Chapter 13 - Using QuickDog as a Data Source for Dogpak Focus2000 Pender Software

Export  - Once you've imported data into QuickDog, you can then write this data to lines.txt and setup.txt files.  These files can then be IMPORTED into either Dogpak, Focus2000 Greyhounds, or Pender Noriega Dog Racing Software.  Also, you can export data into Spreadsheets and Access Databases.  

And for as little as $60 a year, QuickDog can save you hundreds of dollars a year when compared to getting this data somewhere else!  And, of course, your first 30 days of use are absolutely FREE and ALL FEATURES are included in your trial subscription.

For purposes of this discussion we shall again return to our CC20001007 program.

See Figure 1 Below where CONVERT has been selected by using the Menu Bar Item "Convert".

Figure 1 - The CONVERT Feature

Scripting is an ADVANCED feature because most QuickDog Users are not programmers, and scripting is like programming.  We've tried to make it straightforward and have provided examples of some scripts you might find helpful, but if you want to create your own scripts, well, you will be on your own but hopefully the samples will lead you in the right direction.  In addition, you can consult other QuickDog users on the forum.  

This tutorial explains how to edit, then select your scripts so that they will run while you go do something fun, like mow the grass!   First, let's take a look at a sample script provided.  Click on "Edit Script" and some sample script files will appear on the selection Menu.

Figure 2 - Export Portion of Convert Menu

The raised button labelled "TEXT ONLY", can now be clicked on to select the type of EXPORT you wish to use.  Begin clicking on this button and watch the various EXPORT types display.  Stop when it says "LINES.TXT".

Figure 3 - LINES.TXT Selected

Ignore the "# Races" button, but decide whether you wish to EXPORT past performance lines with speeds converted to VARIANTS or not.  Also, whether to include TROUBLED and SCHOOLING races.  Then select EXPORT.  Everything is point and click!

Figure 4 - Selecting the Dates for the Exported Past Performance (PP) Lines

QuickDog now allows you to select dates for selecting the Past Performance lines you wish to use.  After selecting this time window, a RIGHT MOUSE CLICK will begin the EXPORT.   The file, LINES.TXT will be placed in the \dogpak folder of your computer.  You may then copy that file into \focus or \pender based on the software you use.

Figure 5 - The LINES.TXT file has now been created in the DOGPAK Folder

Simply Right Click the Mouse now to CONTINUE, this time select SETUP.TXT files to export.  The process is just as easy, but there are no items, such as variants, etc., to select.

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