Tincture Press


Rupert, Idaho
"Thank you ever so much for your help and answering all my questions. It's pleasing to work and talk to people who have a love and service for people. ... Enclosed is a check for a press ... I'm so excited and looking forward to using the press after 30 years of hand pressing. Thanks again and hope you have a happy fall gathering time."
Julie Bailey, Mountain Rose Herbs, North San Juan, California
“The tincture press is great!!! It is easy to use. We were pressing by hand and our new Hydra-Screw Tincture Press #130 saves us so much energy. We can tighten it up, leave it and come back to a beautiful clean oil ready to put in our products. It’s terrific!”
Chuck Belanger, LAcp and Herbal Therapy, Phytotech Herb Extract Co., Richmond, California.
“THANKS FOR A GREAT HERB PRESS! Got your #130 tincture press ... and did a batch of herbs and ... WOW! This press is great. With yours I just jack it up a few strokes then leave it for a few minutes then return and jack it again and so on until I can’t jack it any further… The herbs come out in cylindrical bricks that are almost completely dry. I especially appreciate the well thought-out simple design. I design and make my own equipment, too. Your press is easy to setup, move from one batch to another and clean. I did not need your tubing because the height is perfect for a plastic 5 gallon pail that I use”
Noxon, Montana
“The #130 press works great.”
Chuck Belanger, LAcp and Herbal Therapy, Phytotech Herb Extract Co., Richmond, California
“Dear Longevity Herb Company:
First I want to thank you for making a great press. I just got it (the heavy duty #150) last night and was really impressed with the obvious improvement in esthetics and overall workmanship of the new unit. The new coating and even the metal name plate makes it so, well, professional. I hope the coating holds up. The implementation of some of my suggestions and your own improvements really adds to the unit. I'm amazed to see that you carefully lined up the two large nuts on the threaded rod. I suspect that this is not easy, but what a difference this makes in smooth, fast cranking of the plate down on top of a bag of herbs to be pressed. I can see that you widened the stainless perforated bucket, thus allowing shortening of the threaded rod and reducing any possibility of bending that, now much thicker rod. It really is much more "heavy duty." I'm sure this unit will hold up for many years to come.

I'm glad that you decided to thicken the stainless steel catch pan, too, and the added support under the front lip of the lower plate looks substantial. Thanks for all the work and it looks like a great unit. I'm not sure what hydraulic jack you sell with it, but you probably could use a stronger one without any hesitation on whether or not the unit can handle the increased pressure.

I'm still planning to get a 3/4" HDPE circle (6 3/16" diameter) to fit in the bottom. Although the lower plate is now flat there is still not a perfect conformation between the cylinder and pan bottom thus allow the possibility of the filter bag to "escape" under pressure and rip. The circlular plug works well to prevent this.

When I looked through your new catalog/price list, I realized what a deal you gave me, thanks. I can understand that you quoted me based on what used to be the #130. The least I can do is provide some good feedback on the filter bags as I try them out and if you need me, I'm glad to act as an enthusiastic referral for your product line.”
Williams, Oregon
“The tincture press works very, very well. Kudos to the designer, who made something very simple, but completely efficient.”
Pat & Mike DeMarco, Full Circle Botanicals, Sandpoint, Idaho
“Your herb press continues to amaze us. Thanks for such a quality product.”

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