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ZDK Cultural Program

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Web Site of the Country Church Christianity:

Good Bible Thumping and Common Gospel for all of us American Isrealites and Church Hebrews

Howdie, Partner! Come on in! Make ya'self ta' home! Settle in with us. And join our growing Family. Let us deliver to you the best of Country Church Christianity. Grasp the Common Gospel! Get the top of good old-fashioned Bible Thumping! Yes, you have just found Country Religion at its best. So, come on! Get to know us adopted American Israelites! Meet with all us long lost cousins. And gather with us Church Hebrews on the Internet!

HILLBILLY HOMESTEAD is a Popular Cultural Program of ZDK in its attempt to reach the Common People with the basic Bible Teachings and Holy Scripture Lessons of the Judeo-Christian Theology held by our fore-fathers. But in a way that is simple and easy to understand, so that the ordinary man can read it, and grasp what we are saying. So, come on in for a heap'n help'n of this Heaven sent Shindig!

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Findin' the Fixin's of Our Web That You Want!

HILLBILLY HOMESTEAD (and us'n of the Country Church Christianity) has many Programs and Services for you to enjoy! To get your'n hands on these'n critters, click on the COLORED, CAPITAL WORDS of the topic you want, below (or click on the round VIKING SHIELDS at the top or bottom of the Page):

[Revival Flame Shield] 1. REVIVAL COURSE--Want the 6 plain and simple steps to setting your life afire for God (Judeo-Christian Theology in a nutshell: Spiritual Rebith or Born Again, Charismatic Engiftment, Guidance by God's Laws, etc.) Come and make your own personal RETURN to God! [transfer to REVIVAL CHAPEL Course]) Hey, this is what church is supposed to be all about! ***

[Viking Revival Shield] 2. VIKING INTRO. LIT.--Our Cousin Ole (and his Scandia crew) invite you to view their Quick Facts Sheets on Our Viking Revival. So, get the simple, basic facts on what Our NORTHMEN Movement is all about. And join the other descendants of the Vikings in their RETURN to God (Yep, seems many of us'n came out of Scandia, one way ta'the other!) [transfer to Viking Quick Facts Sheets] ***

[NORDESEL Unity Shield] 3. UNITED GOSPEL COLLECTION--The Gospel of Christ causing you concerns? Well, some do find it hard to grasp. So, we've collected a variety of ways, that it is seen or presented in various Cultural settings. Perhaps you will find one here, that makes it abundantly clear (and fits you--and whatever Culture you like best!) [transfer to REVIVAL CHAPEL Directories] ***

[Engiftment Flame Shield] 4. UNITED ENGIFTMENT COLLECTION Whoa...are Charismatic Gifts those wild things? Well, don't ch'a believe in miracles! Then, here are some of the various ways that GIFTS are seen in various Cultural settings. (Find the one that reaches you, and those of your Culture!) Hey, perhaps you can work some miracles, too! [transfer to REVIVAL CHAPEL Literature] ***

[Divine Law Shield] 5. UNITED LAW COLLECTION --Confused? Don't know what to do? Need some good guidance? Then, consider the wisdom of Our fore-fathers. They always turned to the Good Book and did what it told them to! Hey, how can you go wrong, following God's Commandments? So, take a look at how other People, of other Lands and Cultures, have viewed God's Laws. (Hey, find God's Will for your own life--yep, good personal guidance here, too!) [transfer to REVIVAL CHAPEL Studies] ***

[KoReY Futuristric Shield] 6. PROPHECY--Our Future??? Curious about what God is Planning to do for Our Future (over the next Millenium, or so)? Well, here is the exciting doorway into God's Plans and Purposes for Mankind, recorded in the Bible. HIS Future out among the Stars is already on its way! (Yep, Hillbillies in Space! Imagine that? Now what will they think of next!) [transfer to KoReY Web Pages] ***

[ZDK Library - North Tower] 7. ZDK LIBRARY (Info & Media)--Studious? Like book learn'n? Well, Our Library is growing up to something mighy unusual! Take a gander at what we have up and run'n today. (Sorry, it is under construction, so please excuse the messes, here and there.) [transfer to the ZDK Media and Information Center] ***

[Realm Herald (Intros) Shield] 8. REALM HERALD--News, Notes, Introductions, Meeting Places, Guest Book, Messages, Calendar, Referrals to other Sites (Our fellowship facilitator--under construction) **


[K.I.C. Shield] 9. AMERICA'S FJORD--Photo tour of some of the scenery in the Columbia River Gorge (National Scenic Area and growing tourist trap) the highlands about Our HILLBILLY HOMESTEAD (and Our nearby Viking Relatives) ***


[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] 10. SHADDOX KoNSVaRa--The Shaddox Viking Clan (Our Bossmen and main administrators of The Foundation) Photos of Our Leaders and links to biographical details about them. (Meet Our Administration!) Be friendly, now! ***

[Revival Chapel Shield] 11. PRAYER HOUSE--Send us your Prayer Requests (Mark the e-mail subject box PRAYER) Our Revivial Chapel Personnel will lift them up to the Lord. (Please be sure to include your contact info, in case we need to follow up on your need!) OR, use the Flaming Arrow button, for e-mail! ***

Well, don't just sit there a gander'n! Roll up yur'n sleeves and get to work, with us--doin' the Lord's Harvest. Times a wasting! (Soon, Winter will be here. So, get at it!)

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Well yes, in case you have been asleep in history class, these are the things (here), that help to build America. And form it into the Great Nation that it is, today! For, without question, our fore-fathers knew and followed this Judeo-Christian Theology when they came to our shores. And they kept the Good Book and used its Bible Teachings in building our Wonderful Land. So, how can we be like those city idiots that snub their nose at God and through His Teachings to the wind? (Surely, they will come to reap a bitter harvest!)

Moreover, for those of us who Believe in God, we have become part of His Family. So, that makes us ALL Kin (er, Cousins, or sumpin')! And, many of us (and our fore-fathers) were drawn here, to America, to form a kind of Holy Israel, here, for Him. Now, if we are Israelites in His eyes, who can argue? And if we are Hebrews by our Faith in God (and adoption into Abraham's lineage), who can complain? And, while some of us may not have the bloodlines back to Bible Times (as some of the Jews claim), we are ALL (Jews included) adopted into this Great Family of Abraham (and God). So we are ALL Cousins or Kin in one way or ta' other! (So, quit squabblin'! Accept your relatives! And get to work!)


Use of HILLBILLY HOMESTEAD Articles (or other Literature from this Site) are RESTRICTED. If you would like to use it in your Home Study, be sure to contact us BEFORE you do so. Authorization may be given for you to use it. But, it must not be assumed that it is free and clear for you to use in any way you chose. Note the copyright message, below.

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Or, didn't find exactly what your are looking for? Or, have a comment or suggestion?

If you really do need to contact us, reach us by one of the normal means, below:

Hillbilly Homestead
ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Phone: (509) 493-1674

And, E-Mail us at: zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark subject box HILLBILLIES!)

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Would you even just think about contributing, something, to Our Cause? Then, please consult Our Page on Giving: ZDK DONATIONS PAGE.
[Literature Shield] CURIOUS ABOUT THE SPIRITUAL REALITIES OF GIVING? Well, yes, we do live in a supernatural world. And the blessing that come from giving are no accident! To better understand this amazing process, consult Our Article on the MYSTERIES OF GIVING.

Thank ya' kindly, for your donation! May the Lord bless your other fruits.

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