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KoReY Interstellar Society - ZDK Institute

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KoReY Space Ark Project

FUTURE CONSERVATIONISM - Transporting Earth-Life to the Stars!

Our Star Gardens and Interstellar Zoos Are On Their Way!

Welcome to the KoReY Office of Our Space Ark Project! We are a collection of sincere Believers who have regard for God's Holy LIFE-FORCE and a care (and concern) for the wide variety of Earth-Life that HE has Created.

Moreover, given the growing crisis over the Sun going nova, and soon, (see COMING COSMIC CATACLYSM) we feel the need and urgency to do what we can to save as much Earth-Life as is reasonably possible in this catastrophe.

And yes, we believe that we have developing here, a situation similiar to the ancient Noah's Ark, but in this case with Futuristic and Interstellar impacts, thus turning Our Program into a Space Ark.

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Project Space Ark is perhaps one of the most dramatic engineering programs to ever be envisioned and attempted by Mankind! (Greater than the Pyramids or the Great Wall of China!) And it more than dwarfs the meager resources of Our Realm! Yet, we feel the deep burning and Calling that it must be attemted. And attempted, soon! However, we do not expect this extensive Program to be done overnight, but have set forth 4 phases to be pursued for its completion.

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With the dwindling of Earth's resources (and according to Isaiah 51:6), along with the rising tide of evidence showing the Sun approaching a nova condition (also, by Isaiah 30:26), it becomes imperative that we pursue as many avenues as reasonably possible to conserve as much plant and animal life of Earth as we can, under these crisis conditions--for the preservation of the species!

Unfortunately, not only is the general public unaware of this desparate need, but they are also oblivious to the approaching Earth disaster, as well! So, first and foremost, we need to pursue an aggressive Program of Public Education to make the more thoughtful among the People aware of this growing serious situation. Most of the regular KoReY Outreach is aimed at raising the Public's general awareness and consciousness of Space and its related social and theological issues. So, this Phase should be handled mostly by the regular KoReY Program, itself. (See KoReY INTRO. LIT. for more details on this.)

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Phase II: CONSERVATION DOMAINS - Interstellar Zoos and Star Gardens

In an effort to preserve as much Earth-Life as reasonably possible, we will need to quickly develop, set-up, and maintain as many private farms, public zoos, and natural wild-life preserves as we can (establishing Interstellar Zoos and Star Gardens). And this is no small task! So, we call upon every Member of Our whole Realm to do what they can to participate in this!

However, obviously, this is too big a project for just Our small Society, so we will have to participate in (and co-operate with) other groups and governments to use their funds and facilities to further all of our needs here. Consequently, we encourage Our Members to also become active in these other, related associations. (And to help us co-ordinate all our efforts, together.)

Thus, this will be one of the main functions of Project Space Ark Staff, itself--to develop Our own activities in this area and to interface with other groups doing similiar works.

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In order to preserve Earth-Life from the coming nova, we will need to find as many suitable environments on other Planets out among other Stars, as we reasonably can. (And, as far away as possible!) Consequently, this calls for a rather extensive Space Research and Exploration Program. And, because of the ZDK Institute's growing expertize in this area, they will be the main organization of Ours to help us facilitate this phase, and to co-ordinate and co-operate with, other groups and governments to help in achieving this end (as well as help develop those technologies needed to carry out this part of the Program).

(See ZDK INSTITUTE LIBRARY for more details on this.)

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Phase IV: SITE DELIVERY - Interstellar Transportation

Once suitable sites are found on other Planets of other Stars, we will need to pursue an extensive transplanting and migration program. This, in turn, will require the development of a massive Interstellar Fleet, to be able to transport all the plants and animals that we have preserved on Earth, on out to their suitable environments in Space.

However, I-Fleet has yet to be developed (and for now, the training programs for I-Cadets among the Zanbayat or KoReY Youth will serve as the ground floor for futher developments of this massive institution). Thus, bringing to fulfullment, the prophecy of God's declared Plan and Purpose of Planting the Stars, through us (Isaiah 51:6)--and the migration of Mankind off the Earth and abroad from the Planet into Space (Isaiah 24:1-6).

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KoReY is developing so fast (exploding?) that it is hard to keep up with all that is going on. So, keep checking back for more details and further developments.

And, while you are waiting, it would be a good idea to see Our KoReY Literture Section, which will help bring you up to date on other KoReY concepts and programs.

To get Our KoReY INTRODUCTORY LITERATURE (Click Here): [K.R.Y. Intro. Lit.]

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Further Contacts:

Joining us?

Can't find what you are looking for? OR, have a comment or suggestion?

Then try the contact routes below:

E-MAIL us at: zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark subject box SPACE ARK!)

Our regular mailing address is:

KoReY Space Ark
ZDK (Shaddox) Conflux
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674

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As you can see, from cruising around our Web Site, there are lots of Projects in Planning and Works in Development. They are coming, but many are held up by lack of funds. For, we simply do not have the resources to do what you will not support. For Our Realm is greatly dependent upon the generousity of its members.

So, if God has blessed you with abundance, allowing you to give, then please do so. And give generously. (And, if God has not so blessed you, then you need to get in here and study more about HIM and HIS Ways, so that HE will come to so bless you!)

When making out donations, make them payable to: SHADDOX TREASURIHOUSE. (You may note KoReY Fund, if you want it to go to the K.R.Y. Programs.) Please use Money Orders, where possible (and outside the U.S.A. you must use them). Personal checks (from within the U.S.A) will be accepted, but their slow processing reduces us to a snail's pace. (And, unfortunately, we must insist on a service charge of $25.00 on everY returned check!) Sorry, we do not yet have credit card service. (Which is another project that takes more funds!) And, please realize that your donations are not, yet, tax deductible, either. (We are working on it. Have patience.) Moreover, do NOT send cash. (It tends to get lost in the mails!)

Mail your donations to:

ZDK (Shaddox) Treasurihouse
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Thank you ever so much for your generousity. (Even small donations are greatly appreciated!) And NO, we do not charge for our literature or lessons. Rather we depend on your support and generousity to keep our lessons going.

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