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Contemporary Comments on the Modern Return to Medieval Costumes by DESHUND ...

Much of Our World at ASTARIA is based on a revival and a return to the Old Mediavel World of Feudal Europe. Consequently, rather than following the Dominatrix views of the Victorian Era, which attempted to emasculate men, and reduce them to colorless, emotionless slaves and robots of females, we take a more ancient view, where the male is a REAL MAN or Mensch, and is not afraid to strut his stuff like a rooster or peacock, in all its color and finery, to dazzle all the surrounding females!

Not in your fashion book? Well, let us take a look at some surprizing modern fashion trends. (And, you may re-write your book!)

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Well, the old modern world had the ideal of James Bond, the Victorian Era robot that was a cold killing machine, whose female conquests were out of mere duty for King and Country.

But, the new generation, of the New Millenium, has locked onto Austin Powers as its modern hero. And, rather than the cold killing machine, he is the goofy, dirty minded fem, that dolls himself up in outlandish feminized fashions. (Or so he is often seen and presented!)

Or, are we looking at him wrong? Hey, Powers has one of the homeliest and ugly mugs on the Planet--but the babes are lining up, to jump into bed with him. (And not for King and Country, but rather just a wild, sensuous pleasure romp!) So, what has he got, that the rest of us guys don't?

Well, I think the Austin Powers success can be attributed to the Astarian view that the Mediavel World is returning! For, while his fashions may be garish and out of synch with Post-Victorian thought (that men are to be washed out, fashion wise), in terms of the Mediavel World, he would fit right in. For, men there, thought that fancy fineries (even laces and ruffles) were expressions of their masculinity (or specifically their hairyness).

Consequently, it would seem that Powers is the spearhead of this return to Mediavel Costume for Men's Fashions!

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MEL GIBSON'S ROMANTIC COMMEDY - And Revealing the Female Fixation

While this may be the all time favorite of many women today, most men watch this show and go WHAT THE HECK IS ALL THE FUSS ABOUT?

And, if we were just doing one of the Movie Reviews, that is where it would stop. But, let us take a deeper look at the social implications from fashion trends here. (And the changes in Society that Astarian Future Culture is bringing.)

In this Movie, Gibson plays an advertizing executive, who, in order to keep his job, has to come up with a smash program to promote a variety of women's products. And, following his supposed past success from trying out all the products, personally, himself, to gain the insights he needs to do good ads, he goes through a series of wild antics attempting to find the secrets of all of these female products! Good for a lot of laughs!

But, it does not stop there, to find out what pantyhose is all about, he takes up wearing them, along with some other women's underwear. And, you may think that this is just bizarre cross-dressing, but in light of Austin Powers, we need to stop and take a second look. (And an extra thought or two!)

In the Mediavel World, silk tights were considered the norm for men (the Gibson pantyhose). So, isn't this a return to Mediavelism?

Moreover, bright colors and laces (and ruffles) were held as part of men's expression of their masculinity (the rooster--and their hairyness). Consequently, Gibson's wearing of other women's underwear seems to fall right into this Mediavel Costume category! It adds the fancy finery to his growing Mediavel masculine image in the Movie! The Mediavel World is returning!

So, why is this having such a big impact on the dames?

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The Secret Success of Opposites Attracting!

Once the mini-skirt went out of style, most men lost interest in women's fashions, as a generation of women grew up, trying to dress and act more and more like men--the dull colored, short-haired, emotionless robot (and CEO).

Moreover, if you ever bother to watch old movies, and compare them with modern flicks, you might start to wonder where all the REAL women went, as the images on the contemporary screen appear to be all male--or at least masculine looking, by the standards of dress of the pre-70s (and older generations).

Thus, for about a generation, women reveled in their new found masculinity.

However, there is now a new generation of girls coming up, that doesn't seem to buy the lies of modern society that their mother's did. But, being raised to wear masculine fashions (and look like men, by the current generation's standards), these babes are now SENSITIZED to men who express the old feminine image of bright colors, ruffles, and lace (which the Victorians held that only women could wear). For, this is the OPPOSITE of their current masculine image, making it the new masculine look in their eyes! Consequently, the Mediavel Costumes or Style of men's fashions has a deep seated appeal to these modern girls, who are simply seeking an OPPOSITE SEX to balance the masculine pressures that they were raised with. For, as Mother Nature set things up--OPPOSITES ATTRACT!!!

Hence, the wild, suprizing successes of Powers and Gibson. For, it makes them appear to be more of the OPPOSITE SEX to these females, since the modern woman is so masculine, by older generation standards. Consequently, the more so called feminine Mediavel styles for men are coming back, as they make the men appear to be the opposites for these modern, masculine women!

And the popularity of such men, only goes to underline this growing trend.

(Now, we aren't saying that all men should take up wearing women's contemporary underwear. But, then, Powers and Gibson did! And dare anyone call Mel Gibson, the macho hero, less of a man for doing so? Moreover, modern women are wearing our men's clothes, in Public, without a blink! or wince! Well, perhaps there is more to this ... the Mediavel Return!)

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The Cycles of Times, and Fads, That Come and Go!

Moreover, if you ever bother to crack a history book, you find that history tends to run in cycles. That what has happened, tends to re-occur, and with surpizing frequency. Thus, much of history is just a record of the same thing, happening over and over again.

[Mediavel Costume]

Now, the same is also true of fads ... and of fashions. What was hot and in today, is out and dead, tomorrow. Which produces a constant struggle to keep current with what the latest clothing and dress is suppose to be.

But, if you look down through history, you will see that throughout most of those times, men wore the fancier finery, with bright colors, ruffles, embrodiers (prints) and even laces (and tights or pantyhose) for far more of the time, than women did. (Or, at least more so as outerwear.) It was simply viewed as an expression of their REAL MANHOOD.

Thus, the view which claims that there is a so called trend to feminize men's fashion (and supposedly promote gay and homosexual life-styles) today (as we see in the Powers and Gibson films) is totally missing the current fashion boat! Rather, it is a trend to RETURN to the long-standing, historical men's fashions, that men have worn for centures, especially during the Middle Ages--Mediavel Costume!

And the younger generation women appear to be wildly responding to these time honored men's fashions--and the expressions of ancient attitudes of what true masculinity is all about. CONCLUSIONS:
So, boys, strut your stuff! The roosters have returned! Or, the other guys who do, like Powers and Gibson, will get all the girls, and you will be left, without.

And to help you do this, we have put together a design package on the New Mediavel Styles for Men in our Article on SILK SIRS.

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