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Columbia River Gorge
White Salmon, Washington, USA, is a town of about 3000 inhabitants, situated on the Columbia River 65 miles east of Portland, Oregon. Our home and gardens are nestled in stands of Ponderosa pine, Western white oak and Douglas fir with Chocolate lilies, Snowberries and Oregon grape.

Twenty miles to the east there is annual rainfall of only 11 inches, while 20 miles to the west, there is 80 inches and here about 35 inches of annual rainfall. This area, the Columbia River Gorge, is affectionately called "Where Sun meets Rain", the meeting of the eastern deserts and the western rainforests of Oregon and Washington. The electrical energy to produce the presses is about one-third solar with the rest from local wind power and hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River.
Making the presses
In 2015, our friends, Luis Castañeda, welder and metalworker, not only builds the presses, he also sells them through his website, PressHerbs.com. His wife, Reyna Gonzales sews the press bags. He enjoys all shop related and family activities. His sons Alexis, Carlos, Justin and Isaac help, too.
#150 & #130

Luis Castañeda

#150 & #130

Luis Castañeda in the shop

The Hydra-Screw Tincture Presses #130 & #150
Starting in 1992, Daryl Hoyt designed and constructed herb presses beginning with the Hydra-Screw #130 press. With input from Chuck Belanger, Daryl strengthened the #130 creating the Hydra-Screw Tincture Press #150. Daryl and Luis Castañeda keep refining and improving the presses.
The MiniJack Tincture Press

By simplifying the design, Daryl was able to create a smaller press more suited to the kitchen, the MiniJack Tincture Press, that is easier on budgets.
40-year happy marriage of Herbalist and Metal fabricator
Krista, the herbalist and botanist, brought the metalworking skills of her husband, Daryl, together with her herbalist friends.
Our Customers are the BEST!
You all have contributed to the press designs with your ongoing feedback. You are people who are working to make the world a kinder and gentler place sharing plant medicine with your families, communities and businesses. We treasure our conversations with you and hearing about your projects and successes.


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