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Now Celebrating our  5th Year  of Providing QuickDog to Greyhound Fans!

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If you search the entire internet for "dog racing software" +"live tote board" on www.google.com, you will find a SINGLE software program that includes a live tote board, and therefore, is built for online handicapping and finding the best bets - QuickDog!

That's because - in the whole world, there is only one dog racing handicapping program - QuickDog - that includes dynamic tote boards for the most popular tracks and its included FREE!

Fig. 1 - All your Tracks up to 16 at a time Live Odds

This real-time tote board feature is unique, but so are the handicapping methods in Quickdog!  Because they are YOUR methods!


What you do is create a handicapping method and test it by seeing if it has worked on historical races?  That's what QuickDog allows you to do!  

Do you want to see LIVE TOTE BOARD data from within your handicapping program so that your picks are easy to find?  

We just told you - QuickDog is the only handicapping software program that also provides an integrated live tote board! 

It lines up the odds board in the order of your picks.  This makes it easier to see if you have a wager or not.  Without integrating your picks, with the live odds, inside the program itself, this is much more difficult to see and the result is that you miss some nice spot plays.

What does a QUARTER buy for you today?  For a yearly subscription fee of about 25 cents a day, QuickDog greyhound handicapping software (dog racing software):

1) Imports free race data automatically - both history and today's races

2) Converts and stores that data into a database

3) Allows you to uniquely customize any one of 5 methods of handicapping with information like number of back races to use, whether or not to use schooling, troubled, or lines from another track, and other items.  This makes your method unique!  Or, create your very own method using our Method Builder Feature!

4) Automatically TUNES UP your method by testing it and tweaking it to produce the highest returns using historical data.  QuickDog creates a method that would have worked best in prior races at any track!  For example, you tell Quickdog the type of wagers you make, and the software will TUNE your method so that it would have produced the best results for the historical period you specify.  The idea being, if the method worked in the past, then it can work in the future.  Isn't this what handicapping is all about?  It even tells you if your current method WON'T WORK before you spend your money at the window.

5) Let's you watch a LIVE TOTE BOARD (faster than those html tote boards) and orders the data according to your selected dogs!  You see immediately if the public is going for your dog, or staying away from it.  And you can do this for up to 16 tracks simultaneously - probably more power than you need!!  You can then switch back and forth between individual tote boards (wps, exacta, quinella all on one display), your handicapping method and data, and the top level display showing all the tracks' date.  A real easy way to find the best online plays!


Fig 2 - Three Pools Available at Once, Plus Results of Prior Race

QuickDog also includes:

1) Export capability to other programs such as your own spreadsheet or DOGPAK, ULTRA, and PENDER.  Eliminating the expense and time you've spent in the past on acquiring data.

2) "Daily Track Variants" which allow you to better compare dogs' speeds with one another. 

3) QuickDog Greyhound Handicapping Software is constantly being refined based on our growing user community input, so it stays new.  And the internet allows you to download changes quickly and easily.

Now CELEBRATING our Fifth YEAR of helping our subscribers WIN YOUR MONEY at the track! CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO TRY our FREE 30 Day Trial?  Click here to preview some of QuickDog's features and how to use them!

  to download and use QuickDog (free 30 day subscription) with Live Tote Board, Daily Track Variants, Database, SUPERTUNE, and Spreadsheet/Database Export to MS-OFFICE and DogPak!

If you would like to simply use our Free Daily Tipsheets Trial (choose from 38 Tracks - Click Here)

Additional Information:

Click Here - What QuickDog Users are Saying about QuickDog - Testimonials

Greyhound Dog Racing ( Grayhound Dog Racing ) via the internet is growing at a feverish pace and many tracks offer their dog racing programs online and free of charge.  You can also wager at these tracks from the privacy of your own home!  Making dog handicapping convenient, and fun!

QuickDog takes advantage of the internet and allows you to download and use this information quickly and easily.  QuickDog is SO EASY to use, you NEVER use the keyboard!  Simply use the two mouse buttons to quickly calculate and backtest your  method rather than calculating and testing it by hand!  Saves you TIME and time is MONEY, right?  It's exciting to play the dog races, but now it's even more exciting when you create your own tipsheet with QuickDog and let it improve your chances of success at the dog track!

QuickDog provides an easy and rapid method for downloading internet race program files, converting them into data files, creating a database of up to 40 lines per dog over the life of that dog, then allowing you to handicap all that information instantly and in several different ways.  

We call these "ways" HANDICAPPING STYLES.  These styles have been programmed based on input from professional dog racing handicappers! 

Daily Track Variants is a powerful tool which would take hours per program if done by hand!  Well worth QuickDog's subscription price of just pennies per day.

QuickDog will save you hours of "pencil-capping",  allowing you to play multiple tracks and find more more profitable wagers!  Our simulcast tipsheet feature will allow you to quickly list wagers from many tracks, in their order of Post Time, based on the wagers and success rates your specify.

Post position preference, break, early speed, late speed, form, etc., they are all calculated quickly by  QuickDog while you analyze the output rather than punch buttons on your calculator.  These methods range from simple to complex.  Whether you go to the dog race track once in a while or play via the internet daily, QuickDog has a handicapping style for you!

Are you ready for software ( sofware ) that you customize with your own thoughts and intuitions?  QuickDog allows the user to adapt it to his/her own, unique style.  Your own style will keep other users of QuickDog from betting the same way you do which means bigger payouts when your system wins!   

We want you to use QuickDog absolutely FREE just so you can prove to yourself that QuickDog is going to make you a believer in "Computer Handicapping".  Why not try QuickDog right now - it's the fastest, easiest to use, dog racing software available!

to download and use QuickDog (free 30 day subscription) with Live Tote Board, Daily Track Variants, Database, SUPERTUNE and Spreadsheet/Database Export to MS-OFFICE, DogPak!

QuickDog Dog Racing (Grayhound Racing) Software ( Sofware ) Description

Now, a dog race handicapper who wagers at Greyhound Dog Parks or Simulcast Parks may receive FREE  greyhound handicapping ( dog racing ) software ( sofware ) which allows them to create their own tipsheet to take to the track!   This computer handicapping software ( sofware ) uses free race programs you download from the internet, so there is no data entry and that means you save time!  

Once you download the races you want to analyze.  QuickDog will automatically do all that analysis for you based on your custom settings, producing your own system!

Then, you can then test your method using the backtest feature (use past race results used to forecast the success or failure of your "system" before you risk your money!), then let QuickDog automatically refine it using the "SUPERTUNE" feature.

Comparing one dog's time with other dogs when all have run on different days is easy using QuickDog's Daily Track Variant.  This DTV measures the track condition on a daily basis and is calculated for you instantly.  QuickDog then uses this Daily Track Variant to adjust a dog's Adjusted Run Time.  Daily Track Variant alone makes QuickDog worth your time in downloading and checking it out!

Do you use Microsoft Office products like Excel or Access, or another popular speadsheet or database program?  Now QuickDog will export its track program to a STANDARD TEXT or TAB DELIMITED file.  Forget attempting to import online programs with their varying formats.  QuickDog converts all online programs to a single format so that your spreadsheets can process any track you desire.  This EXPORT feature is available as an optional plug in for QuickDog.

QuickDog includes several unique handicapping methods, and each can be applied independently of the other  and uniquely for all tracks, matinee and evening, grade and distance. All you do is print the results and you're off to the track!  And QuickDog is designed to include up to 40 lines per dog when you download FREE programs which QuickDog uses to create a historical database.

Greyhound Racing (Grayhound Racing Dog Racing) Forums (where you can learn more about QuickDog or exchange ideas)

QuickDog Forum at Delphi.com (started by JONSOG associates, Inc. on 10/4/2000)
Check Here for answers to your questions and to post questions to knowledgeable handicappers who are also QuickDog users!

If you know of any other Forums or would like to start a forum with information about QuickDog for users to share, simply send and email to us and we'll post the forum here!

QuickDog imports data for the following tracks -

Gulf Greyhound Park, Birmingham Race Course,  Bluff's Run, Southland, Victoryland, Mobile Greyhound Track

ALL ROSNET 2000 - Including Cloverleaf, Corpus Christi, Daytona, Dairyland, Dubuque, Ebro, Flagler, Geneva Lakes, Jacksonville, Jefferson, Belmont, Mile High, Multnomah, Naples, Palm Beach, Phoenix, Southland, Seminole, Shoreline Star, Tampa, Derby Lane/St Pete, Tri-State, Valley, Hollywood, Post Time

All Trackinfo.com Sites - Including Caliente, Hinsdale, Lincoln, Plainfield, Raynham, Seabrook, Tucson, Wonderland, Wichita, Wheeling Downs

Link to Tracks Supported by QuickDog (both programs and results charts)

If you don't see the track you play, send an email and register your vote to have us support that track!  We'll compile a database and when there is enough interest, we'll deliver that track to you.   At any rate, please try the software and let us know if you wish to handicap another track.

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