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Our Ancient Jewish Mysticism...

and the Modern Pentecostal Experience - with Charismatic Gifts

Judaism has a long history of seeking signs. And, why not? Look at Moses and all the miraculous wonders that he was able to perform. And, what about the Prophets, Elijah, Elisha, etc.? Clearly, God has established a long standing tradition that if a man speaks from God, then he ought to have some confirming signs or miracles to back up what he says. And, we find this expressed from the Sanhedrin, when:
"There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a Ruler of of the Jews (Sanhedrin); The same came to Y'Shua (Jesus) by night, and said to him: "Rabbi, we know that YOU are a Teacher come from God--FOR NO MAN CAN DO THESE MIRACLES THAT YOU DO, EXCEPT GOD BE WITH HIM!" (John 3:1-2)

Correspondingly, Jews tend to always seek miraculous signs, to see if a man really is of God or not (I Corinthians 1:22).

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And, this desire for supernatural proof (or Powers) has produced a deep tradition of Jewish mysticism. For, the material world, as we see and sense it is not all that there is to the world. There is a Spirit World out there, too! And, correspondingly, we need to learn how to walk (and live) in it, as well. So, is it any wonder that quite a body of mystical knowedge has grown up hand in hand with Judaism?

However, this body of mysticism has often lost its focus and gone astray (and wandered from the things of God--off into the occult and idolatry). And, rather than demonstrating God's Power, it is all too often used to build up the mystic (himself) or to give him power for his own selfish ends (Acts 13:6-12). Thus, it can all too easily slip over into the Dark Side of the Force, where one ends up dabbleing in demons and other Occultish things that God's Law forbids (Deuteronomy 18:9-12). Even worse, by this, some Jews come to not even care about God, and go on to the deep things of Satan (II Thessalonians 22:9-10; Revelations 2:9)!

Now, we certainly would not want you to go there! And, that is not the focus of this Article. Rather, that was presented as a contrast to what is really from God. (And as a warning not to dabble with the things that God has forbidden!)

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Jewish Holy Men have long known that an encounter with God's Spirit was the proper way into the Spirit World (and to get supernatural powers). And the correct means by which Prophets of God got their engiftment. This process is very dramatically demonstrated in the life of King Saul. When Samuel anointed Saul and prayed for him, the Spirit of God came upon him and enabled him to be King of Israel (I Samuel 10:1-26). However, when Saul messed up, and the Spirit of God depart and fled from him, he became incapable of doing almost anything (I Samuel 16:14-15), and died a very miserable and dishonorable death!

Thus, as Nadab and Abihu discovered, there is a proper Way to approach God--and an improper way, that can lead to your own death (Numbers 22:61).

Moreover, God's Spirit containable, as if we could hold a monopoly on it or form an elitist club around it. Rather, God seeks to have ALL of HIS Follwers get a touch of HIS Spirit (Exodus 11:24-29; II Chronicles 18:22-24). And HIS Spirit will Fall upon whom HE chooses. And provide them with engiftement.

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However, in Ancient Times, it was a rarity for God's Spirit to come upon a man (or a woman). As, God (for the most part) seemed to keep HIS distance from Mankind. God was simply too Holy to come very near wicked and sinful Man!

Yet, the Prophets looked forward to the Day when God's Spirit would be poured out in great measure upon HIS People (Isaiah 44:3; Ezekiel 36:26-27; Joel 2:28-29; Luke 24:49). So, why was it so rare, in Ancient Days?

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Well, that was what the Messiah was all about! As you should have learned in the previous Article (on the Messiah's Message), Mankind was simply too wicked and sinful for God to have much to do with! (Ecclesiastes 7:20; Isaiah 59:2) And this was the main role of the Messiah Y'Shua in HIS First Coming--that the sacrifice of HIS perfect life would act as an atonement of payment for our sins (as our death by proxy)! And, indeed, that is the GOOD NEWS!

But, even more than that, those who will confess their Belief in Y'Shua , the Messiah, and ask God's Spirit into their heart, will receive the Indwelling. That is, the Spirit of God will move into their heart and take up residence there (John 14:23, 17:21, making them a Temple of Flesh (I Corinthians 6:19).

The potential for the Outpouring has now come!

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While Y'Shua was here on earth, there was no question that HE did performed many mirculous signs! However, it was not HIS intention to keep a monopoly on miracles! Rather, HE wanted to grant that power to HIS Followers.

For, it is clearly written:

"Truly, truly I (Y'Shua) say unto you: He who Believes in ME, the works (miracles) that I have done, he shall do also! And greater (more widespread) works than these shall he do, because I go to MY Father." (John 14:12)

Moreover, HE goes into great details on exactly what HE will empower HIS Followers to do:
"And these signs shall follow (or be among) those who Believe (in ME): In MY Name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new (or unknown) Tongues; They shall take up (master) serpents (beasts); And if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." (Mark 16:17-18)

So, this is what Engiftment is all about--getting Charismatic Gifts or supernatural powers (similiar to Jewish Mysticism) from encountering the Spirit of the Messiah (and taking the Spirit of God into your won heart)--so that you become a child of God.

Furthermore, this Indwelling or PRESENCE of God in your won heart, is NOT to just sit inside you (as a Temple) and be dormant or asleep there (as some in the Religious Establishment would like to have you think). Rather, the Holy Ghost wants to be alive and awake--and working through you, if you really Believe! For, the Messiah described it this way:

"He that Believes on ME (Y'Shua), as the Scriptures have said, out of his belly (inner being--heart) shall flow rivers of living (spiritual) water!" (John 7:38)

Thus, this spiritual outpouring is flow into us, and then on out, to reach and influence others around us!

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So, how do you get this Outpouring? Well, actually, there are a variety of ways. (And you may want to turn to some of our other Articles on Engiftment to find them all.) But let us concentrate here on the most simple and easiest. For, the one that you can pursue right now is PRAYER. Yes, we can pray together right now, and see if God will not fill you to over flowing. Join with us and say the following prayer out loud (so that God will know that you agree with it).
Father God, I claim YOUR Promise to me, according to Luke 11:9-13, which says that if we ask of YOU the Holy Ghost that YOU will freely give it to us--and not give us something else as a substitute that is bad for us.

I profess that I believe in YOUR Son, Y'Shua (or Jesus), who died on that Tree (or Cross), shedding HIS Blood to pay for my sins--as my death by proxy (and I thank you for Him).

I now renouce the Devil, his followers, and all of their wicked ways and command them, in Y'Shua' Name, to be gone from my life!

Instead, Heavenly Father, send YOUR precious Holy Ghost into my heart and life--to lead me and guide me in following the Ways that are pleasing to YOU.

And especially, I pray that YOU will Pour Out of YOUR Spirit upon me and give me the Baptism of the Holy Ghost--and Manifest some of YOUR Gifts in my Life, that I might use them to help others to YOUR Glory.

Now, that is a start. Perhaps you will get the Outpouring NOW? Then, again, it may come later. Perhaps you will need to pray again? (And, again?) Many do.

And, it also helps to listen to some Spirit-filled music while you are praying for the Baptism of the Holy Ghost (I Samuel 10:5-6). In fact, in the old fashioned Tarrying Meetings, they would pray for awhile and then sing inspirational songs for awhile, on into the night, untill the Spirit of God would fall on them (Luke 24:49). Perhaps that is what you will need to do, too? For, people are individuals. And how they got the Outpouring is often different from each other. The important thing is that you try. And, that you keep trying untill you get it.

For this is God's Will for you in Our Days of the Messianic Pentecostals, where HE will Pour Out HIS Spirit upon the Belivers in Y'Shua--and provide them with Engiftment to work mirculous signs to bring the Lost of Israel back to HIM! (For this is the Judeo-Christian Theogory for Our Times.)

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Well, we have more!

If you want to know more about the Outpouring (also called the Baptism of the Holy Ghost), and its various Charismatic Gifts, (And, many people do!) we several Articles about it! To help you find them all in Our Web Site we put together a Directory of all Our Pages that deal with it.

To get ENGIFTMENT DIRECTORY (click here): [ENGIFTMENT Directory]

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The next Article in this series deals with God's Law. For, as God's CHOSEN, we were selected to obey HIS Laws! So, how are we going to do that, if we don't even know what it is? Well, this next Article is all about finding out what God's Law really is! So, find the TORAH, TOREL, OR TENAHKH Article in the Literature Directory, or use the handy link, below:
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