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Bible Prophecy shows Our Science and Faith will form this Science Fiction World (Our Future Space Realm)

Looking for Science and Faith? Or, knowledge of the Future? And advanced Space Exploration? Then, here we are: YOUR Future Space Realm! We are something of a blend of Science Fiction Worlds and the Judeo-Christian Heritage! Yes, a Future Fantasy World based on scientific Future Studies and yet, also, solid Bible Prophecy of Mankind's coming Interstellar Society--and related Space activities!


KoReY or K.R.Y. has many Programs and Services. To access these, click on the links below (or transfer to a graphics Page and then click on the round Portals or SHIELDS at the top or bottom of the Page--Navigation Bar):

1. OUR INTERSTELLAR RETURN -- KoReY Revival Articles: Basic info on the coming Great Stellar Reformation and Israelite Renewal Movement (spiritual truths on Salvation and being Born Again; Charismatic Powers and Holy Ghost Engiftment; Sanctification through God's Natural Laws or Holiness; etc.) BASICALLY, GETTING YOUR LIFE BACK TO GOD! (the Interstellar Return of Israel in a nutshell) ***

2. KoReY INTRODUCTORY LITERATURE -- Detailed Articles presenting the foundational concepts of KoReY or K.R.Y. (Astarian) thought (Prophecies, Plans, and Programs) and activities (social, cultural, economic, political, and religious organization of Our Future Space Realm and its Judeo-Christian Heritage): a Future Studies gold mine! ***

3. KoReY INTERSTELLAR COLONIES -- Our Project for the Coming Migration of the Faithful into Space (formal evacuation of the Planet Earth in preparation for the coming Apocalypse--where do you fit in or will you be left out?): including practical guidelines on Passenger Priority and Land Grant Allocations ***

4. KoReY PROJECT SPACE ARK -- KoReY or K.R.Y. Program for the preservation of Earth Life (flora and fauna) and then transportion of them to suitable environments on other Planets in Space (the new Noah's Ark): the colossal environmental project of the Future (NOW!) ***

5. OUR NORDIC K.R.Y. -- Article on the rising Future Nordic Interstellar Empire (the Coming Northern Kindgom of Israel out among the Stars) The emerging Nordic Nation formed from Our Interstellar Return [transfer to NORTHMEN Intermediate Articles] ***

6. OUR VIKING ASTARIA -- Simple info on the Coming Viking Interstellar Kingdom (Our Viking Quick Facts Sheets) Yes, the Vikings went everywhere on the globe and now they are Destined (by Bible Prophecy) to go everywhere in Space [transfer to Viking Intro. Lit.] ***

7. LIBRARY (South Tower) -- Special Collections on Our Interstellar Return and Future Space Realm (the impact of Abrahamic Faith and the Judeo-Christian Heritage on the Universe) locate the best on Our Divine Space Culture, Science and Faith, Science Fiction Worlds, the Judeo-Christian Heritage, Future Studies, etc. [transfer to ZDK Media and Information Center] ***

8. OUR ZDK INSTITUTE -- Science, Engineering, and Technologies Center for KoReY Programs and Interstellar Innovations [use ZDK Institute Library entrance for now]: See what Science has for Our Future and what the Lab is cooking up for it, today (Yes, Science and Faith can merge!) ***

9. ABOUT K.R.Y. (KoReY)--A brief, simple overview of what K.R.Y is all about (meet KoReY!) An Outline of Our Future Space Realm and its Divine Mediavel Culture of the Judeo-Christian Heritage; (Our Future Space Realm and Science Fiction Worlds in a nutshell) ***

10. K.R.Y. F.A.Q.s--Answers to the common questions we get asked about US (and Our Realm); Notes on the controversies and criticisms of KoReY (K.R.Y.) and Astaria. ***

11. I.S.A.G. NETWORK--Our (Interstellar) Scientists Associated for God: meet and share activities with other Scientists who are Believers in God (Unite Science and Faith!) or contact Sci-Fi Believers who are into Our Science Fiction Worlds, Divine Space Culture, and the Judeo-Christian Heritage for the FUTURE out among the Stars. ***

12. OUR FAROUT FUTURE??? -- Contact (?) and dealing with UFO, ET and SAP (Space Alien Peoples) issues and problems; And other peculiar topics, issues, and controversies--government cover-ups? [Transfer to KUFOL Pages] Our X-Files Dept.??? ***


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K.R.Y. Future Space Realm or Kry Family???

K.R.Y. is an acronym, whose meaning and origin is more fully discussed in ABOUT K.R.Y. and it has no connection whatsoever with members of the Kry Family! So, to help you avoid the confusion, we have begun refering to K.R.Y. as KoReY to help you keep our distinctiveness clear in your mind. (And, if you are here looking for Kry Family activities, you are in the wrong place!)


Pardon our dust, but the KoReY or K.R.Y. Interstellar Return Web Site is in the process of expanding and moving (and up-grading) some of its resources. So, we are in the process of considerably changing many things! Please have patience. If what you want is not yet there and functioning, please check back in a few more days. It is coming!

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