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GOD'S CALL: Feminine Submission...

RETURN to the Arabic Family Lifestyle of Bedouin Patriarchy

What is the fastest growing religion in America, today? Islam! Yes, even with its demands of feminine submission and female subjection to their Man! Now, what have the church feminists to say about this new Bedouin Patriarchy? Is it Scriptural?

Moreover, what is the fastest growing church in America, today? Unfortunately, it is usually the Mormon Church! Yes, and with their patriarchal demands that women be submissive, slaves, too! So, why are women flocking to this male dominance? Do the feminists grasp it?

Now, are we seeing a pattern here? Is God trying to tell us ALL something? Have the Judeo-Christian Congregations lost it, here? By allowing Feminism into the churches, have we stepped out of God's Will? (And what price or punishment will we have to pay for that Sin?)

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Well, why are American women joining Islam in such record numbers? So, I asked several! And universally, they reported that the demand of Islam to submission was not a bondage, but rather a liberation for them. For, in following the traditional Bedouin Patriarchy model, which was used by Abraham (the Founder of Our Faith), women are no longer pressured into dual roles. For, in modern western society, under feminism, women are expected to be BOTH mothers (and wives) and to also have a full-time career (as world conquers or CEOs). Unfortunately, the reality is that no one can be such a super-person! Either her career will suffer because of the demands of her children (and her husband--remember him) OR her Family will suffer. For you just can't serve TWO Masters (Matthew 6:24)! It just won't work!

Consequently, many women who have tried it, soon wake up and realize what a trap such a philosophy is--as they work themselves into an early grave (or their marriage falls apart--or their kids have disasters). But, then where do they turn? Well, the Judeo-Christian congregations use to have that Bedouin Patriachy of our Father Abraham. But now, feminism has invaded both the church and synagogue. So, you aren't going to find the traditional Patriarchy there any more! Now, where does that leave such women of wisdom to go? To Islam! (Or to Mormonism?)

And, either way, the traditional Judeo-Christian congregations lose! Shouldn't this error be corrected?

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God's Primary Calling For Women

Well, have we, of the modern Faith, shot ourselves in the foot over this one? Sure looks like it! Feminism is destroying the churches!

But, that is what you get when you drift off of the Word of God, which very clearly states:

Likewise, you wives, be in subjection (submit, yield) to your own husbands! Even if any of them obey not the Word, that they also may, without a word, be won by the behavior of their wife! Yes, from beholding your chaste (pure) behavior, couple with fear (respect, honor). And whose whose adorning, let it not be just the wasteful outward dress of the plaiting (braiding) of hair, or the (mere) wearing of gold, or the (frivilous) putting on of (fancy) apparel! But, rather, let your adorning mainly be of the inner man of your heart, in that which is not corruptible (perishable)--even the ornament of a meek (obedient) and quiet (peaceful, submissive) spirit, which in the sight of God is of great price. For after this manner, in the old times, the holy women, who trusted in God, also adorned themselves--being in (total) subjection to their husbands! Even as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him Lord (or Master)! Whose daughers you now are (by Faith), as long as you continue to do well, and are not turned aside by fear or any amazement. (I Peter 3:1-6)

Now, how long has it been since you have heard anyone preach that from a pulpit? Far too long! (And, if you try it now, you are likely to be run out of town on a rail!)

So, where are wise women hearing this sermon? In Islam! So, any woman of any sense is now becomeing a Muslim. For there, she can pursue the Bedouin Patriarchy that pleases God! Hey, isn't it past time for the Judeo-Christian congregations to wake up to this?

Now, what about YOU, as a woman?

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The wicked of the world (and the Feminists), try to tell women that they don't need their husband--that they don't have to have a Man in their life. And, it may sound simple. But, then, is that how God intended it, when HE created woman? What did HE say about it:

And the Lord God said: It is not good for Man to be alone! I will make him a help-mate (maidservant) suitable for all his needs! (Genesis 2:18)

Thus, as we see, God designed woman to fill some Man's need--the void in his life. Consequently, Hebrew Peoples view the wife or Bride as KoHahLa--a completion of her Man. So, how in that, do you see woman as being independent from Man? Sorry, it is just not there. God intended woman to submit or yield to some Man! And be his helper or maidservant, even as it is written. (So, why have the Judeo-Christian congregations forgotten this?)

However, in Islam (which by the way, means submission), women are taught to accept their God ordained fate of being designed as a woman. And thus to prepare themselves for building their life around some Man. For, her life is not fully complete until she has a Man that she can be the helper and maidservant for! Thus, in this, Muslim women are more holy that either Jewish or Christian woman. So, is it any wonder that God is blessing them so much, for being obedient in this matter?

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However, the wicked of the world care nothing for what God has said, or wants! And the Feminists try to get Believing women in the West to rebel against God. Yes, revolt and riot!

But, God has set up an ordained authority for the Family. And it is of that Bedouin Patriarchy (as we see in Abraham's life), even as it is written:

Wives (be obedient)! Submit (yield) yourselves unto your own husband, as you would the LORD! For the husband is the Head of the wife, even as Christ is Head of the Congregation--HE is the Savior of the Whole Body (Bride)! Therefore, as the Congregation is to be subject unto Christ, so let the wives be subject unto their own husbands, in everything! (Ephesians 5:22-24)

Thus, as you have read it for yourself, the Man is the God ordained ruler of the home--Patriarch. He is God's representative IMAGE to the Family! Thus, rebellion against him, is rebellion against God's own authority. So, is it any wonder that the wicked of the world want the woman to rebel against her Man? (They simply want to promote rebellion against God's authority!)

So, don't be tricked by them!

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Female Subjection to the Ordained Chain of Command

As we have said before, the meaning of Islam is to SUBMIT TO GOD. And that is what you are going to have to do! You have to accept God for who HE is. And obey HIM because HE is your real boss and Master! Muslim women don't find this hard to to, so it should be easy for you as well. All you have to do is make up your own mind to do it!

And if you need help in deciding (or you realize that you need to get you life back to God), then we invite you to turn to Our Article on REGENERATION, and find out about the KEY TO HEAVEN'S GATE that you need to have. You can look it up in the KoReY Revival Articles, or, use the handy link, below:

To get YOUR KEY TO HEAVEN'S GATE (Click Here): [KoReY Regeneration Article]

On the other hand, if you are already a Believer (and have been star born or born again), then you just need to read on, and apply the Scriptures that we will show you. For, then God will smile on you and bless you for obeying HIM.

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According to Hebrew Teachings, a person's name reflects the essence of just who they are. Consequently, what you (or others) call yourself, has a dramatic impact on who you are (and what you become). This psychological principle of the self-fulfilling prophecy is all too well known. But, how does God make use of it, in HIS Word? Consider what Adam said when Eve was brought to him:
And Adam said: This is now bone of my bones; And flesh of my flesh! She shall now be called woman (EySha), because she was taken out of Man! (Genesis 2:23)
Thus, as woman was part of Man--his genetic property (bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh)--she was named after Man and called woman. (In Hebrew Man is EySh or ish and woman is EySha or ishah.) It is simple. But, it is important.

However, the Feminists try to get women to have their own name! So, that they can be their own, independent person. But, it has not been so in the normal Judeo-Christian Teachings nor customs. For, as God wrote in the Scriptures, woman is to take her name from her man:

Now this is the book of the generations of Adam. In the Day that God created Man, in the likeness of God made HE him, male and female created HE them; And blessed them--and and called THEIR name Adam (Adamson, Adamsen), in the Day when they were created! (Genesis 5:1-2)

Thus, it has been the Judeo-Christian tradition in English to call the wife: Mrs. so-and-so (such as Mrs. John Doe) after her husband. So, we would encourage you to do that, to show just exactly who you belong to. And if you want your own personal name known, then add it before that of your husband's, such as Mrs. Jane John Doe. For this is pleasing to God!

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Well, doesn't it make sense to dress like a holy woman? After all, policemen ar recognized by their uniform, and doctors (and nurses) are known by their uniform, so why shouldn't holy women be known by their uniform? Well, yes, they will be!

So, you should wear what God has set forth for you to wear.

  1. WEAR YOUR HAIR *** LONG ***
    As typical of Abrahamic Women (and as often seen in places of the Judeo-Christian Heritage), women should wear their hair long, that is--very long. Even as it is written in God's Word:

    Does not even Nature, itself, teach you that if a Man have long hair, it is a shame unto him! But, if a woman have long hair, it is her glory (her attraction)--for her hair is given her for a covering (adornment). (I Corinthians 11:14-15)

    So, be sure to have a long hair style!

  2. DRESS MODESTLY (Cover up!)
    While worldly women like it to all hang out, and flap it around for everyone to oogle at, holy women are to cover up and dress modestly. (I Timothy 2:9-10) Your private delights are just that--PRIVATE! They are for the private enjoyment of your Man, not the public arena for all to take pleasure in! Or, specifically, that means, long skirts, high necklines, and long sleeves! Avoid form-fiting styles--and dress loosely or somewhat baggy.
    While the whores and wicked women like to wear red and bright colors to be noticed by men in public, holy women should not be so brassy or eye-catching! Take your example for the females of all other species--they have the darker, duller color schemes so that they can hide better! Follow their example and camouflage yourself in darks colors and subtle patterns. (Instead, wear your bright colors as your underwear, where it belongs--and won't be seen by the public. Proverbs 31:21-22 Instead, it will be your husband's provate delight!) And don't wear see-thru garments as your outerwear!
  4. COVER YOUR HEAD (Face?)
    Abrahamic women for centuries have covered their head in public. And it use to be that the Judeo-Christian congregations required married women to cover their heads. So, heed the Scriptures:

    Every Man praying or prophesying (speaking) (in the congregation), having his head covered, dishonors his Head (God)! But, every (married) woman that prays or prophesies with her head uncoverd, dishonors her Head (her Man)--for she is then she is all the same as the ones who shave their heads (bi-sexual prostitutes)! Yes, if a (married) woman will not cover her head (in public), let her head be shaved--and if it is a shame to be shaved (and it is), then let her be (properly) covered! ... Yes, for this cause, ought married women to have a (symbol) of Power (dominion) on her head (that she is owned) because of the Angles (visitors)! (I Corinthians 11:4-6, 10)

    So, follow the fashion of holy women down through the centuries! (And, if you really want to be holy, or like a Noblewoman, then cover your face in public with a veil or mask, too--Genesis 20:16 and 24:64-65--like good traditional Arabic women have done for centuries!)

    Heed the Scriptural warning to NOT wear anything in public that makes you look like a Man (Deuteronomy 22:5)! (However, whether you share each others clothing or not, in the privacy of your own bedroom, and between your husband and yourself, is your own business Hebrews 13:4.)
(And, if you are interested in more on Godly Dress and proper Female Clothes, take a look at WESTERN FASHION FOLLIES!)

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And, in all other things, obey your husband. And do what he tells you to do. For he is your God ordained boss (and slavemaster)! Yes, the Man is to be King of his own Clan (Family) and the Noble Lord of his own Castle (home)!

Even as it is written in the Holy Scriptures:

Wives, obey your own husbands, as you would the Lord! (Colossians 3:18)
However, do remember that no authority has the Right or Power to command you to do something against God's Laws (Daniel 3:13-18 and Acts 4:19, 5:29). But, as long as it is moral in God's eyes--DO IT!

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Heed the Call of God for feminine submission! Follow HIS Design in Creation for feamle subjection! And, be submissive (yielding) and obedient to your husband. Follow the example of the holy Abrahamic women (like Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, etc.)! Walk in the Divine Culture of the Abrabic Family Lifestyle, as this is pleasing to God. And adhere to the traditional Bedouin Patriarchy, that use to be so common among the Judeo-Christian congregations--even if the wicked women of the world won't!

God's favor and blessing will be on the woman who does!

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The Draw of the Muslim Family Life-style:

Well, you can find more at ZDK's Arabic Cultural Outreach, in Our ASTARIA Cultural Cluster, which is called APPiRu!

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