First Time Users - Welcome To QuickDog Handicapping!

QuickDog is constantly being updated with new features and improvements to old ones.  You can stay updated by looking for new updates at -

QuickDog Software Updates

and by using the FILE menu bar item, and the "Install Update" feature on that pull-down menu.  Using this Menu Bar Feature should allow QuickDog to automatically download and install the latest update, or tell you that you are up to date.

8 Easy Steps to becoming a Master QuickDog User and a better handicapper -

1)    Yes, believe it or not, there are those people who are attempting to use QuickDog after their free trial which is not fair to new users, or long time subscribers who've paid for QuickDog Support.  To protect all subscribers from unauthorized use of QuickDog, we've requested your email address in order for you to use QuickDog.  This acts as identification of you as a user, and without it, QuickDog will not work for you.  This must be a valid email address. 

If we determine that you registered with an invalid or unused email address, your subscription may be cancelled. 

Now, let's get started handicapping!!

2) QuickDog will take new users through its INTERVIEW PROCESS to help you make key settings, and download historical and current track data for your track.  Then, you should use our QuickDog Online Tutorial (see menu above) and go through each lesson to get an idea of QuickDog's features and how to use them.  These lessons use just a single old program file - CC20001007E.PRG

3)  You may download historical data from any track at any time by using our DOWNLOAD Menu Bar Item and selecting HISTORY.  The history database is updated daily. During the QuickDog Interview, QuickDog takes you through this download process!  After that, you can simply use the Menu Bar Item - "DOWNLOAD" - to access more history as you investigate simulcast tracks from your home track, or wager by phone or the internet.

4) After getting your historical data, QuickDog can then get yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's data for you automatically.  The Interview Process will take you through this operation.  Windows 98SE and later should be ok.  Windows 95, and NT, and Windows 98 may have problems.  If you have problems with it please let us know, and try the following:

Download and install Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 if your version of this program isn't at 6.0 already.  This version of Internet Explorer has fixed problems for other users so it might work for you.  If you can not find this website, please contact us, and tell us you want to download this and we'll help you find it - 

If this doesn't work, please email Mike at and describe what errors you are getting.  

If QuickDog doesn't automatically download your current data, you can still manually download the latest free racing programs and charts for the tracks you play.  See the link below and the HELP above on DOWNLOADING.  This HELP is for MANUALLY DOWNLOADING if QuickDog doesn't work for you automatically.

Click Here to connect to our TRACKS Web Page to find your track's data

5)    Let QuickDog CONVERT all this data into easy to read displays of our 5 Handicapping Styles (methods).  Plus, create your own method, from scratch, using the Method Builder.

6)    Now use the QuickDog BACKTEST and SUPERTUNE features to customize any one of its handicapping methods to your track, performance, grade, and distance of choice!  You may use these features to look for wagers and other strategies which work or don't work at your track. To learn how to use these tools we've provided online tutorials at -

QuickDog - Online User's Guide

7)    Once you've become familiar with QuickDog, you will want to experiment with the Method Builder and create your very own Handicapping Method which can also be BACKTESTed and SUPERTUNEd.  Once again, the link above - See Chapter 11 - contains a step by step set of directions, complete with screen shots to help you learn to build a method.

8)    Questions?  Join the QuickDog forum and talk to other experienced QuickDog users.  CLICK HERE  Also, please write to Mike Groves at if you have trouble understanding the help files.

AND........."Here comes Rusty!!!"

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