Tincture Press


Herbal Tincture Basic Recipe:

Chop dry or fresh herbs and loosely fill into a jar.
Fill to within an half inch from the top of the jar with one part 180 proof alcohol to 3 parts water to make an about 25% alchohol preparation.
If you are using fresh herbs reduce the water slightly.
Cover and tighten lid and set on your kitchen counter.
Shake often, at least daily, for 2 - 6 weeks.
Decant off liquid of your new tincture.
Press herbs now or leave on the preparation until you are ready to bottle and use tincture.
Compost herbs.
Herbal Oil

Crumble dry herbs and loosely pack in jar.
You want plenty of shaking room.
Cover with oil (olive, almond, or as you like) to within one-half inch of lid.
Cover tightly.
Set on kitchen counter.
Shake often, at least 3 or 4 times daily for at least 6 weeks.
Begin using oil that you decant off the top.
The oil soaked herbs make good poultices.
Compost herbs.
Saint John's Wort Oil

Collect St. John's Wort on June 26th - St. John's Day - or a day nearby when you have a bright yellow flower to pick and it the flower is fully dry.
Use scissors to clip the top 8 to 12 cm. of the yellow flowers with some green leaves.
Chop into 1 cm. lengths.
Loosely pack into a jar.
Cover with olive oil.
Set in a warm even sunny window.
Shake daily.
Add more oil as needed to keep the oil about 1 cm. from the top of the jar and to fully cover the herbs.
After the oil is a deep red, you can store as is in a cool, dark location until ready to press and use.
Macadamia Nut oil

Chop nuts.
Press the nuts when it is about 90 degrees fahenheit, i.e., on a warm sunny day.
Yield of oil to original nut weight is about 30%.
Grape or Apple juice

You will need to crush the grapes or apples first.
Then press.

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