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About KoReY OR K.R.Y.

Descriptive Details Of Our Space Society

OK, what are you guys???

Yes, WE are a new and innovative (and unique) concept that is growing. And, it is time you gained some understanding of US! So, we have put together just a few simple facts here on US (and Our Realm), in order that you can get a quick idea of what WE are all about!

So, come and explore Our Future Studies (Our Science Fiction Realm or Sci-Fi Worlds) and the Space Society it is producing!

[KoReY Futuristic Shield]

The KoReY Futuristic Shield

One of the common icons or symbols that you will see in Our Web Site is the KoReY Futuristic Shield. This pictures the rising Morning Star (of the Hebrew Messiah ) or Astaria Imperial Interstellar Star, composed of the Red Four-Pointed Star of Abraham (or Futuristic Cross of Christ), superimposed within the circle of the 12 Blue Planets of Our Heritage Worlds (i.e. 12 Tribes of Israel). This is laid upon a white lozenge (indicating a pure and holy realm or spiritual society), which is also placed on a green Mediavel Shield both indicating Our Mediavel (and Judeo-Christian Culture) orientation and also being symbolic of the masses of the people out there, in all the Universe, for us to reach for God's Kingdom.

Overview of KoReY (K.R.Y.)

KoReY or K.R.Y. is an Interstellar Cultural Religious Organization, centered on the Interstellar RETURN of Israel (Deuteronomy 30:4 and Nehemiah 1:9), and under the Parent Organization of the ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation (and its Teachings).

[KoReY Tri-Unity Shield] 1. REALM UNIFIER:
K.R.Y. is the primary integrator of other ZDK Cultural Outreaches, for in other Sections of this Site, WE attempt to promote understanding and mutual co-operation among ALL the Descendants of Abraham (Jews, Christians, and Muslims), for they form the Hebrew Peoples that God so desparately wants to RETURN to HIM, in what WE call the Tri-Unity of the Faithful.

To get more on KoReY TRI-UNITY (Click Here):

[AstrilanZ Galatic Shield] 2. DIVINE EARTH CULTURE:
Consequently, WE foster the Divine Culture of God, such as is found in the Judeo-Christian (and Muslim) Heritage of Earth's History, which was also clearly expressed in the concepts of the Mediavel World--especially the Varangians (Eastern Russian "Christian" Vikings) and the Crusader States, where Jews, Christians, and Muslims learned to live together in PEACE (as the Hebrew Peoples of God and descendants of Abraham). See Our Collections in the ZDK Library for more on Divine Culture or follow the link below.

ASTARIA CULTRAL RESOURCES -- for articles and materials on the Heritage of Our Future World (and its Divine Culture)

[Divine Law Shield] 3. LAWS OF GOD:
In so doing, WE promote the Laws of God (the Divine Principles and Teachings), as found in the Holy Scriptures, which are the main written source of Our Divine Culture--the source that gave birth to the Mediavel World. For, when these Hebrew Peoples followed God and HIS Ways, they prospered and rose in power and influence--but when they turned from God, they waned and became poor and powerless (Proverbs 14:34; Isaiah 60:12). For more on the Laws of God, see Our Law Library or follow the link below.

INTERSTELLAR LAW--for more of God's Law all over the Universe (centered on the 10 Commandments); The Royal Rules and Regulations of Our Realm!

[Abrahamic Faith Shield] 4. INTERSTELLAR RETURN:
Consequently, we strongly spread the Interstellar Revival or Renewal of the ALL the Hebrew Peoples (the RETURN or ShuVaH of Our Times), which aims to bring back ALL The Descendants of Abraham to God and His Ways--no matter where they live (on Earth or on far distant stars). Thus, in Us the REVIVAL of the Stars has begun! For more on Prophesies of Mankind's Interstellar Activities, see Our INTERSTELLAR PASSAGES or follow the link, below, to more detailed Articles.

INTERSTELLAR RETURN--Articles on Great Stellar Revival (and making your own personal RETURN to God)!

[Divine Enlightenment (Book) Shield] 5. OUR CORE TREACHINGS:
In doing this, we follow the 3 Core Teachings of ZDK (and the Full Gospel): 1) the Blood Atonement of Christ on the Cross for the payment of Sins, and 2) the giving of the Gifts by the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:38-39). As well as 3) maintaining Holiness and Scantification by obeying God's Laws (especially the 10 Commandments--and their related Scriptures). For more details, see Our Basic Teachings.

To get Our BASIC REVIVAL TEACHINGS (Click Here): [Interstellar Revival Teachings]

[KoReY Interstellar Colony Shield] 6. OUR INTERSTELLAR COLONIZATION:
KoReY or K.R.Y. is also extensively involved in various projects to further the Interstellar Migration of the Hebrew Peoples (ALL the Peoples of God)--and to evacuate them from off the Planet Earth before its coming destruction (i.e. the rising Nova crisis).

KoReY INTRODUCTORY LITERATURE--for detailed articles on the Exodus of the Earth (and Stellar Settlement Movement)

[Holy Scriptures Shield] 7. OUR PRIME DIRECTIVE:
While other groups have their primary directive, Ours is the First and Foremost Commandment of the Holy Scriptures (Mathew 22:37)--also known as the Sh'MaH (Deuteronomy 6:4-5). Along with its Main Correlary (Leviticus 19:18), which is the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12).

OUR PRIME DIRECTIVE--the First and Foremost Commandment (and the Traditional Sh'MaH)

[Interstellar Fleet Shield] 8. OUR MAIN MISSION:
Our Main Mission is also set forth by the Holy Scriptures, for through them God tells us:

Go ye (you) into all the KOSMOS (starry-heavens or Universe), and Preach the Gospel (Good News of the Cross) to every living creature! (Mark 16:15)

Come and join us!

[K.R.Y. Interstellar Flag]

The ASTARIA Flag (Or KoReY Interstellar Flag)

For now, K.R.Y. is but a Cultural Organization (a Religious Realm or Spiritual Society). However, WE look forward to the Prophesied Future, when WE shall become a Nation out among the Stars (an Interstellar Empire or Astaria). So, we do have a Futuristic Flag, similiar to the KoReY Shield, above. This depicts the Imperial Interstellar Star of the Future Nordic Astaria, composed of the Red Four-Pointed Star of Abraham (or Cross-Star), symbolic of the Hebrew Peoples Descended from Abraham (Jews, Christians, and Muslims), within the cirlce of the 12 Blue Planets of the Heritage Worlds, symbolic of Interstellar Israel (Revelations 12:1). This is laid upon a white lozenge, symbolic of the purity and holiness of the Congregations of the Faithful that belong to ZDK (and Our Spiritual Realm Network or BODY), and which is also placed on a green Mediavel Shield (or Field) both indicating our Mediavel (Divine Culture) orientation, as well as being symbolic of the masses of people that will eventually become subject to Our Interstellar Empire out in Space.

For more on Our NEW NATION UNDER GOD Article (Click Here):

[Word of God Shield]

KoReY or The K.R.Y. Name:

K.R.Y. is an acronym for Kosmic Realm of Y'Shua (Jesus in Hebrew) and is often pronounced as cree. However, it is developing a more popular form in common use as "korey" or KoReY for KOsmic REalm of Y'Shua (which, incidently, in Greek means young girl or maiden--a popular referral to a new society or rising Nation). Thus, it seems to be quite fiting for us, and is catching on!

K.R.Y. Motto:

[Messianic Flag] [Nordesel Flag] [Appiru Flag] [K.R.Y. Flag]

. . . THREE . . . . INTO ONE:

(Our Tri-Unity of the Faithful: Jews, Christians, Muslims)

[Realm Herald Shield]

Fellowship of the Sci-Fi Believers

A large part of the uniqueness of KoReY (K.R.Y.) comes from the utter wasteland of popular Science Fiction mentality! For, if you are a Sci-Fi Believer (and a Fan of such things as Star Trek, Star Wars, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Battlestar Galatica, Dr. Who, etc.) then you are likely to find only the religious views of Magic and the Occult presented there. Any Beliefs in God or monotheism (and especially standard Judeo-Christian ethics, morality, and teachings) are almost always specifically EXCLUDED from current Sci-Fi (or presented in a bad light, encouraging their abandonment)!

Consequently, it was Our feeling that Believers who were Sci-Fi Fans (or Science Nerds) needed some place to meet and fellowship. And, to swap ideas about Our Judeo-Christian Future out among the Stars. So, here we all are! And look at what God is doing through us. Read through Our Articles in this Web Site. And come and join in!

Afterall, through who else is God going to work HIS Plans and Purposes for the Future (and a Future out among the Stars) unless WE, as Sci-Fi Believers, make ourselves available for HIS use?

(See I.S.A.G. for more details.)

[Information Age (Sun) Shield]

Need More Info About KoReY?

Then try Our FAQS (answers to Frequently Asked Questions), below:
KoReY F.A.Q.s--Answers to the common questions asked about US (and Our Realm)

Get the inside scoop!

[K.R.Y. Interstellar Flag]

Further Contacts with Us:

Joining us?

Or, can't find what you are looking for? OR, have a comment or suggestion? Then try the contact routes below:

E-MAIL us at: zdkf@gorge.net (Mark subject box ABOUT KoReY!)

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About KoReY
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Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674


Use of KoReY or K.R.Y. Articles (or other Literature from this Site) is RESTRICTED. If you would like to use it in your Home Study (or Congregational Courses) or hand it out on the street in your witnessing, be sure to contact us BEFORE you do so. Authorization may be given for you to use it. But, it must not be assumed that it is free and clear for you to use in any way you chose. Note the copyright message, below.


K.R.Y. Space Realm or Kry Family???

K.R.Y. is an acronym, whose meaning and origin is more fully discussed above! However, please note that it has no connection whatsoever with members of the Kry Family! So, to help you avoid the confusion, we have begun refering to K.R.Y. as KoReY to help you keep our distinctiveness clear in your mind. (And, if you are here looking for Kry Family activities, you are in the wrong place!)
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