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Father's First Priority - Judeo-Christian Patriarchy

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God's Design of Man as the Family Leader:

Shows Up In Many Scientific and Historical Studies

Modern propaganda has now hit new limits, in the Feminist Arena. The Bible, as the arch-pig Book, is being burned as much as the bra was a few years earlier. (And labled as the book of myths and miscogenistic lies!) Will nothing be sacred in the eyes of these demented women? NO!!!

And, the same holds true for the hallowed ivy halls of science and learning. If the Bible can be shouted down, so can any scientific or historical study. Surely the libbers would not touch the sacred cow of science? Well, guess again! (The mouth of some women know no bounds!)

So let us take a look at the sacred memory of Real Men that they have tried to destroy--and wipe away (and the solid evidence and scientific studies that they produced in support of Patriarchy).

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Arch-Pig or Scientific Leader?

Hey, have you ever heard it said that a civilization's rise and fall follows a natural curve (bell-shaped) in its growth and decline? And, that internal corruption has a much to do with a Culture's collapse as anything? It tends to be common knowledge in Religious circles. But, have you ever wondered where such an idea came from?

Well, many years back Carl Zimmerman of Harvard University did a detailed study of Classical (Greco-Roman) and Mediavel Cultures and uncovered the striking parallels of the rise and fall of each.

Even more striking, he found a correlation between the common Family Pattern and the level of the Culture's civilization! For, each civilization showed a distinct Family structure during each of the phases of its growth and decline that he could easily identify. This produced a 3 step Curve (which some have ammended later into a 4 Phase Curve).

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The Zimerman curve was rather unique, with its 3 steps. But now that it has been expanded to 4, it resembles our common bell shaped curve! (Such as we see in many scientific studies of Nature.)

And its 4 Phases show a very strong and striking trend!

[The Zimmerman Curve]


Cultures usually emerged from the dim recesses of history with a shot and begin to grow and expand, agressively--often conquering other peoples around them during this phase. And, yes, at this time, the Patriarchal model was the popular Family of the day (with the Man as the unquestioned Head of the House--whose word was LAW for the Family)!

2. DEVELOPMENTAL (Topping Out):
Once a Culture had made some significant acquisitions (and conquests), they begin to mellow their views on agression, and take on values of properly managing what they have, and getting the most out of what they control. And, yes, the popular Family Pattern at this time relaxes some into a Equalitarian or more Democratic model (where the man was still the leader, but consults frequently with his wife for advice on most decisions).

As a culture slowed its expansions, and spent more time managing what it had, there would come a time when it began to lose out and shrink in its areas of influence. (It's decline had clearly set in.) And, at this time, the Family Pattern became Atomistic (or from the rise of so called Women's Rights--the husband and wife became considered equal in power: with divorce beginning to run rampant).

4. SUB-CULTURE (Collapse):
Zimmerman's followers pursued this final phase, where the Culture collapsed and was conquered and taken over by another, more dominant (and Patriarchal) Culture. And here, as a Sub-Culture within the more dominant Culture, they found Matriarchy to be the popular form of the Family (with single parent families, around the mother, the common form).

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However, even more importantly, Zimmerman found that occassionally a Culture would wake up and realize that it was becoming Atomistic. And once reforms were made to restore Patriarchy, the Culture would swing back to a more Expansionistic or Developmental Phase! Clearly, Family Pattern had a dramatic impact on the Culture!

Consequently, there is hope for our own Matriarchial Society, here in America! If only a Patriarchal Reform will come along. For, all we need to do is re-establish our former Patriarchal Culture! And our civilization will once again be restored to its former glory and influence. (On the other hand, if Patriarhal Reform does not come, then surely our Country will continue on with its down-hill slide and soon end up being conquered and controlled by another power!)

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Well, Zimmerman's evidence could not be challenged scientifically. And other studies showed that it was, indeed, replicatable all over the world. So, it was scientifically sound and valid! But, would the Feminists admit that they were scientifically wrong? (And that their Women's Movement threatened to destroy our Society?)


Instead, they just shouted him, and his followers, down. Called them foul names (PIG, misogentists, etc.)! And had them drummed out of academia. (So where is the intellectual pursuit of truth there? Rather, it is pure propaganda!) THE MOUTH THAT RULED THE WORLD!

Consequently, it looks like all hope of a Patriarchal Reform has been cut off in America. Rather, we are simply going to decline and soon fall. And, another, more Patriarchal Culture will take us over. (And make slavegirls of all the Feminists!)

Yet, this is NOT the end of the story!

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Dr. Sigmund Freud was a famous psychologist, who put forth the idea that man's psyche (or mind) was made up of 3 primary parts: the Id (Child), the Super-Ego (Parent), and the Ego (Adult). And that many emotional and psychological problems resulted when these were not developed properly in the child (due to some traumatic event) and left the adult unbalanced mentally.

Most pointedly, the Super-Ego (or Parent) acted as a person's conscience, helping him know right from wrong. And as this came from a person's PARENTS, problems of separation (death or divorce) could easily result in an unbalnced Super-Ego where the person's child (desires and FUN) were too supressed by a dominaneering parent or were allowed to go unchecked by a too permissive parent. Thus, the child needed to learn proper balance from his parents.

However, Matriarchal Families see too much of this later case, where only the mother remains in custody of the child, and thus either smuthers the child so that it cannot find self-expression, or gives it such reign that it cannot contain nor control itself! (Therefore, is it any wonder that morals and ethics decline in this Phase of Zimmerman's Culture? And that crime and corruption come out of the closet to destroy that Culture?) The balance of the Father is greatly needed in the child's proper development.

This is especially so for the Ego (or Adult), the rational, reasoning part of the person. For, with 2 parents, the child learns early to balance and reconcile the 2 parents and to weave their some times conflicting orders into something of a synthesis, so that the child can survive in the Family. And, this childhood skill then carries over into adult life, where the person is much more prepared to deal with the world and its conflicting situations and competitive values.

But, without the Father in the picture (as in the Zimmerman Atomistic Family), this process does not take place! And Society does not generate its capable Leaders nor talented innovators. Thus, loosing its edge in competion with (and dominace over) other, neighboring Cultures. (And, isn't this just exactly as God said it would be! Proverbs 14:34-35)

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Once again, rather than confronting Freud's scientific analysis (and psychological discoveries), the Feminists have simply shouted him down! He made some statements that much of mental illness was do to hysteria (disorders of the womb) and the Feminists scream that this is miscogenistic (though it appears to be medically sound, as so many modern women are on hormones and have had hysterectemies).

And as to Freud's position that the FATHER is the important link in the child's development, Feminists have screamed so much that the Courts have forgotten that--and almost always give the custody of the children to the mother, even though they need their Father psychologically MORE! So, is it any wonder that America is turning Matriarchal--and that our increasing Atomistic Family will soon allow us to be conquered by someone else!

The handwriting is clearly there on the Wall, if you will only look! (Mene, Men Tequel...America!!!)

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Therefore, KoReY has determined that it wants no part of this Paganistic and ungodly dribble of Feminism (Matriarchy) in Our Future World of Astaria! Rather, we are firmly commited to Biblical Patriarchy. And in following God's Commands for the Family, as HE set forth in the Holy Scriptures so that we promote Biblical Fathers Rights--and set forth Our Fathers First Priority as a Policy!

(Thus, perhaps, we will be that Patriarchal Culture that takes over, after America collapses?)

Or, in any case, Our Star Colonies will certainly be focused on Patriarchy--to promote the expansion of Our Realm (using the forces of history, discovered in the Zimmerman studies).

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Well, the point of the whole ZDK Outreach is that there is going to be a Great Revival (and Patriarchal Reform) through our Realm. However, this is just not a far off in the Future thing. You can get in on the RETURN (and Reform), today. All you have to do is get Regenerated or Renewed (born again). You can find how to do that in Our Revival Course (in Our Revival Chapel). Or, follow the handy link, below:

To get Our REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Revival Course]

For Biblical Patriarch is not going to be restored without a fight. So, get in here! And get prepared for the battle! Help us establish the Fathers First Priority. And help us win the Judeo-Christian Patriarchy and Biblical Fathers Rights that every man should have in his Family.
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