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The Idolaclastic Call


All 3 of the Main Middle Eastern Faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), hold to a belief in the One True God. And, though each may dispute with the other as to HIS exact Nature or composition, they all hold that there is but ONE God. Historicallly, we believe this to be so, because each is a Descendant of Abraham, whose Faith in the One True God is well documented in the Holy Scriptures. And, developing their Culture around Abraham's basic belief, they all have this theology of the One True God (known as Monotheism) as the core of their Religion.

In contrast, the Pagan Peoples of the wicked world tend to hold to polytheism, that there are many gods and spirits to be worshipped and served. Consequently, they tend to hold and worship all kinds of idols and images, that represent these deities. And, many magical signs and symbols are used to summon the presence and power of these spirit beings. Such is the Religion of Primative Peoples.

However, in the eyes of the Hebrew Peoples (Jews, Christians, and Muslims), such Pagan beliefs are spiritual adultery: a perversion so bad that it should be avoided at all cost! And, such an attitude has developed among the Hebrew Peoples due to their bitter experiences with Pagan Idolatry. The defection of the majority of Mankind to Paganism is recorded in the Holy Scriptures (Genesis 6:5-6), resulting in their destruction of the Great Flood. Later, Jacob's purge of his own Family's idolatry, which had brought about the gang rape of his daughter Dinah, was done in desparation to deliver them all (Genesis 35:2-5). Then, the Children of Israel were ensnared by Egyptian Idolatry and subjected to cruel bondage (Exodus 1:8-11), needing Moses to deliver them. And, when Israel fell to Idolatry, Josiah made a desparate purge, to save the People from being carried away captive (II Kings 23:4-6). But, the tide of Idolatry continued to rise, so God delivered them over to conquest, and to slavery, where they went away to Babylon. Thus, because of these bitter lessons, the Hebrew Peoples usually hold a strong Idolaclastic (destroying of idols) attitude.

But, where are we today? The spokesman for the modern churches say we should vote this president out and vote this congressman in. Or, they tell us to bomb this (abortion) clinic and then support that (genetic) research. Or, run these (undesirable) members out of the congregtion and but ordain these so called holy gay men (and women). Sorry, but it sure seems to me that most of them are missing the boat! God does not care about minors! HE wants the MAJOR things taken care of first!

So, is the Idolaclastic Movement Major?

Well, as we have just seen, down through history, it has been a Major component of the core of the Hebrew Peoples. So, shouldn't this be a strong value among the modern churches? Or, are they nolonger Hebrew Peoples? (And thus, cast offs from the Faith.)

Moreover, this Idolacastic Purge is so near and dear to GOD's heart, that HE wrote it as the Second Commandment, right after the first Commandment to Love HIM or the Sh'MaH. For the Holy Scriptures clearly state:

Thou (You) shall have no other gods before ME! Thou shall NOt make thee (you) any graven (fashioned or molten) image, nor any likeness (sign or symbol) of anything that is in the heavens above, nor in the earth beneath, nor (even) that is in the waters beneath the earth; Thou shall NOT bow down thyself (yourself) unto to them, nor serve them, for I, the Lord thy God, am a jealous God: visiting the iniquities of of the fathers upon the children, (even) to the thrid and fourth generation of them that hate ME! (Deuteronomy 5:7-9)
Which, also, happens to be right next to the Sh'MaH or the Commandment to Love God (Deuteronomy 6:4-7)! So, these are, indeed, Majors of the Holy Scriptures.

Moreover, the Apostles also sternly warned the New Believers to flee idolatry. Hah-RahV Shouhul (the Apostle Paul) sternly warns the People to flee idolatry (I Corinthians 10:14-23, Galatians 5:19-21, and Colossians 3:5-6). And, the Apostle John is also very much against Idolatry (I John 5:21 and Revelations 2:14, 20 and 9:20-21). Thus, the early Teachers of the Faith were very much Idolaclastic! And, we should be, too.

So, how come the modern spokesmen for God are ignoring it?

All around us, today, there is a rising tide of Pagan Idolatry! The Devil and his workers are running about our land and setting up FLAGS, idols or immages, that let them CLAIM our Country. And, from these Spiritual Beacons, they broadcast the demonic influences upon Our People, near them! Yet, no one does anything about it. The sheep dogs slumber, while the wolves are setting their snares to entrap the sheep!

Even worse, some of the modern churches consider themsleves so liberated from being RELIGIOUS, that not only do they ignore giving God's Warning about Idolatry, but they are, in fact, teaching the lessons of magic and witchcraft for doctrines, and passing it off as part of the Judeo-Christian Heritage (and claiming to be a church of God). Such abominal filth ought to be stopped and stamped out! God's People are not to be Idolators!

Do not be deceived! It you do the works of the Devil, then you are the Devil's worker. No matter what anyone calls it!


Identifying Idolaclastic Targets

Unfortunately, the modern churches are so fallen down on their job of warning the Flock about idolatry, that many can not even point out or identify what an Idol or Pagan Practice is! So, how are you to avoid it if you don't know what to look for? Surely, this lack of teaching has blinded the eyes of the People of God!

However, the bitter experience of bondage in Egypt to those Idols caused Moses to set forth a stern warning, that because of these paractices, the People were being expelled from the Holy Land, before the Children of Israel (Deuteronomy 9:3-4). And, that the People of God should NOT take up any of their Idolatrous Practices (Deuteronomy 4:15-28)! So, heed the warning.

Moreover, in case anyone should forget what these evil practices were, Moses set forth a list, to point out to the People of God what was gross Idolatry. The list was clearly recorded in the Holy Scriptures. And we would do well to frequently read it and remember what to avoid:

When thou (you) are come into the Land which the Lord thy (your) God gives to thee (you), thou shall not learn to do after the abominations of those (Pagan) Nations! There shall NOT be found among you anyone that makes his son or his daughter to pass through the fire (child sacrifice), or that uses divination (fortune telling), or an observer of times (astrologer), or an enchanter (spell caster), or a witch (cultic-harlot or prostitute-priestess), Or a charmer (hypnotist), or a consulter with familiar spirits (spiritist or reader of vibs), or a wizard (master of dark arts), or a necromancer (or a communicator with spirits of the dead). For, all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord; And because of these abominations, the Lord thy God does drive them out from before thee (and give you their land). (Deuteronomy 18:9-12)
As you read it, the list should be very clear. And, if you study out the other Scriptures related to this one, you will find that the Word of God, over and over again, warns of fleeing from these evil practices.

Furthermore, also included in this ban is sorcery, or the use of magical, hallucinogenic, or illegal drugs (Isaiah 47:9-14, Jeremiah 27:9-10, Malachi 3:5, Acts 8:9-11, and Revelations 9:21 and 18:23). For, these wicked potions often open the spiritual doorways to demonic oppression (if not full possession). So, it needs to be strongly avoided, too!

So, why aren't the spokesmen for God warning you about these things?


While the modern churches are ignoring the raising of Idolatrous FLAGS all around them, many of them have joined together to suppress what they view as the real works of the Devil: the Pentecostal or Charasticmatic (or Full Gospel) Movement(s). For, it is commonly claimed that those who exercize any of the so called GIFTS, do so under the inspiration of the Devil? What rubbish! Engiftment is clearly documented in the Holy Scriptures (I Corinthians 12:1-25). And we are admonitished to not despise nor limit the prophetic utterances that God's Holy Ghost may inspire (I Corinthians 14:39 and I Thessalonians 5:19-20). Moreover, we are told that the Full Gospel is for all Time, all generations, and all Peoples (Acts 2:38-39).

Thus, to attack the GIFTS as demonic or idolatrous is way off base! In fact, it is approaching to the Warning Y'ShuWaH or Jesus gave the Religious Establishment of HIS Day, concerning the Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost (Matthew 12:24-32). So, be very careful! And do NOT speak out against the Working of God's Holy Ghost. Neither attempt to call it idolatry!

In this same light, God has many signs and symbols that HE keeps to HIMSELF and which help to invoke the Presence of HIS Holy Ghost. Many of these are commonly known: such as the Cross, the Star of David (MoGeN DahBeyD), the Dove, etc. So, these should not be identified as idolatrous nor condemened as a Pagan Practice. However, the modern spokesmen for God claim that the Cross should be removed and not displayed! (And, other Godly symbols are also under attack.) What kind of craziness is this? And, this at a time when Pagan FLAGS or Idols are being ignored and allowed to be planted and grow! (Whose side are these guys really on, any way?)

In the same vein, there are many signs and symbols used by the Devil all down through history. These should, indeed, be avoided and destoyed, if possible. For example, the up-side-down cross, inverted 5-pointed stars (with its horns in the air), the goat-god, etc. All these should be stamped out! But, some of these so called spokesmen for God not only allow them, but often decorated themselves, their clothing, and their buildings with such tokens or idols! (And, this at a time when they are claiming to be getting rid of the Cross and other Godly symbols because they are idolatry!) Do not be deceived! The guys in the black hats, who display the FLAGS and symbols of the Devil are, indeed, the Devil's workers!

Even more amazing, a few years back, we attempted to start an Outeach Program to the New Age and those involved in the old Occult. But, these so called spokesmen for God had fits, that we should be attempting to win souls away from the Devil (and to God)! And there has been no end to the condemnation and harassment of these so called men of God upon us, for attempting to do the Lord's work. Sorry, but I think nothing shows more dramatically whose side they are really on, when they stop the winning of souls from the Devil's dominion. For, those who protect the Devil's realm, surely are the Devil's workers! Do no let them deceive you.


Despite the fact that the modern chruches do not seem to know what to do about Idolatry, the Holy Scriptures are VERY clear. And, if we turn back to God's Word, HE will tell us exactly what HE wants done with such Paganism. Give ear to what HE says in the Scriptures:
And, when the Lord thy (your) God shall deliver them (Pagans) before thee (you), thou shall smite them and utterly destroy them; Thou (you) shall make no covenant (treaty, standing agreement) with them, nor show mercy unto them! Neither shall thou make marriages with them: thy (your) daughter thou shall not give unto his son, nor his daughter shall thou take unto thy son! For, they will turn away thy (your) son from following ME, that they may serve other gods; So will the anger of the Lord be kindled against thee (you), and (HE) destroy thee suddenly. But, thus shall ye (you) deal with them: Ye (you) shall destroy their altars, and break down their images, and cut down their (sacred) groves, and burn (melt) their graven images with fire! (Deuteronomy 7:2-5).
The program seems pretty clear: 1-destroy their altars or places of worship, 2-break their images and statues, 3-cut or tear down their places of gathering, 4-burn or melt their metallic images (especially if they are of precious metals), and 5-boil cloth items or other things that would not endure passing through the flames. Isn't that clear enough?

Now,the issue becomes, what to do with that precious metal. Unfortunately, greed can get a hold of us too easily! So, listen carefully as to what should be done with it:

The graven (metallic) images (statues) of their gods, shall ye (you) burn (melt) with fire; Thou (you) shall NOT desire the silver or gold that is in them, nor take it to thee (you), lest it be a snare therein: For it is an abomination to the Lord thy (your) God! Neither shall thou (you) bring an abomination into thine (your) house, lest thou (you) become a cursed thing like it; But, thou (you) shall utterly detest it, and thou shall utterly abhor it: For it is an accursed thing! (Deuteronomy 7:25-26)
And, indeed, many of God's People have been seduced by the wealth or artistic value of some images and idols. And, in so doing, they have become accursed, themselves. So, don't take it!

Then, what shall be done with it? Well, King David seems to have come up with a way that is pleasing to God. And God blessed him with many successes in battle, because the Lord knew exactly what David would do with the idols that he captured. He purged it or melted it in the fire, as was required (Numbers 31:21-23 and I Chronicles 14:12) and then dedicated it to God and set it in the Temple Tressury, to be used of God in Works against Idolatry (II Samuel 8:10-11 and I Kings 15:15). And, for his Faithfullness against Idolatry, God blessed him greatly, with military successes!

Now, while you may think that this is just a historical anomoly, it was used by others, with the same dramatic success. The Spansish Conquistadors, Cortez and Pizarro, used this Program in their conquests of the Aztecs (Mexico) and the Incas (Peru), repectively. And God honored their efforts against Idolatry and blessed them with astounding, miraculous success! In addition, the early success of the Muslims, seems to be related to this as the Arabs purged their conquered lands of the venerated images that the corrupt church had allowed its followers to worship! So, heed the lessons of history!

Moreover, this Program of melting idols and giving the precious metals (and jewels) of them into God's Treasury, is what pleases God! (Not, allowing the idol to stand and just ignore it!) For, this is what Joshua set forth, in God's Word:

And ye (you) shall in any wise keep yourself from the accursed thing (idols), lest ye make yourself accursed (too), and make the camp of Israel a curse, and trouble it (from God). But ALL THE SILVER AND GOLD, and vessels (artworks) of brass and iron, are consecrated (dedicated) unto the Lord; They shall come into the Treasury of the Lord! (Joshua 6:18-19)
So, this was the Program that Joshua followed, too. And, his record of successes more than demonstrates the Truth of using it! So, set your mind on following the Lord's Commandments, concerning this! HE will bless you for your Faithfulness.

In addition, King David seems to have come up with another Idolaclastic Program that God approved of. In the above command, God told them to kill all of the Pagans. So, David would sort the conquered People's out into two lines. One line (the sheep) would be the ones that would repent and recant of their Idolatry (and these he saved alive, for technically they weren't Pagans, but converts). The second line (or goats) were those Pagans who were so committed to their false gods that they would not repent nor recant, so these he had destroyed (II Samuel 8:2 and Matthew 25:31-34, 41). It is a sobering campaign, but one that God seems to honor, for those leaders with the strength and courage to do as God Commanded.

However, most people are not rulers, nor in the chain of military comand, where this would be appropriate. So, what can the ordinary individual do? How can he follow God's Program, here?

Purging Your Own Idols

If there is to be an effective Purge of Idolatry, then it must begin right here! With you! For, if the individual will not see the danger of it, and will not clean up his own life, then the plague of idols will still cling to them, no matter what the rulers or leadership may do. You must first clear the CURSE out of your own life.

What! Me cursed? (You may ask.) Nonsense! I have never done anything wrong! (Nor am I involved with idols?)

Well, unfortunately, considering the modern lack of teaching on this, many people (even church goers) ARE involved in idolatry. They just don't know how to recognize it nor discern it. So, it probably is there, even if you don't think so! (Look more carefully.)

Moreover, while you, personally, may not be involved in idolatry, the odds are very good that your fore-fathers were! So, while you may not have idols directly in your own life, the CURSE of idolatry is still on your life from what your ancestors did! You have inherited this Curse from your Family, like it or not. (All the way from Adam, if no one else!)

In any case, this Curse must be dealt with, to liberate you from the clutches of idolatry.

How do you do that? (You may ask.)

Well, actually it is easy. For God clearly sets out that Program, too. For it is written:

If MY (God's) People, which are called by MY Name, shall humble themselves (admit their guilt), and pray, and seek MY Face (Return to God), and turn from their wicked ways (cast off idolatry); THEN will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their Sins, and heal their land! (II Chronicles 7:14)
For, God wants to cleanse you from idolatry! HE does not want you to languish under the Curse. HE wants to restore you and propser you.

So, how do you do this prayer?

This, too, is easy! Just repeat the following prayer, out loud (so that God will know that you agree with it). It forms a kind of Mediavel Social Contract or Covenant between you and God. You vow to Return to HIM and HIS Ways, and HE will remove the Curse and put HIS Hand of favor upon your life. Just repeat it:

  1. Father God, I call upon YOU, to Return to YOU, and I admit to YOU that I have Sinned here, being tainted with the Curse of Idols, so that I am worthy of death and destruction in Hell!
  2. But, I plead with YOU to be merciful to me, and forgive me of my Sins, because of YOUR Son (Jesus), who died on the Cross, shedding HIS own Blood in sacrifice to atone or pay for my Sins.
  3. I now turn from Idolatry, Pagan Practices, and renouce the Devil (the Norse gods) and all of their wicked ways; And in the Name of Jesus, I command all the forces of evil to be gone from life, now and forever!
  4. Instead, Heavenly Father, send YOUR precious Holy Ghost into my heart and life: leading me, teaching me, and protecting me (and Manifesting YOUR Power and Presence in my life).

If you have just said that above prayer, you are now SAVED or Delivered from the Curse of Idolatry. Moreover, as you are on your way to RETURN to God, you are also regenerating (beginning to turn into an Angel-like spirit being, that will fly away to Heaven upon the death of your mortal body). Truely this is no small event! It is a very important happening in your life. One that you should share with others. (Or, us, if no one else will listen to you. Contact us and let us know that you have prayed that prayer of Dedication. E mail us, Attention: IDOL FREED.)


Cleaning up your own, internal life, is a good step. But, it is not the only step that the individual needs to take in Purging his life of idols. Next, you need to clean out your house or home (and keep it purged). For, if you allow the Devil's workers to plant their FLAGS of Idolatry in your home, you and your Family will come to be ruled by the Powers of Idolatry, rather then by the Spirit of God. So, get to cleaning!

So, what do I get rid of?

As with the more governmental or conqueror's style Program, which we have discussed, above, the individual is also given a specific list of things to Purge from his own household and from among his own Family. For, while few of us have been given a position of authority or jurisdiction, almost all of us have a household or Family that is under our care. And, here, we can exercize our Spiritual Authority, and cast the Idolatrous influences out of our homes (Deuteronommy 7:26). So, while searching through your home, consider the following items:

  1. FIGURINES: Like Jacob, we need to look for small statues or figurines that are made in the form of some false-god (Genesis 35:2), or images (photographs, symbols) that depict them. And, unfortunately, the modern American hosehold is usually full of them!
  2. JEWELRY: And, also like Jacob, we need to search through our jewelry for items made in the shape or image of a false-god, or which are held to impart magical powers, such as crystals or birthstones, which are related to Astrology. (Genesis 35:4)
  3. BOOKS: Moreover, like the early Believers in Ephesus (Acts 19:18-19), we need to search through our books and magazines, and either burn or cut out those images or symbols of false-gods and those teachings that promote dark arts, real magic, or so called psychic sciences, or the Occult (see Deuteronomy 18:9-14). Unfortunately, Fantasy and Science-Fiction books are often big offenders, these days!
  4. PULP: Furthermore, for men, we need to search through our girlie magazines and realize that almost all the women there are not just nude female models but rather cultic-harlots or prostitute-pristesses (WITCHES), whose goal is to cast a spell on you while you are busy looking at their more natural parts! (I Corinthians 6:15-19 and II Corinthians 6:14-18).
  5. T.V.: In addition, the Scriptures warn us not to set any unclean (Idolatrous) thing before our eyes (Psalms 101:3), so we need to really be careful about what we watch on T.V.! Use your clicker to change channels when that Occult junk comes on, or if need be, write local T.V. Station and complain to get that rot off there! For, contrary to popular opinion, magic and witchraft are worse than sex and violence, in God's eyes.
  6. MUSIC: And we must not overlook our music, such as CDs, records, cassettes, etc., for just as music can invoke the Presence of God's Spirit, so, too, can other music invoke the Powers of Idolatry (demons or unclean spirits). (I Samuel 10:5-6, II Chronicles 5:13, and II Kings 3:15). So, be careful what you listen to!
So, check over all of these items that you have in your house or home. And, if any of them show a taint of Idolatry, get rid of them. It is not worth the risk to your soul! (No matter how inviting, attractive, or appealing the item my be. IT IS CURSED! And you will be, too, if you keep it.)


Naturally, it is our hope that you will attend a NORDESEL Congregation, where Idolatry will not be a concern. However, given that God makes a great variety of People, with a large difference in needs, many of you are likely to be attending other denominations. And, sorry to say it, but Idolatry IS a BIG problem in many of them!

So, what do you look for? Well, here is a list of things that commonly need to be Purged of erroring Congregations. Check and see if your Fellowship is involved in any of these. And, if they are, then do whatever it takes to get it corrected. (Or, find another Congregation that is not tainted by Idolatry, or surely the Curse will fall on you!) So, look for:

  1. STATUES: Highly suspect in any Congregtion are statues or pictures of founders, church fathers, past saints, or even angels, especially if they are found in the Sanctuary. For, there should be nothing that detracts from the Believer's focus on God during worship. (I Kings 15:11-12, II Kings 23:4, and II Chronicles 15:8 and 34:3-7).
  2. IMAGES: The same thing holds true for any sign, symbol, or artistic design that reflects Occult or magical symbols. These sould be removed or imediately defaced! (However, be sure to distinguish between God's symbols and the symbols of the devil.)
  3. CHANNELLORS: Also, a review of Congregational staff is in order. And, if any show indications of Idolatry, they should be removed from their offices, IMMEDIATELY!
  4. DOCTRINES: Review your Congregation's teachings and if there is anything that they uphold which is Idolatrous (or from the teachings of the Occult, Real Magic, Psychic Sciences, or Dark Arts), demand that it be deleted, IMMEDIATELY! (Or, get out of there and find a new Congregation that does not promote that junk!) (II Timothy 4:3-4 and II John 1:10-11)


While Our Realm is in the Religious sphere, we do expect our members to be good citizens of their own Country. Correspondingly, we encourage you to be civic minded and participate in the government of your own local community. Such is pleasing to God.

And, while the Idolators and Pagans of your Community are not going to like nor readily accept this Idolaclastic Program, we would encourage you, none-the-less to attempt to bring the Purge to your Community. As to exactly what to do, we will leave that for you to work out with your local leaders. (And, if you want any guidelines, then turn back to our other lists and develop your own local goals from them.)


Cleansing your Country of Idolatry is a natural political outgrowth of Purging your Community. Therefore, we will leave most of that to you, as good citicens, and to your leaders to figure out exactly what you need to do in your own land. But, we certainly will support and encourage you to do so, to make your land free of Pagan and demonic influence.

However, for America, where we dwell, we do have a few suggestions as to what needs to be done. And, what you as a good citizen ought to pursue. So, if you have a political bent anyway, rather than getting involved in abortion bombing (or gay bashing), what you really need to be promoting is the Idolaclastic Movement! God would be much more pleased. Therefore, give some serious consideration to the following points:

  1. Demand that the government enforce its separation of Church and State rulings to stop funding for any projects involving Idolatry, or for anything that supports the rise of Pagan Reigion! By Law they have to do it!
  2. Demand that your local public schools maintain the Separation of Church and State so that NO Idolatry or Pagan Religion is taught there! (Or, close your public school.)
  3. Demand that all government bodies enforce the Separation of Church and State rulings by removing any and all items that are Idolatrous or support Pagan Relgious beliefs. (Or, impeach the government officials who won't comply.)
  4. Require public officials to take an oath (similiar to the VaRaiNGeYaN or Varagngian Pledge used by Our Realm), so that no Idolatrous or Pagan subversive be allowed into any government office, so that no demonic hidden aggendas can be carried out!
  5. Suspend the tax exempt status for non-Judeo-Christian Religions, especially those that are Idolatrous (or support the Occult or its Magical Arts). For, why should we, as good citizens, be forced to subsidize Idolatry?
  6. Push for a national Fedeal Law making the practice of Idolatry a Capital Crime throughout the Country. (Yet, giving adaquate provisions for the variety of worship used by Jews, Christians, and Muslims, so as not to restrict their Freedom of Religion).
And, no doubt, once you start, you are going to find many others that need to be pushed for. But, we are only pointing the way. So, we will leave that in your hands to develop and pursue. (And, rather, we will spend our energies concentrating on our own Realm and other Religious Groups.)


If we can rely on myths and legends, it is reported that RuRRiK or Rurrik, the founder of Viking or Ancient Russia (or RuSKa) began a Idolaclastic Program headed up by what was refered to as the INQu-TsahR or Inquisator. This appears based on the Holy Scriptures which say:
If thou (you) shall hear said that in one of thy (your) cities, which the Lord thy God has given thee (you) to dwell there: Certain men, the Children of Belial (Idolaters), are gone out from among you, and have withdrawn the inhabitants of their city, saying: Let us go and serve other gods, which ye (you) have not known; THEN SHALL THOU INQUIRE, and make search, and ask diligently; And, if it be true, and the thing certain, that such abomination is wrought among you; Thou shall surely smite (strike) the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, destroying it utterly, and all that is therein (even the cattle thereof), with the edge of the sword. And thou shall gather all the spoil of it into the midst of the streets thereof, and shall burn the city, and all the spoils thereof (even every whit), for (a sacrifice to) the Lord thy God; And it shall be an heap forever, it shall not be built again! And there shall not cleave of their cursed things to thine (your) hand; That the Lord may turn from the fierceness of HIS anger, and show thee (you) mercy, and have compassion upon thee, and multiply thee, as HE has sworn unto thy (your) fore-fathers. (Deuteronomy 13:12-17)
And, it seems to have been very effective in Purging Ancient Russia of Idolatry and Pagan Practices.

However, as the Mediavel world spread throughout Europe, the Catholic Church picked up this previous practices and formed an Inquisition of their own. And, while the orginal Inquisition was aimed solely at Pagans and Idolators, the Spanish Inquistion drifted into persecuting the Jews, and then any dissentor of the Latin Church (who was then branded a heretic). Consequently, it was not as effective in suppressing Idolatry and the influence of Pagan Religious beliefs.

Yet, now with Our RETURN of the Northern Nations, it seems appropriate that we embark on an Inquistion of our own. To aid and support the inquiry or investigation into reports of Idolatry and Pagan Practices among the various Congregations. So, if you are finding Idolatry or the practice of Pagan religious beliefs in your congregation, we would like to know about it. (Sometimes, even just making it known is enough of a pressure to shame a Congregation to reform!)

So, keep us informed of what Idolatry you find. And, keep us informed of whatever Idolaclastic Programs of your own that you embark on. (Be sure to send them, Attention: Idolaclastic Reports.)

E Mail us at: zdkf@gorge.net

Or, contact us by the more conventional routes, below:

Northmen Inquistion
ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Or, phone (509) 493-1674

Stay incontact and keep us posted of developments.

(NOTE: The NORDESEL Name(s) and its Programs and Practices may NOT be used without our direct knowledge, expressed permission, and adaquate supervision by Our duely appointed officials!)


In conclusion, let us be sure that we have are thinking striaght on this. And that we see eye to eye on what is going on. Lest we fall into squabbles. Or give the Devil opportunity to counter-attack.

Outside of the First Commandment (to Love God), nothing is more dear to HIS heart than to see Idolatry abated. And, nothing is more unifying of the Faithful to God, from Abraham (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) than is an Idolaclastic Program. So, let us enter the Unifty of the Faithful and cooperate together in HIS Spirit to sweep our Lands of Idolatry and Pagan Practices.

And, though we must surely do our part, let us keep in mind God's Own Words:

...NOT by might (physical strength), nor by power (military force), but by MY Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts! (Zechariah 4:6)
So, don't get your eyes off of God and forget that we are fighting a spiritual battle (II Corinthians 10:3-5). We are not fighting a military campaign (nor are we a militia)! Nor are we advocating Mob Violence (nor vigilante actions). Rather, we are fighting a SPIRITUAL Battle. And God has given us SPIRITUAL Weapons to win this warfare, if we will only use them!

Nor should we be discouraged when considering the odds (as we are greatly out numbered). For, it is written:

All Nations (Peoples) compassed (surrounded) me about; But in Name of the Lord, I will destroy them! They compassed (surrounded) me about; Yeah, they (fully) compassed (surrounded) me about: But in the Name of the Lord I will destroy them! They compassed (swarmed) me about like bees; (Yet) they are quenched like the fire of thorns: for in the Name of the Lord I will destroy them! (Psalms 118:10-12).
So, do not forget that we work for the Lord. And that HIS Hand will help us. Thus, eventually, our enemies MUST fall!

Yet, for sure, some will say why bother? Just turn the other check and let the Pagans and Idolators do whatever they want! So, we will point to God's Word, which very plainly says:

Submit yourselves to God! RESIST THE DEVIL, AND HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU! (James 4:7)
For it is more than past the time for the Faithful to stand firm and solidly resist the rising tide of the Devil, and his growing number of FLAGS of Idols and spreading Pagan Practices. Arise and heed the Call into the Idolaclastic Movement. Or, be swept away in the tide.

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