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Customized RETAIL Tipsheets for Your Simulcast Location, Store Front or OTB Parlor Close by the GreyhoundTrack

Whether you own a simulcast OTB parlor or just the Gas and Groceries nearby a simulcast OTB or Simulcast Greyhound Park, you can now quickly establish another revenue source for your business!  Do you own a coffee house, market, gaming house, casino, or other store front close by a Greyhound Race Track or OTB facility?  Take a look at our QuickTips Retail product and see how easy it is to add another revenue stream to your business for next to nothing in upfront costs!

PROBLEM - Suppose a customer at your Simulcast OTB Parlor  or other local business said to you -"I'd like a handicapping tipsheet which includes the "picks" of all the Greyhound Races I can watch and wager on at your facility today.  Also, I'd like that tipsheet to include ONLY those races which are handicapped based on a method that has delivered at least 50% Winning wagers tested over AT LEAST 300 past races at the particular track, distance, and grade combination.  Also, I'd like that method to be based on a 4 dog box Q wager, a $12 wager.  Here's 10 BUCKS!  How soon can you get it for me?"

You'd almost immediately reply -  "What?  Geez, only 10 BUCKS, eh?  Ok, what's the punch line here?"...

The SOLUTION - Introducing QuickTips Retail, a Monthly/Yearly subscription service, provided by the Makers of QuickDog and QuickTips that allows you to fill that order in just a couple of  minutes!  In fact, it only takes as much time as it takes your printer to print the tipsheet!  And this is no ordinary Tipsheet, it is a SIMULCAST Tipsheet and includes any tracks, evening or matinee, which are running greyhound dog races today!  And its only got the races which make sense to wager on!

Sound a little far fetched?  How about this, the service would cost you just $30 (subscription fee) a month to use, and we'd let you use it ENTIRELY FREE while you're learning how to use it and market testing it to your patrons (up to 2 Months FREE).  Start charging your customers immediately, and you'll quickly pay off the several months of subscription fee BEFORE your free trial ends!  

Or let your customers use it for FREE temporarily, and you'll spoil them with its usefulness, and, once you start selling it, they'll be happy to fork over $5 to $10 per sheet or whatever you decide to charge them!  This is not a cheap, massed produced tipsheet.  It's generated by HOURS of computer time.  Our computers have developed 5 methods of handicapping applied to various wagers and tested these methods, using a multitude of wagers, over hundreds of past races.  But, your customer's custom tipsheet can be delivered within seconds or his request and next to no time on your part because its all produced by computer!

What you have is a customizable product, with unlimited sales potential, taking up NO FLOOR SPACE, available instantly via the power of the internet, and hungry buyers sitting there right in front of you already!  

We now cover the following greyhound dog tracks:

Apache, Birmingham, Bluff's Run, Caliente, Corpus Christi, Cloverleaf, Daytona Beach, Dairyland, Dubuque, Ebro, Gulf Greyhound, Geneva Lakes, Hinsdale, Hollywood, Interstate, Jacksonville, Jefferson County, Lincoln, Mile High, Mobile, Multnomah, Naples Fort-Meyers, Orange Park, Palm Beach, Phoenix, Plainfield,  Post Time, Pueblo, Raynham, Seabrook, Southland, Derby/St. Pete, Shoreline Star, St. Croix, Tampa, Tri-State, Tucson, Valley, Victoryland, Wheeling Downs, Wichita, Wonderland. 

To better give you an idea of how this works, let's go step by step through the process of using QuickTips Retail.   Click Here to go through a step by step explanation of the process.

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