Chapter 1: General QuickDog Operations

Hardware/Software Requirements of QuickDog -

We've designed QuickDog to work on any Windows Platform including Windows 95.  However, there are also items within QuickDog which require Visual Basic and Windows 98 or later.  So, we recommend that to get the full power of QuickDog that you have the most recent updates downloaded for Windows Operating Systems 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, or XP.  XP should come with these updates, and most of the other operating systems mentioned will work "out of the box" as well.  These Operating Systems have an UPDATE feature on the Start Menu and you should try using that to see what updates are available for your current system.

As for hardware, the major item of importance is a large disk drive.  Ten gigabytes or more will ensure that you can collect at least a year's worth of data for every track available.

Starting QuickDog -

After a successful installation of QuickDog or any QuickDog update, there should be a RED/WHITE/BLUE Greyhound Icon on your desktop.  To start up QuickDog anytime, simply double click on this ICON.  You may delete any downloaded installation file AFTER it is installed. 

Using the Mouse with QuickDog -

You may have noticed with other Windows products that after you start up the program, and select a feature, you quickly leave the mouse and have to start typing.  With QuickDog you almost NEVER have to type.  So, most of the time, you simply keep your hand on the mouse and use ONLY its two buttons.

The LEFT MOUSE BUTTON is used to select features.  The RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON is used to CANCEL or TERMINATE ENTRY to popups which you may see as you use QuickDog. 

An example using BOTH Left and Right Mouse buttons which is pretty typical is the following -

You wish to select the number of back races used to handicap a race.  The Left Mouse Button selects this feature, and is used to KEY IN a number such as 11.  But then you notice there is no button to click which says "OK" or "ENTER" and you may at first be confused.

Don't be!  What we've done, to save time, is to set the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON as the automatic OK or ENTER or CANCEL/CLOSE button for you!  Just make your selections and press the Right Mouse Button to say "I'm finished here, next".  Very simple!  No moving around looking for the OK or CANCEL button.

Did you click on a feature, and then decide you don't want to use it?  Ok, simply click the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON and boom!  You're out of it! It's sort of like the old ESCAPE key in DOS programs. 

So, just remember, there are basically only two ways to INPUT into QuickDog, the LEFT and the RIGHT Mouse buttons.  Two things you need to learn how to use!  One, the LEFT is used to Select Features, the other, the RIGHT is used to OK, ENTER or CANCEL/CLOSE feature selections.  By following the step by step directions in the online user's guide chapters, you will certainly get practice using these two mouse buttons.

The Menu Bar of QuickDog

The menu bar of ANY Windows program is located just below the "Title Bar" (which is at the very top of the window).  You will notice, while using QuickDog, that the Menu Bar is "grayed out" sometimes, and at other times is perfectly easy to read.  

When "grayed out", you must either use the LEFT or RIGHT MOUSE buttons within the feature (currently displayed within the window area of QuickDog) to either continue using or cancel that feature.  After using QuickDog for awhile, you may notice that the only time that the Menu Bar is available to you is when you are looking at a Handicapping Display of one of the 5 QuickDog Methods or one of your Custom Methods.

A Tricky Way to Change Race Programs

When the Menu Bar is NOT grayed out, you may select a Race Program (Track and Date and Performance) for a track by selecting the FILE Menu Bar item, then TRACK/PROGRAM from the drop down menu.

But, you may also do the VERY SAME THING instantly by clicking on the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON while the Menu Bar is NOT grayed out.  In other words, anytime the Menu Bar is available, this means you are not in the middle of a feature.  At this time, the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON performs the TRACK/PROGRAM feature also available on the Menu Bar FILE command, but it is quicker to use than pressing the Left Mouse Button twice after locating the menu options.

Downloading Updates for QuickDog

To check for QuickDog updates, at any time, simply click the FILE Menu Bar item, then, on the drop down menu, select "Install Update".  Make sure you are connected to the internet when doing so or you will simply receive an error message.

Then follow the prompts you receive.  Try it, after you've downloaded QuickDog for the first time, then do it weekly after that, unless we alert you to an update.  Not all updates are announced, so using the INSTALL UPDATE feature weekly will ensure that you have the latest changes to QuickDog.

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