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The Truth About GLOBAL WARMING...

Passing Phase Or WEIRD WARNING???

Increasing Indications of an Impending Incident!!!

In the past few decades, scientist have been noting a rather alarming trend. The Earth seems to be heating up on a world-wide scale as the years pass. This is referred to as Global Warming. And, just last Fall the Scientists in Greenland, who bore down through the ice cap and measure the accumulations, reported that we had just had our warmest Summer in the last 200,000 years! And, now, this Winter, the Scientists of Antartica are also reporting the greatest melting of of the ice cap there, too!

Why? Well, the popular thought has been to blamed it on atmospheric conditons. That is, most scientists seem to think that the increasing use of fossil fuels fills the atmosphere with carbon particles that collect and hold more of the sunlight. So, the more fossil fuels we burn, the more carbon goes into the air, and the more carbon that is in the air, the warmer things get. Well, it sounds simple, but is it?

OR, is there any other plausible explaination for it? Well, hold onto your socks! (For, they are about to be blown off!) As, there is, indeed, an alternative explaination. But, as it is rather alarming (and controversial), few are willing to consider it!

So, what is it? Well, before we jump into that, lets do a little background building. And, prepare ourselves, philosphically, for what may be going on here. (Please bear with me a bit, on this!)

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Past Sun Studies...

Well, scientifically, there are actually two possibliities, here. First, (and most popular) is that the atmosphere is just retaining more of the Sun's heat. The other is that the Sun is actually putting out MORE HEAT!!!

Now, while you think on that a bit, let us shift gears and delve back into Mankind's history and mythology.

As you may recall, in the Days of Noah, God had more than enough with Mankind and its degeneration into evil and wickedness, so HE sent the Great Flood. Now, apparently science has discovered that this was probably caused from a great comet striking the Earth (and drowning all the dinosaurs--from the melting of all the ice that is in a comet). Consequently, the Bible does seem to record scientifically sound events. So, does it say anything about our Sun?

Well, as it does not appear that God will Flood the Earth again (according to HIS Promise and Covenant), what is HE likely to do (if HE should think that HE needs to punish Mankind again)? Unfortunately, there are lots of accounts of the Earth perishing in flames or great heat. Now, many Bible Scholars have assumed that this meant some kind of nuclear holocaust. However, there may be a clue that something quite different is about to happen. Consider this Passage of Bible Prophecy:

"Moreover, the light of the Moon shall be as the light of the Sun; And the light of the Sun shall be sevenfold--as the light of seven days!... (Isaiah 30:26)

Now, to ancient peoples, this phenomena was probably not clear. And many, no doubt, just accused Isaiah of daydreaming (or hitting the sauce too much)!

But, with modern science, we have a better understanding of what is being discussed here. For, astronomers know that as suns or stars form, they burn for a time and then seem to get cooler. But, then there comes a time when they burst out with renewed energy, light, and heat. This is called a Nova. (If the sun or star gets too much renewed energy, it explodes. That is called a Super-Nova.) Consequently, from reading that Passage, with the Sun having a renewed burst of energy, it sounds like God is going to cause our Sun to Nova.

And perhaps soon!

And, as a direct consequence of the inhabitants of Earth breaking the Noahic Covenant (just as HE destroyed Sodom and Gomorah for their corruption and wickedness).

What! Are you sure of this? (You may ask?)

Well, let's consider some other facts.

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Most scientist consider this Sun Nova scenario to be simple emotionalism. To them, it is just irrational panic! But, are there real reasons to worry?

Most scientists simply ASSUME that the Sun has been stable for eons. And, that it will continue to be stable for eons more. Now, is this sound, scientific fact? Or, is it just the emotionalism of OVER-COMFORTABLENESS?

Afterall, if there is no crisis, then we certainly don't have to do anything about it. (Rather, we can just sit back, in our lazy, plush positions and enjoy the finer things in life.) Why worry? We have too much to enjoy to even think that it might all perish, soon!

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ICE AGES: the Sun's Down-Blinks???

Perhaps one of the most disturbing facts of archeology and geology is that no matter how you cut it, the evidence is there that major portions of the Earth's surface were once under an ice cap! And, while some may claim mulitple ice ages and others suggest that this was only the ice of the comet that hit the Earth in Noah's Days, whatever your camp, the fact remains: most of the Earth was under the ice not too many years ago!

So, how come?

The easiest explaination for this is that the Sun is just not as stable as some think! And, during the Ice Age(s) it had a serious Down-Blink and did not put out as much heat as it normally does! So, if it shuts down heat production, then it is just as logical that it can also turn up heat production. Hence modern Global Warming!

Yeah, but are there any other records of RECENT Down-Blinks?

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MEDIAVEL CHILL: Sun's Down-blink of the 1300s A.D.

Well, those who think that the Sun has always been stable have obvious never been much of a history scholar. For, while the Middle Ages was on a high roll for centuries, it suffered a very serious set-back in the 1300s. Now, for sure, the Great Plague and Black Death of the mid-1300s had a lot to do with this.

However, a closer examination of this time period reveals intensive records of increasing CHILL. The climate got considerably colder. (So cold, that the Greenland settlements of the Vikings had to be abandoned!)

Well, was this because of a Down-Blink? Perhaps? But, then some try to claim that the coldness was a result of the meteorite plume that resulted from an extensive hit in Siberia (which, incidently, is also blamed for bringing us the Great Plague?).

However, Down-Blinks are not all that we have record of!

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One of the more popular stories of the Bible is that of Joseph, who rose from being wrongfully imprisoned to being Ruler over Egypt! However, the main claim for him being able to do this was that he successfully predicted the coming of years of great harvest, followed by years of drought and famine.

Well, if we follow this scientifically, we see that this is, indeed, possible. For, if there was an Up-Blink, then that would raise temperatures slightly--and with a bit warmer tempertures, then more and better harvests would be possible! Correspondingly, as the temperatures rose, a point would be reached where the crops would be damaged by the excess heat. And, excess heat would dry out the air more and cut down on the rain--so water would be also getting scarce for the crops as well. Hence the arrival of the Great Famine of Egyptian History (and the take over of Jospeh).

Consequently, it seems clear that this was, indeed, a serious Up-Blink!

And, if a 14 year Up-Blink was possible back then, then it is also certainly possible today!!!

Therefore, those who ASSUME that the Sun has always been stable--and always will be stable--HAD BETTER GUESS AGAIN!!!

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Now, while we have certainly castigated the scientific community for its lack of concern over the Nova issue, the Religious Establishment is even worse!

Thus, while the dead Religious Establishment trys to convince us that they are OK--and ignores their Sin (and their turning to Pagan indulgences and idolatry), and tries to tell everyone not to worry about any problems because Christ will come again, SOON, to rescue them from all their troubles (just as the Jewish Leaders had taught that the Messiah would deliver them from the Romans), God has different Plans!!!

Instead, soon, our Planet will be destroyed, our cities ruined, and perhaps we will even be given into the hands of another empire, to scatter us off this Planet into Realms beyond (as the Romans did)? Yes, a repeat of the past seems most likely, here!

So, where are you going to go?

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BIBLE PROPHECY: Our Way of Escape!

As in the Days of Noah, the Great Flood fell upon the Pagans unawares, for they would not listen to the warnings from God. However, Noah and his family listened. And, now, hopefully, you are listening, too, to the Bible Prophecy!

For, if you follow the Ways of the Pagans of the Wicked World, then you will be destroyed with them! It is that simple. For the Word of God openly declares:

For the Nation (or Peoples) and Kingdom (or Country) that will not serve THEE (God) shall perish! Yes, those nations (or individuals) shall be utterly wasted!" (Isaiah 60:12)

On the other hand, if you RETURN to God and serve HIM, then you shall escape. A New Ark shall be provided for you and your family to carry you away to safety. The only question now is, what are you going to do? Serve God (and find safety), or follow the Pagans (and perish with them)? And, unfortunately, the only one who can answer that question is YOU!

Yet, we have more than done our part in getting this information to you. And, as we have given you this alert, so too do we offer a way of escape. But, first, you need to get your life right with God. You need to either be RENEWED or REGENERATED! To get that, turn to our section on the Revival Course. Or, follow the links below:

To get Our REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Our Revival Course]
And, if you are already Regenerated or Renewed, then you need to get in here and join us in the effort to make a way for God's People (Jews, Christians, and Arabs - Muslims) to escape the destruction of the Planet Earth! For, it needs to be a group effort. And, We expect the talents and efforts of ALL Believers to come together in Unity to help carry out this Holy task--rescuing Mankind!

Don't hold back! Do your part. Contact us today.

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Coming Cosmic Cataclysm!

Our first article on the Net concerning the Nova Crisis created something of a stir in the small pond of those in the know. So, if you have not read that Article, then we highly recommend that you now read it:
To get the COMING COSMIC CATACLYSM Article (Click Here): [Our Dependable Sun - Soon to Go Nova???]

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Now, that first Article on the growing Nova Crisis painted a scenario of our Sun either becoming a sweller (i.e. regular Nova) or becoming a boomer (i.e. Super-Nova).

However, one of our collegues in the scientific community then got to us information of a third option (which, at the time, we had not considered). And that is, our Sun may be turning into a Cepheid Variables Star, or what is commonly called a Blinker. That is, it has cycles of Up-Blinks of increasing heat and light followed by Down-Blinks of diminishing heat and light.

And considering the recent scientific records of the past few decades, that seems to be what is occuring. For, our Sun has been going through 11-12 year solar cycles, where it rises to a high production of solar flares and then settles down to some relatively quiet times. Thus, the current Global Warming may be tied, somewhat to this Blinker kind of phenomena.

In addition, by looking over the historical record as we have in this Article, it does seem that our Sun has gone through some SERIOUS Up-Blinks and Down-Blinks in our, recent recorded past.

Thus, the scientific conclusion would be that our Sun is more likely to be a Blinker or Cepheid Variables Star, rather than the Nova or Super-Nova (that we had put forward). However, not all the votes are in yet. So, let's not close the book, until we have read all the story!

And for more of that story, consider Our Article on the SOLAR SYSTEM SUPER-STRING to find out why the Sun is blinking!

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BLINKER: Underground Shelter Success???

At the end of this round of debate, we have to concede that the government strategists may have scored a point here. For, if the Sun is a Blinker, then underground shelters would work, of sorts. For, all we would need do is to take the people (or rather a selected minority of the population) into the underground shelter during the Up-Blink (to protect them from the heat and drought). And, then release them back to the surface, during the coming Down-Blink. Simple! Huh?

Well, let's put our thinking caps back on! For, a Blinker does not guarentee that we are out of the woods. For, despite the government's plans to survive a year or two of a nuclear war (or other natural disaster) in those underground shelters, what happens if the Sun goes through another Jospeh scenario and ends up on a 14 year Up-Blink cycle? The supplies in those shelters are going to run out!!! Or, worse, what if the coming Down-Blink actually goes farther and we slide into another Ice Age??? (Rather than just returning to a normal surface environment, as is assumed?)

Moreover, what about the social, moral, and political values of selecting and preserving an elite minority of our population? (Who is going to select? And what criteria are they going to use? Acceptable genetics? Neo-Nazi or White Supremacy values?)

Or even worse, as astronomers know, Blinkers are the most likely to BOOM!

And, to carry the arguement further, that a Cepheid Variables option is not a salvation, but rather has some disturbing down-sides, one of the most disturbing of these is that as the data tends to show, our Sun seems to be rather far along in this process, having had serveral Up-Blinks and Down-Blinks in recent, recorded history. Thus, the odds that it will go all the way to a Boomer are much higher than some think!

Consequently, we still insist that a REAL Nova Crisis is brewing here! And that something needs to be done about it. Moreover, as the Establishment seems to be set in concrete on this subject, it is now up to us, as concerned citizens, and humanitarians (and Believers), to do what we can to save whatever portion of the population of Mankind that is possible!

So, come and join us in the effort--at KoReY!


Unfortunately, some cults (such as the Mormons) have looked on this crisis as an opportune time to capitalize on their gains--and to take advantage of everyone else's mis-fortunes. The policy generally being put forth is to hoard canned food and to acquire the springs and other water sources that can be found out West (so that their people can drink, and eat, but everyone else will supposedly die in the Great Drought or Famine).

Others, in the Millenial Rush have taken to building underground shelters of their own, especially in the Holy Land!

However, such policy and action is extemely irrational and not founded on good science at all! For, while such groups seem to make their stand with the government shelter people, we have to ask the the serious, scientific question: WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO WHEN THE MEAN (average) TEMPERATURE AT THE EQUATOR RISES TO AROUND 700 DEGFREES FAHRENHEIT? Obviously, die by the multiple millions for their sins and folly!!!

*** For no living thing will be able to survive on the surface of the Earth, then. ***

And the delusions of their own superiority will bring about their own self-extinction. So, let us not fall into that kind of delusional error! But, then, those who walk in error, tend to continue in error. (They rarely, ever, consider the TRUTH.)

Consequently, billions upon billions of people are about to perish here, so what is the fuss over a few million more. They are hardly a drop in the bucket--a ripple in the flood of time that will not even be noticed! So, why care?

But, then, God's Heart weeps for ALL lost souls (Ezekiel 33:11)! So, TURN FROM YOUR WICKED WAYS!!! (While there is still time.)


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