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Disturbing Discovery of the Heart of the Nova Crisis!!!

Unfortunately, this is bound to be controversial. And the storm of opinions for and against it is sure to explode. Moreover, all the scientific data is not yet in and fully analyzed, so that we cannot yet say that we are conclusively sure that this is so. However, it is so significant that even its pre-liminary disovery needs to be announced! And while the government is, no doubt, going to have fits to the maximum over making this semi-public, the situation is so serious that we MUST make the rest of the Intellectual Community of the world aware of what appears to be going on, so that the serious thinkers out there can do what they can to cope with the crisis and save Mankind from the impending Solar Disaster that someone out there has just set in motion!

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BACKGROUND: the Star Bomb

For those of you new to the field of hyper-nukes and wondering just what all the fuss is about, we need to define some terms for you. And give you some foundational concepts so that you can grasp just what is going on here. For, the subject is, indeed, hard for the average person to readily grasp.

The Star Bomb is an advanced nuclear device based on Our TDPT: that a burst of trans-dimensional energy may be produced by the adaquate combinations of D'Stridium technologies, something like an enhanced radiations weapon. However, rather than being based on the conventional fission or fusion methods, the Star Bomb relies on the more exotic forms of nuclear energy developed under the guidance of the ZDK Institute. Consequently, it is a most distinctive and readily recognizable apparatus to us.

It has already stirred up a controversy as a massively destructive weapon. For, if set off on the Earth a Star Bomb would yield the power to ignite the whole planet into a sun (hence its name), and set off such gravity shock waves so as to most likely form a black whole and suck the rest of the solar system down in on top of us!

[Astrilanz Galatic Shield]


Unfortunately, because of its horrifyingly destructive power, many have come forth and said that such a device should never, ever be produced.

However, the original concepts of the Star Bomb were not for weaponry! Rather, they grew out of Our study on stars and galaxy formation--as well as attempting to gain an understanding of the astronomical geology of our galaxy (or Astriography). It this light, it was being developed to be used for galactic remodeling and engineering. (The moving of stars around to make a galaxy more accomodating to rising human populations--and perhaps even altering certain stars to make their solar systems more hospitable to Earth life-forms.)

Thus, its peacefull applications for use as an engineering explosive more than seemed to justify its continued development, despite the protests.

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In addition, if the power of the Star Bomb could be harnessed and controlled, we would have an adaquate power source for the development of Interstellar Propulsion Systems!

Man's dream of travelling to the stars could, indeed, become a practical reality through the application of the TDPT power sources that produce a Star Bomb.

And, in fact, the Star Bomb was developed as a spin off from our efforts to develop just such an Interstellar Propulsion System. So, rather than coming from motives of war and destruction, the Star Bomb was the outgrowth of some very peaceful and very useful lines of research. And, its benefits, in its peaceful forms, to Mankind are absolutely staggering!

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MILITARY REJECTION: Too Destructive For Use

As the years have passed in the development of the Star Bomb, the concepts have often been offered to the U.S. Military (in an attempt to get funding for the other parts of our research). However, once they get a grasp on the destructive power of the device, the response has been overwhelmingly: HOW COULD WE POSSIBLY USE THIS IN ANY STRATEGIC THEARTER??? The current level of military arts and sciences could just not cope with such a powerful weapon on the battlefield!

Consequently, we have often been asked if it could be minaturized. Well, most of our work has been centered on making it more and more powerful, for cosmological aplications--and for dealing with astronomical situations. This reverse in thinking was not readily part of the ZDK outlook and philosophy.

However, as this resonse kept coming up, some pre-liminary checks were made into the TDPT to see if this could be theoretically possible. From that early analysis we concluded that it might be possible to develop a small, tactical device that would yield something in the neighborhood of 100 megatons. (And what we have come to refer to as the infamous D-Nuke.) But, that it would take some considerable changes in the normal approaches used by the ZDK Institute to develop that line of research.

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MOTIVE: The Cold Fusion Crisis???

Now, one of the main roadblocks in pursuing my claims against the government for the crash of the D'Stridium Project in the Cold Fusion Crisis (and my resultant being drugged, abducted, and tortured--and disabled), was that there was no adaquate motive!

Because of our working relationship, most of the ZDK files were readily open to the government. And, in fact, we GAVE them many things, in an attempt to gain their favor (and funding). And as a result, they bascally had anything that they may have wanted! So, despite our avid claims for damages, it has not gotten very far.

But, some of the torture sessions that I am having nightmares and flashbacks about, are clearly information extraction processes. Where someone wanted to know more than they did. So, did someone want to know all I knew about the D-Nuke? It seems highly likely, now!

After all, they now have had about a decade to develop it and perfect it!

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D-NUKE: Hiding the Pink Elephant???

Now, for those of you not use to grasping the dimensions of what we are talking about, a D-Nuke blast of 100 megatons is far larger than anything yet exploded in the nuclear field. In fact, it is so large that if it were set off here, at our location, it would totally wipe out the States of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho! Even worse, the blast effects would most likely ripple the earth's crush and could set off some major earthquakes, world wide.

Consequently, no device like this could be set off on the planet, without everyone knowing about it!!!

So, where might be a good test site, to keep everything nice and secret? Out in space? Well, the blast effects of 100 megatons are so powerful that if it were set off anywhere in our solar system, we would know about it! Either see its flash or detect its burst of radiation. (Yes, how do you hide a Pink Elepahnt on a crowded street?)

Well, that is, except for one place!

[Information Age (Sun) Shield]

THE SUN: A D-Nuke Shield???

Now, if you were a foreign power, and were attempting to hide a nuclear test blast, where would you put it? One solution could be the Sun. The bursts of radiation that naturally come from it, might cover the signatures of a nuclear blast. Especially now at an up cycle in the Sun's typical 11 year pattern, when solar flairs are expected. However, the circular flash might be highly noticeable, if it was set off on the face of the Sun, where it could be highly visible. So, the solution is to simply set it off on the backside, where we would not see it and any bursts of radiation could easily be discounted as remains of a normal solar flair.

BINGO!!! (See figure, below:)

[Sun Shielding D-Nuke Test]

However, such a foolhardy attempt is EXACTLY what the Insititute has been screaming about so much! And let me make this point clear for everyone on the Net! A full fledged Star Bomb explosion set off near the Sun would drive it into a Super-Nova, the blast effects of which may be felt as far away as 50 light years! (In a kind of Super-Nova Tidal Wave!) Moreover, we have written a previous article about the danger of exploding a Star Bomb device even deep in space, in that sensitive Space North position, which is likely to disrupt the Sun's functions and cause it to swell into a Nova!

But what has not been covered is: what if some idiot thought that they could test fire a D-Nuke and hide it near the Sun, as postulated above. Well, take a look at the galatic geological harmonic shock wave that it could produce, below. (And be sure you give this some serious thought!)

[Revival Flame Shield]



Well, hold onto your hats! For the ride looks like it is going to get rough! Consider the graph, below:

[Long-Term Galatic Wave Harmonic]

And correlate these dates (below), with the above graph:

2000: Now, the immediate results of such a test explosion are likely to be a sudden jolt in the Sun's output. Now, this may be rather minor and not really noticed at first. Especially now, in the up-phase of the Sun's 11 year cycle, when we are seeing changes going on with it. However, no such jolt has yet been reported or noticed. (So, did they succeed in obscuring the test? Well, let us have a second look!)

Assuming the ZDK Institue was doing it, you would, indeed, have a super boom, for we know what we are doing. (Or, at least most of the time!) But, what if some other dunderhead was attempting it? They may not get all the D'Stridium technologies right. Consequently, it is likely to fissle. And rather than having an explosion and big boom (as we would do), it may, rather IMPLODE! For, if you bother to look at the D'Stridium technologies, you know that not only can we up scale atomic reactions (bigger booms), but they can also be down scaled into nuclear suppression. Or, in simple terms, instead of going boom, it would turn into a mini-black hole (and cause considerable damage to the trans-dimensional structure of our solar system, beneath!) And, in such a case, it may even appear that NOTHING happened at the test site (while the boom is beneath, in the trans-dimensional geological structure). However, what might be noticed on the surface would be an amazing quietness of the Sun (as the trans-dimensional particle flow surge that produces the flairs would be disrupted)--such as we are now seeing?

Now, what does this mean, down the road?

2001: Each action, also has its opposite reaction. So, that modest up-surge (or down surge, from implosion) is going to produce a coming down surge, about a year later. However, because of Galatic Geology, that down wave is going to be accelerated, slightly (like an invisible hand gave it a slight push). Still, ok, huh?

2002: Well, once again, that disturbance in the balance is going to bring another reaction. Once the down cycle reaches its low, it is going to be bounced back up. And once again, Galatic Geology is going to give it an added push (attempting to restore balance about the Sun)! Consequently, the peak of the return wave, which should hit in about 2002 is more than likely going to produce an out of the ordinary solar flair! (And perhaps some other disturbances that we may detect.) Still, no great harm, huh?

2003: But, once again, that disturbance is going to reverse and go down, again. And on its way down, as before, Galatic Geology is going to give it yet another push (attempting to restore balance about the Sun)! Consequently, in 2003 we are likely to experince a sudden cooling of the Sun or pre-liminary Down Blink! Hey, things are starting to get a bit spookie, huh? Well, hold onto your hat.

2004: The cycle is not over! For, once again, when it hits its low point, it is going to reverse and swing back the other way. And, once again, it is going to get an added shove by Galatic Geology, so that when it comes back at a peak in 2004, we are likely to have a super massive solar flair. Something that would be a major shift to the high side for Global Warming--and could shower the Earth with lethal radiation, and kill millions of people. Hey, I would say that this is major trouble!

2005: But, unfortunately, that is not the end of the cycle. Once it hits its high, it will reverse itself, and head down again. But, once again, Galatic Geology is going to give it a shove, so that it is going to go even lower. Consequently, in 2005, the Sun is likely to have something of a Brown Out and we may experience something of a mini-Ice Age, then. Yeah, this roller coaster ride is getting freaky!

2006: Hold onto your hat, the roller coaster ride continues! Once the Down-Blink hits its low, it will reverse itself. once more. And, when it heads back up, yes, it is going to get yet another shove from Galatic Geology so that when it comes back up and hits its peak in 2006, we are likely experience a massive solar flair. Probably something big enough to kill all life (plants and animals, as well as people) on the surface of the Planet! And I'd say that this is real serious trouble! (No one is laughing any more, huh?)

2007: And the cycle continues. The height of the Up-Blink will give way, and we will start the roller coaster ride down again. Yes, and once again, it will get yet another shove from Galatic Geology, so that it will go even lower. Consequently, 2007 will probably look like the start of an Ice Age.

2008: By now, that expanding harmonic will produce a return wave, that the Sun will swell into a Nova. Perhaps even destroying the Earth, or throwing it into another orbit. (Maybe even swallowing the Planet, as well!)

2009: Is anything left? Well, not for long! If there is anything alive, it will most likely be frozen by the frigid temperatures of dark space! (The New Ice Age?) And the cycle continues!

2010: The returning wave surge is likely to be so intense that it will burst the Sun and produce a Super-Nova. The blast effects of which could be seen and perhaps felt for up to 50 light years away! And, at this point, I'd say someone seriouslly goofed when they tried to set off that clandestined D-Nuke test!!!

The question now is: DID THEY? (And are we now beginning that roller coaster ride?) Maybe someone ought to be checking more closely to find out!

*** THE MOST TELLING EVIDENCE WOULD BE IF A PARTICLE FOUNTAIN WERE BEGINNING TO FORM ON THE POLES OF OUR SUN *** For as the Galatic Super-String comes loose from its ground at the center of our galaxy, it will begin to spew all kinds of particles out of the top of the Sun--as well as begin to swell it internally, with the acreation disc of matter, that the D'Stridium GUT says will also occur, simultaneously (at right angles to the particle flow).

[Holy Scriptures Shield]


Now, above, we dealt with the more serious, scientific nature of the crisis that seems to be developing. But, does this all have a Spiritual dimension, too? Well, being men of Faith, we think so! Is it possible that the End of the World has come?

And, as we have noted in earlier articles, the Bible Codes are saying that there is some kind of Nuclear Holocaust to come in 2004 and 2006. And, unfortunatley, that exactly fits with the D-Nuke wave cycle! So, are we there? Did their secret test set it off?

Hmm...this is really heavy, theological stuff, huh!

[Nordesel Unity Shield]


And if you will indulge me while I continue this line of reasoning, many of the Fundamentist Christian Churches were looking for the Return of Christ or His Second Coming to occur around 2000. Followed by the destruction of the world! Well, was it just a few years late? Or, are we right on time by God's clock? (And man's clock goofed?)

Well, this is a theological debate that we cannot cover here! (We are running out of room!) But, it is something that the great minds out there need to give some serious thought to!

For the End of the World (as we know it) may be here! Now consider well: God's Heart weeps for ALL lost souls (Ezekiel 33:11) SO,TURN FROM YOUR WICKED WAYS!!! (While there is still time.)

For, despite the foreboding evidence of DOOM, God will make a way for those who are Faitful. (As HE did for Noah, and as HE did for Joseph.) And KoReY can be that Way for YOU!!!

But, the wicked will surely perish!

[Astrilanz Galatic Shield]

Coming Cosmic Cataclysm!

Our first article on the Net concerning the Nova Crisis created something of a stir in the small pond of those in the know. So, if you have not read that Article, then we highly recommend that you now read it:
To get the COMING COSMIC CATACLYSM Article (Click Here): [Our Dependable Sun Soon to Go Nova???]

And Our Article on Global Warming did not sit quiet, either! So, be sure you at least look at it, as well. (The Novis Crisis deepens!)
To get the GLOBAL WARMING (Click Here): [Global Warming]

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BLINKER: Underground Shelter Success???

At the end of the last round of debate (Global Warming), we had to concede that the government strategists may have scored a point there. For, if the Sun became a Blinker, then underground shelters might work, of sorts.

Well, let's put our thinking caps back on! If we have a D-Nuke Harmonic Wave now rolling, THE UNDERGROUND SHELTERS ARE NOT GOING TO BE WORTH TOILET PAPER!!! Something else is going to have to be done, like getting us of this planet and out of this solar system. For, we cannot hope to ride that wild wave out.

Consequently, we insist that a REAL Nova Crisis is brewing here! And that something needs to be done about it. Moreover, as the Establishment seems to be set in concrete on this subject, it is now up to us, as concerned citizens, and humanitarians (and Believers), to do what we can to save whatever portion of the population of Mankind that is possible!

So, come and join us in the effort--at KoReY!

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