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APPIRU Introductory Literature

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Are APPRIU Islamic?

Review of Our Roots and Cultural Orientation

While to outsiders, Arabs are Arabs (and Muslims are Muslims), if you happen to be a one then you know that this is a very disputed classification. And, some Islamic Sects will NOT accept other groups as being "Muslim", based on a variety of definitions. And, in fact, many wars have been started (and much blood spilled) over this very issue! So, is this all a lost cause? Are we to forever wonder if the APPIRU are or not?

Well, perhaps we can not come to a good enough answer to satisfy some of the more radical sects of Islam. But, the APPIRU feel that they are, so there ought to be some confirming facts or evidence. And, while not seeking evryone's approval here, we think that the question on whether We really are Islamic or not is a valid enough one that it needs to be answered in detail.


Unfortunately, with the passage of time, things tend to get burried and forgotten under all the dust--and with the shifting of the sands. So, the diligent must get use to digging. And uncovering what the past really was.

While there is a lot of debate and differences of opinion, one thing that the Islamic Koran or Q'uron, the Jewish Tanach, and the Christian Bible all agree on is that Ishmael was Abraham's first born son by Hagar, the Egyptian slavegirl (Genesis 16:1-16 and I Chronicles 1:28-31). And, here is where the Family Feud began, for Hagar bore Ishmael (and thus all the Ishmaelites or Arabic Peoples--Muslims), while Sarah bore Isaac (and all the Jews), and Keturah bore several sons (which became the Nordic Peoples and Christians). And, they have been squabbling in sibling rivalry ever since!

Consequently, Our origins are the same as those of most other Islamic groups. We make Our claim of Descent from Abraham through Hagar and their son, Ishmael. So, despite the squabbling and bickering, We are all basically, FAMILY! However, while most Muslims like to be refered to as Islamic, We tend to refer to Ourselves as Ishmaelites, in respect to Our origins in Abraham through his son Ishmael!


Well, Family may be Family, but sometimes relatives don't claim each other. For differences of belief and action can be devisive. So, are We walking in the mainstream and trunk of the Islamic Family? Or, are we way out on a branch, somewhere, and will soon be pruned off by most of the members of the Family?

Obviously, this could be a real hot debate. But, before we start yelling and jumping around all over, let's take a look at some calm, cool objective facts. While many Muslims may disagree on who is a Muslim or not (or who is good enough), one thing that most Islamic groups can accept are the 5 Pillars of Islam. So, let us take a look at how the APPIRU stand up to that standard. [Ishmaelite Flag]


Now, while there is a lot of Family bickering over what the Name of God really is--the Jews, Christians, and Muslims all agree that there is only One True God. And, this concept, they all got from Abraham, the Hebrew (Genesis 14:13). Consequently, all 3 Branches of the Abrahamic Faith or Hebrew Peoples (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) maintain this common belief even today. And the APPIRU do, too!

This is in great contrast to the rest of the world, for Pagans and Idolators believe in many gods and a multitude of spirits (polytheism). However, Idolatry is a Great Sin to ALL the Abrahamic Peoples. And, it is so considered by the APPIRU, as well! For, we are admonished to remain Faithful to the One True God.

So, who is this God? Obvioulsy, it is the God of Abraham! And, while Jews, Christians, and Muslim may see HIM differently (or call HIM different Names), we are all holding to the belief in God that Abraham held. And, this the APPIRU do, also!

However, while many Islamic groups accept the regular Abrahamic Prophets, like Adam, Noah, Moses, and Isse (or Jesus), Muhammad is usually held as the Primary Prophet. And no one is allowed to say anything against what he said or wrote in the Koran or Q'uron. But, the APPIRU place Isa al-Massih (Jesus) as the Primary Prophet--and the one whose words cannot be contradicted. Now, the APPIRU are certainly willing to look on Muhammad as the Apostle to the Arabs (and Muslims), and his works can be quoted for Cultural details, yet he is not held by them in the primary place. That is reserved for Isse (or Jesus). To get more on this Great Redeemer's work for the Islamic or Ishmaelite Peoples, get Our Article on HIM, below:


So, on the First Pillar, the Appiru are mainly Islamic (though there may be some slight differences of opinion with other Muslims). [Revival Shield]


One of the most sacrid duties of Muslim is to pray! Many groups set aside 3 times in the day (and some 5), that Muslims are to kneel on their prayer rug (or appropriate place) and face East to pray. So, for the APPIRU, prayer is very important, too! And, though we may not follow all the traditions of some Islamic groups in how to pray, We certainly do encourage Our members to pray! And, if you'd like more info about Our prayers, then follow the link, below (to Our Revival Course on Prayer):
To get PRAYER Article (Click Here):

So, on the Second Pillar, the APPIRU are very Islamic and seek to pray to God and become HIS friend, even as Abraham did! [Friut Shield]


While the Pagans, and Idolators, and the wicked of the Western World would let the poor starve and the infirmed wither away, it has long been a firm tradition and belief among Muslims (and the Abrahamic Peoples) to care for the needy! So, whether you call it socialism or a giving, caring heart, Islam has promoted charities and the taking care of the poor and infirmed. We are our brother's keeper!

So, is it suprizing that the APPIRU do so as well? Not only are We developing Our own extensive social programs, but We also participate in many of the ZDK Programs, so as to help the whole Community of Believers from Abraham! And, charity or alms giving is one of Our big teachings (Matthew 6:1-4, Luke 6:38).

So, on this Thrid Pillar, the APPIRU are very Islamic, and seek to have members give generously, to help care for the poor and needy. [Law Shield]

4. FASTING - festivals and diet regulations

While fasting is not popular with the modern world, the APPIRU very much support fasting (Psalms 35:13, Matthew 6:16-18). Individuals are encouraged to fast as part of their devotional to God. And, groups are encouraged to fast during Fast Days and before some Festivals.

However, while many Muslims live in an old world, where eating pork and drinking alcoholic beverages is taboo, the APPIRU have a more modern attitude. We do not forbid Our Members from eating any food group, so you may eat pork as well as other so called unclean foods, if you wish (Acts 10:9-16). Moreover, if you wish to drink alcoholic beverages, you may, in moderation--as long as you don't drink to excess or drunkenness (Ephesians 5:18, I Timothy 5:23).

Furthermore, on keeping the Fast of Ramadan, the APPIRU see no need to make its Members fast until sundown for that whole month. It is not a religious requirement with Us. However, if you choose to, it is not forbidden, either. Rather, we tend to emphasize the Festivals and Holy Days as found in the Holy Scriptures. And, if you are interested in Our Festivals, then get Our Article on Keeping the Calendar, below:

To get KEEPING THE CALENDAR Article (Click Here):

So, on the Forth Pillar, we have something of a mixed bag. The APPIRU are mostly Islamic, but there are some modern variantions, to keep pace with modern times.


Most Muslims value highly a trip or pilgrimage to the Middle East. And, it seems like the farther away that they live from there, the more it becomes a desired goal. Consequently, the APPIRU view a pilgrimage to the Middle East as highly desirable, too! It is a great high point in a Believer's life to be able to visit there.

However, some Muslims insist that you must visit Mecca. Others demand that you at least visit Saudi Arabia. Well, the APPIRU is not quite focused that way. Our big focus is on Egypt--the Land of Joseph (or, perhaps, Bagdad or Damascus, as the centers of Mediavel Arab Culture). And, of course, the Holy Land with Jerusalem, is a most desired visit! Get there, if you can!

Consequently on the Fifth Pillar, the APPIRU are fairly Islamic, too. We would join with all the holy pilgrims that make their way to the Middle East.

Now, are there other things that are Islamic among us?


Another value that has been common to most Muslim groups has been that of male dominance. The Traditions of the Mosque have been of men, for men, and by men (and in some cases, women have even been completely excluded). Now, while We aren't exactly to that extreme, APPIRU stands for a traditionally male dominated Realm. And the Scriptures clearly set the man, for Us, as the head of his household (Genesis 2:18; Esther 1:22; Ephesians 5:22-24; Colossians 3:18; I Peter 3:1). And, while this value is eroding in more modern Communities, there is still widespread support for it amongst many Muslims--and especially among the APPIRU!

Moreover, this is one of the sorest points of contention between Arabs (and Muslims) and that of the Western or Christian Culture. For, Ishmaelites have come to see Westerners and Christians, as people who come to teach rebellion in their families! And to lead their wives to fight and become independent of their husbands. This is patently against APPIRU teachings! And, it makes for a more Eastern style atmosphere for our Family Life. Consequently, the APPIRU observe the Islamic (and Abrahamic) custom of married women keeping their head covered, with the traditional hijab or prayer scarf--a custom that most Christians and Jews use to follow, too (I Corinthians 11:3-16).

Furthermore, the contact of most Arabs (or Muslims) with modern Westerners or Christians is with those who try to teach Islamic women to be impure and cheat on their husbands. After all, it is commonly presented by such people that wives are to be forgiven their indiscretions, so that they should be free to commit adultery as they may so desire. And, this is one of the reasons that Arabs and Muslims are so against Western Culture! But, the APPIRU are not of that teaching. We hold and teach that the womb should be kept holy and sanctified. And that adultery (or wife defilement) is a MAJOR Sin among Our Members--much as it is held in the Islamic Communuty!


Along with traditional Patriarchial family values, comes the issue of circumcision. While this is a common Arabic or Muslim practice (and also used by other groups, including Jews), APPIRU holds it to be Dispensational, like that of the dietary laws (ie not for modern times). And, while circumcision may have had value for those who wanted to enter into the Abrahamic Covenant for the Promised Land in the Middle East, the APPIRU's Promised Land (and Future) lies with KRY (and out in Space, among the Stars). So, we have no need to keep the old Promised Land Covenant, involving circumcision. And, indeed, many other Muslim (and Jewish) groups have now abandoned circumcision, as well! (And, we especially do not see female circumcision as needful, though some Muslim groups still paractice this!)


Well, at this point, it would seem that the APPIRU are looking very Islamic! However, there are those who vigorously claim that you can't be Islamic (or Arabic) and Christian at the same time. On the one hand, we have the traditional mullahs who insist that Muslims cannot be Christian (and those who try to are usually automatically excluded from that communuity--if not even exiled or killed as heretics). And, on the other hand, there are church members who equally insist that that if you are Christian then you cannot be Arabic (or Islamic)--and these are the ones who are responsible for the forced conversions of Muslims and the persecutions that stripped Arabs of their Hebrew Heritage in Abraham and driven them into Western Culture (or excluded from fellowship--as well as exiled from the country). Persecution is an ugly thing!

However, APPIRU listens to neither of these groups! And we strongly maintain that it is possible to be Ishmaelite (Islamic) and Christian, at the same time.

Moreover, We see this as similiar to Our Messianic brothers, next door (in EMUSPATEL). For, they claim that it is possible to be both Jewish and Christian. And, while the Jewish Leaders and the Church Leaders scream that this is not possible, the Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Movements is one of the hottest Revivals sweeping America, today! Clearly, it is possible, for them. Consequently, We hold that it is possible for Muslims, too. That they can be both Ishamelite (Islamic) and Christian, too! And, indeed, this is the main thrust of the APPIRU Movement. So, in the days ahead, you are going to see more and more Ishmaelites (Islamic or Arabic Christians), especially in America and Europe, where they have the freedom of religion to do so.

And, this is where the APPIRU have placed themsleves--in the GAP betwen Church and Mosque (serving as a Bridge between the two).


OK, how did we score? Well, while the APPIRU may not be the most perfectly Islamic group around, I think that at this point the concensus ought to be clear that we are as reasonably Arabic or Muslim as most other Islamic groups. So, as the story goes, if it has a trunk like an elephant, the ears of an elephant, the tusks of an elephant, the legs of an elephant, then it is probaly an elephant...huh? OK! But, don't stop here. Read over the rest of Our Introductory Literature. And get to know us better! [Literature Shield]


Now, hopefully this is not the end, it is just a beginning for you with the APPIRU. Like any new born babe, you have a lot of growing and learning to do about Us and Our World! So, turn to the next lesson, and take you next step in Spiritual Growth with us.
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