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"I'm sure you know this but this is a really fun program.  I have truly enjoyed it. " (LR - 11/05/03)

"I want to say how impressed I am with this system. I just started using it for the first time in about two years. Needless to say when my 30-day free trial is over, I will be sending you a subscription payment. Not only am I impressed with the complexity of the system and all the options that come with it, but also the great support that you and the other users give it. Thanks Again!" (HT - 08/29/03)

"Your program is perhaps the best ever developed for many reasons, and your dedication to customer service should be applauded.  I feel that it provides us with as much accuracy as anybody should hope for in a dog race! Thanks again for a great product and great service." (DA - 07/15/03)

"I must tell you that it all came together yesterday at Raynham Dogtrack and I won over $900 in one race alone. I'm still refining everything, but know that it's one of many successful days to come!" (FP - 07/06/03)

"I'm happy. I don't need every exotic to have a woody. You've given me over forty %. It's up to me to figure which races to NOT bet."  (BW 07/03/03)

"I want to also say that not only have I been doing better at the tracks I find it's a matter of time before I hit the big ones.    I will try the horse system next!    Thanks for a great program!"   (FP - 05/23/03)

"Just to let you know Gulf had a handicapping tourney that the wife and I entered Sat night I gave her QuickDog pick from Knife and she led the tourney thru the 6th race but struck out on the last  3 races to finish 5th out of 78 entries.  Bad news is QuickDog had the winner  7 dog in the 8th race and she wrote it down wrong.  What a 1500 dollar blunder." (VS - 05/13/03)

"this is the best handicap program I have ever come across"  (JS - 03/28/03)

"This program of yours is the most brilliant piece of work I've ever seen, it actually works and makes money. I'm a heavy bettor and feel quite comfortable making plays selected by Quickdog." (DP - 03/27/03)

"I just continue to be amazed at the power of these methods." (FD - 12-15-02)

"Let me say how much I appreciate your program, and the obvious time and energy you put into attending to the needs of your subscribers.  It is unparalleled in the world of Greyhound software." (JS 12-8-02)

"QD has saved lots of time and sometimes shows a dog I might have overlooked. It has improved my handcapping. I think it is by far the best program I have used. Anyone who is serious about betting dogs should have this program." (Autodealer - QuickDog Forum 12-1-02)

"QuickDog's features and abilities are unsurpassed in my view. And customer support is the BEST around." (SFECTASLIM - QuickDog Forum 10-31-02)

"Just used the AutoUpdate feature to download rev i. Worked great! Then did the Autodownload with GHautdl, got my tracks and am now updating the Daily Variences. These features make it so EASY even a novice like me can do it. Kudos to you and your group." (FDORWIN - Forum - 10/24/2002)

"Thanks for everything, your program is the best all around handicapping system that I've looked at, and I've looked at quite a few." (TM 10/17/2002)

"I have never experienced such prompt response to software items as QD has shown in my 30 years of being in the computer field." (DMP - Forum - 10/16/2002)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your program and with someone being around greyhounds for over 10 years. You are far better than surebet or dogbase.  What ever you did great job and keep going." (ML 12/21/2001)

"This program is a lot of fun. I tried a trial sub. earlier but was so busy that I hardly had time to try it out.  Your program is absolutely marvelous." (GH 12/18/2001)

"Please let me know when you come to MU so that I can buy lunch or dinner for you. I love your product - and I especially like your service ethic." (RH 12/06/2001)

"Your program is a lot of fun and is the best I have found." (HH 11/06/2001)

"I don't really believe you realize, how GREAT a handicapping tool you've invented!  It's been a godsend for me. Particularly ST. If you ever want me to write a testimonial, just ask." (RG 09/16/2001)

"I can see a time very soon when the QuickHuman is going to be replaced with the QuickDog. I'd say you're right at the brink...I'd like to offer CONGRATULATIONS for producing truely OUTSTANDING software. In my opinion, QuickDog is by FAR the most advanced Handicapping software yet made. What's incredible is it's ACTUALLY being Improved (and That's Scary :) )"  (BH - from QuickDog forum 08/13/2001)

"Good job on this program. Now that I understand it better I am beginning to see how good it really is. I can tell a lot of work went into this. I am going to continue working with this into the evening. I am really enjoying your program a lot." (SC 07/02/2001)

" first time using Quickdog for actual wagering was this past Friday night.  Resulted in winning five Trifectas at the four Florida racetracks!  WOWEEE!  Quickdog just keeps getting better & better. Thanks for all your help."  (XZACTA - from QuickDog forum 05/22/2001)

"Compliments on your Quickdog program. I bet dogs for a second income, and the  5.1b is awesome. Keep up the good work!!" (BW 05/13/2001)

"You can tell everyone that the ole man 63 years of age set it up and had it working in 30 minutes."  (OMW 03/26/2001)

"If you can continue to fine tune QD, GREAT. However it is already the BEST on the market that I have ever seen in my 26 years of handicapping the races." (RG 02/16/2001)

"I must admit I've made an obsene amount of money with this product and I am looking forward to renewing annually for years to come. I just can't figure out HOW you're going to make it any better\:>)"  (TR 02/07/2001)

"I haven't found 1 greyhound handicapping software yet that I can only use the software to make all my picks from but I'll tell you, were getting real close with Quickdog." (AL 02/06/2001)

"First time to use program and I hit a $133.60 QB and a $373.60 Tri B also hit 1 $437.00 Sup. W. and another Tri Box for $380.00 also hit pick 3 for $155.60. Picked 5 win bets.  Great program." (RL 01/09/2001)

"I am glad you offered me another look at your greatly improved product. I am sold just ordered my subscription. It is an exellent handicapping program and easy to use too."  (BG 10/31/2000

"Thanks very much for the quick follow-up.  I continue to be amazed by Quick Dog's versatility.  I've downloaded the database version and it looks very promising!!" (JS 10/9/2000)

"Hello, hello, Hello, Mike!!!!  I had a great time tonight!  I hit 5 out of 7 races getting 3 Trifectas and 2 Superfectas, my total return on investment or ROI was, $1660.00 returned on $280.00 wagered." (MS 10/6/2000)

"I have just gotten the free download over the weekend and started testing it. I have just now downloaded 3.7 and would like to be on the beta test team. I will be testing on Orange park. Also please send your snail mail address so I can get a check to you cuz I'm gona have this software
no matter what. Just from what I've seen in the last four days a persons gotta be totally stupid to not make some real good money with this." (TR 10/03/2000)

"I really like this system, and think its as good as any other out there.  It is exactly what I was doing, but much easier and efficient.  I have been using it on paper for the last month, and finally decided to put it to use.  I won $200+ my first day, and then the trial  period ended on me the very next day.  That's when I decided to purchase the system.  I think it's great." (DK 10/1/2000)

"I do enjoy your program.  Because I am reinstalling other programs in my new computer such as Quicken, Corel Word Perfect, and a couple of other smaller ones, I was very favorably impressed with how quickly yours downloads and how small it is for what it does." (RK 09/30/2000)

"Thanks for a really good looking and easy to use program!!" (W 9/27/2000)

"It's a great program and a real timesaver!   Keep up the good work" (BR 9/25/2000)

"This is a very good program." (JC 9/16/2000)

"I truely like what I see so far it works so great and better than any software that I have ever used,and I have used just about every one of them on the market.  With a little fine tuneing anyone should be able to make a profit at the track."  (JF 9/11/2000)

"Man, this program is now "SLICKER THAN SNOT ON A BRASS DOORKNOB." Itdoes everything I use to do by hand, but much faster and no error's.  It also leaves the responsibility on the user to handicap, which is firmly where it should be. I really appreciate your efforts with this program. So easy to use  -  So easy to use  - SO EASY TO USE." (RC 9/10/2000)

"I had NO problem installing or running QUICKDOG.  Smooth as silk!  And judging from some of the forum's responses (, with one of your 'handicapping choices' there were 5 or 6 winners at one of the tracks picks that was posted.  not too shabby, eh?" (AM 8/27/2000)

"Saturday at Gulf using only the "QuickDogs" program, I made $928 profit and on Sunday I made over $1110 profit.   The Handicapping style I'm using is the "Knife Style" and I'm weighting the fields towards break, early speed,  avg. time and best time." (BK 8/9/2000)

"What you have here is a masterpiece of function and form.   By weighting the fields appropriately I was able to get about a 50% tri ratio and about  60% on Quinelas." (BK 8/3//2000)

"It seems to be what I do only lots easer." (DW 5/20/2000)

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