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Important - To use all of QuickHorse's feature, QuickDog MUST BE ABLE to access the internet.  If the automatic download features of QuickHorse do not work, or the program aborts while accessing the internet, it is probably because of your computer's ANTI-VIRUS software like Norton or McAffee.  You will have to disable your ANTI-VIRUS software during the time that QuickHorse accesses the internet.

We'd like you to use QUICKHORSE absolutely FREE 

QuickHorse is brand new!  And continues to be improved.  Please feel free to express your ideas on how we can make it even better!  

Welcome to QuickHorse!  QuickHorse allows you to create your own customized and tested tipsheet.

Ok, here's how QuickHorse works -

1)  It allows you to download past data at the tracks you play.

2)  QuickHorse then automatically develops methods of handicapping that would have worked extremely well at that track or tracks in the past.  All this can be done AUTOMATICALLY based on your entries of how far back, and what type of WAGER you wish to test.  We call this SUPERTUNE and there's nothing like it in those "free" Brisnet programs. can now develop YOUR OWN methods of handicapping with QuickHorse.  Then SUPERTUNE these to create your own custom tipsheet for today's races at all the thoroughbred tracks!  Method Builder is a powerful feature of QuickHorse.

3)  QuickHorse allows you to download today's program, then apply the method generated to pick the winners TODAY!  Its as simple as that! 

Bottom line - your risk of loss is REDUCED before you wager a single dollar!

And, since QuickHorse allows you to customize your method based on your experience and even helps you do so, you can be sure that your method is unique.  Why share your winning wagers with somebody else?

NOW, follow these 6 steps to discover how FUN and EASY QuickHorse is to use (some prior computer experience required) -

1) - Download and Install QuickHorse!  Click HERE - Keep in mind that QuickHorse is free for 30 days.  

Note that QuickHorse ONLY RUNS on WINDOWS 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP computer systems. It WILL NOT work on WINDOWS 3.1 or APPLE or UNIX Systems.  It will not work on a palm sized computer.

"OPEN" the QH.EXE file, or save the downloaded QH.EXE file to your desktop, then doubleclick on it.  Follow the directions which come up.

2)    Download the latest racing programs/charts for the tracks you play. 

Click Here to connect to our QHTRACKS Web Page to find your track's daily data

3)    Let QuickHorse CONVERT all this data into easy to read Handicapping Information, and handicap it for you.

4)    Now use the QuickHorse SUPERTUNE feature to find out which methods of QuickHorse would have worked at your track in the past based on the wagers you want to use. No other product has "SUPERTUNE"!  It's remarkable!

5)    Once you've become familiar with BACKTESTing and SUPERTUNE, you will want to try the Method Builder and create your own handicapping method.

6)    Finally, apply any of these methods, which worked in the past to today's program!  All in seconds!  Print your own customized "tipsheet".

AND........."It's POST TIME!!"

Attention AOL Users - if you have trouble downloading the free subscription version of QuickHorse then it is probably because AOL will not allow you to because of some settings you currently have.  You may contact them and find out how you can download software from the internet using AOL.  Just mention this web page URL,, and tell them you would like to download this software.  They will then send back information on how you can do so.

Get your questions answered promptly via email, and participate in the QuickHorse forum of subscribers. 

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