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12/22/2003 - 4.7b - Fixed the SQUARE ROOT of the Method/Column builder.  If you see strange data, please contact me.

12/20/2003 - 4.7a - This revision is VERY IMPORTANT for Custom Method Builders.  It corrects some of the components which were carried over from QuickDog.  Users had noticed too much ???? data and this will fix this sort of problem in your methods.

12/19/2003 - 4.7 - Major Problem corrected in Method Builder which was causing methods to run incorrectly.  Also, THIS VERSION WILL AUTOMATICALLY REBUILD your database!!  The reason?  We've added more fields to the database for TSN PROCAPS users, ie BrisRaceRatings, BrisClassRatings, and BrisAverageClassRating.  Also fixed, SCRATCHING horses...if you click on the horse's name, then click on the horse's name again on the Outings Display, the horse's outings are all scratched out and his score will be always least.

12/17/2003 - 4.6c - Allow NEGATIVE numbers in IF/ELSE/BELSE.  Subtle change to COMPARE feature of Method Builder.  Working with this over on the QuickDog forum.  Also, for LIVETOTE users, this revision gives more information for the RACE CONDITIONS when looking at MY LIVE TRACKS.

12/14/2003 - 4.6 - Added COMPARE(LAST_RESULT) to the Method Builder. 

12/12/2003 - 4.5h - BELSE command added to Method Building. Fixed a subtle problem in the Method Builder for AVERAGE command. Updated the Method/Column Builder to use component level IF ELSE statements. 

12/06/2003 - 4.5d - Fix X-MOST-RECENT Column Builder Component. Fix Tiebreaker function which was creating different results for BACKTEST vs SUPERTUNE.

11/30/2003 - 4.5a - Program Numbers weren't showing up properly on either the Handicapping Display or the Payoff's Display.  Now both show the Program Numbers.  FREE DATA Calculations were overriding PAY DATA calculations.  This has been fixed.  You should REBUILD your Database using the CONVERT Menu Bar Item, then change UPDATE to REBUILD.

11/25/2003 - 4.4b - Fixed BASE WAGER entry for EXACTA allowing a $1 entry.  Also, added payoffs for QUINELLAs which hadn't been included.  You should REBUILD your database to add Quinella data to QuickHorse.

"QuickHorse" Version 4.7b -

Make sure before downloading to close all QuickHorse windows.  After downloading make sure that you install the version shown above rather than re-installing an earlier version.  This complete update has been updated to include all the service packs shown below.  When installing this update, keep in mind it is not the COMPLETE QuickHorse but only those files which current Subscribers need.  You should therefore install this update DIRECTLY OVER-TOP your current installation.

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