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(Last Updated on - 12/22/2003 03:57:34 PM )

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12/22/2003 - (12/22) 9.5 - An updated 9.5 which contains an enhanced ROSNET download process to further reduce the frustration of downloading ROSNET files.

12/22/2003 - 9.5 - Fixed Derby Lane Super Carryovers which were confused with Super Payouts.  We've updated our history for December, so you might redownload that to correct payoff problems if you supertune for SuperFecta payouts.

12/20/2003 - 9.4m - Fix what might have been a problem for some users in downloading history.  Plus worked on some components, please recheck columns for HIGHEST, LOWEST, MOST RECENT IF you specified ALL DOGS, ALL OUTINGS.  I'd also like you to test these components for ALL DOGS, ALL OUTINGS if you are proficient in doing columns.

12/19/2003 - 9.4L - Fix SCRATCH problem for ROSNET tracks which host their own data. Fix LiveTote Results for now. This update "re-fixes" the GG incomplete charts problem initially attempted in 9.4h.  Also, users of the LIVE TOTE feature should visit - in a month or so, will require users to log into their site to access live odds data.  Since this is the site that QuickDog has used in the past to deliver our livetote data, this will certainly impact us.  There will be no way for you to access this data UNLESS you sign up with them, and it might not even be possible in that case.  We'll let you know in January.

12/18/2003 - 9.4i - ToteBoard update.  The software was aborting at time due to changes made at  

12/17/2003 - 9.4h - Changed GULF CONVERT software so that it doesn't delete incomplete charts, now it only warns of incomplete charts.  Allows NEGATIVE numbers to be used with IF/ELSE/BELSE. Working with COMPARE Method Builder command w/Paul - See forum. When all seems well with the Method Builder, we'll release 9.5.  If you are not using the Method Builder, then you don't really need to update at this time.  Added Method Builder "COMPARE(LAST_RESULT). A subtle problem in Method Builder, added Method Builder "BELSE" command. LiveTote wasn't working properly due to a change by This has been fixed. Updated the Method Builder/Column Builder with IF ELSE statements

QuickDog Update Release - Rev (12/22) 9.5

Make sure before downloading to close all QuickDog windows.   While installing, when you are asked to OVERWRITE files, select YES/ALL so that all files are written over, otherwise you will have problems running with the update.  If you found this page on the internet, and you don't have the full QuickDog installed already Click Here to download the full version.

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