first of all, our doctrines come straight out of those that are very standard among the Judeo-Christian Heritage--as we covered just above. (Or, for more details on this, see Our detailed teachings under the Article on KoReY REVIVAL ARTICLES.)

Secondly, in our view, totalitarian mind control or brainwashing, which is typical of Cults, is of of the Devil (II Corinthians 4:1-7), and among Our People there is a certainly plenty of freedom or liberty (II Corinthinas 3:17). (Also, check out Our Divine Rights section in Our LAW LIBRARY!)

Thirdly, while we have done (and will do) Outreaches and Campaigns to bring people from the Occult and Pagan Magic users back to God, Our Idoloclastic (idol-destroying) Policy and Our ban on Occult practices ought to more than convince anyone that New Age magic has no place among us.

However, as we are Pentecostal or Charismatic, and believe in the modern supernatural Manifestions of God's Power and Presence (i.e. miracles), some continue to insist that we are New Age. (And, if you are interested in this raging controversy, see our teachings under the various Articles on Engiftment.)

To get Our ENGIFTMENT Articles (Click Here)!

[Realm News (Announcement) Shield]


(Hey, you've got to be Communist to advocate this kind of stuff!)

No! (What craziness!) For there are certainly better ways (and more profitable, too) to make money. For, with the World's modern attitude, all you have to do is say the word RELIGION and people run from you. So, if you think a Cultural Religious Society is just a front for ripping people off monetarily, you need to go see your shrink! (Your own avarice is beginning to get to you.) And, consider the warning of the Scriptures (I Timothy 6:10)! Personally, I don't see how people can even think this. The Works of God here should be more than obvious, if you'll just open your eyes and LOOK.

As to being Communist, that is almost too absurd to even reply to! But, if you are thinking it, then take a good hard look at Our Article on the Economic Impact of the Interstellar Migration. For we see Astaria (our Future Nation in Space) as a mixed or tri-con (or tri-plex) economy. Not Marx nor communistic!

To get ERA OF REST Article (Click Here)!

[Scandia Faith Shield]


(Denying the Lord's Second Coming--you must be of the anti-christ!)

Oh, boy! Never have we denied that Christ will Come Again, as HE said HE would! But, this passionate accusation, that is often thrown at us, comes from a misunderstanding of the Time Frame of those Prophecies. We have never said that the Second Coming will not occur. What we have said is that we don't believe that it will come as soon as is popularly preached! There are still several prophecies that MUST be fulfilled BEFORE the Lord Returns. (And among those prophecies are indications that Mankind WILL have Interstellar Activities before the Lord does return!) So, before you warm up the stake (and get swept away in the PANIC of the rumor mill), take a look at the prophecies and decide for yourself.
To get various Prophecy Discussions in KoReY Intro. Lit. (Click Here): [KoReY Introductory Literature]

Or, just jump straight to the Main Article on INTERSTELLAR PASSAGES of the Holy Scriptures, themselves.

So, what else do you want to know?

[K.R.Y. Interstellar Flag]

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